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  1. The showers on Pont-Aven are in the ‘les Finisteres’ area and near the Reserved seat lounge, full access to it 24/7 > The other ships I’m sure have showers, I know on Normandie & MSM they are by the cinema and Seat lounges.....
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question in this thread.... I was Just looking at the deck plan of Galicia, I can now see where the freight cabins are (aft on deck 8 ) and we all know how popular they are with freight drivers, 😕 but looking further at the deck plan, I note the reclining seat lounge appears to have no showers nearby, The only showers I can see if aft of deck 8 (Freight drivers showers...) Does that mean reclining seat passengers have to share the shower facilities with freight drivers? I worry if that’s the case, drivers will be further annoyed if they do
  3. I know it’s irrelevant (As we know she’s going to be re-flagged to France) ... But as she was coming out of the dock, I couldn’t help but notice Salamanca was temporarily flagged to Limassol > Am I right in thinking Galicia was initially flagged as Portsmouth. I’m sure it’s a flag of (temporary) convenience, but was just wondering why Galicia & Salamanca had different flag states...
  4. Have you done many Santander crossings (or previously loved Thursdays evenings to Roscoff) on PA? The á la Carte restaurant is usually completely full and has very long queues through the passageway during dining times. Peak seasons on the Caen route I’ve often seen a very long lines of people waiting for a table... Do you have any ‘insider’ info on how profitable the main restaurants are!? It sounds like a bit of a bold statement to say “used by the minority & subsidised by the majority” without knowing the figures. I guess the 80 or so crew members in ‘La Flora’ are
  5. Yes, Happy new tier to one and all...
  6. A while back Bristol was moved (and welded alongside) further up the jetty to improve manoeuvrability for ships into the port, so hopefully they didn’t collide
  7. Oh no, there goes her “no claims bonus” already! Good to read about the swift actions of the QHM & port authorities.
  8. Plymouth Herald story on the new book, Love the quality of Plymouth Herald’s library picture of the BF ship in the story?! https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brittany-ferries-15m-rolls-royce-4773908
  9. Unfortunately, General feedback for the new ship doesn’t seem that favourable, based on replies to BF’s Latest tweets. 😢 (see below) On the note of freight berths/cabins, it’s worth remembering that the basic freight tickets only includes a berth which is included in the price.... As a CEO/major customer of BF freight, its upto the freight company to accept the basic berth included for their driver (and make their staff aware!) or pay for a supplement for the driver! I always pay my staff to have a solo-use of a cabin Cabin, so in my view, it’s upto the freight company to ei
  10. For those wanting a photo opportunity of Galicia in Guzz tomorrow, QHM movements show Galicia in at 0830 & back out at 10:30
  11. Yeah > on Deck 1, next to the cinema.... The pool (or fitness centre?) had a small gym with male/female sauna. The ‘gym’ from memory only Consisted of a rusty exercise bike & a bench press with no weights 😂 oh, the memories 😂
  12. I Loved the Val De Loire & Quiberon serving Plymouth well with distinction in my childhood, The two vessels were probably the cause of my affection with BF & Sea travel.... That was a vintage period when the BF product and service was top notch! Mind you, in the 80’s till early 00’s, Brittany Ferries actually valued their customers unlike nowadays!
  13. Plymouth Herald (The home of inaccurate reporting) state that ‘soon’ ? Galicia will be doing sea trials in Plymouth https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brittany-ferries-huge-new-galicia-4464858#comments-section
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