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  1. Having noted that an approach to 'mid life' is already thinning parts of my hair and turning others grey, I'm keen to hold on to some whilst I still have it
  2. Not sure. The contact form appears to have been retired. It appears you're best off emailing the 'existing bookings'e-mail address at https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/contact The terminology seems to be to request 'an alternative to a Refund Credit Note' and they're currently handling requests received up to 30th June.
  3. I bought some decent clippers in January, primarily for beard maintenance. They've become invaluable in the last few months for Mrs Jim to whip around with a quick grade 3. They've also kept DoggyJim cool in the heat (with suitable washing in between, I might add). Interestingly, I bought them for around 30 quid... when lockdown kicked in, the price had gone up to 60 on Amazon but there was no stock. They were however changing hands for 100 quid on ebay! Not sure about France, but safety measures in supermarkets went to pot here a long time ago and virtually seem non-existent now with the exception of the plastic screens at the tills and some token cleaning fluid as you go in. We did go down the click and collect route for a while, but with weird substitutions and some outright mistakes/issues (apparently it's necessary to bend baguettes to fit them in the crates...) it's easier to go in.
  4. Horses for courses really - everyone has different circumstances and it depends what suits you best. In theory 'these days' I would be more inclined to book something flexible in the event plans change, but equally having seen how some firms have behaved with refunds in the last few months I'm less inclined to hand over money in advance. This week we're finally due the last of the refunds for trips that were cancelled due to Covid. It's been a varied and long process. British Airways - were very slow to refund after saying they would. In the end a dispute filed via American Express sorted that. Brittany Ferries - after being advised that using the contact form to decline the voucher and request a refund was the 'right' process, a refund was issued Air Malta Holidays - having been one of the first to say a refund would be given, they've taken the longest American Express Travel - full and immediate refund having directed them to the hotel chain's website that said non-flex bookings would be refunded Eurostar - we took a gamble and didn't accept a voucher. The train was cancelled as expected and a full refund was given within 10 days.
  5. We use a couple of different options for use abroad. Monzo current account (free) lets you use your debit card for no charge and withdraw up to £200 in cash for no extra charge. Has the added bonus of a nifty app that updates instantly Virgin Money credit card, free to use abroad for purchases Transferwise currency account (free) lets you keep balanced in multiple currencies and move around in the app. Useful as if you have a balance of 99.50 Euros you can spend 99.50 Euros, rather than roughly guess what your balance equates to. No transaction charges for using the card, and a £200 allowance for cash before fees kick in. Also handy for incoming/outgoing international transfers. Updates instantly.
  6. It's important to remember and check your travel insurance too. Many policies now will cover you if you need treatment for COVID whilst abroad but won't cover you for changes/cancelled plans due to COVID or 'fear of' it.
  7. Well... you don't get that at a Premier Inn!
  8. Presumably as everyone has to have a cabin/seat it's done by what deck the cabin/seat is on and can be checked with the boarding card.
  9. Jim

    Entry into spain

    Particularly as they haven't said how the temperature check will be carried out
  10. Jim

    Entry into spain

    Take a look at the FCO's current guidance: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/entry-requirements In short, you don't need to complete anything in advance, but...
  11. Ah, I was thinking of before they came to Wightlink - and it was Singapore rather than Hong Kong.
  12. No... but there's a bunch of Stevedores who no longer have an employer and a no doubt a new employer who doesn't have to honour old contract terms.
  13. The implication from comments so far seem to be that a hot breakfast isn't available, but pastries/cereal etc are. Hot food is available for lunch/dinner.
  14. Wasn't that the ex-Wightlink fast cats? (or maybe both)
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