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  1. I’m with you on both counts there...
  2. The attachment showed on my wife’s iPhone in gmail, not on mine or iPad in Outlook.... fortunately I’d screen capped. Strangely it was showing in Outlook on a ‘real’ laptop when I looked next day
  3. So your €8.50 breakfast safe?!
  4. Just tried to book following this morning’s news about quarantine relaxation, getting part way in to ‘Sailing Times’ and ‘Connect timeout’ comes up....
  5. Lots of Coronavirus based cancellations just posted on BF website.....
  6. Nice dinner.... Armorique?!
  7. Much earlier than advertised (including check in close 19:00 for 20:25 departure): any ideas? Bang goes nice pre crossing dinner Sailing Modification We are sorry to advise that due to the availability of the berth in Plymouth tomorrow evening, your sailing has been brought forward and will now depart at the earlier time of 20:25. Check-in will open at 16:30 and closes at 19:00. Arrival in Roscoff on Wednesday morning remains the same at 08:00. Please accept our apologies for any inconven
  8. Horses for courses! If you want to stay in touch keep connected (if you can!) - if you don't, don't. not noisily in a restaurant though. And BF's 'internet at sea' can be pretty shocking in any case......
  9. " the bouche of the cheval" like it 😀
  10. It is, as pointed out above, an HMG issue: did the contracts include a clause about Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LADs)? If so then only evidenced losses incurred by BF would be liable
  11. We received the 20 year pack in August a few years back - confused the hell out of the crew when e presented ourselves to the reception ('oh we had an email yesterday...'0 Bridge visit was great, followed by a cocktail with the Purser What would be really good............ priority on the car deck!!!!
  12. Quib always corkscrewed!!!
  13. Sorry - been away from the site for a while. We were given the pack a couple of years ago (?2014), but the staff on board were a bit flummoxed as it was new. In the end we did get a bridge visit out through the breakwater etc. and a cocktail at the bar with the Purser Subsequently, nowt!! Some form of preferential parking would be nice!
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