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  1. Unfortunately, Family members will be severely affected, for the “full sailings” The requirement of a mobility cabin is essential and the requirement for travel is essential for medical (life prolonging) necessities for non NHS treatment in France. I find it quite worrying that after asking BF directly is the sailing is ok (and to be told it’s fine) after the BFE ‘heads up’ about the full sailing, contingencies will need to be made now & not waiting for BF to eventually advise…. I REALLY hope my family are only in “panic mode” about the full sailing.
  2. I truly hope that’s not the case…. Have BF not learnt (or care) about decent and transparent communications? I know these are unprecedented times, BUT they haven’t learnt from the shambles of voucher-gate or bothered to be transparent with their customers, Than my support will cease for future travel. I am So upset to hear some updates from BFE members (and nothing from BF themselves). I’m finding it hard to show any support to BF if the “sailing full” message from fellow members proves to be a cryptic message, Indicating again a lack of transparency from the company.
  3. Pont-Aven only has twin beds,no doubles on Pont Aven (plus sofa bed & pull down bed from the ceiling. Every time I go to Spain, I always have a commodore cabin, mainly For the space, irrespective on the Weather, there is nothing better than being out on the balcony during a Plymouth departure & seeing the docking in Santander from “my space” > My Next crossing is from Pompy, trying out Galicia... so I will miss my usual Pont-Aven crossing. In October, I’m looking forward to a Commodore Suite (Double bed) outbound, and I’m sure I’ll miss the “balcony” but I will pro
  4. Looks like that Plymouth Herald published this story a week early.... ...On that note, I can’t wait to read the annual BFE April Fools Day story from someone on here
  5. Sure: Just taken it.... shame the funnel no longer is the same 😂
  6. Lol > nice to know! on a side note, I’m now wondering what my Normandie funnel shaped crystal paperweight is worth.... (I Got that and a magnum of möet for being the first vehicle on its maiden crossing, Obviously the champagne has gone)
  7. Strangely enough, I have the same key token (mine is not for sale)....To compare the size, next to a supermarket trolley token, here’s a size comparison
  8. The showers on Pont-Aven are in the ‘les Finisteres’ area and near the Reserved seat lounge, full access to it 24/7 > The other ships I’m sure have showers, I know on Normandie & MSM they are by the cinema and Seat lounges.....
  9. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question in this thread.... I was Just looking at the deck plan of Galicia, I can now see where the freight cabins are (aft on deck 8 ) and we all know how popular they are with freight drivers, 😕 but looking further at the deck plan, I note the reclining seat lounge appears to have no showers nearby, The only showers I can see if aft of deck 8 (Freight drivers showers...) Does that mean reclining seat passengers have to share the shower facilities with freight drivers? I worry if that’s the case, drivers will be further annoyed if they do
  10. I know it’s irrelevant (As we know she’s going to be re-flagged to France) ... But as she was coming out of the dock, I couldn’t help but notice Salamanca was temporarily flagged to Limassol > Am I right in thinking Galicia was initially flagged as Portsmouth. I’m sure it’s a flag of (temporary) convenience, but was just wondering why Galicia & Salamanca had different flag states...
  11. Have you done many Santander crossings (or previously loved Thursdays evenings to Roscoff) on PA? The á la Carte restaurant is usually completely full and has very long queues through the passageway during dining times. Peak seasons on the Caen route I’ve often seen a very long lines of people waiting for a table... Do you have any ‘insider’ info on how profitable the main restaurants are!? It sounds like a bit of a bold statement to say “used by the minority & subsidised by the majority” without knowing the figures. I guess the 80 or so crew members in ‘La Flora’ are
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