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  1. It will be back - Micke has confirmed as much. Photos from it were used without credit. This was flagged to the individual who had done it and resolved amicably, but someone else made some rather unhelpful comments which resulted in Micke taking the site offline. It's currently being updated and will be back, but the timescale for this isn't known.
  2. Hope that you both begin to feel better soon, @neilcvx
  3. That sounds more of an ordeal than anything else!
  4. Depends how many posts per page you have
  5. A little later than planned... but here you go...
  6. One is not known for doing things by halves That's quite a journey you had @rogerpatenall!
  7. Living in Hungary back in 2008... Woke up > Cab to airport > Lufthansa flight to Munich > Lufthansa flight to London City > DLR and tube to St Pancras. Met friends. > Eurostar to Brussels > Train to Bruges > Night out in Bruges > Train to Brussels > Eurostar to London > Train to Hitchin to kill a few hours at a friend's place > Train to Kings Cross > Tube and DLR to City Airport > Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt > Incident with a security guard who looked like Timmy Mallet > Flight to Budapest > Cab home > Slept I also once drove from Somerset to Folkestone for a pint, which in hindsight these days might be considered non-essential...
  8. Jim


    Currently all passenger sailings are suspended until 22nd April. It is not yet clear what happens on or beyond this date - be prepared for the very real possibility current measures will be extended and the sailing not to go ahead. Keep an eye on the official BF update page: https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/planning/sailing-updates
  9. Similar for us - we did a cruise as part of our honeymoon as a way to see Scandinavia, Estonia and Russia. We're happy to do our own thing and avoid the organised tours, with the exception of Russia where it was needed to take advantage of the visa on arrival (and who doesn't love a tour guide who necks the spare vodkas at lunch and becomes notably cheerier?). We've always viewed the cruise as a floating hotel that just so happens to move whilst you're asleep. Seeing your photo of the Century reminds me of our cruise around Japan and Korea on the Millennium last year - again, an easy way to get around places where there was a higher language barrier than usual... though, you can keep the Korean drumming welcoming committee outside at 07.00, thanks.
  10. Jim

    BFE and BF

    No suggestion taken Was just giving a clear answer to head off anyone's train of thought which may be heading in that direction.
  11. Having once been on a cruise which had an outbreak of norovirus (which took Mrs Jim out of service for a couple of days), they were very well equipped to handle it. Processes onboard were changed... EG hand sanitising stations at the entrance to the buffet became staffed to ensure no exceptions took place. Counters were shielded and it became a case of staff serving passengers rather than self-service. The ship's medical service was free of charge for anyone affected, and individuals identified as being unwell were quarantined for 48hrs after displaying symptoms.- their cabin key could not be used for purchases, they could not embark/disembark. Cabins tagged as containing an affected passenger received room service with disposable tableware. In our case, Mrs Jim's illness took place at the start of three sea-days between Australia and New Zealand and thus no ports of call were actually missed. The cruise line advised affected passengers they were eligible for compensation, though we didn't pursue this. On disembarkation day, with the ship having made the news in a number of places we visited, we left our cabin just as two people in head to toe PPE entered to disinfect. Mind you - that all sounds great, but it relied on the assumption that those affected would be sensible enough to self-report...
  12. Jim

    BFE and BF

    From a technical perspective - No. We're an entirely separate entity and there's no sharing of any data. From a human perspective - Yes. As has been outlined above, it's entirely possible for a human being to recognise patterns/usernames etc and make a reasonable assumption. Likewise where someone contacts BF and then discloses details of the interaction on here it's possible for someone familiar with both to draw conclusions.
  13. ^ What he said, Gibraltar is just an example, many more use other less restrictive geographies.
  14. Seem to recall many onboard staff are, or were, employed by P&O Ferries Gibraltar. It is interesting to see how many firms with legal but what could be considered morally questionable tax arrangements suddenly needing and feeling entitled to assistance from the taxpayer.
  15. Morning All, Appreciating that the contents of this thread and the subject of discussion are entirely relevant, it's also come to my attention that the way some people are voicing their concerns or speaking to others are not really of the standard that most members would expect from BFE, or BFE would expect from our members. I accept that the uncertainty of the current situation is weighing heavily on many people's minds and there are those who have paid money for travel or a holiday that may now not occur. I include myself in both parts of that statement. We all have our own personal circumstances and considerations to make, many of which will not be visible in what members choose to share online. At this point, I will also echo @neilcvx's sentiments and wish all the best to @d2frs and his family - as I'm sure many others amongst us will do too. There has been a lot of heavy criticism of BF - and to an extent, that's quite understandable given the frustrations people have based on their own situation. What we don't have visibility of - and frankly, are not necessarily entitled to - is what activity is going on behind the scenes and the logic behind decisions being made. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution in a situation like this and whilst there may be broad disagreement with how things are being handled, let's not confuse that for a second with the fact that there will be scores of people working hard right now to do the best they can to keep the freight service going and to try to contact the thousands of customers affected by cancellations. As I have said before, the scale of this is unprecedented. Given we know that BF staff do read BFE, I can't imagine some of the comments have been particularly helpful or morale boosting to them in a time when they are no doubt working flat out and have their own personal pressures too. To that extent, and having spoken to @Andy, this thread is now closed. To all those with pending ferry and holiday bookings, as frustrating as it is, you will hear from BF. I am certain that where necessary, and whilst it will take time, the best way to deal with individual questions or concerns that you have around a booking or the remediation offered is to put them to BF directly rather than to rant about it here. I'm also aware that some members are receiving PMs suggesting that there is an intention to shut down the site. This is news to us! BFE remains open as an online community and will continue to do so - all we ask is that that people remember to behave appropriately and treat others with mutual respect. We may not always agree with each other, but there are ways and means in which we can disagree without treating each other poorly. Finally, I would hope that I speak for many when I also wish the staff at Brittany Ferries at sea and on shore, the staff of the ports they use and all those in businesses which support what it is we, as enthusiasts, enjoy all the best for the coming weeks and months. The same goes for all our BFE Members, their family and their friends. Stay safe and take care. Jim
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