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  1. Richie

    BF Refits 2018-19

    I believe they welded the letters on rather than painted them on.
  2. ISS were doing the cabin cleaning at Roscoff last night. Considering it was a day crossing arriving from Plymouth, there were constant announcements that cabins were still being cleaned & unavailable until about 10 minutes before departure. All cabins had been booked so I can't comment on the cleanliness standards. I was stuck with a semi-reclining seat.
  3. She's tied up alongside HMS Belfast next to Tower Bridge this morning.
  4. According to sailing updates the revised departure time from Plymouth this morning was 10.30am...Armorique just reversing out of Millbay now...11.15.
  5. "Typical" as in bad luck that it was at this point in the weekly schedule. As I said, any other day and the overnight crossing is southbound giving plenty of time to get back to schedule. Not intended as a slur.
  6. Typical that the overnight sailing last night was the only one of the week that's north bound instead of south bound otherwise she'd be back on schedule now. Even with a scheduled slightly later afternoon crossing from Roscoff this afternoon she'll be behind until the afternoon sailing from Roscoff tomorrow now as there's not really enough opportunity to make up time until then. Anyone know what the problem was?
  7. Nice picture of the stern of Pont l'Abbe as well.
  8. Hi, yes I realise that, as will the majority of those on this forum. Joe Public however probably won't. Perhaps I should write "smoke" instead? What I will say is the appeared to be significantly more water vapour emitted than Armorique.
  9. 1st arrival in Plymouth of the season for Pont Aven. Despite poor visibility much past the breakwater you could see her coming from some distance surrounded by a smog of white smoke. Perhaps she was practising a smoke screen to hide her approach?
  10. She does, but I've lived in Plymouth for 20 years & have never seen a BF vessel on the Plym-Roscoff route with this on her bows before. The timetable hasn't changed much over recent years. There's always been lots of all day layovers in port during the off peak season. Apart from Monday & Tuesdays she doesn't stay still for long in peak season & the green algae has only appeared recently.
  11. Thanks, I figured it was some sort of algae/seaweed growth, I was just surprised how it would be able to get established on the paint given the almost constant ship & wave movement. Never seen it on any other BF ship.
  12. Pont Aven arriving from Roscoff in the sun.
  13. Does anyone know the cause of the green patches on the bows of Armorique? Surely not a new livery?
  14. Not sure the exact reason why, although I would guess it was wind related given it was 40+mph, but Armorique was definitely pinned up against the quay opposite the ferry berth for at least 2 hours last night. There were 2 tugs assisting her and they moved her tentatively forwards & backwards a couple of time along with the pilot boat & dockers on the quay with searchlights looking for damage. She eventually left Millbay under her own power but with tug assistance for Roscoff around 00.30.
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