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  1. Jim

    2021 Timetables

    Aye - it's been doing the rounds pretty much since she arrived.
  2. Technically Dover... though the third level there is for foot passengers and not vehicles. I suppose also some vessels (P&O Spirits, Ulysses, D-Class) are *almost* triple level, it's just that the ramp to the third level is fixed onboard the vessel.
  3. No - the system is online only. However, if you don't have the QR code available, Border Force should be able to look up your details.
  4. Not quite. As we understand it the event is very much to be geared towards a remote audience and designed to show off the ship to them with a tour and interviews with key staff. There won't be any breaking of a bottle on the hull or blessing of the ship though. Despite Covid, BF are determined to mark the occasion. Your choice of snack and beverage are at your own discretion, Ed. Perhaps pop an Orangina in the fridge for something cold and bubbly
  5. Thanks to Brittany Ferries for the heads up on this - a countdown website will appear next week!
  6. This was originally posted under 'Things to do in'... which it is not. Moved.
  7. I presume the images are from Dutch Whaleways... I did read that the artist for the sculptures is rather impressed the weight of the train was held given they are effectively made of plastic.
  8. Jim

    Lock down no2

    Always best for these things to get the word from the horse's mouth... or website.
  9. I heard that whilst we say '14 days' for two weeks, the French tend to say '15 days' for half a month
  10. I don't disagree with the sentiment - but ultimately T&T is a government organisation giving direction to the private companies on what it wants doing.
  11. It does matter though - if it didn't, there wouldn't be any differing views over the varying interpretations of it...
  12. What you posted alluded to input from a source, but without a direct quote or a clear representation it's not unreasonable for Chris to have the impression the subsequent comments were yours.
  13. An admirable concept, but it's not just the voting, it's all the required process, documentation and legal text that goes with it. My suspicion is that much of this was already done based around Thursday as the timeline they planned to go to before it got leaked (the more suspicious amongst us may think it was leaked in order to try to expedite the whole process). There's also the fact that Boris has got a kicking, including from his own party, about just announcing things without briefing or consultation with parliament.
  14. I have a feeling, given Covid, that customers are going to be more aware of cleanliness in places/on transport etc etc. I took a short train journey yesterday during which they were at pains to announce details of the cleaning regime in use. It just makes me ask what they were doing before! I think I've mentioned it before - but British Airways have been trumpeting how clean their planes are etc... same company who before the pandemic were doing a trial of not cleaning their planes as often to save money...
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