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  1. I've been wanting to try the Zeebrugge route again for a while, since my last trip was back in 2015. I have to say that the email I received from P&O with their latest minicruises was far from inspiring; lots of gimicky 'themed' trips but the destinations themselves generally didn't appeal much and of those that did, such as Gent, the dates on offer seem very limited indeed. The ferry is by far my favourite way to reach Belgium, especially this route, but it's often hard to justify the cost versus Eurostar or taking one of the Dover routes instead. A more tempting range of short-breaks might change this.
  2. I agree, it seems a retrograde step, all for questionable reasons of getting their ‘brand’ better known; was the Maltese cross not already synonymous with DFDS? Judging from what I saw on twitter though, it doesn’t look as though Princess or King have lost theirs...yet.
  3. Which do people consider the better ship on the southern corridor - Stena Europe or Isle of Inishmore?
  4. Are 'King & 'Princess' going for re-fit this year?
  5. She was definitely berthed “stern first” last year; I still have the photo I took as we walked back from the town as my laptop background
  6. I hadn't realised Irish Ferries had gone to the trouble of actually welding the letters on when they acquired her from Color Line. Clearly the new owners aren't bothered about removing them...🙄
  7. I've read that she is being re-flagged to Cyprus, can anyone confirm if this is correct? In the photos I have seen, Cardiff is her port of registry. If this is the case, will Stena Line be re-flagging all of the UK-registered ships? It would seem a terrible shame if they do...
  8. Lovely report, thanks for sharing. As far as I'm concerned, you've encapsulated what these trips are all about very well
  9. Nice report, thank you for sharing. I think the new blue hull makes Magellan look much better, almost a different ship! I've been looking at a CMV cruise next October to Iceland, from Newcastle on the Marco Polo. I've been looking at taking the Norrona for some time now but this cruise is tempting because of course it removes the need to get to/from Denmark, goes to all the places (and more) i'd like to see and as such is probably better value for money. The ship even spends a couple of nights in Reykjavik. I sailed on Marco Polo in 2015 to Norway and liked her very much.
  10. It's a shame they didn't put Mr Lander-Brinkley straight on his comments the about Normandie
  11. Some very good advice there I think. A lot of people I know assume that I don't get seasick given my (to them) strange obsession with travelling on ferries, but I certainly can and have succumbed to 'mal de mer' and know just how unpleasant it can be. Over the years I have found eating a modest amount, plus plenty of fresh air (where practical) to be the best remedies. Also being able to look out to sea rather than being in an enclosed space, such as a theatre or cinema, is definitely preferable.
  12. I seem to recall DFDS painting the stern doors of the King/Princess blue instead of white some years ago, when they wore their original liveries; I think they did it in stages and they looked patchy for a while but eventually they were fully blue. I guess having all day to lay-over in port helps with such activities.
  13. I think the 'Planets' is my favourite bar in the fleet, looks like the seats have been updated too since I was last on board which is pleasing to see.
  14. I'm not sure it is fair to describe Etretat as being "down market". Perhaps not your first choice of vessel for a 24 hour trip to Spain, but certainly more than adequate for a straightforward overnight crossing.
  15. The idea that DFDS want to return to Portsmouth does seem an odd one to me, I thought they couldn't wait to get rid of the Le Havre route when they were involved with it?
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