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  1. Jim

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    Indeed... and on that note, before this all descends downhill, this thread is closed.
  2. There's always King Seaways
  3. The PA has also been to Rotterdam in recent years if I recall correctly - but the bottom line is that 'cruising' is not BF's core business. There are other options, but it's not as easy as pitch-up and unload. Take, for example, this year's Antwerp trip which has customs implications both for the onboard retail shops but also the behind the scenes activities which will require different clearances, customs paperwork, security arrangements etc. Cruise lines are far more geared up for it operationally than a ferry company who go somewhere different twice a year.
  4. Probably best left to the actual cruise lines...
  5. Cruises are on sale today! Prices and timetables are in the attached. Xmas & NY Cruises brochure 20.07.18 (1).pdf
  6. Jim

    New Dover Strait Tonnage for P&O.

    That also sounds like a replacement of the Kent and Canterbury? Having been on the Burgundy last week, the sooner it goes the better... the Red Funnel ships out of Southampton would make for a more enjoyable crossing.
  7. Jim

    Industrial action on Normandie

    Such speculation isn't helpful.
  8. Xmas Cruise - check-in opens at 15.00 for a departure at 18.00 New Years - check-in opens at 16.00 for a departure at 19.00
  9. Jim

    Gift card vouchers

    You'd need to call them. Also please note BFE is not a marketplace to try and re-sell (in the same way people are discouraged from sharing Club Voyage details in public).
  10. As an update, the Xmas and NY cruises will be available to book in the near future...
  11. Jim

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    No - those are artist's impressions of Honfleur's cabin design. Mind you, if they're to be believed, Nespresso machines for everyone!
  12. Jim

    New deposit price on bookings?

    I could be wrong, but whilst I'm sure on Bretagne there is a preference for filling the upper deck cabins first, I'd have thought it more likely to be through rotating which blocks of cabins are used/filled to minimise the cleaning/turnover effort. I know P&O used to do similar out of Portsmouth and occasionally claim to be out of cabins when in reality some had just not been turned over. I'd have thought that to be the normal approach, but that said, it's not clear from the terms and conditions what they'd do.
  13. Jim

    New deposit price on bookings?

    Doubt it given the value of those surcharges, which were in theory to pay the cost of processing the card transaction and not just to earn revenue. Whilst they might be gone, the costs will no doubt now have been factored into the fare.
  14. Jim

    New deposit price on bookings?

    They are indeed a business and I expect not in the habit of willingly shooting themselves in the foot.... This seems to be a way of not losing trade by turning away genuine customers who haven't been able to book because someone else has decided that a small deposit is a worth potentially losing if they change their mind. 25% of something that you're going to need to pay for anyway doesn't seem overly ludicrous. Not a direct comparison, but BA holidays request a deposit of £150 per person regardless of the overall price.
  15. Jim

    Above and beyond customer service

    So very sorry to hear of your loss, SS Waringtonia. Please accept our condolences.