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  1. Just used my 'travel credit' with DFDS to book some new crossings for next April, out on King Seaways 15th April, back on Princess 19th April. Commodore cabins both ways. This is part of a trip to Utrecht, also re-arranged, to see Suede performing their classic album 'coming up', it was originally due to have been next month in Amsterdam. I thought it would give me something to look forward to, but who knows where we'll all be by then! Fortunately I can cancel or amend free of charge up till end of the year.
  2. Yes, that was always my experience on both routes. I sailed on the Bergen route under Color Line, Fjord Line (same ship, different names) and finally under DFDS, all in Autumn/Winter, and every sailing was very busy, especially with Norwegians returning home with all their shopping bags. Of course the growth of cheap cruises and flights over the past ten years or so hasn't helped one bit. But I still hold out some faint hope that one day, someone will give it another try. The current Fjord Line ships would be amazing if they could one day be persuaded to send one of them over for a trial
  3. I don't think it was quite that simple, was it? Given that the route ran for well over a hundred years, only interrupted by wars, it can't have always been unprofitable. Fjord Line operated the route with the Jupiter continuously from 1999-2005, it was generally reported as well loaded and popular throughout the year.
  4. You're in real danger of bringing a tear to my eye with these😪....I miss the Newcastle-Bergen ferry very much indeed. There are few things I'd like to see more than for it to come back one day, in some form. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I see she didn't leave yesterday in the end, apparently due to some crew testing positive for covid-19. I read she's due to leave today, is there any indication on time? My dad is in Portsmouth and was hoping to see her leave.
  6. I notice Pride of Bilbao was actually registered in... Portsmouth at that time 😯. Lovely photos!
  7. I sailed on Pride of Bilbao for the one and only time back in 2009, and would agree with many of the comments about her condition by that stage; she looked very tired and dated compared to any of the BF ships at that time. I would also very much agree that the mini-cruises she did (most of the other passengers seemed to be on mini-cruises) were definitely something to sample with your mates, rather than your significant other. She remains the only ship on which I witnessed a full-blown brawl on the dance floor, in 'Silverstones', complete with beer glasses being thrown around - not even on my
  8. Very true. There hasn't been a single UK-owned ferry operator between GB & mainland Europe for many years, has there? Nowadays it is even hard to find any UK-flagged ferries, never mind their owners. Market economics is one thing, but it is striking just how little national infrastructure is actually in British hands today - if this model were such a great idea, then it seems odd that it doesn't seem to have been replicated elsewhere, to such a degree, in other similar-sized economies?
  9. I agree they do look very impressive, I just want to know why neither of them has made the trip to Newcastle yet??!
  10. This very much sums up my feelings on cruises up till now. I've been on three to date and really enjoyed the ships & destinations overall, but I'm afraid being stuck in the company of some of the other "guests" for at least a week was sometimes quite trying. A lot of them seemed to need to be spoon-fed everything, almost literally at times, and this made me crave the more varied mix of travellers, who are often much more independently minded by nature, which you tend to find on the longer ferry crossings. I also genuniely think the sheer scale of many modern cruise ships is pretty gr
  11. Having sailed on both, I consider the 'Bruges' to be the nicer ship of the two overall. I do hope the route continues, it is definitely the nicest way to travel to Belgium, preferably sat in the Moonlight lounge with a Leffe
  12. I live just south of Leicester, so the journey won't be much shorter. Apparently I visited Tenby & Saundersfoot as a young child but I have no memory of it Last time I checked the Stena Line website, it said no day trips until October at the earliest. These always looked very cheap in the past. It's likely to be October if we go.
  13. I'm seriously considering paying a visit to this part of the world in the Autumn, so this is very useful info; since day trips are currently banned I expect the closest I'll get will be from somewhere like this.
  14. After my last mini-cruise on this route (which was NYE 2017) I said I probably wouldn't bother with the bus to Amsterdam again but just spend a day in Ijmuiden instead, which I think might be more relaxing. It looks like there's more than enough to kill a few hours there from what I can see.
  15. Great video, nice to see Calais Seaways looking well. I'd really like to visit Belgium before the end of the year if I can - I have a hotel in Oostende & a number of 'travel credits' with DFDS to use.
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