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  1. I tried to book as a footie a Connemara Roscoff-Cork-Roscoff sailing but the system did not let me record it. Works fine if I take a car but not as a foot passenger .... which surprise me ...
  2. Hi, Was a bit confused about the cancelled sailings this week end as on the French website the Plymouth St Malo on Sunday is supposed to operate as scheduled ... (http://www.brittany-ferries.fr/traversee/horaires/infos-trafic) After a check on the .co.uk Sailing update page, it seems an error (I mean this departure from Plymouth to St Malo is really cancelled as I have just been told by Plymouth Res charming lady)
  3. Now displaying in http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/ferries-france/portsmouth-le-havre/timetable
  4. BF reservation system is now currently showing a night departure from Portsmouth to Le Havre at 23:15 arriving 08:00. And this Mon to Thursday from end of March. Nothing in the timetable page yet but booking system only.
  5. A bit strange as nothing about it on the usual web sailing update BF page ... http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/routes/sailing-updates Has it been rescheduled ?
  6. Re: BF and STX to develop 'Eco-ferry' In today's local french newspaper Le Télégramme : http://www.letelegramme.com/ig/generales/economie/ferry-du-futur-brittany-ferries-s-allie-a-stx-24-03-2011-1245045.php
  7. Re: Mini Cruise Plymouth / Roscoff /Cork Hi, Pls have a lokk at the french BF website : http://www.brittany-ferries.fr/promo/croisiere-irlande-confort There is a special offer and for 109 € you have the return trip including a 2 berth cabin and bus to go to Cork or Kinsale (depending on the date you choose) Also for 145 € you have as extra breakfast and diner on board PA. So this offer can only be booked via french website (or french call center as well) But the trip Plym to Ros Friday noon and back on Sunday morning could be full fare.
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