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  1. And so they should have a French crew. As its a French Company.
  2. Will She be reflagged while under going a refit?
  3. So my question is, is the main restaurant going to be removed from the Normandie? And the other question is will she be reregistered to Le Harve?
  4. Ian Walker

    CF vs PA

    The good thing I like about the Cap, was the cabin as they were very big on the inside. I wasn't keen on the restaurant as it was only a la carte. I prefer the Buffet instead.
  5. Yes I am aware that the modules were constructed in Poland. But I thought most of the fitting out were already done.
  6. Would it had made sense if FSG sub contracted out the fitting out of the Honfleur to another shipyard instead? If they can't do it themselves.
  7. Brittany Ferries are experts in the Ferry business. Have a suitable ferry running out of Portsmouth.
  8. They should be another ferry company running out of Portsmouth to Cherbourg. And Stena Line could be the one who would do it. I must be honest since P&O stopped running out of Portsmouth some years ago. I have completely loss interested in them. Unlike Brittany ferries who do take a interest in their routes and have ferries built for those routes. With P&O when they chartered ferries, which were not ideal for those routes. That was their downfall. When they had chartered the Isle of Innisfree from Irish ferries. And she was the only ferry that was running out of Portsmouth. For many day trippers to Cherbourg, she wasn't ideal at all.
  9. Yes I am aware P&O are own by Dubai. I had loss interest in using them since the western routes closed some 9 years ago.
  10. Yes nothing . In turn there will be a lot of Jobs gone here in the UK. As it is this Universal Credit can't get their act together. In turn those who are out of work here will be a huge burden on the state. Because there will be no work in the UK.
  11. There is P&O , UK companies moving to abroad. What is the government going to do about this?
  12. Why not a Manx Flag instead or the Flag of Bermuda? When P&O Pandoro had most of their Freight ship flying the Bermudian Flag.
  13. When the Norman Spirit was flying the Italian flag when used on the Le Havre route. The dockers at Le Havre soon protested about her flying the FOC then. And the same thing could happen to P&O at Calais.
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