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  1. Gareth im struggling to keep up with the posts. Does it really matter what day to the enthusiasts, 4th /5th whenever. Becoming a painful forum again.
  2. Higher Freight Lower Passenger in direct comparison to Armorique just Incase anyone needs that clarification.
  3. In comparison cotentin would have higher freight lower passenger once converted imo as deck 6 on armorique2 is passenger and deck 6 on the cotentin would stay as a garage deck, just add another block and lift up that paper thin funnel, job done ✅ (or maybe not).
  4. And a container ship in our way, lovely crossing and a lovely boat to be stuck on
  5. First time on the Victoria, very nice, sadly a little delayed on this mornings 9am as a truck has broken down
  6. Tony, I’ve been a member on this site for over 15 years and before that on its previous incarnation, and like you I’m getting fed up of this constant moaning, which I think needs to stop before I turn my back on this site for good. Be thankful for what you’ve still got and that your still alive. Let’s hope we can all get out of this dire situation ASAP! I am missing being able to book a meal in the Still & West and enjoying a nice bite to eat and a pint of ale surrounded with the people I love. No holiday for us either this August but again I still have my family and we wi
  7. Feeling for anyone who has been travelling back on the cap, just over 27 hours later shes finally on approach! having sailed on her on a bad biscay crossing you would have more than had enough by now
  8. Why is the Wight Sun used more than the Wight Light ?
  9. Arbatax has stopped sailing since the third saint started ops
  10. Cap’s bow door and inner bow, June 3rd 2010 at Cherbourg.
  11. Here’s some photos taken at 11:00 this morning whilst onboard the red falcon
  12. Simon F

    New Look Revealed

    Condor 10 on B1 and Bretagne on B2 in May 2010 second photo taken of both berths in August 2015
  13. Or as I’ll now call her ‘Andy Murray’
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