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  1. Basic background checks, yes... a higher level of government clearance, no (in part due to the timescales needed for the latter)
  2. Outsourcing - the likes of Serco and Sitel specialise in this sort of thing and will either re-purpose existing staff or hire in casual labour on zero hours contracts.
  3. Randox provide an online/postal service for £60. https://www.randox.com/60-pounds-pcr-travel-test/
  4. I'd be inclined to largely agree, but I'm also of the mind the journey should be part of the experience. If I lived closer to Holyhead this would be very tempting, and I probably wouldn't be doing any shopping! @Cabin-boyI see the jokes have not improved...
  5. Cost of testing aside, there's also the (admittedly unlikely if you've been vaccinated) risk of actually testing positive and needing to remain abroad for the requisite isolation period. For most holidaymakers that means additional cost, re-arranging travel and not being able to go out to buy clean pants for the extended stay! I think we'll see some travel, but until it moves to a model with minimum regulatory barriers (eg show us you've been vaccinated and off you go) it's going to put quite a few people off.
  6. I'm just passing by. Not a chance we missed the ferry... my Father was the kind who had you at the airport 5 hours before a flight.
  7. There was always some disappointment as a child at the end of a holiday to drive into Ouistreham and see the stern side of the DDN's funnel on the horizon. Funny how times change, these days I'd much rather the DDN than the Normandie. They don't make 'em like they used to etc etc.
  8. Jim

    2021 Timetables

    Aye - it's been doing the rounds pretty much since she arrived.
  9. Technically Dover... though the third level there is for foot passengers and not vehicles. I suppose also some vessels (P&O Spirits, Ulysses, D-Class) are *almost* triple level, it's just that the ramp to the third level is fixed onboard the vessel.
  10. No - the system is online only. However, if you don't have the QR code available, Border Force should be able to look up your details.
  11. Not quite. As we understand it the event is very much to be geared towards a remote audience and designed to show off the ship to them with a tour and interviews with key staff. There won't be any breaking of a bottle on the hull or blessing of the ship though. Despite Covid, BF are determined to mark the occasion. Your choice of snack and beverage are at your own discretion, Ed. Perhaps pop an Orangina in the fridge for something cold and bubbly
  12. Thanks to Brittany Ferries for the heads up on this - a countdown website will appear next week!
  13. This was originally posted under 'Things to do in'... which it is not. Moved.
  14. Jim

    Lock down no2

    Always best for these things to get the word from the horse's mouth... or website.
  15. It does matter though - if it didn't, there wouldn't be any differing views over the varying interpretations of it...
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