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  1. When I wrote that the Red Kestrel had a passenger certificate for 12 passengers obviously I was referring to freight drivers (passengers) NOT foot passengers. Freight passengers are still passengers at the end of the day, they are not crew members on the ships manifest they are classed as passengers. She has a passenger certificate for 12 passengers which obviously is for freight drivers but the ships operating certificate will be shown as being certified for 12 passengers, it doesn't distinguish it as freight drivers although obviously she doesn't take foot passengers.
  2. So for my sarcastic reply I got two reactions, one LIKE and one SAD, what is it to be? Should we toss a coin? 😉
  3. The update on the Adriatic Express, the former Red Jet 3 is very much appreciated and great photos. Many thanks for posting them.
  4. The Vans might not even have drivers onboard, they could be commercial vans being driven onboard and collected by a driver at the other end! This is what the vessel was designed for to take freight and commercial vehicles off the main passenger roro ferries especially on peak sailings. Red Kestrel has only got a passenger certificate for 12 passengers!
  5. Kiel is a port on Germany's Baltic coast........where as a KEEL is the bottom most structural member around which a hull of a ship is built. The keel runs along the centre line of the ship from bow to stern. But I'm sure you knew that already 😀
  6. Looking forward to seeing the Red Kestrel arrive in Southampton on Monday. On a side note I can't believe that adicat had to explain what ''trade vehicles'' meant, really it was so obvious it didn't need an explanation!
  7. The St Patrick was delivered to Irish Continental Line on the 29 May 1973 and she inaugurated Rosslare to Le Havre on the 02 June 1973.
  8. Looking at the other photos of Southampton the Southampton Boat Show is taking place and looking at my schedule for that period and the information I've provided the date the photos were taken on are between the 16 to 1 September 1983.
  9. I'd forgotten about the link to St Nazaire. Although I wouldn't be surprised at some point if Balearia did announce a possible Gijon to Portsmouth link.
  10. Do Balearia have any intentions of using Gijon or is it just an assumption of yours, they are forever expanding and they do have several ferries on order including a couple of large cruise ferries. I can just imagine them opening up a Gijon to Portsmouth link at some stage.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing the Red Kestrel enter service but I can't believe how small that propeller is!
  12. I'm afraid that I didn't get the position, reasons being that Condor HR felt that I was over qualified for the mundane position of onboard Catering Supervisor, the fact that I was previously a Purser I tend to agree with them although I was obviously disappointed. In reality I do think that the position might have been quite underwhelming and not much of a challenge but I would have still liked to have been offered the position. Roger it's STENA NORMANDY not STENA NORMANDIE. When I was on the Stena Normandy my crew cabin was under the car deck, it was the same as when I worked on the Pride of Bilbao. It was either a shared cabin and shared bathroom with the adjoining crew cabin on the upper deck or a cabin to yourself 'under the car deck', I took the latter option on both the Pride of Bilbao and the Stena Normandy.
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