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  1. Maybe the government could offer to help them if they register their ships in the UK? At least BF's are mainly French registered, as well as crewed.
  2. Yes - it's just whether DFDS have any 'cruise and stay' offers from Newcastle, there aren't any at the moment I guess for obvious reasons, but these can be attractive. I've only looked at pure transport rates so far. It's been a few years since I last sailed from Harwich, so part of me would quite like to give those ships another try - I did very much enjoy my 'comfort class' cabin last time On another note, I was also due to see Joe Bonamassa in Ostend on 4th May with my dad, booked back in February. I've got Dover-Dunkerque crossings booked with DFDS for that one, I'm hoping they will allow me to defer them, so far they've only committed to do this for bookings up to 30th April. My sister also has a minicruise on 24th May to Amsterdam which I hope they'll do the same for...
  3. I'm planning a trip to Holland in October as I'm going to a concert in Amsterdam on 19th, I sincerely hope that still happens. Have been looking at Stena Line for this who seem about half the price of DFDS, whether I take a car or not, but will leave it until nearer the time to book I think!
  4. Clearly my mind was on other things, sorry 😄
  5. Pint-Aven, I’d like to see her new engine used to full effect ;)
  6. Indeed, I got a card through the post yesterday from P&O saying something like ‘Spring is here, time to book a mini cruise!’ I wish it was...🙁
  7. My sister is due to take a minicruise on 24th May to Amsterdam, she's worrying it might not go ahead...
  8. Does anyone know what DFDS have planned for her - presumably back to the Baltic? And whether she'll resume her old name?
  9. If you were sailing to the Isle of Man, would you choose the Mannanan (assuming it is running) instead? Is it a case of the lesser of two evils?!
  10. I would like Ms Bell to explain why it is necessary for the Prides of York/Hull to fly a flag of convenience but okay for their sisters to stay registered in NL - is the UK flag really that much more expensive to use? DFDS employ plenty of Filipino crew on their Amsterdam route, and have since it opened as far as I am aware, yet their ships have always been Danish flagged; again, is it much cheaper to operate under that flag than the red ensign?
  11. If the current Rotterdam ships were to move though, they'd need to install a ramp to access the car deck; I always thought their unusual loading arrangement might limit their ability to operate elsewhere, but maybe it's not so much of an issue?
  12. Yesterday I booked a minicruise on behalf of my sister; she's organising her friend's hen party. I did suggest to her that April would be better because of the 2 for 1 offer, but they're actually going on 24th May (on Princess Seaways) just in case people want to avoid that particular sailing, although there's only 4 of them Whilst booking I noticed that DFDS charge for the bus transfers to Amsterdam now, it's about £7 each I think - I'm sure this used to be included within the fare. Personally if i did another mincruise I'd be quite content to spend the day in Ijmuiden, I imagine it would be a lot more relaxing especially if you've already 'done' Amsterdam previously.
  13. I see Etretat is having quite a long refit, presumably she will emerge in the new colours?
  14. I've been wanting to try the Zeebrugge route again for a while, since my last trip was back in 2015. I have to say that the email I received from P&O with their latest minicruises was far from inspiring; lots of gimicky 'themed' trips but the destinations themselves generally didn't appeal much and of those that did, such as Gent, the dates on offer seem very limited indeed. The ferry is by far my favourite way to reach Belgium, especially this route, but it's often hard to justify the cost versus Eurostar or taking one of the Dover routes instead. A more tempting range of short-breaks might change this.
  15. I agree, it seems a retrograde step, all for questionable reasons of getting their ‘brand’ better known; was the Maltese cross not already synonymous with DFDS? Judging from what I saw on twitter though, it doesn’t look as though Princess or King have lost theirs...yet.
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