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  1. ~ Here are my photos (to enlarge a photo : click on this one) and my report (on the photo presentation, click on "afficher plus") of my last crossings on the ferries Mont St Michel, Victoria of Wight and Bretagne 😄 https://www.flickr.com/photos/36979174@N04/albums/72157709339586262
  2. Here are the photos of my recent trip to Pont-Aven. Despite a lack of animation on board (due, I think a very small number of passengers), my mini-cruise on the ferry Pont-Aven was really nice. Excellent food on board. Staff efficient and friendly. Comfortable cabin. Being a member of Cercle Voyageur France, I realized great savings on this sea excursion. Thanks Brittany Ferries 😃 https://www.flickr.com/photos/36979174@N04/sets/72157703006822842
  3. The book is now indefinitely late, according to Nicola Green !!! Over the last eighteen months we have completed this year. Due to a number of circumstances beyond our control, the book has been further delayed. We are working with Brittany Ferries with the production of the book and it is hoped that it will be published later this year. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay, we will keep you informed on any updates. If you would like to cancel your order please do not hesitate to contact the office. Kind regards Nicola Green Ferry Publications trading as Lily Publications Ltd
  4. The future of Bretagne is clarified according to this article in French : https://www.lesechos.fr/industrie-services/air-defense/0301720190447-brittany-ferries-commande-deux-bateaux-pour-ses-lignes-anglo-espagnoles-2178784.php#formulaire_enrichi::bouton_google_inscription_article "A fourth order is in sight.It concerns" Bretagne "Carried out in Saint-Nazaire at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique, which became STX, it has been operated by the company since 1989. The choice of the place of construction of its replacement should be known. during the first half of 2019. The Betagne Region will participate in its financing."
  5. New book on Brittany Ferries for the month of November 2018 : https://www.ferrypubs.co.uk/product/brittany-ferries-the-fleet-book/
  6. A book about the Bretagne planned this summer ! Http://www.ferrypubs.co.uk/product/bretagne-ferry-art-distinction/
  7. 08-09/06/2015 : Saint-Malo - Portsmouth - Saint-Malo ! ~ Here are a few pictures of my last mini cruise on the Bretagne of the Brittany Ferries ! https://www.flickr.com/photos/36979174@N04/sets/72157654507607580 I spent a good time on this beautiful ship. The crew was helpful is friendly. Catering on board is still excellent, but more expensive ! The Commodore cabins of the ferry are comfortable and well-equipped. Perfect for a mini-cruise ! The French company plans to replace the Bretagne for 2018 ! Arrival at Portsmouth is still impressive with its intense maritime traffic !
  8. Here is another photo of the Baie de Seine (photo by Micke Asklander) : http://www.faktaomfartyg.se/baie_de_seine_2002_b_1.htm
  9. The Italian company has just purchased two ships. It's the Silja Festival, which will be renamed Mega Andrea and will enter service between the Italy and Sardinia; and the Blue Star 1, which will be renamed Mega Express Six for rotations between the France and Corsica.
  10. *12/04/2015 Bastia - Marseille aboard the Piana ! The splendid Piana belonging to La Méridionale is the most modern ship engaged in voyages between Marseille and Corsica. It has been in service late 2011. Boarding and disembarkation procedures are fast. Its interiors are spacious and beautiful. The restaurant offers a cuisine based on Corsican products. The self-service breakfast is delicious. The bar, Le Figuier offers a full range of hot and cold drinks. Here are some photos from my trip : https://www.flickr.com/photos/369791...7652065404212/ For information : - Sardinia Regina makes connections between the Italy and Corsica. - the Kalliste ensures rotations between Marseille and Corsica. - the Danielle Casanova primarily offers voyages between Marseille and Tunis. ~ My next trip will be on the Bretagne next month
  11. It is with great pleasure that I make my return to this excellent forum ! Here are some photos of my recent travels with Brittany Ferries ! 17/02/2015 Saint-Malo - Portsmouth with Armorique. 20/02/2015 Portsmouth - Saint-Malo with the Pont-Aven. https://www.flickr.com/photos/369791...650972293869/#
  12. I would like to know if the Baie de Seine could carry foot passengers on the line Le Havre - Portsmouth ?
  13. http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/economie/baie-de-seine
  14. Re: 24 hrs trip,please help!!!!!! For all information on the cities to be visited, the walks to be made, the local products to buy, ... in the department of Finistère (France), want to consult the following website: http://www.finisteretourisme.com/jsp/fiche_pagelibre.jsp?STNAV=&RUBNAV=&CODE=96582486&LANGUE=1
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