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  1. Ian Walker

    Penn Ar Bed

    No when she was sold to Jadrolinija of Croatia She had the stern door removed and was replaced by a extended ramp.
  2. Ian Walker

    Penn Ar Bed

    I personally didn't mind sailing on the Duchess Anne as I do look upon my favourite ferries. In 1994 after the Duchess Anne was used on the St Malo to Cork service. I then sailed on her to Cork from St Malo. Then on the return to the UK I sailed on the Isle of Inishmore ( x Leinster) and out of the 2 the Duchess Anne was a lot better. As Brittany ferries put back the cabin deck that B & I removed 2 years before.
  3. Ian Walker

    Penn Ar Bed

    These photos were taken during the end of September 1993 after the 1st Armorique was withdrawn and laided up for sale. And next to her was the Duchess Anne laided up after been downgraded as a spare Vessel after been replace by the Bretagne.
  4. Ian Walker

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I wish the new route many success. If the Baie de Seine is going to be replaced I wonder if Brittany Ferries will retain her and redeployed on this new route if there is a good loadings.
  5. Ian Walker

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I don know why they should reduce the Portsmouth and Plymouth services. As the bookings on these routes have been very encouraging for many. If there is a demand on this direct Irish to Spain link. And at the same time from the 2 ports in England. They will need another ferry. This économie has been a lot of people using that.
  6. Ian Walker

    Cap Finistere

  7. Ian Walker

    Wightlink New Linkspans

    They should have safety barriers. Because of the health & safety to take into consideration.
  8. Ian Walker

    Hull-Rotterdam-Hull 11th-14th July

    Why didn't P&O registered the ferries under the Isle of Man instead of the Bahamas.
  9. Ian Walker

    Baie de Seine to leave BF Fleet/ Stena Eflexer to replace

    What is going to happen the the Stena Baltica x Contentin? I wonder if Brittany ferries will have her back. Because if there is any plans for her to return. I wonder if she will be converted to a Ro pax?
  10. Ian Walker

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    When the Normandie is redeployed to the Le Havre to Portsmouth. Will that mean she will also be re registerer?
  11. Ian Walker

    The former Isle of Inisfree 95

    The former Irish ferries Isle of Inisfree . Has been bought but her charterers in New Zeeland. So she will be reflagged under New Zeeland. So now we know she will remain in New Zeeland.
  12. Ian Walker

    Why do so many people hate the Armorique?

    I travel on the Armorique just over some 15 mouths ago , from Portsmouth to Caen. To me even though she didn't have a waiter service restaurant. But to me I didn't find anything wrong traveling on her.
  13. Ian Walker

    BF Refits 2017

    Surely if UK ships are flying the flag of convenience because of avoiding UK employment laws. And employing Cheap Labour overseas. I believe people like us would still like a job working on ships as many of us are ship enthusiasts. Because what these foreign crew are paid , I bet its more then some of us are getting on benefits here if we get any or not. I prefer working on a ship then sitting around at home doing nothing. Because what I don't understand is for example P&O , Irish ferries employ foreign crew and at the same time trying to advertise people to use their ferries and at the same time there are many in Ireland and here haven't a job. To me that don't make sense. If I go to Ireland I will use Stena Line because least they are supporting the local crew.
  14. Ian Walker

    Cap Finistere

    I travelled on the Pont Aven to Santander and came back on the Cap Finistere from Bilbao. There was a lot of difference between the 2. The Pont the restaurants were a lot better and the lay out too. The Cap mind you the cabin were far better then the Pont. As I agree on some I didn't like the lay out of the restaurant of the Cap as it was split up. It seem strange having people walk through the corridor. While the outside all you seem to do is go through a load of glass panels . So mixed feeling about the Cap Finistere