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  1. Why is the Wight Sun used more than the Wight Light ?
  2. Arbatax has stopped sailing since the third saint started ops
  3. Cap’s bow door and inner bow, June 3rd 2010 at Cherbourg.
  4. Here’s some photos taken at 11:00 this morning whilst onboard the red falcon
  5. Simon F

    New Look Revealed

    Condor 10 on B1 and Bretagne on B2 in May 2010 second photo taken of both berths in August 2015
  6. Or as I’ll now call her ‘Andy Murray’
  7. Simon F

    St Faith

    Back in Falmouth towards the end of 2018 St. Faith went into dry dock, to have her annual bottom scrub and the engineers also removed one of her two mezzanine decks, to provide better future provision for freight, which is the first time they will have planned to removed a mezzanine deck. My question was - What did they do with the removed mezzanine deck? You answered my question by suggesting I will find it in bits packaged up in most supermarkets and shops selling razor blades. Second question was about another ship St Helen, but I’ve lost the interest in this now, so don’t worry about that question. I hope that resolves your confusion, if it doesn’t then move onto another item or thread and we will leave it at that, life’s too short to get hung up on stuff like this!
  8. Simon F

    St Faith

    No, they only removed the deck in the last two months. There was possibly nothing mechanically wrong with it unlike St Helen. I didnt have any question on the remaining deck, pretty obvious really that if you don’t remove it the weight doesn’t magically dissapear !!!
  9. Simon F

    St Faith

    Do you think they will keep the removed mezz deck in storage if this doesn’t work out or when they sell her to Delcomar ? How is the former St Helen coping with 1 deck missing
  10. St Helen was March 2015
  11. St Cecilia has been a stalwart of the fleet, and often the 2nd ship. I also believe she is the longest serving Saint, beating St Helen by about 6 or 7 months? St. Cecilia - March 1987 - Jan 2019 St. Helen - November 1983 - Feb 2015? St. Faith - Spring 1990 - current St. Catherine - July 1983 - 2009? feel free to fill in the gaps !
  12. Simon F

    BF Refits 2018-19

    amazing what you can do with a smart phone !
  13. Simon F

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Photo taken of the Normandie today, looking forward to seeing her after the refit and a new coat of paint
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