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  1. " the bouche of the cheval" like it 😀
  2. It is, as pointed out above, an HMG issue: did the contracts include a clause about Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LADs)? If so then only evidenced losses incurred by BF would be liable
  3. We received the 20 year pack in August a few years back - confused the hell out of the crew when e presented ourselves to the reception ('oh we had an email yesterday...'0 Bridge visit was great, followed by a cocktail with the Purser What would be really good............ priority on the car deck!!!!
  4. Quib always corkscrewed!!!
  5. Sorry - been away from the site for a while. We were given the pack a couple of years ago (?2014), but the staff on board were a bit flummoxed as it was new. In the end we did get a bridge visit out through the breakwater etc. and a cocktail at the bar with the Purser Subsequently, nowt!! Some form of preferential parking would be nice!
  6. Drove past Millbay this morning, Armorique the wrong way around: any ideas why? And late off (8:20 or so)
  7. If you are staying at Jurys, there's a little bistro place, The Chancel about 5 minutes' walk away, near to the Magistrates Court (http://www.thechancel.co.uk/)
  8. Sorry, this episode is not currently available
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    Can't see it............
  10. http://brittany-ferries.hauwell-studios.com/: last week and again today, PA is sometimes showing as stationary, then some ridiculous speed a few minutes later (78.3 knots just now!) as though the feed is intermittent. Doesn't appear to happen with the others - any ideas?
  11. I was about to answer my own question, having got home, supped, and Googled. But you've all got there first A slightly odd sight imho, I wondered if she had received scrubbers etc. as it's a bit like looking at a classic like Goelo with Normandie's (old) funnel stuck on!!
  12. ........... in Millbay this morning?
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