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  1. She's been around since 1992 to be fair! I wish I looked that modern ...... In my experience most customers don't even know what ship they're on, let alone what colour the paint is!
  2. Poor additive manufacturing model .....
  3. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? An excellent debate. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. What really amazes me is actually how cheap fuel is. When you consider all the exploration, production, transport and processing costs it is still (retail) not much more expensive to buy than milk!!
  4. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? Apologies!
  5. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? Do these French hauliers not realise that the French Government has no money of its own? Like all Goverenments, it relies on tax revenues from citizens and Industry. If industry ends up paying less the citizens will pay more - the French economy is already stretched. These same lorry drivers were demanding at 35 hour week a couple of years ago - something which has made their industry much less competetive internationally.
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