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  1. Jim

    GDPR Changes

    Hi All, As you're probably aware from many companies contacting you recently to see if you want to stay in touch, the new GDPR regulation comes in on Friday. The software we use does not allow us to remove everyone from the mailing lists (which we don't really use) and then ask you to opt-in, so instead we've sent out a note to anyone already opted in telling them how to unsubscribe - so apologies to the 4,707 people who have In addition to this, we've made some minor updates to the T&Cs which you'll have seen when you visited the site from today (23/05) onwards and would have needed to agree to. This also covers your 'right to be forgotten' - under which we can remove your account details upon request. Should you opt to do this now or in the future, your posts will remain but will be attributed to an anonymised username.
  2. Personally I'd say, if the weather was good and you have time, head to Southsea Seafront - lots going on to see.
  3. Hi grg1904 - welcome! The terminal building itself has some facilities - you can find more at: http://www.portsmouth-port.co.uk/at-the-port/port-facilities - I can't however see a menu online. Under 10 minutes drive away you'll find the Tesco at North Harbour which also has a McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut adjacent to it which may offer a bit more variety depending on how much time you have.
  4. Jim

    Ouisttreham Gare Maritime Express.

    Both the above answers are correct - tickets can be purchased from both.
  5. Jim

    Barfleur kiosk cafe

    I suppose to an extent that could depend on at what point passenger numbers warrant either opening it or having sufficient crew to run it.
  6. Jim

    Upside Down?

    Either that, or presumably raising/lowering is a regular occurrence and someone just got it right!
  7. Jim

    BF versus the competition

    Gatwick South Terminal on a busy day would be enough to put anyone off flying.
  8. Jim

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    ... we now have an SSL certificate (thanks @Andy ). I'm still making some config updates, but we should now be good... inconveniently, you may find you need to login again. Chrome: Firefox: Safari: (and I would for completeness add in some Windows screenshots but quite frankly I've forgotten the password for my VM)
  9. Jim

    BF bear bothered by ban!

    @Cabin-boy Well played, Sir. Well played!
  10. Jim

    SNCF Strike Programme 2018

    One of which occurs on Mrs Jim's birthday - therefore it means our little break to France by train has been extended! Every cloud etc etc
  11. Jim

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    Thanks - a useful link! Unfortunately not something I think the hosts would let us get away with as they are insistent we use their own service (and we don't have the appropriate level of server access for me to do it myself)
  12. Jim

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    Hold my croissant... I'm off to buy an SSL cert...
  13. Jim

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    The bother isn't the hard bit as the host will implement it all for us, it's more the cost of a cert and renewal. As you say, the not like we have hugely sensitive information/take card payments etc.
  14. Jim

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    'Not secure' is simply because we don't use SSL encryption in our configuration and you're connecting via http:// not https://. Possibly something we should look at.
  15. Jim

    Hunt the missing word

    That response is brilliant!