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  1. I've always liked the Pont-Aven myself, you can't fail to be impressed by certain aspects of her interior design, if nothing else. Whether she has aged well is a different matter, and I would agree with those who've suggested a major refit is now required. If the Bretagne is to leave the fleet in the next few years, then perhaps a proper refit, (or even partial re-build) for permanent transfer to the St Malo route would be the way to go? I appreciate the order for the next E flexers, but maybe they could be deployed elsewhere? Pont-Aven would clearly be the natural successor to Bretagne in many ways, and of course already serves the route sometimes. Thanks for a great, informative report! I shall have to get myself on an E Flexer soon.
  2. Are there any covid related rules or restrictions for travellers from the UK mainland? I've always wanted to sail to the Isle of Man, either from Heysham or Liverpool on the Mannanan.
  3. I'm booked to sail on the Waverley for the day on a cruise around the firth of Clyde on 7th September, never seen or sailed on her before. My dad once did some repair work on her boiiler around 2003 I believe, so its a ship I've always wanted to experience. From what I've seen on YouTube she looks very pleasant & well looked after inside and out.
  4. I'd love to have that print in my living room...! 😍
  5. I'd love to try her out as part of a long weekend in Ostend, or Le Touquet, however I still have no idea whether I can actually visit either of those places and come home again without having to deal with a raft of bureaucracy. I should imagine such confusion will be putting many potential travellers off at the moment.
  6. https://www.niferry.co.uk/brittany-ferries-orders-new-caen-and-saint-malo-ferries/ This is also what NI ferry site is saying, Caen ship to be delivered first.
  7. Slightly off topic I know but if Stena are now building shorter E Flexers, perhaps DFDS might look at these for Newcastle-Ijmuiden? Or would they still be too long?
  8. Interesting news indeed. I'm losing count of all the E Flexers due to enter service, is this now 5 in total? Presumably this is confirmation that Bretagne, Normandie & Cap Finistere's days all are officially numbered, but as you say where will Pont-Aven fit with all this?
  9. Report here on Shippax, it is Victoria 1 and Romantika that are being chartered out. I should imagine both we need a good refit once they eventually return to the Baltic. https://www.shippax.com/en/news/summer-charter-stints-for-tallink-grupps-victoria-i-and-romantika.aspx
  10. I'm sure I read somewhere that it is a charter, I think there are two Tallink vessels involved, I will try to find a link to the story.
  11. I'm sure you're right, it won't happen - but it should if the UK government supports them financially. It strikes me P&O ferries, as an operator, has been in decline for a long time. What does it actually stand for? What is their passion, their raison d'etre? Why would someone choose to sail with them over the competition? All they seem to have done is either retreated or watered down their passenger offering, for at least the past ten years. It seems an odd, muddled company to me without a clear sense of direction.
  12. Any support from the UK government should be contingent on flying the UK flag and employing as many British seafarers as possible.
  13. I'd rank the Scillonian as one of the worst ferries I've sailed on, not because of her motion, but because of how incredibly bland and souless she was inside. I was really disappointed, and for that alone would probably look at flying at least one way if I visit the Isles of Scilly again.
  14. I've seen on YouTube this evening that Fred Olsen's Boudicca has now been beached, presumably the Black Watch can't be far behind.
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