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    New Look Revealed

    I take it the blue line will be extended around the bow? It seems a shame she couldn't have been dry-docked and given the full treatment, it's not like there isn't time.
  2. In that case she'll make a nice purchase for someone I would have thought, two owners from new and well suited to a longer overnight route. I guess the likelihood is she will end up in the Mediterranean.
  3. Are both King and Princess scheduled for dry-docking in the new year? Sorry If I missed this elsewhere. I doubt they're planning to close or scale back the route this time (for a change), it's clearly an operational decision. Hopefully the logic behind it will become clearer soon...
  4. Admittedly I don't know enough about the volumes carried on the Karlshamn-Klaipeda route but I was under the impression it was primarily a freight operation. I would have thought therefore that a freighter would do the job, especially as they have other alternative routes nearby. To move one of your biggest passenger-carrying ships to such a route seems a bit drastic, but clearly DFDS must know what they're doing...
  5. Odd indeed. It's a similar length of crossing but otherwise I can't see any similarities between the two routes; one is a cruise-ferry operation and the other very much a freight-orientated service. Are DFDS really so short of tonnage that they need to transfer one of only four cruise-ferries, to what is essentially a freight route, for seven weeks? To reduce the Amsterdam service for such a long period, when it is allegedly enjoying good growth, would also be unprecedented. There must be more to this?
  6. Interesting. I've sailed on her in some rough weather, to Ijmuiden as well as Bergen, seemed to handle heavy seas okay to me but it is notable how often both she and the King need tugs, especially in Ijmuiden. It really doesn't have to be all that rough either. I'm no doubt in a minority of true nutters here but I'd really like to experience a crossing like this if only to see more of the journey in daylight
  7. Oscar Wilde is a lovely ship indeed, or at least she was when I sailed on her back in 2008. She would suit many a longer route from the UK, such as say, Newcastle-Bergen Will W.B. Yeats be on Holyhead-Dublin this Winter?
  8. Lovely photos, well done. I think Armorique wears the new livery very well.
  9. Ryan_H

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Do we know what this annual maintenance will consist of?
  10. Okay thanks, I'm just wondering if I might get a glimpse of her when I'm in Portsmouth at the end of the month you see
  11. Does anyone know roughly how long she'll be in Portsmouth for?
  12. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    It does seem a shame that there doesn't appear (from what I can see) to be any name-plates any more, you'd think the flagship would have these.
  13. I know what you mean but there is quite a bit available from the petit marche or the cafe on the top deck. Admittedly the latter is perhaps less attractive this time of year but there’s certainly no need for anyone to go hungry.
  14. The Sunday night crossing is one I've wanted to do for some time, maybe next year...personally, the 3 times I've sailed on Cap Finistere I've absolutely loved it, especially the ambience on board, it's like no other ferry I can think of. If she does have to go when the new ships arrive (and I hope not) then my only wish is that there is still somewhere as nice to pass the time as the Planets bar
  15. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    Looking good! It’s a shame the lettering has gone beneath the funnel but otherwise I think it’s an improvement and she suits the new livery well.
  16. I saw that advertised the other day. Despite the fact Johnny Vegas is in it, I think I'll probably give it a miss. A clever bit of publicity for DFDS though no doubt, it should give them another means to cash-in on minicruises in the new year...
  17. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    I don't think they have, these will be the first sister vessels.
  18. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    I like it. I think the new colour scheme particularly suits the Pont-Aven especially where her funnel is concerned. I’m really looking forward to see it ‘in the flesh’ in a few weeks time.
  19. Well admittedly they are rumours but it's been reported in a few places by those in 'in the know' that DFDS are actively talking to shipyards about building a pair of ships for this route. Also it seems that one of the outcomes from DFDS' 'project starlight' is that the Newcastle-Ijmuiden service will in future come under their 'transport' divsion, along with the Dover routes; this seems to imply a move towards ro-pax vessels in the future. However, until there's an announcement this is all speculation of course, especially in these uncertain times.
  20. I hope the bars/restaurants on board will have individual names. I couldn't work out why they don't on Armorique. It's one of the many little things which helps set BF apart.
  21. I've got some old photos somewhere at my parents house of the old Color Viking (later Jupiter) docked in Bergen with bow visor up, these would be from 1997. Another ship which certainly took a pounding on her route, in the Winter anyway, for over a decade...
  22. Pride Of Bilbao seemed to manage alright on the bay of Biscay with a bow visor, I don't recall anyone questioning her safety during her time on that route.
  23. All the recent indications are that DFDS are looking to build a pair of bespoke ro-pax ships for the Newcastle-Ijmuiden route. I gather from others here and elsewhere that freight volumes are growing, so more capacity is required in that area. They also appear to have had success in recent years in attracting motorists from the continent, who then take touring holidays to places such as Scotland. It seems there has been at least some effort to diversify the route a bit away from those lovely mini-cruise passengers (important though they clearly are) so perhaps if they can design a ro-pax vessel with the right balance of capacity & facilities, it could satisfy all demographics.
  24. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    Sorry but I don't think there is anything 'classy' about P&O's Union Jack bow treatment, in fact I think it looks pretty ridiculous especially when you look to see where the ships are registered: Bermuda. It's a pretty tacky attempt to make them look like the patriotic choice, though no doubt it goes down well with many of their clientele.
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