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    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    I like the name and the connotations behind it, but isn’t this ship destined for Birkenhead/Belfast?
  2. Ryan_H

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    What does ‘Estrid’ mean? Has it any connection to the route deployment?
  3. Ryan_H

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet

    On the Zeebrugge route, the Pride of York is Bahamas flagged but the Pride of Bruges is Dutch flagged. I know the latter vessel has Dutch officers and Filipino crew, presumably the ‘York’ is the same but with British officers. If it’s okay to have one ship under Dutch registry, why can’t the other still be British?
  4. Ryan_H

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet

    I think it's admirable that Stena Line's vessels are largely UK or Dutch flagged, presumably they could follow the example of others such as Irish Ferries or P&O quite easily but have (so far at least) chosen not to and I think they should be applauded for that. DFDS appear to have their passenger ships flying either the Danish, British or French flag. I do appreciate that to many people the flag of the vessel is a complete irrelevance and that it should not detract from the safety of the vessel or the travelling experience in any way. But I do think it is symbolic of a kind of 'race to the bottom' on pay and conditions and a sign that an operator has little or no values aside from maximising profits. I find that very sad and cynical and personally it deters me from using such operators. An operator like P&O should be proud to fly the red ensign and the government should be doing all it can to encourage ship owners to do so, regardless of Brexit or anything else.
  5. Ryan_H

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet

    Which are the two ships which have already been re-flagged?
  6. Ryan_H

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet

    I've been deliberating over who to use for a trip over to Belgium via Dover at the end of the month, this has made up my mind for me - DFDS. I think this is a terribly cynical thing to do.
  7. Ryan_H

    Future of King Seaways

    You sound a bit like me - I first knew this ship as Val De Loire, on holiday with my parents in 1993. I think I've actually now done more crossings on her under DFDS though. I think she'll soon have been sailing as the 'King' for as long as she did for BF, 13 years? As far as the future is concerned, my guess is she'll be staying put for a few more years. There's no immediate replacements on the horizon and even if new ships are ordered, they'll take at least another couple of years. So, provided DFDS keep the route going, I think we should be able to enjoy her (and the Princess) for a while yet. If that hasn't jinxed things nothing will 😂
  8. Fair enough, it just seems odd on the face of it; I can’t recall any of their UK based passenger vessels being sent elsewhere like this for a long time. But like you’ve said, clearly things are different now.
  9. Not saying it’s a problem, I’m saying it’s a bit odd to send one of only four cruise ferries to cover a ro-pax route in the Baltic and not provide a replacement. DFDS have plenty of freighters available plus quite a few ro-pax vessels - they even chartered one to P&O a few years back for Hull-Zeebrugge.
  10. Very nice, comprehensive report, thank you for sharing. You're right about the ships - it's hard not to like them. I also think the Princess has a slight edge over the 'King', if only for her lovely Compass bar area. I do however still find it hard to understand the rationale behind reducing the route to one ship for two months, particularly given how well the route is meant to be doing these days.
  11. Ryan_H

    Government charter

    I'm aware of that, I just thought it was a good metaphor none the less
  12. Ryan_H

    Government charter

    A Dutch-registered dredger eh, no doubt one from the Van Oord fleet. Another example of Brexit at its best
  13. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    Haha, it was on full zoom for that one! I’m not much of a photographer compared to many on here, it’s only a little Cannon model I use but yes the lens is pretty good.
  14. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    The way I see it they've got another two months to sort it out, I'm trying to be optimistic For what it's worth I personally don't mind what they've done at the bow too much but I do think the funnel and hull could do with some more blue paint, as with Pont-Aven, to inject a bit more colour and break up her profile a bit. I've been saying this for a while but I really must get myself back on Bretagne again this year, perhaps combining it with a crossing on Honfleur.
  15. One from me, taking on New Year's Eve as walked back to the cruise terminal.
  16. Ryan_H

    New Look Revealed

    I caught sight of the Bretagne the other day whilst walking in to Honfleur from the Pont-Aven, not the best photo admittedly but looks as though the paintwork is still a 'work in progress'...
  17. Ryan_H


    Portsmouth 01/01/2019 from Pont-Aven
  18. Ryan_H


    Pont-Aven in Honfleur 31/12/2018
  19. Ryan_H


    Pont-Aven in Honfleur 31/12/2018
  20. Ryan_H


    Pont-Aven in Honfleur 31/12/2018
  21. Ryan_H

    King Seaways questions

    Regarding point 1, I tried to access this last year on the New Year trip but found the door to be firmly locked. I could be wrong but I don't recall it being open at any point during that trip. If they do charge for access to this now then that could well be the reason! On point 2 I would expect the answer to be yes, you can normally find your way outside even if the weather is a bit dodgy. I've no idea on your other questions, but have a good trip. My favourite part of the ship is the Navigators bar - nice place to sit and relax with an Affligem, assuming it's not too crowded
  22. Ryan_H

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    I'm guessing Cap Finistere will likely stay in the fleet for a few years yet then?
  23. Great report, I was on board too, it was an especially rude shock having to get up for work this morning! I'd agree with your comments, we enjoyed every minute of it too, as did my four year old nephew who had to be dragged from the play area yesterday on arrival in Portsmouth; this was his first time on a ferry and hopefully with many more to come. This was my first experience of a 'festive' trip with BF, having done a couple with DFDS in recent years; the BF experience was I think far superior, much better organised. The fact that passengers are not thrown off the ship on arrival but can instead use the vessel throughout the days in port, as with a 'proper' cruise ship, is a major advantage over the DFDS experience. No waiting around in the cold either, unlike last year in Newcastle and Ijmuiden. My only slight complaint was waiting over an hour to board in Portsmouth, with the ship subsequently leaving late; no explanation was given for this, though in the end it really didn't matter. I will put some of my own photos up soon, though yours are much better than mine!
  24. Ryan_H

    Merry Christmas

    Someone very kind bought me this for Christmas, love it 😂
  25. I'm planning a work related trip to Dublin sometime between January and March, when explaining to a colleague that I planned to take the ferry she replied 'why on earth would you take a ferry when a flight is like an hour or something?..' I didn't bother trying to explain any further Happy Christmas to all.