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  1. daves_pad!

    New Look Revealed

    I kinda think the new logo looks as if British Gas/EDF have merged & they’ve tried to mix brands together while keeping their identity.... I did like the fact the old logos had a ´hint’ of French’ness about it... (Blue/White/Red a’la Tricolore) I’m sure we’ll all get use to it ?!
  2. daves_pad!

    Pont Aven Cork to Roscoff

    ... Just in time for utter grid-lock with every person in Plymouth is making their way from the hoe in town to the their homes.... For the last 2 years, as a passenger, it has been a total nightmare!!! Oh well, at least it isn’t as bad as “the woman trying to get out out town” during the half marathon! Lol - 🤣 ( )
  3. Zut alors! I guess that would be crêpes?! 🥞 🇫🇷
  4. daves_pad!

    Plastic cutlery

    lol - only on BFE can there be so much talk about the issues over eating a pizza with plastic cutlery...
  5. daves_pad!

    Replacement of Bretagne

    Not practical or logistical in anyway to arrange such an event...(because, despite the best planning, you can never guarantee or plan for when the First/last sailing of a particular ship would be due to unforcen issues/circumstances) - Just look at The latest set of “issues” with the delivery & “first” planned sailing of IF’s new ship Y(L)ates.... - MSM didn’t fare that much better, She was extremely late in her delivery to BF - God only knows how many times her “First” sailing was actually push-backed to until she finally arrived - not that I was too worried as Quiberon had almost a further year with the BF fleet while she waiting for MSM to become ready. <with a reduced pax capacity> Also, “Jo Public” doesn’t really care about what actual vessel takes them to or from France/Spain once they’ve booked & paid for the service they expect to receive - So I guess getting on the “special sailing” wouldn’t be an booking issue because there is a very high chance of oneself onboard if you really wanted to... I recall being on the last last VDL sailing to Spain (meant to be PA’s first) & later, PA’s first sailing from Spain. Despite them both being “special” sailings, no event or anything special what-so-ever was done on each of the special sailings for the event... (not even a PA announcement was made to highlight each of the “special sailings”) I only knew about the special sailings as I am an enthusiast... Thinking back to it, The only noticeable thing that happened on PA’s first Spanish sailing was the fact that David Longden & other mainly French directors were in Le Flora getting an extreamly very well cared for service by the restaurant crew in the restaurant > at the expense of the fare paying passengers, where being ignored & getting a much less then satisfactory service from the (usually excellent) crew on that particular sailing...
  6. daves_pad!

    BF bear bothered by ban!

    April Fools...
  7. Although its not #TBT... I Just found this vintage pic of the Roscoff terminal, dating from the early years. i think there are still a few features visible in Roscoff today (the building on the left used by the Roscoff cleaners) i
  8. For anyone who gets the CV newsletter, they would see artist impressions of what the new cabins etc will looks like.... She certainly looks like an impressive ship!
  9. daves_pad!

    BF Refits 2017-18

    I think she’s just had a fresh coat of paint & the scraping off the rust streaks & Algae. She looks good though!
  10. daves_pad!

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Yes, she is just passing Esjberg now - she’d skip past that pretty quick knowing what happens there...😉 👀 oh look, Quick, don’t miss it.... she’s turning to starboard 😲?!! Is it not going to get somewhat tedious hearing about every passing moment of Barfleur’s transit..... I know for some reason, this ship is somewhat special to some on here - Not that I’m criticising in any way... None the less, let’s hope she gets to the yard safe & some good work is done on her, Maybe the “B” word will me muted while out of service, somehow I doubt it!😆 😂
  11. daves_pad!

    PHC Open Evening

    He is still very much involved in BF,part of the board of the pensions fund...
  12. daves_pad!

    BF Refits 2017-18

    In the 70’s/80’s.... If my parents were telling the truth... - There use to be a weekly (only southbound) Portsmouth - Roscoff route Option... This would have been ideal for me as I now live nearer Portsmouth & i have a second property in Finistère - That would have been perfect for me.... > If only that option was available now
  13. daves_pad!

    Club Plus Armorique

    If it’s the same video I’ve seen, I think the bed is a single bed, it’s just “made up” to look like a double - With 2 (small) pillows side by side. I’m pretty sure over the years I must have had all of Armorique’s ‘Club+’ cabins!
  14. daves_pad!

    Condor Ferries - Commodore Clipper Dry Dock Update

    I wouldn’t bother looking at the menu... The last time I ate on Condor Lib, I got my money back after tasting it - seriously, I wouldn’t give some of their ‘servings’ to a dog, but possibly my ex-partner! 🤢
  15. daves_pad!

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Duc De Normandie / Reine Mathilde?