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  1. We were in the Loire, Charente, Limousin areas a couple of weeks back and clear enforcement taking place by Gendarmes on N and some D roads. Clearly some drivers believe there must be exemptions available (French and GB registered vehicles) !!
  2. As BF have taken a lot of flack of late over the Pont saga I thought I would just add a little voyage / trip report that might address some of the balance. Mrs D and I have just had our annual French motorcycle holiday which we booked (with the exception of just one night) with BF using the hotels from their data base. We have used the booking service previously for gites etc but this was a first for a motorcycle holiday having previously used the Eastern Channel routes which fitted in with our itinerary better. From the initial enquiries regarding availability of crossings and hotels the responses from all at BF have been excellent. As per normal we chose Barfleur for the crossings, Poole being much more convenient for us than any other options. Outbound was on the 0830 Wednesday 28th departure and loading was very quick. There were three other bikes as well as ours and we were first on. The deck staff were great and soon had the bikes secure. We took the option of a cabin so we could leave our kit if the crossing was busy. As it was there was plenty of room on deck 7 so we secured a nice double table and window seat. The mezzanine deck was in use but didn’t look particularly full. On board catering staff were friendly and polite with the usual Barfleur food choices and drinks. Compared to DFDS I think BF offer better value. Arrival at Cherbourg was bang on time and unloading was fairly quick. We were ushered through the French border controls and into the first night hotel in Cherbourg by 1430. One of the requirements for all the hotels was secure parking for the motorcycle – we chose the following hotels which met all our expectations. Hotel Le Louvre @ Cherbourg Hotel Adagio @ Saumur Hotel Le Champlain @ La Rochelle Hotel Le Plantagenet @ Chinon To their credit all provided excellent breakfast, ideally situated and with friendly staff. During the trip we visited Oradour Sur Glane – there is little you can say............. Our return trip was 0845 from Cherbourg on Sunday 8th, Barfleur was very lightly loaded, I counted just 40 vehicles on deck 5 and there didn’t appear to be a lot of freight waiting for loading either. The crossing was uneventful and in both directions our cabin on deck 6 was clean and appeared well maintained. Arrival at Poole was on schedule but even with the light loading it took us nearly 30 minutes to clear Border Control and leave the port. So overall a great holiday thanks to BF and all the staff we met were friendly, approachable and efficient. Value for money compared to making our own arrangements was very good with much of the pre trip work being done for us.
  3. I do hope that they ensure that only those passengers that paid for the upgrade are the only ones to use it. When we used it last year it was more like a creche, similar comments when returning on Normandie. In fact a very nice couple who had reserved seats got in an argument with (I assume) the mother of some unruly children who were climbing all over the seats and making enough noise for a dozen children. She obviously hadn't paid the upgrade fare and her comment : if you dont like it go somewhere else Passengers just wandered in and out and selected whatever seats they wanted without any consideration for passengers who had paid the reserved premium. I queried this with BF Customer Service on my return and was told that if I went to Customer Service on board and told them who shouldn't be in there they would sort it out. I didnt think that job was included within my ticket price !!
  4. Thats brilliant and it really gets the message over
  5. I will try and get some passenger numbers or at least an idea of possible loading's on Saturday. Its been two years since we were last went on Barfleur so it will be good to get another trip done Coming back on Normandie in two weeks time so quite a comparison
  6. Apologies for the spelling, spell check let me down !!
  7. Apologies if this has been covered before, Ive trie seacrhing but cant find the answer Is Barfleur currently running on her full capacity or is it reduced. I can remember something about this when she returned from Dover a few years back We are outbound on Saturday next so heres hoping for some improved weather !! Thank you
  8. enyajtrebor

    BBC2 - Sea Cities

    Just watched this weeks episode on I player. Well worth it. BF have come out of it well and what a well put together programme
  9. K2rockall - I queried the very same thing with MFL a few months ago (although I wasn't lucky enough to win a freebie !!!) I was told that in the unlikely event of this happening they would be able to transfer me as they also operate Eurotunnel !! We've booked with DFDS instead !!
  10. Call it what you like but the extra cost of a separate lounge on whatever crossing if well worth the money. We have had the VIP on DFDS and Club class on the PO Dover - Calais but for best value it was the Club Class on the old Pride of Cherbourg and Hampshire ex Vikings. The staff were always friendly, happy to chat and it was an oasis of calm and comfort (plus a plentiful supply of shortbread biscuits, hot and cold drinks !!)
  11. Perhaps DFDS don't know about this as you cant book a crossing for August next year on that route..................
  12. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne I understand that this is the latest Euroferries project going through sea trials and berthing.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WInYduY7ook
  13. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Enter Tilbury into http://eyeonearth.cloudapp.net/ and you can see Emeraude France and also what I assume is Speed One. Speed One appears to have taken the berth where Emeraude appears on Google !!
  14. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne The Euroferries website is very descriptive to say the least. Not knocking Ramsgate but it seems to have been transformed since we last visited it !!!
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