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  1. I'm basing the assumption on Whitchampion being a bunkering vessel - would seem a bit far for her to stray from base just for sightseeing! But I could be wrong!
  2. Fair - but the cost of administering that whole process would probably be more than the extra money it would bring in.
  3. You're forgetting Poole. How could you!? (For the avoidance of doubt for residents of Dorset, my tongue is firmly in my cheek...)
  4. < Insert comment about winter levels of service from Plymouth here... > 😉
  5. Usually, yes. But this will be arranged directly with them rather than published in public.
  6. Bunkering - supplying fuel.
  7. I'd concur with the response @Gareth has already provided 👍.. There's already a category of 'Channel Islands' under the 'Other Ferry Operations' board, which in all but name is effectively for Condor
  8. I'll never forget being on the bridge of the Val De Loire for a departure from Portsmouth where QHM praised a couple of Wightlink ships for doing a co-ordinated dance in vacating the Camber and mooring up on the Odds/Evens. The response back was whilst it might look like they knew what they were doing, it was more by fluke...
  9. Flipping it around... a French-crewed NEX could always start from St Malo. Not the most sociable hours for a day-trip, but then again Liberation's 2 round trip schedule from the UK showed they aren't opposed to anti-social times. Potentially, that could also allow for a Portsmouth > St Malo routing with a change in the CIs.
  10. @Cabin-boy - something of a faff, but there appears to be a bus from Havant to Petersfield (https://www.stagecoachbus.com/routes/south/37/petersfield-havant/xpao037.i) Depending on 'where' the train engineering works are, there may still be a service on the Portsmouth <> Brighton line via Havant. Not ideal, but could be an option. Alternatively there's the potential for hiring a car, although that's not the most economical way of doing things.
  11. Looking at the specs of the Rapide/Vitesse on Wikipedia, it seems to point towards the Rapide. Passenger capacity is listed as 900 for the Rapide, whereas it's 740 for the Vitesse. It seems strange to me they've looked to Portsmouth for 'contingency' having never done so before. Totally speculating here but I wonder if there's scope for a return to a shared BF/Condor service that we saw in the past: Liberation - Portsmouth > Cherbourg > Portsmouth for BF, followed by a Channel Islands return for Condor NEX - Poole > Channel Islands > St Malo > Channel Islands > Poo
  12. Unfortunately, in a nutshell, government IT is not particularly integrated - and whilst in theory lots could be done, the cost of doing so would make your eyes water let alone a huge number of ethical and regulatory hurdles.
  13. Unfortunately with such limited capacity theres no point in offering space at a relatively heavy discount.
  14. I thought on hull size that the Darwins could do Boulogne too. There's an admin complication with going to Belgium I think (around customs declarations for onboard stock)
  15. However, whilst Kent stands to have issues... Poole doesn't have the luxury of the M20 to be a car park.
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