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  1. Check the UK website. Not so if we leave without a deal. My passport expires 13 July 2021 however if we leave 31st Jan 2020 with no deal then the new expired date to travel to an EU country is 13th April 2020 therefore I must renew my passport before the shown present expiry date of Jul 2021 https://www.gov.uk/check-a-passport-for-travel-to-europe
  2. A shame in my opinion and loss of identity. Perhaps the Maltese Cross will return as did the DFDS Branding after they tried Scandinavian Seaways years ago.
  3. Could Barfleur or any other present BF ferry access Guernsey and Jersey ?
  4. Some photos from FJB Hotels webcam at The Haven Hotel this morning. Bramble Bush Bay arriving https://www.fjbhotels.co.uk/liveview/
  5. Still have my ½ Stein and key ring from 1987 re the start of ms Hamburg being used to ply the route Harwich - Hamburg. They used Hotel of a 100000 stars to England as advertising, great memories and great ferry. Very tragic when it was involved in the Accident in 1989, how ever the Captain (Captain Kullack) was exonerated, he had handed over control that evening. It was a very Scenic route down the Elbe and at a decent time. Especially the weekend stopovers on board in Hamburg. If I remember correctly their was only once when the ship stayed in Hamburg and did not sail due to the weather. It stayed in the port for the two days to keep to the usual schedule.
  6. Yes, Its the Rotation of the PA, however now due to the Engine problem PA is operating only Plymouth to Santander-Plymouth until 2020
  7. Should be P&O Ferries. As P&O Cruises are owned by Carnival.
  8. Offered by Condor Liberation from Poole 28th January 2019 Monday just got better with a half price* day trip to Jersey! A last-minute sailing addition means that you could be going on a half price* day trip this Monday, 28th January to Jersey from Poole! Day trips to Jersey are very rare so don't miss out on the chance to go on fun day out! Go with your car or travel on foot. Use promo code MONDAY and book now! Foot passengers: Adults £16.50* | Children £11.50* https://www.condorferries.co.uk/offers/to-jersey/half-price-day-trips-to-jersey
  9. Sorry did not Realise that Red Funnel had Three Accidents in such a short space of time, only the 2 being shown https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/marine-accident-investigation-branch-current-investigations/marine-accident-investigation-branch-current-investigations
  10. Subscribe the modern way 😉 https://shipsmonthly.com/subscriptions/
  11. So we are talking at Cross purposes as you had a special deal which i mentioned, and yes I have Diamond status for my CWC membership. Britannia Staterooms are the normal cabins on board Cunard other than the Queens or Princes "Grills " Accommodation. Booking Normal staterooms allows you to eat in The Britannia Restaurant at fixed times, Except if you book Britannia Club, accommodation which allows you to eat anytime (On QE and QV its a separate Restaurant ) on QM2 it is separate area to the Britannia Restaurant And booking Princess or Queens Grill Accommodation you again eat in their specific Restaurants on board. As you state you have not tried Britannia class ,then you would have been some of the lucky ones who received an offer of free included drinks with your fare, as I said These are rarely offed to UK customer bookings, more often offered to USA customer bookings. I managed a few when travelling on QE. Passengers boarding the ships who had not booked these inclusive fare deals only had the option to purchase the separate Wine, Coffee Cards and soft drink package as shown here https://ask.cunard.com/help/cunard/life-on-board/drinks_package however presently if on QM2 they have the chance to purchase the new trial "The World of drinks" of an All inclusive drinks package of drinks up to $11 pp for $69 pp per day for the duration of the passage. Did you find Homer Simpson whilst you were on board ?
  12. May I ask 3 questions what was the date of your travel ? and where you travelling in Britannia Class as (Sometimes all in drinks were offered to Grill passengers included in the fare) . What was the up to $ of the drink which included cocktails and beer you could order. Lastly what was the price of the package. I have travelled on Cunard often at least 3 times a year in Britannia class and not found an all inclusive drinks deal that included beer and cocktails coffee and soft drinks up $11 except for the new offer being presently tried on QM2 of paying within the first two days a charge of $69pp per day. Some how we may be talking cross purposes . I am just very interested for my future sailings.. As only these options are still being shown https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/life-on-board/drinks_package
  13. https://ask.cunard.com/help/cunard/life-on-board/drinks_package Those soft drink, coffee card and wine packages have always been available, on all Cunard ships to all Cunard Customers, they are separate packages, ie soft drinks, wine and coffee and have to be bought independently of each other, which you still do if on QE or QV as a UK customer booking. There is presently no all inclusive drinks packages on QV or QE for UK Bookings. However as I said Cunard are trying a new option presently only on QM2. named the "World of Drinks" a full drinks package, which sometimes used to be offered to USA Customers included in their booking fare (For all ships) and tried only a few times for UK Bookings on QE. This allows customers to purchase up to 4 drinks an hour of value up to $11 , ie soft drink, wine, cocktail, beer, coffee.. Once paid the $69 pp per day for the duration of your cruise, you choose what to order as opposed to only having to order from the separate packages you have bought. (Except USA customers who had the all inclusive with their fare). Promotions of 'up to $ drinks" have usually been offered to USA Customers only in their booking fare.
  14. Full Drinks packages with Cunard for UK Customers have rarely been offered. They have done a few all inclusive up to $11 per drink. They usually offer wine deals or Coffee Cards but not fully inclusive if booked in the UK. Our USA Cousins often get good deals. Having said that Presently they are trying one out on QM2 for all, but do not know how long they will continue with it. Copied from another forum see https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2667928&page=3 1) Wines, beers and Spirits (New) - $69 per person per day. Our most comprehensive selection; the Beers, Wines, & Spirits option, includes an incredible array of beers, wines by the glass, spirits, liqueurs, and cocktails up to $11 per serving, as well as all the benefits of the Premium Soft Drinks option detailed below. Guests will also receive a 20% discount on drinks above $11, all bottles of wine, and large bottles of water.2) Premium Soft Drinks (New) - $29 per person per day.Unlimited access to a wide variety of soft drinks, small bottled waters, freshly squeezed juices, speciality hot drinks and hand-crafted zero-proof mocktails. Plus a 20% discount on any other non-alcoholic drinks not included in the Premium Soft Drinks Option, such as large bottles of mineral water, deluxe juices and smoothies3) Soft Drinks (New) - $10 per person per day.Unlimited draught soft drinks, selected fruit juices, squash and cordials4) Speciality Hot Drinks (New) - $15 per person per dayUnlimited illy speciality coffees, Tea Forté infusions and hot chocolates.5) Wine Collections (Existing) – From $299Guests can choose a tailor made collection of either six or twelve bottles from one of two distinctly different yet exquisite wine collections; The Commodore Collection and The Captains Collection. A full brochure is available from the Sommelier team detailing each collection from which guests will make their selections.Captains Collection: $299 (6 bottles), $560 (12 bottles) Although an inside Stateroom is great and you can pop the Bow camera on the TV a Balcony is better and actually nicer just for the conveyance of Daylight hours and Fresh air. Its always fun to see the "newbies on board" . they get a Red strip on their cruise card, Gold get Gold , Platinum get a Silver stripe and Diamond Black . Its really the only bit of distinction you will find on board. https://www.cunard.co.uk/already-booked/cunard-world-club/
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