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  1. Fairly standard for ships which have been originally built for the Greek market... notably because the concept of a passenger gangway or what we'd know as a 'berth' is somewhat alien to them.
  2. Understanding the frustrations some people are having (and seriously, are you all booking or just having a play?) I've removed a set of comments earlier that were fairly insulting to those they were aimed at (although, I see they were already quoted). Be nice, or don't post. Simple. As hf_uk alludes to, it's probably not as simple as armchair commentators would think and there's a significant difference between a website one person can knock up -v- an integrated enterprise solution. Yes, it seems there are issues - but I'd be willing to bet there's also a team of people working flat out to try and solve them.
  3. I'm trying to understand which out of that model or the real thing are least visually offensive!
  4. Jim

    BF charters a new ship

    As you rightly point out - everything we've seen so far is an adaption of a previous incarnation. As I understand it, there were objections from French seafarers over the suggestion of painting the word 'economie' as part of a livery as it was deemed to mark things out as 'lesser'. Perhaps just an anecdotal tail, but perhaps believable from our continental cousins! Note that with the Kerry we haven't seen the addition of any blue stripe in the 'new style' either.
  5. Indeed - we've actually had contact from BF who have effectively said they are expecting/hoping for Honfleur to be delivered earlier but are exercising caution with the timetable. We are going on sale for 2020 in the UK today. We have introduced a new ticket pricing structure that brings more choice and flexibility to the market. However, we are also taking a prudent approach to booking journeys on Honfleur. Of course, we very much hope our new LNG ship will arrive in time to serve the 2020 summer season. And we expect that to be the case. But until we are clear on the exact date of entry-into-service, we are taking the precautionary step of listing an on-sale date only from September 2020.
  6. Because I doubt this was a spur of the moment decision - it would have needed thought, commercial planning and then technical implementation and testing. I'd also expect that we're going to see a 'base price' and then a fixed amount of extra cost for the higher levels - so really, you still would just need one price and some simple maths to generate the other two.
  7. Much obliged... I guess what remains to be seen is the difference in cost. Also interesting to note the comments that the flexi can be changed until 4 hours before the outbound... seems to imply it's far less flexible on the return / there would be more merit in booking two singles.
  8. Having not been privy to the e-mail being discussed... is anyone able to share it?
  9. Jim

    BF charters a new ship

    Good spot - she's now been added to our Fleet Finder on the menu above.
  10. ... I've just removed a bunch of comments in this thread. Firstly - as has been asked, please provide links to articles being posted as a source. Don't post them as your own. Don't then argue the toss if this is pointed out, just provide the source. It makes life easier for everyone and saves me dealing with people who should know better on a Friday night. Secondly - it is most unbecoming of people to start becoming blunt and rude (that is my job)... please don't. If you wouldn't say it to someone face to face, don't say it on here.
  11. You can ask onboard to buy a berth in a cabin, at the pro-rata rate. It's a little used tip that I'm told generally results in a cabin to oneself - but does bear the risk you may end up sharing with a stranger.
  12. Jim

    How long would you wait

    I'd give it a bit longer - perhaps up to a week. They're usually quite swift at responding but if you're complaining about something serious I would imagine they would want to review and fact-check to make sure you get an appropriate response.
  13. The challenge here is BF are not a vets - they have to comply with certain animal related law for the transport of animals and share information associated to that. As a dog owner, totally understand the point you're making and also something that's news to me - but I'm not sure BF are the right channel to spread the word.
  14. They may well already have a full book of work... it could be cheaper to have her towed to Poland... all sorts of reasons.
  15. The checks in Portsmouth, as I understand it, are carried out by a private firm and appear to be a numbers game. There are multiple types of checks which can be carried out to in effect act as spot-checks rather than full searches (that would take quite some time on a full sailing of 500+ cars). They are as much to be a deterrent as to be fully effective. Remember though that there will also be "stuff" going on behind the scenes in terms of security and screening of people based on passenger data. They still do - it's the same principle as at an airport, looking for drugs/explosives.
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