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  1. memorykarl

    BBC2 - Sea Cities

    A good watch for sure, all the episodes are available on Iplayer, the Portsmouth one is the Naval base so sadly no more BF footage
  2. memorykarl

    MY FERRY LINK - Latest updates

  3. memorykarl

    Wake Up Music

    Re: Wake Up Music on Bretagne I agree with both parts of that Smartie, dont know why but the Pontys music is nice to be woken up with even at 6am!
  4. memorykarl

    Today I...

    Re:Today I... woke up, shower, cornflakes, 1/2 mile walk, 6 lessons, work, now home sat here typing this
  5. memorykarl

    Favourite Websites

    Re:Favourite Websites www.ferry-site.dk tonnes of ferry pictures