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  1. Weight limit on the Irish Sea ferries is 3.5 tons (far as I know, that's the upper limit usually) - chances are they rapelled onboard.
  2. No other ship needs 12 hours maintenance a week though! There is a 6 hour layover in Cork too, so that's 18 hours she's idle for on Friday/Saturday alone, she needs some padding in the time table in case of weather, but it's a bit excessive...
  3. BF/BAI are doing something very wrong in Cork so, Goodbody here have said that ICG will have made their money back on the new ship in less than 3 years (and they are paying for the ship them selves, it's not government funded). If BF are struggling to secure funding like you claim, Spain is the non lucritive route, not Ireland. It might also be worth pointing out, one of the reasons for the Ponts high speed when ordered, was so she could fit in another Cork rotation mid week (BF's Cork office spent a lot of time saying it would happen in the press here).
  4. Have you got theLloyd's pieces? EU Comission's press release on the ruling found CCI abused their power, and had to give ICG access. http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release....htm?locale=en
  5. Err, you know Ireland is an island? Direct links to the contenant are necessary for trade. Actually, Irish Ferries never had a problem with sharing Roscoff, the CCI de Morlaix (I wonder who if a shipping company owned by a co-op is influencial there) wouldn't allow Irish Ferries access, so they started making arrangements to use Brest, and took anti competition case to the EU Comission.
  6. She's replacing Epsilon, which is on charter. ICG have an option for a second vessel according to the yard. With the load factors and rates BF are charging on the Cork Route, I would be very surprised to see them not do something (we were promised a midweek sailing when the Pont Avan was being built, but that never happened for some reason).
  7. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the UK not self sufficient with all the oil coming in from the North Sea?
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