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  1. https://www.niferry.co.uk/brittany-ferries-orders-new-caen-and-saint-malo-ferries/ This is also what NI ferry site is saying, Caen ship to be delivered first.
  2. Slightly off topic I know but if Stena are now building shorter E Flexers, perhaps DFDS might look at these for Newcastle-Ijmuiden? Or would they still be too long?
  3. Interesting news indeed. I'm losing count of all the E Flexers due to enter service, is this now 5 in total? Presumably this is confirmation that Bretagne, Normandie & Cap Finistere's days all are officially numbered, but as you say where will Pont-Aven fit with all this?
  4. Report here on Shippax, it is Victoria 1 and Romantika that are being chartered out. I should imagine both we need a good refit once they eventually return to the Baltic. https://www.shippax.com/en/news/summer-charter-stints-for-tallink-grupps-victoria-i-and-romantika.aspx
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere that it is a charter, I think there are two Tallink vessels involved, I will try to find a link to the story.
  6. I'm sure you're right, it won't happen - but it should if the UK government supports them financially. It strikes me P&O ferries, as an operator, has been in decline for a long time. What does it actually stand for? What is their passion, their raison d'etre? Why would someone choose to sail with them over the competition? All they seem to have done is either retreated or watered down their passenger offering, for at least the past ten years. It seems an odd, muddled company to me without a clear sense of direction.
  7. Any support from the UK government should be contingent on flying the UK flag and employing as many British seafarers as possible.
  8. I'd rank the Scillonian as one of the worst ferries I've sailed on, not because of her motion, but because of how incredibly bland and souless she was inside. I was really disappointed, and for that alone would probably look at flying at least one way if I visit the Isles of Scilly again.
  9. I've seen on YouTube this evening that Fred Olsen's Boudicca has now been beached, presumably the Black Watch can't be far behind.
  10. And this is why ferries, done properly, are so much better than flying.
  11. According to the link, Stena Estrid should be available from 28th May. I'm not too familiar with Dublin port and so what I'm curious to know is, if you did disembark, would you actually be able to get anywhere, i.e. the city itself, in the time available?
  12. If you did disembark, realistically, where could you actually go in the time available? For example is there enough time to get in to Dublin and back, or to Rosslare beach?
  13. https://www.stenaline.co.uk/dutyfreereturntrip?utm_source=twitter&amp%3Butm_medium=null&amp%3Butm_campaign=null&amp%3Butm_content=null&s=08 Seems like an interesting initiative, presumably others will offer similar in time? Not a bad idea if you're desperate for a ferry trip 😉
  14. I very much agree with the above, I can't necessarily see as a balcony cabin is always worth having. I suppose it depends on the cruise you are on, the destinations, time of year etc. But for a great many cruises ex UK, I would be perfectly happy with a decent outside cabin, or as good as I could afford. I had a balcony cabin once on the Ventura, overlooking the stern, and it was great to have as a means of waking you up in the morning, but other than that, was of very limited use most of the time; we were sailing to Northern Spain and Portugal, and even in Summer, the wind is generally 'brisk' in those waters in my experience. More 'traditional' ships do not only appeal to the over 50s - I'm under 40 and am not particularly interested in the floating resorts. At the same time though I can well understand why the majority of the target audience are in the older demographics, but that certainly doesn't put me off. I've been looking at Fred Olsen's Balmoral for next year, especially as she appears to be based at Newcastle for much of the year.
  15. Wasn't entirely sure where to post this but thought it was interesting and essentially seems to be someone bucking the trend by putting an older cruise ship back in service rather than scrapping it: https://www.cruiseandferry.net/articles/new-ambassador-cruise-line-launches-in-uk
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