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  1. The Lymington-Yarmouth timetable for next summer has been published and shows three ships running at weekends from 30 March to 6 September, with sailings every 40 minutes instead of every hour. https://www.wightlink.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/timetable-lymington-to-yarmouth.pdf
  2. The Setubal-Troia service is now run by Atlantic Ferries who had two new car ferries, the PATO REAL and ROLA DO MAR, in 2007, and two passenger catamarans, the GARÇA BRANCA and ROAZ CORVINEIRO, in 2008. http://www.atlanticferries.pt/en/
  3. The first ship is for Holyhead-Dublin where Stena's present ships, the "Adventurer" and "Superfast X" don't have names with local connections. The new ships are supposed to be flexible so would not have names tied to a specific route, and I guess the name begins "STENA E" because they are referred to as "E-flexers".
  4. There are two bus services between Roscoff and Morlaix, one run by the SNCF and local bus 29 (fare €2). Some of the services go via the ferry terminal. There are also buses from the ferry to Brest (also €2).
  5. According to Brittany Ferries' website, the HONFLEUR will have 257 cabins, compared with 220 on the NORMANDIE and 224 on the MONT ST MICHEL. So, on night crossings, the HONFLEUR should be able to carry more. Her daytime capacity is given as 1680 which is probably a more realistic figure than the 2000-odd for the present Caen ships. How often do the MONT ST MICHEL or NORMANDIE carry over 1680 passengers ?
  6. The bus fare is €1.50 and you can buy tickets on the bus.
  7. According to the Santander local 'El Diario Montañes', there were 198 passengers, 94 cars, 17 motorbikes and 7 lorries on the first trip. There is a video of the inaugural arrival. http://www.eldiariomontanes.es/cantabria/primer-desembarco-irlandes-20180510193806-nt.html
  8. The diversion to Brest seems to have caused by union protests. http://www.letelegramme.fr/economie/brittany-ferries-premiers-remous-a-l-arrivee-du-connemara-08-05-2018-11952689.php
  9. Note that France is one of the few European countries where 26 December is a normal working day, not a public holiday.
  10. The first sailing still advertised for the CONNEMARA is from Cork to Roscoff on 7 May.
  11. Irish Ferries said it was contacting 2300 customers. That means 2300 bookings, not 2300 passengers. If a family of four has a booking, only one person needs to be contacted. https://www.irishferries.com/uk-en/news-listing/Important-announcement-re-wbyeats/
  12. So the freight sailing from Cork to Roscoff on 30 April is an error.
  13. According to the Puerto de Santander website, the CONNEMARA is due to be there until 2 May. http://www.puertosantander.es/cas/buques_puerto.aspx
  14. The local 'El Diario Montañes' reports that the delay in starting the service is because the ship will be late arriving at the Astander shipyard. The opening of he new route coincides with an exhibition in Santander to mark the 40th anniversary of Brittany Ferries' service to Spain. http://www.eldiariomontanes.es/cantabria/estreno-ruta-cork-20180418205419-nt.html
  15. Her first advertised sailing is now from Santander on 3 May. http://www.brittanyferries.ie/ferry-routes/ireland-spain-ferries/cork-santander/timetable
  16. I don't think this proposed ferry service has anything to do with the US company. Seaborne Freight (UK) Ltd was incorporated in 2017. The directors include Glenn Dudley and Jean-Michel Copyans who both worked for My Ferry Link. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10709921
  17. Their passenger capacity is 1200 and they are much longer than any of Brittany Ferries' ships. I find the night crossings very convenient, but the public areas are pretty awful, with a small bar area squeezed next to the cafeteria. Drink prices are outrageous, perhaps 25% more than Brittany Ferries' and beer is sold in "large", "medium" and "small" glasses with no indication of the actual quantities.
  18. The ASTERION's last sailing for ANEK Lines is on 8 April from Venezia to Patra, arriving the next day, and there will then be less than three weeks before her first sailing from Santander to Cork on 29 April. https://www.anek.gr/
  19. The SCOOT 2 reverted to her previous name of GARDIAN 14. The SCOOT 3 was renamed FORTRESS 1. Both were last recorded on AIS at Great Yarmouth. At least one of them is being offered for sale by South Boats: http://www.southboatsiow.com/uploads/Vessels-for-Sale.pdf
  20. Red Funnel's press release states that the new ship will be used mainly in the early morning and in winter. https://www.redfunnel.co.uk/en/corporate-info/media-pr/press-release-library/Order-placed-for-new-freight-ferry/
  21. The timings are an important factor when looking at the Eurostar service. The trains will leave St Pancras at 0831 and 1731. The first will mean a very early start even for people living in the London area, or a night in a hotel in London. The second service is too early for anyone spending a working day in London, but still gives a late evening arrival in Amsterdam. Neither offers much advantage over the overnight service from Harwich to Hoek van Holland, leaving London at 1730 and getting to Amsterdam at 1030.
  22. The COMMODORE CLIPPER sails from Portsmouth at fixed times. but her schedule in Guernsey and Jersey varies with the tides.
  23. ANEK Lines' website says she has 424 berths. https://www.anek.gr/en/vessel/fb-asterion/
  24. Cornouailles refers to Cornwall and also to the south-western region of Brittany around Quimper.
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