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  1. I had the most fantastic time on my recent day trip to Roscoff on board the old faithful Bretagne. Slightly lumpy on the way out but Bretagne remained steadfast as always. Could barely feel a thing. Following a drizzly start in Roscoff at around 11am the sun came out and I enjoyed a smaller boat trip to the beautiful Ile de Batz with crab pate and toast for lunch. Return trip was my much awaited bridge visit, and, as requested upon embarking I reported to information. Expecting to be called over the tannoy at some point after cast-off once auto-pilot had been engaged, I was surprised when the polite lady said that the captain had already been in contact regarding my visit and was about to call back, which he duly did. I was asked if I would like to join the captain and his officers to watch departure (wild horses would'nt keep me away) and I was escorted through corridors and up via lift to the place where passengers do not normally go. Almost in awe a door opened onto the bridge, I could barely speak, I was totally in awe. To the captain I spoke "Hi, I'm Kaz" to which he replied "Hello, I am the captain" (which amused me) No photography allowed. I stood back inconspicuous while the crew did their work and we pulled off the berth onto a glass like sea. Barely any manoevring involved, straight off the berth into the channel. Shortly afterwards the captain disappeared and his second in command came and chatted to me at length. He was so polite and friendly. I commented on the condition of the Bretagne and how immaculate she was looking, not bad considering she is due for refit in February. We talked about scrubbers and the new vessel, and the retirement of the Bretagne. He admitted that Bretagne would be a hard act to follow and that her routes would then be covered by Pont Aven as she would be the only one suitable. He agreed that Bretagne was a firm favourite with customers and crew alike, but given her age it was due to progress. In the middle of chatting we were treated to a visit from a pod of around 60 dolphins. Beautiful. He said he had seen whales and all kinds of wildlife in his 18 years on the bridge. I then chatted to a young sea cadet who was had four months remaining of his training to become an officer. He asked me if I wanted to go back down, but I was welcome to stay if I wished. The sea was so unbelievably calm for this time of year that everything was running very smoothly. I said I would stay but only if it was ok - I ended up staying for nearly two hours in the end, just chatting and observing.
  2. Thanks Wortley... I ll have a scout round. .
  3. Thanks all. I have a van so it is quite expensive to take .. Even more expensive to have a bigger space to fill with goodies!
  4. Evening folks. I've just booked a round trip from Plymouth - Roscoff on the old faithful Bretagne, via the fantastic BFE day trip offer. I remember the old days when it was free to park at Millbay, now I know it is pay and display? Does anybody know of anywhere to park nearby for free? I'm travelling as a foot passenger. Also, how long does it take to walk into Roscoff - is there a bus? I vaguely remember there used to be. Can't wait! Thanks in advance.
  5. I've just booked through the fabulous BFE BF offer for a round trip as a foot passenger on Friday on the old faithful, my favourite Bretagne! Would be happy to meet up with any other BFers on board! Can't wait!
  6. I travelled on them when they were DFDS. Not much passenger space and not much to do but with a book and music to entertain me it was fine. Enjoyed the view of Liverpool and the ISle Of Man. It was rough but could'nt feel a thing, found them excellent seakeepers. Stena are brilliant.
  7. Oh. ... I'm sailing on her on Friday. . . Will just miss you. . Could have handed the magazines over in person!
  8. I would be very interested in these if you still have them please sparks and wife? I'm happy to cover postage or make a donation for them.
  9. Thanks paul. Sorry I missed her. Do you know why they did that?
  10. I can't find any details anywhere of barfleur sailing into Plymouth! Why is she going there and is it possible to travel to. From Plymouth on her? Can't see it on the bf timetables!
  11. Ok, we have discussed our favourite BF ferries and reminisced over our first ferry crossings, so heres another one to think about; Which ferry company do you think has the best livery, and furthermore, on which vessel do you think it is displayed to its full potential?? To start the ball rolling, maybe Im biased but I think that the Brittany Ferries livery is the best, and suits the Bretagne perfectly. Close second would have to be Irish Ferries, which looks great on Ulysees
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