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  1. Good question - I'd have thought there's a few yards in the Med. which could do the work? But then DFDS may prefer a 'tried and tested' option in Northern Europe.
  2. Just goes to show modern ships can be quite handsome after all...
  3. I wonder which route(s) they could/would deploy them on after they have been lengthened?
  4. It will certainly be an odd situation if we have a French company with a Briish-flagged ship (or more) whilst at the same time P&O (who most still perceive as 'British') have gone to great lengths to avoid having a single ship flying the red ensign.
  5. I note that quite a few Stena vessels are UK-registered, it could be that she flies the UK flag whilst under charter, or as Cabin-boy suggests, until she is officially handed over to BF?
  6. I thought that too - it definitely doesn’t look like Morlaix. Quite a good looking ship I must say, based on that photo at least.
  7. I think there'll be quite a few members of this forum wanting to try these out next year I note from Fakta om Fartyg that the quoted top speed is 29.5 knots - is that accurate? Seems very fast, clearly they won't need to utilise anything like that speed on the Ijmuiden route.
  8. I've been looking at some photos and videos of the two new ships. I notice that they appear quite tall and slab-sided - though I wouldn't describe them as ugly. However given that the current ships regularly need tugs in Ijmuiden, I wonder how the new pair will get on? It will definitely be interesting to see how they cope with the worse the North Sea can throw at them...
  9. DFDS have just done what appears to be a very canny part-exhange deal for their Newcastle-Amsterdam route, could BF do something similar? Is there anything in the Mediterranean which might be suitable for St Malo? Or the Baltic for that matter...
  10. I think there is cause to be optimistic in the years ahead. If we look at the ships which Stena, BF and DFDS will be introducing, these will surely enhance the travel experience by sea, at least in terms of facilities. Many will also be much cleaner and environmentally sustainable. There are signs that the love affair with budget airlines might be starting to end and so more people are likely to start looking more closely at rail and sea as alternatives.
  11. As a society we need to try and move away from reliance on air travel, for a variety of well-documented reasons. Particularly for 'short haul' journeys. Government surely has a role to play. You are quite correct about everyone wanting to fly everywhere these days. My generation and certainly those younger than me generally seem to have no concept of travel being something to savour and enjoy, rather all they want is the fastest, cheapest route, regardless of how unpleasant it might be in reality. It's all about sitting there, staring at a phone for a couple of hours, preferably with your earphones in so you don't have to interact with anyone
  12. Presumably some poor soul will have to try and keep all that glass clean and free of seagull excrement...
  13. https://www.dfds-news.com/featured/new-ferries-for-amsterdam-newcastle-route/ A little bit more detail here, including the highly surprising choice of names I do really hope they ditch the silly funnel idea though and go back to the Maltese cross.
  14. It will certainly be interesting to see what DFDS do with the 3-tier area overlooking the bow, and also the conservatory-like area at the stern; I'm not sure all that natural light can be used to best effect on their new route somehow...
  15. It makes you wonder if BF couldn’t do something similar with Bretagne?
  16. Who'd have predicted that one then eh? Very interesting indeed.
  17. You can clearly see the different shades of white in that photo where the previous blue stripes were painted over. You could perhaps understand it looking that way if they'd had to do a 'quick fix' and had limited time, but not when she was sat doing nothing in Le Havre for months. I really hope she gets a full dry-docking before too long.
  18. I would have thought this is almost certainly correct. There's plenty of examples, such as the Irish Sea routes they inherited from Norfolkline. Within months the Birkenhead-Dublin route was closed, and the Belfast route sold to Stena. There's also Portsmouth-Le Havre to consider; DFDS gave it up as unprofitable, whereas BF are planning to upgrade from next year.
  19. I don't know this area well (the Channel Islands) but one thing is for sure and that is DFDS are only interested in the most profitable routes, they have demonstrated time and again that they are not particularly interested in taking a longer-term view where passenger routes are concerned.
  20. There's a fair bit of rust on show on Bretagne there, and we've not reached Autumn yet...
  21. Very interesting; as others have said the departure time from Tilbury would be good to know...the later the better from my perspective
  22. Presumably then unless Pont-Aven is moved to St Malo full-time once the new ships arrive, the Bretagne will be around for a few more years?
  23. I don't think Ijmuiden or Europoort would fit most people's definition of picturesque somehow, although personally I like the Industrial bleakness of both.
  24. Is it not more probable that an operator might charter a ship from Stena RoRo? I follow Stena Line on LinkedIn and have asked them a couple of times why they don't re-instate a route between the UK & Scandinavia (knowing what the answer will be). I wouldn't bother but when they post things about the virtues of ferry travel, and sponsor events promoting Sweden, I conclude that they are Inviting such a question
  25. If this did ever happen it would be the closest thing yet to a connection with Scandinavia since Harwich-Esbjerg was scrapped. I for one would definitely be interested, despite living in the English midlands
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