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  1. Ryan_H

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    Nice ideas and I too would like to see special trips to some of these places, but ultimately Brittany Ferries is a French ferry operator and tour operator, whose core business is promoting France and Spain, therefore I can't see too much logic in them sending their flagship vessel too far outside their 'territory' - It could prove counterproductive. As others have pointed out Honfleur makes sense from a marketing perspective as much as anything else. There's nothing stopping DFDS operating a Christmas or New Year special to somewhere other than Amsterdam, it's not like there is a shortage of ports in their network. Also P&O could do something more imaginative rather than just keeping their ships in Hull in port...
  2. Ryan_H

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Surely they would want vessels of equal capacity and standard?
  3. Which IPA is this, presumably not the Greene King variety?
  4. Ryan_H

    Harwich - Hook of Holland (return)

    A very nice and comprehensive report. I've only sailed on these ships once, in early 2016, and agree they are hard to fault. Both crossings were incredibly stable despite some pretty rough seas and high winds, you really didn't notice being at sea unless you looked out of the window or went outside. When I sailed we were able to disembark in Hoek van Holland and take the waiting train straight on to Rotterdam, but it sounds like that's not possible at the moment?
  5. Ryan_H

    P&O Cruises Oriana

    Hmmm, that's a shame...
  6. Ryan_H

    P&O Cruises Oriana

    I see that P&O Cruises are getting rid of the Oriana next year, I've never sailed on her myself but my parents are big fans. I guess it's no surprise given the direction of P&Os recent ships, but I wonder where she'll end up? Personally I'd love to see Fred Olsen or even CMV buy her but perhaps a transfer to another Carnival brand is more likely?
  7. Ryan_H

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    Lovely names, well done to BF. Though 'Cantabria' and 'Pays Basque' would have been equally nice
  8. Ryan_H

    Replacement of Bretagne

    All very interesting, thanks. As I said elsewhere presumably they'll have to either sell or charter out Cap Finistere if she isn't sailing UK-Spain anymore, since she isn't really suitable for any other route?
  9. Ryan_H

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I can just picture the Trip Advisor comments now....
  10. Ryan_H

    Replacement of Bretagne

    So, realistically, it sounds like they'll either have to keep Cap Finistere sailing to Spain or sell her once the new ships arrive? With the fuel prices going up I can't imagine she'd be an easy vessel to sell...
  11. Ryan_H

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    I'm no doubt in a minority but I will be sad to see Cap Finistere go, if indeed she does, almost as much as Bretagne. It does seem a shame as of course she had 'scrubbers' fitted not too long ago. But at the same time it will be exciting to see two brand new ships delivered purely for the Spanish routes, I just hope that their interiors are different to the Harwich-Hook of Holland ships, i.e. less akin to a service-station.
  12. It looks like I might be visiting Naples next month, and although I won't have time to sail anywhere, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good vantage points for watching/photographing the various ferries & cruise ships? Thanks in advance
  13. Ryan_H

    Replacement of Bretagne

    If they were to name a new ship the Alexis Gourvennec, I think that would be fantastic.
  14. Ryan_H

    Northlink anyone used them?

    I wonder if P&O will put in a bid?
  15. Ryan_H

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    I understand what you're saying but as we all know many of the kind of people who moan on trip advisor will always find something to complain about, regardless of the ship, so I think such comments often need more than a pinch of salt If BF did want rid of Bretagne years ago I'm sure they would have found a means of doing so. As has been said, she is far from elderly and has certainly never seemed in any way tired when I've sailed on her.