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  1. Looks alright to me, I've yet to sail on one of these ships but based on what I've seen here would be perfectly happy to, though maybe on Portsmouth-Le Havre rather than to Spain. Also I think the Armorique is looking particularly good, the new colour scheme seems to suit her the best of all those which have received it so far.
  2. Well good on them - BF take note, re Bretagne In all seriousness I’ve fancied a trip on the Stena Europe for a while so perhaps this is the year to do it.
  3. That's interesting, they've really sent Stena Europe all the way to Turkey? Do you (or anyone else) know what the work consists of?
  4. I know what you mean regarding houses. Like many parts of the country, new estates are springing up literally everywhere in my area but if I compare the equivalent new-build property nearby with my comparatively modern house built in 1994, the plots are so much smaller today with virtually no gardens and allocated parking, as opposed to an actual driveway, apparently considered a luxury!
  5. I for one very much hope so.
  6. Ryan_H

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Lovely photos. I personally think Bretagne looks good from just about every angle; I think even a Looney-Tunes livery would struggle to detract from those elegant lines. If she is going to be in the fleet a few more years, I really hope that BF don't cutback on her upkeep.
  7. My favourite one is Pont-Aven's - I really like the deep 'bong' sound hers makes. I see a few others have copied her over the years though..
  8. Well if BF are planning to sell Cap Finistere within the next few years there's surely not much point in converting her to run on LNG.
  9. The fact that the press release says 'long haul routes' does seem to imply UK-Spain or Ireland-France/ Spain...but no doubt we will find out. It still seems unclear where this leaves replacement of the Bretagne.
  10. Ryan_H

    BF Refits 2018-19

    There must be at least a fair chance we'll find out within a few years...!
  11. This is still provisional but DFDS have accepted my booking, so hopefully I'll finally get to experience sailing on a freight vessel and take the only scheduled passenger-carrying ferry to Scandinavia in the process. Looking at the current schedule it should be the Selandia Seaways. I would very much welcome any tips/advice from anyone who was done this trip, or any similar journey...!
  12. I really could not put it any better than that if I tried, perfectly summarised in my opinion. If it's okay with you, I might quote from this next time I'm ambushed by some of my leave-supporting friends/family...
  13. I've only sailed on the Ulysses the once and was distinctly under-whelmed, but I have to say I thought the large 'Irish pub' overlooking the bow was probably her best feature...!
  14. Where is Oscar Wilde at the moment, laid up? Has she been sold?
  15. I've read that DFDS' current CEO Niels Smedegaard is standing down at the end of April. I wonder if this will mean any kind of change in direction for the company?
  16. Based on my experience to Honfleur, I'd happily book again for next NYE. I'd be more than happy with Rouen since I've never experienced the trip up the Seine. I thought BF did a great job and Pont-Aven suited her role as "cruise" ship perfectly; as I've said previously it was much more civilised than being ordered off the ship first thing each morning.
  17. Stena Line certainly has the know-how and the ships. The two current vessels on Birkenhead-Belfast will soon be available, as has been mentioned, so it will be interesting to see where they end up. Personally i'd like to see Stena have more of a presence both in the Channel and also on the North Sea.
  18. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    What is the flag she's flying from her bow? It's not the Norman flag is it?
  19. The design of the hull reminds me of the new generation ACL container ships. I presume it has been designed with maximum fuel efficiency in mind...
  20. Well I'm certainly no expert here, but I would have thought that if the likes of Viking Line & DFDS can work wonders with their older tonnage, then BF could have done more to modernise Bretagne. I take the points about wanting to replace her etc, but they haven't. It's been a while since I last sailed on Bretagne so I can't really comment directly on how she is today, but I would have thought the worst thing they could do is to allow things to stagnate.
  21. I've only sailed on Armorique once, quite deliberately, back from Roscoff because I wanted to see for myself. I like her, nice cabin, nice bar, more than adequate for the crossing. And she has clearly proved her worth by being able to deputise on all of the other routes and no doubt being more economical to run than some others in the fleet. I do take issue with these comments about the Bretagne being too old and 'past it'. As myself and others have pointed out, there are plenty of ferries from the same era sailing in northern Europe today which have been brought right up to date internally and which I dare say most of their passengers would have no idea as to the fact they were built in the 1980s. These ferries are still doing a good job. I think the issue with Bretagne is that her owners have not invested enough to bring her fully up to date, rather than the fact she was built in 1989. Look what DFDS have done with Val De Loire since she left BF, you'd hardly recognise her as the same ship today...
  22. Perhaps stating the obvious here but is this why Cap Finistere (according to some) copes better with the Spanish routes than Pont-Aven? Despite being a second-hand purchase rather than a purpose-built flagship? It's a source of some regret to me that I've never managed to sail to Spain on Bretagne, I doubt I will get the chance now but should a crossing appear in the timetable I'd jump at it.
  23. Personally, I rarely bother with Breakfast on any overnight crossing any more, apart from to Spain where you actually have time to eat and enjoy it. I've tried it on all the North Sea routes, and have found it far from the best way to start the day. I took one look at the buffet on the Stena Hollandica and instantly decided I'd rather eat when I got off...
  24. They do have arguably the nicest cabins on any ferry to the UK though...
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