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  1. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? Well, petrol is a major parameter in the way our planet runs, I like saying if USA went war in Iraqi, it's because petrol, if France didn't go war in Iraqi, that's also because petrol... (Total french oil comp has lot interest in former USSR and hadn't interest to have Iraqi petrol on world market) Rod
  2. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? I agree with you on fisrt part, but will correct the second: That's little hauliers company BOSS who are now complaining, not their staff (which in those company should be from 1 to 5 drivers).
  3. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? Well, haulier companies get tax "discount" to pay back this petrol tax, explaining why the 2 mains associations (UNOSTRA is 3rd) didn't call for demonstrations. In France (it seems also in UK) haulier are a strong lobby and I tend not to trust them when they are complaining (general feeling here, no personnal thought). I can't see why hauliers would get tax discount, why not taxi, countryside doctors, air companies, me.... Maybe because they can't blockade, an A320 on Paris ring would be funny though. BTW: No blockade anymore tonight, A9 motorway closed, but because of flood.
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