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  1. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV I wouldn't say P&O took excellent care of them. I think the crew did their best on the budget they were allocated but there were obviously places onboard that hadn't had the money spent to keep them upto a good standard. It was clear to see where money had been spent and where it hadn't, you stepped out of the modern Lagans/Harbour Coffee company area into to the late 80's/early 90's timewarp of the rest of the ship. The cabins had seen better days, the corridor to the IFC was lined with faded posters for the shop they looked like they may have been there from when P&O first got the ships and there was loads of Olau stuff on display plus P&O EF and P&O Portsmouth signs.
  2. Re: A Looming Fuel Crisis in France? It was €1.33 for Unleaded and around €1.15 for Diesel on Friday from Carrefore in St Malo and almost the same all the way up to Cherbourg. My local petrol station is 90.9p for Unleaded and was very busy this morning with the news of the planned action on Wednesday. Also saw in one of the newspapers that in the US they pay roughly 34p a litre!
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