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  1. Just got the same messages > I assume we’re on the same ship back home…. I did think something was wrong the last time she was in Santander as she didn’t leave port till the early hours of the morning (at the time, I thought the ship delayed sailing to find a “ break in the poor weather”) it does made me curious as to that the “technical problem” is
  2. Please don’t turn this thread into a misogynistic, anti-equality, xenophobic forum *PLEASE* (although it says a lot about “Daily Mail” readers….)
  3. No offence, maybe Some people need a reality check on the restaurant prices elsewhere…. I have always found BF great value for money, definitely comparable to most ‘cheap’ chain restaurants & pubs… , but I.M.O BF would clearly win on the quality of food and with a great ambiance in their ‘main’ restaurant> I would honestly struggle to find any comparable place offering 3 courses, with the (usual) BF quality for under £30. (That is Certainly my opinion the last few post covid visits on both MSM & PA this month) With regards to the Buffet offering, I would always choose the À la cart option over a buffet menu because I like the waiter service serving lovey French cuisine to the table, as such, I’m happy to pay the (small) premium compared To the buffet. I do find it somewhat off putting seeing a buffet counter with [gluttonous (British) ] people piling their plates too high and being disappointed when I see them leaving the food to go to waste because their eyes are too big for their bellies… 😝 (feeding time at the zoo always always springs to mind) All of this talk of food has made me wish I was in La Flora now, sampling the lovey food on offer!
  4. …I’m just wondering how many time you may have experienced Galicia or other BF vessels recently for yourself…. the most recent meals I’ve had on BF (9 meals over 15 days) have been exceptional! It’s Hardly fair to be put in the same bracket of Wetherspoons…. I worry that BFE is too eager in diss-ing the (former) excellent brand of BF <of which I must be guilty in the past> But they are still great . I hope we all equally celebrate that BF is (still) a good brand in these crazy times ?!
  5. Now in Plymouth evening herald… https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brittany-ferries-unveils-flying-ferry-5532568
  6. Pont-Aven only has twin beds,no doubles on Pont Aven (plus sofa bed & pull down bed from the ceiling. Every time I go to Spain, I always have a commodore cabin, mainly For the space, irrespective on the Weather, there is nothing better than being out on the balcony during a Plymouth departure & seeing the docking in Santander from “my space” > My Next crossing is from Pompy, trying out Galicia... so I will miss my usual Pont-Aven crossing. In October, I’m looking forward to a Commodore Suite (Double bed) outbound, and I’m sure I’ll miss the “balcony” but I will probably just put the cabins’ comfy chairs 🪑 outside by my exterior deck access-door.... <Just hoping for a dry voyage ☀️ > For Me, It’s compulsory to have a lovely bottle or 2 or wine on the deck.. On the return, will be able to check what the difference is between “commodore club” and the “suite” as the (better?) cabins were unfortunately Sold Out on the return.
  7. Looks like that Plymouth Herald published this story a week early.... ...On that note, I can’t wait to read the annual BFE April Fools Day story from someone on here
  8. Sure: Just taken it.... shame the funnel no longer is the same 😂
  9. Lol > nice to know! on a side note, I’m now wondering what my Normandie funnel shaped crystal paperweight is worth.... (I Got that and a magnum of möet for being the first vehicle on its maiden crossing, Obviously the champagne has gone)
  10. Strangely enough, I have the same key token (mine is not for sale)....To compare the size, next to a supermarket trolley token, here’s a size comparison
  11. The showers on Pont-Aven are in the ‘les Finisteres’ area and near the Reserved seat lounge, full access to it 24/7 > The other ships I’m sure have showers, I know on Normandie & MSM they are by the cinema and Seat lounges.....
  12. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question in this thread.... I was Just looking at the deck plan of Galicia, I can now see where the freight cabins are (aft on deck 8 ) and we all know how popular they are with freight drivers, 😕 but looking further at the deck plan, I note the reclining seat lounge appears to have no showers nearby, The only showers I can see if aft of deck 8 (Freight drivers showers...) Does that mean reclining seat passengers have to share the shower facilities with freight drivers? I worry if that’s the case, drivers will be further annoyed if they don’t know that yet?!
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