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  1. I read via Ferry Shipping News that Moby officially has five ships up for sale, including the Moby Aki & Moby Wonder. Would this provide a new opportunity for DFDS to pick them up for a more favourable price? Though I doubt they would now be able to offload the current ships to Moby in return...
  2. I like the current DFDS livery actually, apart from them ditching the Maltese cross. I think it suits both freight & passenger vessels equally well.
  3. Very true. Although the entire P&O fleet at Dover now sails under the Cypriot flag too. I'm not sure how their's and Irish ferries crewing policies differ in reality?
  4. 1st April is next Thursday isn't it? This will no doubt take a lot of people by surprise. Presumably this is connected with the charter of the Blue Star 1, will she take over from Isle of Inishmore? Also, will the Isle of Inishmore need modifications for Dover-Calais? It's quite a niche operation and not what she was built for.
  5. Hope this is true, if so they should easily have a few more years ahead of them. I'd imagine they'd suit an overnight route in the Mediterranean very well.
  6. Interesting indeed, I've read that the Blue Star 1 charter may be for a couple of years at least. Reminds me very much of Oscar Wilde with the blue hull. Was it this ship which briefly operated on Rosyth-Zeebrugge before it closed?
  7. Yes, I should have been going to Utrecht next month for a concert, which originally should have been in Amsterdam last October...now looks like it will be moved to the Autumn, along with my ferry crossings. It's a lovely city, I also like Haarlem & Rotterdam in preference to Amsterdam.
  8. Beautiful shot. Having done the Viking Cruise, did you have to take all of the shore excursions, or could you spend the day in port if you wanted to? Not that I wouldn't want to take all the excursions, I'm just wondering if you have to go on them since they are all included in the package. From what I've read, both Torshavn & Seydisfjordur are quite pleasant places to spend a few hours, was this your experience too?
  9. I can't comment from experience because I've never been to Iceland, but from what I have read, Eastern Iceland Is every bit as worth visiting as Reykjavik. And the trip up the fjord to Seydisfjodur looks spectacular.
  10. I've looked at the Hurtigruten itineraries from Dover, they look great but I concluded they were a little out of my price range. Having said that, by the time I've done sampling the Norrona, they might actually work out better value.
  11. Yes, have looked at that too, largely so that we could visit Reykjavik. Seydisfjordur is about as far from the capital as possible though, so the time spent in Iceland becomes a major part of the trip. So far I've not been able to decide between doing that or just taking the Viking Cruise, and spending a bit more on a nice cabin.
  12. Yes it would, or better still, Newcastle...doesn't look very likely for the moment at least. I know she has been to North Shields in the past, bringing the Faroese over for Christmas shopping. The main obstacle for those of us in the UK of course is the need (and expense) of getting to/from Denmark. I've looked at various ways of doing it but all have their drawbacks, especially in terms of time and cost. I'm determined to do it though and have a specific Norrona 'fund' for the purpose
  13. It looks like the Norrona is about to emerge from her most thorough refit since she was built in 2003, here is an article from the Shetland Times (she used to call in Lerwick of course) though I'm sure there will be more detail elsewhere too. https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2021/02/11/smyril-flagship-gets-13-million-euros-refit-due-to-passengers-demands From what I've seen her bow seems to have been modified somewhat, at least aesthetically, also there is now the striking new 'sky bar' area at the top; not sure whether I like that or not, no doubt it will be more enjoyable from the inside
  14. Would that be the Boeing Jetfoils to Oostende? Those things looked amazing...
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