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    Village hotel

    If I remember right, the bathroom glass frosts, except for the door itself? Weird! I'm not sure how the hotel is doing in general, as I think it's aimed at the office complex next door and to compete with the Marriot down the road which had a refurb in response to the Village being built. There are generally good deals on the weekend though when business guests are lower in number. The standard rooms are quite compact though and might be seem a bit too small for any more than a night or two.
  2. So, your observations are quite correct - essentially the cost to BF of conveying 'you' as a unit of a car and it's occupants in terms of variable costs is pretty much the same regardless of how long you're away for, maybe with a tiny tiny difference to the fuel the ship needs etc etc. But, BF still have the fixed costs of staff, running the ships, supplies etc. If everyone paid 80 quid return, BF would probably fill their ships up all the time - but probably also wouldn't make any money doing so. The bottom line is that customers will either decide a fare is worth it or not. The art of pricing is to, effectively, extract the maximum amount of money that the market/customer is willing to pay. Some people may need to travel for a specific period, others may not. Some people may be going for a holiday, others may not. From the BF perspective, offering a day-trip with limitations on it both in terms of how you travel and how far in advance you can book is carefully calculated to make financial sense for the company. A similar (but old) example is with airlines - there's a popular assumption that someone away over a Saturday night is a tourist - but someone who isn't could be travelling on business and it could be their company could be paying. They have a need to travel but probably don't want to for longer than necessary. When I used to go out to India, flying out on a Saturday (and thus being away Saturday night) instead of leaving on Sunday could reduce a return economy fare for the following week from 1700 quid to 800. No difference in cost to the airline, but they know what they can get away with charging. They know a business will pay more than double. Same principle goes with yield management - it could be argued there's no difference to BF in the cost of transporting you from the start of May to the end of May - but prices will increase for half term because that's the only time many people can go and therefore a time for a business to maximise the money it can bring in. In the case of your example... reverse what you've suggested a little... would you pay 300 quid to go for the day? Probably not. But you're happy to pay 80. To BF, 80 quid is better than none, so if there's enough space you're not blocking someone else from booking, why not?! The line has to be drawn somewhere. Apologies for the waffle, but hopefully it illustrates some of the possible logic! Yey capitalism!
  3. https://www.fareham.gov.uk/parking_and_traffic/roadimprovements.aspx As part of the upgrade of the M27 between Junctions 4 and 11 to smart motorway standard, Highways England will demolish North Fareham Footbridge, between J10 and J11. This work will require the closure of the M27 between Junctions 9 and 11 from 9.00pm on Friday 14 June, through until 9.00pm on Saturday 15 June 2019.
  4. You'd need to speak to BF - but your ticket / contract is for transport between Cork and Roscoff rather than a specific ship, so I wouldn't have thought it grounds to cancel.
  5. You should be provided 'a' cabin and yes, you should get the difference back - however, for specific cases I'd suggest calling BF to get the answer from the bouche of the cheval.
  6. As far as I know, it's possible.
  7. Sorry to hear about your car. Hope that you and anyone else involved are ok! It may be worth writing to BF themselves to ask them to reconsider given the circumstances or perhaps to highlight your issues with how you feel you were treated. That said, the terms and conditions are clear on the cancellation policy (you lose deposit and amendment fee and the balance is a travel voucher) and you should be able to claim for the loss via your travel insurance. You also don't necessarily need a car to use the voucher, although understandably it may make things more difficult.
  8. All changed - unless you explicitly opted out, "Summary Care" medical records are now on a central system which would detail medication/dosage and significant medical history. https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/how-to-access-your-health-records/
  9. I'm not sure, in honesty, most passengers would feel that they warrant a mention in the magazine. The usual menu changes are more of an advertisement of what's available.
  10. On a similar note - in the UK if you travel and forget your medication, you can usually get it from a pharmacy as an 'emergency prescription'. On a recent trip to Somerset I left my tablets at home, a quick trip into Boots and they were able to look up my record (they aren't my usual pharmacy) and issue a week of medication for a standard prescription charge.
  11. Interesting choice of New Year's cruise destination...
  12. Seems to be working fine from here (inc Connemara)... can you sense check and if there's still an issue and let me know which ships etc?
  13. The brief answer is that she should be able to go through the same channel as you without an issue. Mrs Dad is Australian and was always told it was fine to go through the same channel as him. The staff on the desks have access to the same systems as each other. As Gareth said, I don't think it will even become a question... but then again, with Brexit... who knows! I believe part of this issue is around funding for Border Force staff (in turn I believe funded by the port and therefore the operators). I'm pretty sure in all of this the problem could be solved... it's just nobody wants to pay for it...
  14. Not necessarily - I am pained to liken things to the airline industry, but take the different experience airlines offer essentially on the same planes. In an age where travel is a commodity and not a luxury I'm not so sure that people are as concerned with the physical aspects as they may once have been.
  15. Planning, quite possibly - but as Tony says, last year they weren't confirmed to the public until June.
  16. Some interesting comments there - and thanks for feeding back to us, Nigel.
  17. In all of this, the thing to remember is that the Club Voyage doesn't actually stipulate you get any kind of 20 year reward - it's a nice touch. As it's been pointed out, the 'reward' is money off sailings which should, for those travelling regularly, outweigh the cost of membership along with the onboard benefits. Bear in mind also that CV is not like an airline programme which formally recognises the amount spent/travelled with tiered levels of membership offering different features - but that's not to say BF aren't aware of the relative values that members have spent...
  18. Jim

