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  1. Le Havre is France's largest and busiest port but in no way is it Europe's busiest. The port's of Antwerp and Hamburg are far bigger and far busier in terms of tonnage of cargo handled than Le Havre regardless of where you have supposed to have read it. The busiest and biggest port's in Europe are. Number 1) Rotterdam Number 2) Antwerp Number 3) Hamburg Le Havre ranks at Number 11 and there is quite a difference between the tonnage of cargo handled at Antwerp and the size of the port compared to the Port of Le Havre.
  2. What hasn't been quoted in that press release is the addition of an overhead walkway directly from the Passenger terminal to berth 2 with a new gangway installed. This revedelopment of berth 2 and the ability of the PIP to cater for vessels upto 255m is great news but I wonder how many cruise calls would have to be denied by the port on the days when all five ro/ro berths are in use. Those calls can easily be handled here in the Port of Southampton 😀
  3. There is an article regarding the possibility of a Vigo to UK route on www.portseurope.com I can't add the link right now but you can go to that website and search VIGO. Vigo has been connected to the United Kingdom on at least two occasions by ro/ro passenger and freight services. During the late 1970's to early 1980's the Spanish shipping company Naveiras Suardiaz operated a weekly freight only service from Southampton to Vigo From from June 1966 to September 1966 the Norwegian shipping magnet Knut Kloster (the co founder of NCL Norwegian Cruise Line) operated the ferry SUNWARD on a short lived weekly ferry service Southampton-Vigo-Lisbon-Gibralter-Lisbon-Vigo-Southampton under the Kloster Sunward Ferries name. The route was short lived for various reasons, Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the SUNWARD for anyone unfamiliar with this vessel. Portsmouth to Vigo is 654 nm, at an average cruising speed of 20/21 knots the journey time is One day and 7 hours. Portsmouth to Gijon is 518 nm, at an average cruising speed of 20/21 knots the journey time is One day and 1 hour. Vigo is a very busy car export/import port with several quays for large ro/ro vessel's including one fixed linkspan and 2 soon to be 6 concrete ramps for large ro/ro vessel's. Vigo is the base of Spain's largest trawler market and is Spain's leading fishing port, it also has a large industrial base, it has great motorway and rail connections to the rest of Spain as well as to nearby Portugal where the border is less than 24 miles away. Vigo is also close to the famous and popular UNESCO world heritage site at Santiago de Compostela which is under an hour away. As much as I would like to see a Portsmouth to Vigo route the economics don't stand up against a possible Portsmouth to Gijon link. What I would love to see is a four night voyage from Portsmouth to Lisbon. (I know that I'm dreaming) Portsmouth to Lisbon is 870 nm, at an average cruising speed of 20/21 knots the journey time is One day and 17 hours. If Britanny Ferries decided to take the opportunity of advertising Portsmouth to Lisbon as a mini cruise along with the passenger and freight it would be an excellent route for the whole of the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula as far down as Andalucia and Gibraltar and also eastwards to central Spain. A schedule could look similar to this. Sunday Portsmouth depart 18.00 Two nights at sea. Tuesday Lisbon arrive 12.00 local time Tuesday Lisbon depart 18.00 local time Two nights at sea. Thursday Portsmouth arrive 12.00 Thursday Portsmouth depart 18.00 Two nights at sea (the possibility of going via Cherbourg for a crew change if needed) Saturday Bilbao/Santander arrive 08.00 local time Saturday Bilbao/Santander depart 13.00 local time One night at sea. Sunday Portsmouth arrive 14.00 It's a shame that Brittany Ferries don't take the opportunity to alter the building process of the SANTONA with an additional deck above the bridge with balcony accommodation, a pool area and a gym/fitness center making her more durable for a longer crossing to either Lisbon or Vigo. In 1969 (P&O) Normandy Ferries ran a seasonal winter service from Southampton-Lisbon-Casablanca-Lisbon-Southampton with the LEOPARD. In 1970 the brand new EAGLE was delivered to the General Steam Navigation operating as (P&O) Southern Ferries and she started a year round weekly 6 night round trip Southampton-Lisbon-Tangier-Lisbon-Southampton with Algerciras added in 1972. The route ended in September 1975 after industrial action by the seaman and the EAGLE was quickly sold to the French company Navigation de Paquet and renamed the AZUR. FYI the former EAGLE is still in service after 49 years sailing for the Russian company Black Sea Cruises as their sole cruise ship named KNYZ VLADIMIR based in Sochi, Russia.
  4. When I wrote that the Red Kestrel had a passenger certificate for 12 passengers obviously I was referring to freight drivers (passengers) NOT foot passengers. Freight passengers are still passengers at the end of the day, they are not crew members on the ships manifest they are classed as passengers. She has a passenger certificate for 12 passengers which obviously is for freight drivers but the ships operating certificate will be shown as being certified for 12 passengers, it doesn't distinguish it as freight drivers although obviously she doesn't take foot passengers.
  5. So for my sarcastic reply I got two reactions, one LIKE and one SAD, what is it to be? Should we toss a coin? 😉
  6. The update on the Adriatic Express, the former Red Jet 3 is very much appreciated and great photos. Many thanks for posting them.
  7. The Vans might not even have drivers onboard, they could be commercial vans being driven onboard and collected by a driver at the other end! This is what the vessel was designed for to take freight and commercial vehicles off the main passenger roro ferries especially on peak sailings. Red Kestrel has only got a passenger certificate for 12 passengers!
  8. Kiel is a port on Germany's Baltic coast........where as a KEEL is the bottom most structural member around which a hull of a ship is built. The keel runs along the centre line of the ship from bow to stern. But I'm sure you knew that already 😀
  9. Looking forward to seeing the Red Kestrel arrive in Southampton on Monday. On a side note I can't believe that adicat had to explain what ''trade vehicles'' meant, really it was so obvious it didn't need an explanation!
  10. The St Patrick was delivered to Irish Continental Line on the 29 May 1973 and she inaugurated Rosslare to Le Havre on the 02 June 1973.
  11. Looking at the other photos of Southampton the Southampton Boat Show is taking place and looking at my schedule for that period and the information I've provided the date the photos were taken on are between the 16 to 1 September 1983.
  12. I'd forgotten about the link to St Nazaire. Although I wouldn't be surprised at some point if Balearia did announce a possible Gijon to Portsmouth link.
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