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  1. ... and there she is! Credit to "Anon E Mouse" who has sent this in...
  2. Sounds like someone split a cuppa...
  3. I'm told passengers are now being told they won't get back to Southampton until next Tuesday.
  4. Not familiar with the plans - but presumably if needed the linkspan could just be moved?
  5. That's also very true
  6. As far as I know, there's no sailings where you can take an animal with you in public areas. The majority of operators require the pet to be in a car and/or transferred to an onboard kennel. That said, I heard a well-sourced rumour a while ago that P&O out of Dover were considering adding a pet lounge to some of their ships but that has yet to materialise. In the same vein, it's possible to take dogs as hand luggage on many airlines within the EU (so long as they fit in a carrier that goes under the seat, otherwise it's in the cargo hold) but not within the UK where they must always be shipped as cargo. In all of this, I'd remind/encourage people thinking of travelling with their pet to do it in a way that will stress them out the least!
  7. That's always been the case with Eurostar though - the trains and terminals were never designed with pet transport in mind. I'm pretty sure there's also something to do with tunnel regulations and the potential for pets in the relatively confined space of a passenger train to cause potential delays in evacuation. Also learned last weekend that pets need a train ticket in Belgium - fixed at 3.00 single or 6.00 return, but you still need to choose destination and class. The ticket is half the size of a human one too. (There was much amusement when some Brits turfed out of 1st class sat in the vestibule bemoaning they couldn't sit in first but a dog could... they subsequently found out that a) they could be understood and b) doggo actually had a first class ticket!)
  8. A quick cautionary 'tail' after a spot of both on Eurotunnel earlier in the week... When returning from France with Eurotunnel and a pet, you first need to visit the Pet Check-in to have their chip and documents checked. At this point, they effectively update your booking to allow you to check in. If they don't, you'll find that you can't check in and end up meeting some of the finest French administration I've seen in a while where the passport and Eurotunnel sticker saying the dog was all good do go weren't sufficient... it ended up with the lady at check-in having to describe us and our car to the lady at the pet counter (who we'd seen less than 5 minutes before), confirming the 'make' of the dog and the digit-by-digit reading of every number in his passport. It would have been quicker to drive back around go go through the original process again... Still, the dog's passport's blue - so at least he's ready for Brexit... even if he wasn't entertained by the journey
  9. In fairness, it's still quite far away to tell - it may well be the case that another ship will need to access the port, for example.
  10. In fairness, neither of those which spring to mind are as hard worked or on a route shared with a newer ship
  11. I'd be rather inclined to agree with him. One does tend to try and avoid the Normandie - certainly in the busy season.
  12. Jim

    BF charters a new ship

    Feel a little bit sea-sick after watching that! Looks like a clean/modern/functional design. Be interesting to see what people make of her when written reports start surfacing.
  13. That's been the line recently though - the timetable is based on a worst case scenario although they hope to have her earlier. The timetable won't be changed until they know for sure.
  14. Jim

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    My assumption would be because the stern doors are also the ramps and subject to heavy wear and tear - but I do await @TonyMWeaver to enlighten us all!
  15. Certainly not the Etretat... that's more a Poundland sandwich than M&S one
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