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  1. Yes, it's looking that way isn't it. Apart from Queen Mary 2 I'm struggling to think of any distinctive/characterful ships left to sail on.
  2. Looks as though the Magellan might well be en route to the beach as well https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24214-was-the-magellan-sold-for-scrap.html
  3. She was a lovely ship, I've only sailed on 3 cruise ships to date, but she was certainly the best I've experienced. I do hope the statue of Rudolf Nureyev, located by her pool, finds a new home. Funnily enough I had been looking at a cruise to Iceland on Marco Polo just over 12 months ago, so as you say it will definitely be Norrona for me when things finally allow us to make such journeys again.
  4. I've read on shipspotting and other websites that Marco Polo is en route for scrapping in Alang, India. She is due there on 9th January according to what I read. 😰
  5. On the Visby, perhaps they could simply replace the word Gotland with 'Brexit' on her sides?
  6. Sounds like a nice place to Spend Christmas to me
  7. Of the current BF fleet, I've experienced both Pont-Aven & Cap Finisitere in stormy Biscay weather, and I found the latter vessel (which wasn't purpose built for the route) to be more stable in those conditions. I can't comment on the others since, fortunately, the weather has always been kind to me on those Last year whilst on the bridge of DFDS' Selandia Seaways I asked one of the officers if that ship was any better in rough weather compared to the King/Princess Seaways, and his answer was an emphatic 'yes'. Clearly I don't know if this says anything about passenger ferries general
  8. Maybe P&O could start taking some passengers from Teesport-Zeebrugge? I know these are pure ro-ro vessels at the moment, but they could add a ro-pax to the route perhaps? I'm obviously not thinking of mini cruises or foot passengers, just motorists.
  9. So presumably then the Pride of Bruges will be kept on for a short while in 2021 to cover refits and then disposed of as well. I'm sure the Zeebrugge route has been marginal for some time from a passenger perspective, but P&O did recently spend a lot of money refurbishing these ships, so surely it can't have been haemorrhaging cash too badly? The two Rotterdam ships are definitely impressive, but the last time I sailed on them 3 years ago I couldn't help but think another operator could make more of them. Some of the passenger areas are really excellent but it just seemed a bit like
  10. Thank you for posting an informative review of the ship. On the subject of breakfast, I suppose it comes down to personal taste; It's been a while since I sampled a cooked breakfast on BF, but I find their continental options more than adequate personally. I can't say anything I've eaten on P&O has ever left any kind of lasting impression, breakfast or otherwise. I must say having to spend 24 hours plus on a ship where the main bar is closed does sound pretty miserable to me, especially when it is a brand new vessel. I suppose if you can upgrade to the commodore lounge that is some c
  11. Very sad news about Pride of York. I hope she is sold on to another operator and not scrapped. Presumably P&O are keeping the Pride of Bruges on for now because she is in the better shape of the two? It is a shame that P&O apparently won't consider keeping Pride of Bruges to provide a passenger service on alternate days, alongside a freighter, so that there is at least a daily service for freight.
  12. This delay in leaving Santander reminds me very much of my first trip on Pont-Aven back in April 2004. This was a ferry publications trip and after a very bumpy journey down from Plymouth, I recall us all being given a letter when we arrived back at the terminal after our few hours in Santander. It stated that our departure would be put back until as late as 6.00am the following morning. I think in the end we left very late that night. Fortunately i was a student at the time, so had a no such concerns as having to worry about work the next day
  13. I bet they'll do something, even if it's just background music. They have provided entertainment on Cap Finisitere, and thinking back if DFDS could provide a 'troubador' on Dana Sirena in the confines of what was the Columbus lounge, I'm sure BF can do something at least as good
  14. Listening to Simon Calder and others in recent weeks, I do wonder for how much longer 'young metropolitans' and others will be taking advantage of cheap & convenient short-haul flights, at least to the same degree as they have been doing the last ten years or more. We could soon be looking at quite a different travel landscape, and potentially this is something which could benefit the ferry operators.
  15. I've read that Marco Polo is rumoured to be en route to Dubai. There is some speculation that she might not being going for scrap after all, not immediately at least. But this might just be wishful thinking.
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