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  1. So what will happen as regarding Plymouth to Roscoff?
  2. I always favour traveling from Portsmouth to Spain as its a relaxing journey for me. As I live on the Isle of Wight it is ideal to take the bike to Spain. But it would had made sense for the Cap Finistare and the Pont Aven is used from Portsmouth instead as they only take 24 hours to get there. Even though I will look forward traveling on the Galicia next year if things change. The question is how long will the Galicia take if she was used from Plymouth instead? I'm sure many wouldn't mind traveling 24 hours from Plymouth.
  3. Even UK unions are not happy about P&O and Stena flagging some of their Ferries under the Cypriot flag. And the French unions they won't be.
  4. As Brittany Ferries is going to operate from Cherbourg to Rosslare next year as well as from Rosslare to Bilbao using the Etretat. Does that mean they are going to abandon the Le Harve to Portsmouth? As I had looked in to Timetable there is no mention of any ferry running out of Le Harve to Portsmouth.
  5. I would still use Portsmouth instead of Plymouth to travel to Spain.
  6. As regarding the Portsmouth to Santander or Bilbao, I still favour that route from Portsmouth rather then Plymouth. As Portsmouth is nearer to where I live. The question I would like to asked is, Has there been a lot of people using Portsmouth rather then Plymouth? Because as Portsmouth is further then Plymouth. Why would Brittany want to put a new but slower ferry from Portsmouth, It would had made sense if the newbuilds were switch from Plymouth instead. I had booked up my next years holiday last week to go from Portsmouth to Bilbao on the Cap and when I come back on the Galacia whic
  7. I booked to go to Bilbao and back at the end of May and to come back the same way in June. But using the économie. But to me it is highly unlikely I will be going. Even though they were going to bill me for the final balance on Wednesday. But I am in the same boat as you as I had already paid the deposit some mouths ago. But I was trying to contact Brittany Ferries to cancel the trip. But to no avail. This deposit I had paid £209a flew months back. But to me instead of given me a refund I would had been happy for them to say to me, if I could forward that for me to use to rebook
  8. So why isn't any work being done on the Honfleur? I thought Brittany ferries want her done by now. Even though FSG is in trouble as regarding financial situation. But its not Brittany ferries problem.
  9. Give Brittany Ferries their due. They do go to town in making their routes profitable. As there ships are designed and fit for the routes they are employed on. The other matter is the crew are 100 % French too. Unlike P&O who employ foreign crew. The other point when P&O use to operate out of Portsmouth to France the attitude with P&O they chartered any tonnage and with them they just think of they will do for the routes. I must be honest since P&O pulled out of Portsmouth. I had loss interested in using them.
  10. Could be because Irish Ferries is a Irish company and what they do is nothing to do with any UK union as Irish ferries are base in Ireland. I could be wrong on this. But as regarding P&O some of the flags their ferries are flying are Nassau. But what I don't understand the Bahamas isn't a EU Country so why is it P&O ships are register in the Bahamas and they are getting away flying these flags but the UK are not. The other thing the RMT are kicking up a fuss now because they had enough. Least with the French they do make sure all their ships which fly the French flag everyone
  11. Its a very poor excuse from Wightlink cancelling ferry services because of staff sickness. People pay Wightlink to transport people ,cars and lorries 2 and fro to the Isle of Wight. And as far as people are concerned they are not interested if staff are off sick. Since Wightlink was separated from Sealink many years ago. The services has got bad to worst. And Wightlink needs to build a 2nd V O W to cover any breakdowns. There was a issue when Sealink had the 1st Saints built for the Portsmouth to Fishbourne back in 1983. And they retained the Cuthred to support the summer servi
  12. And so they should have a French crew. As its a French Company.
  13. Will She be reflagged while under going a refit?
  14. So my question is, is the main restaurant going to be removed from the Normandie? And the other question is will she be reregistered to Le Harve?
  15. The good thing I like about the Cap, was the cabin as they were very big on the inside. I wasn't keen on the restaurant as it was only a la carte. I prefer the Buffet instead.
  16. Yes I am aware that the modules were constructed in Poland. But I thought most of the fitting out were already done.
  17. Would it had made sense if FSG sub contracted out the fitting out of the Honfleur to another shipyard instead? If they can't do it themselves.
  18. Brittany Ferries are experts in the Ferry business. Have a suitable ferry running out of Portsmouth.
  19. They should be another ferry company running out of Portsmouth to Cherbourg. And Stena Line could be the one who would do it. I must be honest since P&O stopped running out of Portsmouth some years ago. I have completely loss interested in them. Unlike Brittany ferries who do take a interest in their routes and have ferries built for those routes. With P&O when they chartered ferries, which were not ideal for those routes. That was their downfall. When they had chartered the Isle of Innisfree from Irish ferries. And she was the only ferry that was running out of Portsmouth. F
  20. Yes I am aware P&O are own by Dubai. I had loss interest in using them since the western routes closed some 9 years ago.
  21. Yes nothing . In turn there will be a lot of Jobs gone here in the UK. As it is this Universal Credit can't get their act together. In turn those who are out of work here will be a huge burden on the state. Because there will be no work in the UK.
  22. There is P&O , UK companies moving to abroad. What is the government going to do about this?
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