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  1. I've had exactly the same experience in the past with DFDS, not that it's any consolation.
  2. As someone who has drank tap water on ferries for years, I'm certainly relieved to be reading this! 😂
  3. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but weren't Trasmed. originally meant to have been considering a route from Vigo-Avonmouth back in 2005/2006? Before they eventually ran the Fortuny from Bilbao-Portsmouth for a few months... I remember calling at Vigo on board the Ventura back in 2010, seemed a nice place to visit with plenty of notable industry dotted around too, such as the shipyard.
  4. Last year I booked in early October and was advised that there were only inside cabins left - so I guess the advice is to get in quick!
  5. In case anyone is interested, it appears DFDS will also take passengers on the new (to them) Zeebrugge-Gothenburg link, details here: https://www.dfds.com/en/freight-shipping/routes-and-schedules/gothenburg-zeebrugge This means you could potentially sail Hull-Zebbrugge-Gothenburg or v/v
  6. It's a shame they are not going to Rouen instead for New Year - however Antwerp is certainly appealing!
  7. Nearly five years since Harwich-Esbjerg closed and eleven since Newcastle-Norway shut. Things seem pretty well silent of late, there aren't even any rumours or fantasy start-ups to report, so far as I know. If any route is revived though, no one will be happier about it than me!
  8. The Maltese cross looks far better. Hopefully common sense will prevail in the end and it will be reinstated. It will certainly make the passenger ships look less elegant. As for the name Troy Seaways, have they fully researched the connotations behind that name? Especially given where she’s being deployed?!
  9. I'm not sure duty free would do much even if it were brought back, which I think is unlikely whatever sort of Brexit we end up with (or don't). The tax free shop was always very popular with Norwegians on the route to Newcastle, as was the outlet at the port itself, but it clearly wasn't enough to keep the route open. My main hope is that the current love for budget airlines starts to change, perhaps as a result of new environmental taxes. Perhaps this could, in time, help resurrect some of the lost North Sea routes.
  10. Well she seems rather better suited to year round operation to Spain doesn’t she, plus has been more reliable overall I think?
  11. Personally I also think the fact that the second-hand Cap Finistere has largely out-performed the Pont-Aven on the Spanish routes (for which she was designed and the former vessel wasn't) says a lot. Having said that, the Pont-Aven is still a very impressive ship in her own right and usually a pleasure to sail on.
  12. I've been thinking of doing another Baltic trip myself later in the year. Having never tried Tallink/Silja Line, I've been looking at their Stockholm-Helsinki ships and also the Stockholm-Tallinn route. I've seen a few videos and photos and it looks to me like the ships on the Tallinn route (i.e. Baltic Queen) are more intimate and traditional than the Silja Symphony/Serenade, despite being more modern; would this be accurate? The big atriums don't really appeal to me that much, I'd be interested to hear anyone else's views/experiences? I'd also love to try the Viking Grace but the timings on the Turku route are not so attractive.
  13. I'd check the Viking Line or Tallink/Silja websites, they usually have some good offers. I did a minicruise Stockholm-Helsinki in 2016 on Mariella (Viking Line) really enjoyed it. There's a voyage report on here somewhere.
  14. No bread rolls at all I'm afraid, just a plain old brown loaf 😯...and worse still I couldn't seem to find any glasses anywhere, so had to drink my orange juice from a Mug! First world problems eh... 😂
  15. Funnily enough one of the things which inspired me to want to do it was an article by Simon Calder in the Independent back in 2010 entitled “the freight escape”. He sailed from Brevik back to Immingham during the Icelandic volcano fiasco at the time. It’s a real shame they won’t take any passengers through Immingham anymore, we can only hope the situation might change in the future.
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