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  1. It’s a little disappointing on here to read on here some rather un-sympathic and borderline xenophobic comments... As someone on here who has had to fish out the bodies of migrants from the sea during Operation Mare Nostrum, your thoughts may change, especially if you got balanced and well informed information from media outlets other than the Plymouth Herald/Daily Mail. I urge people To be more considerate about what one says on here, at the end of the day, this is a ferry enthusiast forum, not a Party-Political-broadcast for the BNP/UKIP.
  2. I wouldn’t bet any money on that, Nor would the board of directors..... hopefully things will get back to normal soon rather than a ‘new normal’
  3. ... I’m not sure if I like people taking the mick of other people’s tweets on here?!
  4. ....But because vehicle pax pay more per journey than foot passengers, they would rather take your “cabin” with a <car space> rather than a <foot> space as the ticket vale is higher than a foot pax space. >> not that I agree with it in any way
  5. Revenue based..... on a similar question I assessed that BF would want the cabin space reserved for a higher revenue (vehicle) ticket. example > car, pax & cabin = £300 -v- footpax & cabin = £150 >> With the 50% reduction on passengers being carried because of CV19, they are happy to “bump off” the lowest generating tickets
  6. I don’t think it’s an issue with “managing” the foot/cycle passengers, A vehicle load with a cabin generates more revenue than foot/cyclist.... with the 50% reduction of passengers, they rather keep the cabin space for them
  7. That would have been Quiberon you saw on the other linkspan & not the Duc. The MSM was very late coming Into service and the Quiberon took over the DDN’s role 6months or so early In Normandy because of the delayed build of MSM. DDN maintained Plymouth~Roscoff service as “originally” Planned as if the MSM wasn’t late... If I remember right, Quiberon also spent a long time on the adjacent Ouistreham linkspan next to Normandie & MSM while they were in port. Quiberon was moved off to Brest for a paint job & onward service for her new owners.... (not as if It’s history is repeating itself with Ouistreham new builds being late!)
  8. Nice to know my family member was “only” one of them....
  9. Many Times.... > My wife use to be cabin crew and worked a season with them before moving on to a legacy carrier ‘Down south’
  10. 😢 So Brittany Ferries Customer standards are now far behind the (worst and smallest) Low-cost, budget/Chavy airlines?! oh no, I (use) love BF, But it’s obvious the ‘reviews’ are indicative of mine and the others who have have ‘reviewed’ similar opinions of BF, matching my sour feelings I have For BF! Oh well, at least I have 10 vouchers for ‘future travel’ on a company I currently Currently hate! I really wish BF listened to their customers like (yuk) Jet2?! > I miss the standards of BF from a gone-by-era 😢
  11. I fear BF and their Voucher policy is going to kill any goodwill BF have created over the decades.... BF use to be exceptional with their customer service, let’s be honest, BF will no doubt get supported by UK, French, Irish and possibly Spanish governments, therefore, the *refusal* to refund me (on my 2 bookings) Is quite possibly illegal, despite my many emails to no avail.... BF’s belligerent behaviour is in stark comparison with BA who fully refunded me for an Andorra holiday earlier, and, to my surprise, they have even offered a full cash refund on my 14k (club world) holiday to Vegas/LA holiday planned for next month, so when it comes to European travel, I’m likely to give the two fingers to BF which is a real shame as I use to love the service, but BF have to do a lot for clear the bitter taste I have for them Right now 😢
  12. ....Not so much merriment this year!
  13. It’s not often I say this but considering the ´voucher’ fiasco with 5 of my Brittany Ferries bookings, BF could learn a lot from BA, Clear and accurate communication with a simple refund without any interaction required!
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