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  1. Will there be a continue service to Portsmouth?
  2. Only asking Nick. As they hadn't tried the Galicia on the Caen route.
  3. Although the Normandie ,Bretagne and the Barfleur had serve faithfully with Brittany Ferries for many years. And they were very much loved by us enthusiast too. But as the Bretagne has served Brittany ferries for nearly 32 years now and the other 2 are coming up into their 30s now. What we all need to remember is they are getting on now and 1 day they will retired from Brittany ferries and they will need to be replaced. But least Brittany ferries are still committed to the Western Channel. But the only draw back is with the Stena E class they are all sister ships. So for a lot of us we will miss seeing the old ships as we like to see different ferries of Brittany Ferries. 2 other points I would like to add, 1 is will the new ferries fit Quistreham? And 2 while I was working, when I was down St Catherines lighthouse this afternoon, It was nice to see the Armorique coming from St Malo which made a change seeing her.
  4. To me it was a bigest mistake selling Sealink off in the first place. If it was them they would had 2 V o W buit instead of 1. As they need 3 lots of double deck loading ferries to run from Fishboure to Portsmouth. And as regarding the Red funnel their ferries are nearly 30 years old. So they are clapping out too. As regarding the IOW services they just need a company who is a expert in running a ferry service for example Stena Line or Brittany Ferries or DFDS
  5. Why is The Armorique deployed on the Le Harve to Portsmouth route?
  6. It will be the same time if you use the Galicia from Portsmouth to Spain.
  7. I am very much in favour of it as I like to travel to Portugal myself. And as I am a motorcyclist I had use Brittany Ferries to go to Spain. It would be even better if they Open up up from Portsmouth.
  8. So what will happen as regarding Plymouth to Roscoff?
  9. I always favour traveling from Portsmouth to Spain as its a relaxing journey for me. As I live on the Isle of Wight it is ideal to take the bike to Spain. But it would had made sense for the Cap Finistare and the Pont Aven is used from Portsmouth instead as they only take 24 hours to get there. Even though I will look forward traveling on the Galicia next year if things change. The question is how long will the Galicia take if she was used from Plymouth instead? I'm sure many wouldn't mind traveling 24 hours from Plymouth.
  10. Even UK unions are not happy about P&O and Stena flagging some of their Ferries under the Cypriot flag. And the French unions they won't be.
  11. As Brittany Ferries is going to operate from Cherbourg to Rosslare next year as well as from Rosslare to Bilbao using the Etretat. Does that mean they are going to abandon the Le Harve to Portsmouth? As I had looked in to Timetable there is no mention of any ferry running out of Le Harve to Portsmouth.
  12. I would still use Portsmouth instead of Plymouth to travel to Spain.
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