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  1. Re: BF Captains Loiselet and Bienvenue.
  2. Re: Good Pubs Near The Ferryport It is open - apparently he went on holiday and came back to find the brewery put a To Let sign up without telling him - confusion now sorted I believe.
  3. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Slow hand clap - I'd be very surprised if any company now took them seriously.
  4. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Not this time they're not but they did last time they said they had a vessel.
  5. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates 10 departures a day in both directions gives an average of 14 cars per crossing. Assume BF helped figures in September.
  6. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne We had a similar "link" to Fred Olsen many years ago and photos of "terminals" and "check in areas".
  7. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates But isn't the tunnel owned 50/50 with the British?
  8. Re: BF Captains Captain Cuvillier on Normandie as well. He was the Captain on VdL on her last sailing.
  9. Re: Good Pubs Near The Ferryport The food under the last management was great, tasty and well priced, unfortunately it's out on a limb for passing trade all year and is really only busy in summer.
  10. Re: Good Pubs Near The Ferryport Pierre in Sippers has opened a small French bistro experience called "le Sipperie" not tried it yet though.
  11. Re: Good Pubs Near The Ferryport This is in the Plymouth thread, perhaps you can start a similar topic in the Portsmouth thread?
  12. Re: BF Captains More experience of all ports and ships.
  13. Re: BF Captains Hi They work 7 days at sea and 7 days at home. 1 captain on board at a time.
  14. Re: BF Captains Bothuan replaced Barbancon on Armorique when Barbancon replaced Loiselet on Pont-Aven.
  15. Re: Getting the cheapest booking Tend to be ex UK afternoon crossings and ex France morning crossings midweek. As you are travelling with another booking with a cabin and there is space in the cabin ring the call centre and quote the other booking and they'll be able to "put you in" the cabin.
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