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  1. The new Leclerc station in St Pol De Leon is now open,brand new opposite the supermarket , pump open 24/7 credit card ,diesel is cheap €1.05 2 weeks ago
  2. It was the last 2 weeks ago (18th October),packed like in the middle of the summer season!
  3. iledebrehat

    Cabin prices

    yes i believe so,came back yesterday Roscoff Plymouth on the Pont Aven and it was packed excellent crossing as usual arrived at 1.30pm,left the terminal at 2.45pm!
  4. 1.089 diesel in lannion this morning that s about £0.80 per liter
  5. I dont believe all the comments on tripadvisor.my last crossing on 10th september was spotless as usual expect the beer selection bring back the previous beer supplier back!
  6. We will b arriving 6.20 pm according to the announcement lovely breakfast as usual time for a nap bye!
  7. I was due to travel from Roscoff today but had to move to St Malo this am.we were suppose to leave at 11am but we are still in the port at 11.25 not expecting to make on time this evening cleaner sky but looking ahead to my first storm this year
  8. Re: 24 hrs trip,please help!!!!!! i m going to wait a extra month,at present i m not really hot with the strick of fisherman and farmer about the rise of the price of petrole.i don't blame them.must be hard for them and BF at present and won't surprise me if the price of the crossing will go up next year.will see but the rise will be pass on us and at the present rate,not looking good. :thumbsdow
  9. Re: 24 hrs trip,please help!!!!!! and i foggot,the last time i was on the bretagne,the fresh paint of a new ferry still in my mind from the 90's.........whaouuuuuuuuuuu
  10. hi everyone.i m planning a trip Plymouth Roscoff this week end,but i don't know what to do.leaving friday at 12.00,back on the saturday night or leave on friday evening and retuning on sunday morning on the Pont aven.If u had the option ,what would you go for?my trip is mainly to see my bro,get a full tank of petrole,get some fags and a bite of booze for Christmas.
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