    Mercure Roscoff

    Ah - I misread. I thought they were tarting up the Ibis.
  19. Jim

    Mercure Roscoff

    It's still listed on the website as opening in April, but is unavailable for booking. However, in its current Ibis incarnation I'm able to get a quote for June so perhaps this is a case of only running one set of reservations. Very nice hotel, although allocating us a dog-friendly room on the 6th floor made night time oui-ouis (for that is what they are called in France) a bit of a mission. Actually, I'm assuming 'pet friendly' room, but I'm not so sure hotels make the distinction.
  20. Presumably the headline should be DP World buys P&O, again ... and Ed's right, usually assets depreciate in accounting terms over time.
  21. Alas not practical on a daily basis for what I do or where I work - but he has been to visit my team a couple of times, been adopted as a mascot and even got an invite to attend the Christmas Do!
  22. The challenge here is that a pet isn't an inanimate object. I see the logic of disposable beds, but there's also the challenge of then getting the aforementioned pet to actually sleep in it (I am outsmarted by a Border Terrier on a regular basis). I'd agree that there should be periodical deep cleaning, but there's no need between every crossing. Pets will, subject to a caring owner, be protected from the common issues (fleas, parasites etc). A premium is already paid for transporting them. Kennels is a valid point - for example, the PA has them. But some animals find such situations distressing - our dog, for example, has separation anxiety. This is much better than it was, but to leave him in a kennel potentially surrounded by other agitated dogs will do his health no good. He's travelled on shorter sailings in a car, and that's fine - but on a longer crossing the option of a pet friendly cabin is both better for the dog and expands our travel options. In complete agreement over port facilities - in Portsmouth, once through check-in the theory is the dog should remain in the car... and we all know BF's loading procedures are not exactly quick at the best of times. Dover has small 'dog walking' areas but the wait there is generally short anyway
  23. It's literally brightened another otherwise rubbish day in my office.
  24. Different strokes for different folks, Nodwad. There is a need for us pet-owners to also be cognisant that not everyone is as pro-canine as we are, and their reasons are entirely valid. Remember also that humans are, for the most-part, not allergic to other humans (we may not like each other, but that's a different matter...) - but the presence of pet hair etc can cause an adverse reaction for quite a few people.
  25. On the flip side it's adjacent to the car deck which will be quicker during embarkation and disembarkation.
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