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  1. I sailed on Val De Loire in July 1993 for the first time, as part of a family holiday to South West France. I think the love of ferries & sea travel generally really began with that trip.
  2. They don't have anything other than Inside cabins left, on the New Year Cruise anyway, at least that's what I was told when I booked. So clearly there are people willing to pay...
  3. Just out of interest, how long did it take in previous years to sail up to Rouen? I notice the arrival time in Honfleur is scheduled for 10.00hrs, with departure at 19.00hrs - so I presume Pont-Aven will be taking a very leisurely, long route across the Channel?
  4. I shall be on the New Year Cruise along with my Mum, Sister & Nephew. First New Year trip with BF, will be interesting to compare with DFDS...
  5. I rang to enquire as to what cabins were available for the New Year's trip earlier and was told they only have inside or larger inside left, so if that's true then it sounds like it has been selling well so far. I'm waiting to see if any family members want to join me before I book anything, some are rather fussy about their cabins
  6. That's fair enough and no doubt there are many others of a similar view, but for me there is no comparison between enjoying fresh sea air, being able to properly stretch your legs and unwind in a proper bar or restaurant, versus being crammed in a modern airliner for several hours, breathing recycled air. I dare say it is better in premium or first class but I'm still firmly of the view that I will avoid flying wherever practical.
  7. Yes they do like their corporate jargon at DFDS don't they 😂. But joking aside this does seem to indicate that they view the Ijmuiden route as a ro-pax operation rather than a fully-fledged cruise ferry route, so I would expect any new ships to underline this. I am surprised though that the minicruise business is not considered so important for the route in terms of revenue; clearly efforts to attract more motorists from the continent have paid off. Centralizing things at Dover is reminiscent of what P&O have done.
  8. Just been reading the latest Ferry Shipping Summit news email and I noted a brief statement that DFDS are approaching yards regarding new vessels for North Shields-Ijmuiden. Certainly good news, especially for those sceptics (such as myself) who thought route closure more likely.
  9. Thanks, it actually took me far longer to purchase the painting than it did to have the appointment I originally went for
  10. I bought this oil painting a few years ago, after I saw it for sale in Glenfield hospital in Leicester of all places! It now serves as a reminder if nothing else that I must do a transatlantic crossing in this ship, before too long.
  11. I can think of a number of countries which are not in favour of joining the Euro or indeed of further political union, Sweden and Denmark spring to mind for a start, both long-standing EU members. Then there are the former Eastern bloc countries, with very different views to some in France/Germany...
  12. I once saw Ocean Majesty sailing from Harwich, I think it was 2008. Back then she was sailing for Page & Moy, who does she sail for today?
  13. Nice ideas and I too would like to see special trips to some of these places, but ultimately Brittany Ferries is a French ferry operator and tour operator, whose core business is promoting France and Spain, therefore I can't see too much logic in them sending their flagship vessel too far outside their 'territory' - It could prove counterproductive. As others have pointed out Honfleur makes sense from a marketing perspective as much as anything else. There's nothing stopping DFDS operating a Christmas or New Year special to somewhere other than Amsterdam, it's not like there is a shortage of ports in their network. Also P&O could do something more imaginative rather than just keeping their ships in Hull in port...
  14. Surely they would want vessels of equal capacity and standard?
  15. A very nice and comprehensive report. I've only sailed on these ships once, in early 2016, and agree they are hard to fault. Both crossings were incredibly stable despite some pretty rough seas and high winds, you really didn't notice being at sea unless you looked out of the window or went outside. When I sailed we were able to disembark in Hoek van Holland and take the waiting train straight on to Rotterdam, but it sounds like that's not possible at the moment?
  16. I see that P&O Cruises are getting rid of the Oriana next year, I've never sailed on her myself but my parents are big fans. I guess it's no surprise given the direction of P&Os recent ships, but I wonder where she'll end up? Personally I'd love to see Fred Olsen or even CMV buy her but perhaps a transfer to another Carnival brand is more likely?
  17. Lovely names, well done to BF. Though 'Cantabria' and 'Pays Basque' would have been equally nice
  18. All very interesting, thanks. As I said elsewhere presumably they'll have to either sell or charter out Cap Finistere if she isn't sailing UK-Spain anymore, since she isn't really suitable for any other route?
  19. I can just picture the Trip Advisor comments now....
  20. So, realistically, it sounds like they'll either have to keep Cap Finistere sailing to Spain or sell her once the new ships arrive? With the fuel prices going up I can't imagine she'd be an easy vessel to sell...
  21. I'm no doubt in a minority but I will be sad to see Cap Finistere go, if indeed she does, almost as much as Bretagne. It does seem a shame as of course she had 'scrubbers' fitted not too long ago. But at the same time it will be exciting to see two brand new ships delivered purely for the Spanish routes, I just hope that their interiors are different to the Harwich-Hook of Holland ships, i.e. less akin to a service-station.
  22. It looks like I might be visiting Naples next month, and although I won't have time to sail anywhere, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good vantage points for watching/photographing the various ferries & cruise ships? Thanks in advance
  23. If they were to name a new ship the Alexis Gourvennec, I think that would be fantastic.
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