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  1. It’s such an old news story, it probably needed to be carbon dated.
  2. Interesting..... Going back to the BCIF days I guess.
  3. daves_pad!


    IMO > The commodore cabins are Slightly more spacious & they are designed in a more tasteful way.... The BF YouTube videos give you a good impression on commodore and deluxe cabins to Make an informed choice, both give access to the commodore lounge.
  4. daves_pad!

    New Look Revealed

    Barfleur I think will be the worst vessel in the fleet to have an ‘identity crisis’ for old logos/typefaces... If you know the right places to look, you can still see the Truckline logo/font & elsewhere, all over the ship, you can see the 80’s, 90’s & noughties BF logo, I assume the ship will soon to be followed by the ‘new logo’ (oh no.... am I turning into ‘one of those people’ on here that talks non-stop about the dreaded “B” word into any thread, even when it’s not needed ?!?). 🤪
  5. I doubt it’s something that BF would want to commemorate/advertise openly... “One of our ferries has had a fire, so we moved the fleet around & now Armorique is now visiting Cork.... Sorry that you all will miss out on the Facilities of The flagship & that many have had cabin downgrades, with altered timetable & the final cherry on the cake is the inferior dining facilities but hey, forget all of that... this ship has now visited every port in the companies route network” > I guess it’s just a BFE point of interest.... Although ships like DA, Quiberon & Tregastel had visited “all” ports along the BF network (during their time) when the company had fewer routes compared to today, so; I guess they were all “historic” during their moment of time, I guess the only vessels that don’t move a great deal around the network during refit season are the Portsmouth-Caen ferries ... (A hunch, Maybe When Bretagne first visited Poole, meant she had visited all routes BF had at that period of time, as I think Bilbao & Du Havre wasn’t part of BF’s route history at that moment of time??)
  6. Agreed - Well done to the crews for expertly extinguishing the fire before it ended up as an incident like the Quiberon.... As someone who has spent decades in the RNR, there is nothing more scary then a fire at sea, let’s all be sensible on here before going OTT with silly statements
  7. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/about/careers
  8. Not at all - there is nothing better then being at sea on the balcony quaffing some some lovey wine while watching the sunset or (& god forbid), we sometimes sunbathe in the mid spring/late summer in peace & privacy of the balcony! I will only travel on PA for the commodore class balcony, I travel at all times of the year, it really doesn’t matter what ever the weather is like & I t’s even better in a storm
  9. After spending 6months in Tokyo, The pods are generally only ever used by drunken workmen that have missed the last train home. For the novelty factor, I stayed in one & it was surprisingly comfy. I doubt any deserning passenger would want to stay in one, although a possible substitute for a (semi) reclining seat 💺
  10. Thanks all - that’s what I thought.... It seems a silly thing to market the (free) WiFi as a perk to being a commodore passenger! > the poor WiFi would be a good excuse for not replying to emails for my trip 👍
  11. Hi guys just a quick question, it’s the first time travelling Commodore Class since the “improved” (paid for) WiFi offerings on Pont Aven... Looking at the description of the “commodore class” facilities, does the (paid for) WiFi form part of the commodore privileges? It seem weird that they now advertise the WiFi in the commodore lounge, but if it’s the free (useless) WiFi, it hardly seems worthwhile marketing this?! any info would be greatly appreciated as I’m travelling to Spain in March & just wonder if I have to pay for a half decent connection...
  12. Meow 🐱.... sounds like this forum is getting catty again
  13. I hope this isn’t a regular sign of a downward slide of BF standards... the regular comments on here & trip advisor seem to indicate problems with the shore-side contractors -BF please pay attention & deal with the shoddy service they provide you! (Each time I see the cleaners board in Plymouth I wonder how half of the cleaners actually get out of bed, let alone, dress themselves & actually get up the steep gangway steps... The UK cleaners look like the cast of “Fraggle Rock” in direct comparison to the Spanish cleaners who look MUCH more professional... the cleanliness of the ship to the UK IMO is much better! Abacon (Who i think are at least Plymouth & Poole’s contractors) should sort it out before they rightly so loose their contracts!
  14. ...maybe a little harsh/rude for you to say such a thing in that tone?! (Not that I made any of the comments that upset you, I just like to keep things civil on here!)
  15. daves_pad!

    New Look Revealed

    I kinda think the new logo looks as if British Gas/EDF have merged & they’ve tried to mix brands together while keeping their identity.... I did like the fact the old logos had a ´hint’ of French’ness about it... (Blue/White/Red a’la Tricolore) I’m sure we’ll all get use to it ?!
  16. ... Just in time for utter grid-lock with every person in Plymouth is making their way from the hoe in town to the their homes.... For the last 2 years, as a passenger, it has been a total nightmare!!! Oh well, at least it isn’t as bad as “the woman trying to get out out town” during the half marathon! Lol - 🤣 ( )
  17. lol - only on BFE can there be so much talk about the issues over eating a pizza with plastic cutlery...
  18. Not practical or logistical in anyway to arrange such an event...(because, despite the best planning, you can never guarantee or plan for when the First/last sailing of a particular ship would be due to unforcen issues/circumstances) - Just look at The latest set of “issues” with the delivery & “first” planned sailing of IF’s new ship Y(L)ates.... - MSM didn’t fare that much better, She was extremely late in her delivery to BF - God only knows how many times her “First” sailing was actually push-backed to until she finally arrived - not that I was too worried as Quiberon had almost a further year with the BF fleet while she waiting for MSM to become ready. <with a reduced pax capacity> Also, “Jo Public” doesn’t really care about what actual vessel takes them to or from France/Spain once they’ve booked & paid for the service they expect to receive - So I guess getting on the “special sailing” wouldn’t be an booking issue because there is a very high chance of oneself onboard if you really wanted to... I recall being on the last last VDL sailing to Spain (meant to be PA’s first) & later, PA’s first sailing from Spain. Despite them both being “special” sailings, no event or anything special what-so-ever was done on each of the special sailings for the event... (not even a PA announcement was made to highlight each of the “special sailings”) I only knew about the special sailings as I am an enthusiast... Thinking back to it, The only noticeable thing that happened on PA’s first Spanish sailing was the fact that David Longden & other mainly French directors were in Le Flora getting an extreamly very well cared for service by the restaurant crew in the restaurant > at the expense of the fare paying passengers, where being ignored & getting a much less then satisfactory service from the (usually excellent) crew on that particular sailing...
  19. Although its not #TBT... I Just found this vintage pic of the Roscoff terminal, dating from the early years. i think there are still a few features visible in Roscoff today (the building on the left used by the Roscoff cleaners) i
  20. For anyone who gets the CV newsletter, they would see artist impressions of what the new cabins etc will looks like.... She certainly looks like an impressive ship!
  21. daves_pad!

    BF Refits 2017-18

    I think she’s just had a fresh coat of paint & the scraping off the rust streaks & Algae. She looks good though!
  22. daves_pad!

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Yes, she is just passing Esjberg now - she’d skip past that pretty quick knowing what happens there...😉 👀 oh look, Quick, don’t miss it.... she’s turning to starboard 😲?!! Is it not going to get somewhat tedious hearing about every passing moment of Barfleur’s transit..... I know for some reason, this ship is somewhat special to some on here - Not that I’m criticising in any way... None the less, let’s hope she gets to the yard safe & some good work is done on her, Maybe the “B” word will me muted while out of service, somehow I doubt it!😆 😂
  23. He is still very much involved in BF,part of the board of the pensions fund...
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