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  1. From the schedules there was no sailing from Cork to Santander tonight either way and Port of Cork only had her listed as departing on Monday next 04 Nov - so I would assume that her PSC inspections will take place tomorrow.
  2. Checking through the online timetables for Cork - Santander - Cork which are now live on website through to October 2020, the Kerry is operating the Route from next week until 11 September 2020, at which point Connemara returns to the route from mid September 2020 until end of October 2020. The Connemara also reappears on Cork - Roscoff schedule from 05 October 2020.
  3. Just noticed on the Irish website (updated today at 1230) in relation to the winter Santander sailings giving an outline of the schedule - Ex Cork Monday and Friday at 2230 with a 2 night crossing and ex Santander Thursday 1500 and Sunday 1200). No Roscoff sailing similar to last year. You need to call to book. See attached screen capture
  4. Connemara currently shifting from Marino Point back to Ro Ro terminal
  5. She is scheduled to move back to the RoRo terminal this morning at 10AM
  6. Another pic I took of Armorique arriving Cork (passing Cobh) last night
  7. It would appear from the gap in the Plymouth-Roscoff timetable on Saturday 11 May that Armorique is also covering Roscoff-Cork-Roscoff on that weekend.
  8. Armorique is showing on Port of Cork arrival system for Saturday 04th May at 20h00
  9. No she left directly from the Deepwater berth (where she was on layby) so she did not return to RoRo terminal to load anything - and further strangely she was accompanied out the harbour by two tugs. From what I could see she did have 1 trailer onboard (but this could have been loaded when she discharged from her last Santander arrival, and before she shifted to layby (we used to load unaccompanied trailers onboard the SuperFerry and Julia well before sailing time if this saved time on departure day).
  10. Strangely she has just left Cork at 8PM bound for Santander and is currently heading south at 21.4 kts. The next sailing is showing as from Cork on Monday 07 Jan and from Santander on Thur 10 Jan.
  11. Connemara was in Cork (Ringaskiddy Deepwater Berth) since Christmas Eve, but vacated berth this morning at midnight to allow another vessel dock. She returned to RoRo terminal this morning at 8AM and has loaded and sailed at 11AM to Santander.
  12. On the issue of the timetable for Cork to St Malo, I can across this timetable for the Ireland routes for 1994 and it shows the sailing schedule for St Malo with the Duchesse Anne. BF Timetable 1994.pdf
  13. I have 2 or three of them already uploaded to the "Cork Harbour Ship Spotters" facebook page - so until i upload to youtube you can have a look there
  14. I was on the Pont Aven from Roscoff to Plymouth yesterday morning (having also arrived on her from Cork) - there was a technical issue and also an electrical issue (stopped serving any hot breakfasts / hot beverages for over an hour). However the main problem was the weather in Roscoff yesterday. I arrived on her from Cork (a fairly lumpy crossing on the Saturday night) and it took some attempts to get her alongside as the wind was blowing very hard from the north and keeping her off the berth (took 3 attempts to finally get her close enough to the pier to get lines ashore). The Engin
  15. Large ships (mainly bulkers) but some of the smaller cruise liners (upto 150mtrs OAL) still head right up to the city docks and its maintained to a depth so that vessels of 8M draft can reach the city quays. The "Julia" is probably the last ferry to have been docked right up on the city quays when she was laid up. The "Soleal" was up at the city quays 2 weeks ago and is due back later in the year. Check this video link of her and Midnatsol both at the city quays on same day (hope its ok to post this here)
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