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  1. Many Times.... > My wife use to be cabin crew and worked a season with them before moving on to a legacy carrier ‘Down south’
  2. 😢 So Brittany Ferries Customer standards are now far behind the (worst and smallest) Low-cost, budget/Chavy airlines?! oh no, I (use) love BF, But it’s obvious the ‘reviews’ are indicative of mine and the others who have have ‘reviewed’ similar opinions of BF, matching my sour feelings I have For BF! Oh well, at least I have 10 vouchers for ‘future travel’ on a company I currently Currently hate! I really wish BF listened to their customers like (yuk) Jet2?! > I miss the standards of BF from a gone-by-era 😢
  3. I fear BF and their Voucher policy is going to kill any goodwill BF have created over the decades.... BF use to be exceptional with their customer service, let’s be honest, BF will no doubt get supported by UK, French, Irish and possibly Spanish governments, therefore, the *refusal* to refund me (on my 2 bookings) Is quite possibly illegal, despite my many emails to no avail.... BF’s belligerent behaviour is in stark comparison with BA who fully refunded me for an Andorra holiday earlier, and, to my surprise, they have even offered a full cash refund on my 14k (club world) holiday to Vegas/LA holiday planned for next month, so when it comes to European travel, I’m likely to give the two fingers to BF which is a real shame as I use to love the service, but BF have to do a lot for clear the bitter taste I have for them Right now 😢
  4. ....Not so much merriment this year!
  5. It’s not often I say this but considering the ´voucher’ fiasco with 5 of my Brittany Ferries bookings, BF could learn a lot from BA, Clear and accurate communication with a simple refund without any interaction required!
  6. These “cabins” are typical warship accommodation (Secured for action) (Looking at the pic I’d guess It was T22, T23, T42 or amphibious assault ships)
  7. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/blog/10-great-christmas-markets-and-events-to-visit-in-france-2019 (Best info I could find)
  8. Just wondering how the “Standard” fares are the most popular choice when they haven’t even been on sale yet? I know I’m probably splitting hairs, but surely this is false (and disingenuous) advertising?
  9. oh memories > The Quiberon (& Val) > The start with my love affair with BF & travelling to France... My opinion, the late 80’s~90’s were when BF were on top form with their service with a true Breton experience. Some people hated the Quiberon & If I recall right she got the nickname “Rustbucket” after a fire onboard and when the Bretagne joined the fleet thanks to the Daily Mail (enough said about daily mail readers...) Nothing was better then a mid-afternoon crossing & a compulsory visit to “Le Sinagot” en route... A true-mainstay & workhorse on the Plymouth~Roscoff route During the late 70’s>00’s, Sadly missed (by me)
  10. All good fun / even with the ‘Captains magic wand’ innuendo... Nice to see the crews happy in their jobs! Made me wonder about the hygiene standards, For example, lying on a food preparation area, placing a food cloche on your head along with other things... (no doubt they were fully cleaned after....yeah right)
  11. TBH > I feel your frustration, but in all honesty, I think BF have been fair in the response with suitable closure, I just hope BF record the issue correctly with the sub-contractors involved, demanding improvements, but I guess the ‘closure’ is just noted with no process put in place to stop future incidents or complaints. I guess when you look at it, they (BF contracted cleaning staff) have a massive job in cleaning so many cabins and public areas in such a short amount of time alongside, things like this are going to be missed despite them being blaring obvious, the minimum wage staff don’t care about the complaints, all care about is getting another cabin done ASAP. This type of complaint is becoming too common for my liking
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