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  1. memorykarl

    BBC2 - Sea Cities

    A good watch for sure, all the episodes are available on Iplayer, the Portsmouth one is the Naval base so sadly no more BF footage
  2. memorykarl

    MY FERRY LINK - Latest updates

  3. memorykarl

    Wake Up Music

    Re: Wake Up Music on Bretagne I agree with both parts of that Smartie, dont know why but the Pontys music is nice to be woken up with even at 6am!
  4. memorykarl

    Adieu to the Normandy

    Re: Adieu to the Normandy From the Press Release "under the terms of the purchase agreement title to the vessel will pass to ICG in early February 2007 and the purchase consideration will be paid in cash on completion. The vessel will then be chartered back to Color Line for service on the Oslo to Kiel route until the autumn of 2007. The vessel will then enter Irish Ferries service at which time the current vessel ( Normandy ) will be sold or chartered."
  5. memorykarl

    Adieu to the Normandy

    Re: Adieu to the Normandy IF Will aquire her in February, when she will be chartered back to Color Line until the Autumn, she will then be refitted and replace the Normandy in the Winter.
  6. memorykarl

    Adieu to the Normandy

    Re: Adieu to the Normandy Well this is good news, if only a little bit overdue, not too sure personally on the exterior design of the vessel though... now for the next little game.... just what will they name her???
  7. memorykarl

    Today I...

    Re:Today I... woke up, shower, cornflakes, 1/2 mile walk, 6 lessons, work, now home sat here typing this
  8. memorykarl

    Favourite Websites

    Re:Favourite Websites www.ferry-site.dk tonnes of ferry pictures