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  1. Hi All, I am planning a trip on the King in a few weeks, does anyone know if the Observation Lounge is open during the winter months. Last time I sailed the observation lounge was open to the public but chargeable, it was then a quiet lounge! I notice online it has changed once again this time to the ORCA Wildlife viewing lounge. It says online that 'The wildlife watching experience is free of charge and is available onboard KING Seaways from March until September. Simply visit the ORCA Wildlife Lounge to find out more' Just curious if that means the lounge is closed for the w
  2. Does anyone know the long term future of the King? It suddenly dawned on me today that the ship is now 30, and has been running the DFDS route since 2006. I have been sailing on the King for years, right back to 1994 when she was running the Plymouth - Santander route on BF. It will be a very sad day when she is finally scrapped, and not something I would like to see yet! Does anyone know if DFDS have any plans to sell? or are they keeping her for the timebeing. On a seperate note, I am planning another trip to IJmuiden soon, does anyone know if they are stil
  3. Great Report. From what I hear the King is a lot better since it's been modernised. Do you still have to pay 10 euro to go and sit in the observation lounge like you did last time I was onboard or have they finally got rid of that ridiculous idea?
  4. Hi All, I am currently working on a project for Vehicle Simulator. Creating the exterior and Interior of the MSM. It will cover most communal areas and some cabins. Project is going well however what I need now are sound files to add. I have most sound effects from a previous voyage a few years back. But what i need are announcements played on the crossing. Ideally any announcements recorded this year with the new tannoy chime to make it as realistic as possible. If anyone has any then I would really appreciate a copy or link. Many thanks.
  5. This is a bit of a random question so apologies in advance, but I am currently working on a project building the Mont St Michel on my computer, it will cover all the main indoor areas including cabins and entertainments area with the plan of it eventually going on Vehicle Simulator. To make as realistic as possible I am hoping to add sound effects, so announcements, engine sounds etc. I have most of these on my computer when I last sailed on MSM in 2011, however I am just wondering, do they still play music throughtout the crossing. When I last sailed, you could walk throughout the ship and
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