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  1. I don't think she was ever used at max speed much after the first couple of seasons
  2. I say! Steady on there....
  3. I know I put this up every year but there are always new visitors. If selecting Travelodge accommodation for pre ferry use please note that the Travelodge Chichester Emsworth is situated on the A27 just past Havant. The journey to Portsmouth involves a round trip via Chichester and adds c 14 miles to the journey. If approaching from the east along the A27 you have to double back at Havant. Footpax please note there is no access to Emsworth Station or indeed any part of Emsworth on foot. Alternatives are Travelodge Rowlands Castle, Hilsea and of course Portsmouth
  4. All the operators from Portsmouth have always done bargain basement day trips which can't make them any money at all. The differential you mention is nothing new. That being said I have just done a test booking for a two night stay in St M in October which comes to £244 for footpax including an outbound cabin. I might even book it. It doesn't seem that bad value. But it's not such a steal that I'd definitely take the offer.
  5. Just a query but is the PA the leader in unplanned time out of service amongst the present fleet?
  6. Agreed - the whole thing also seems underpinned by the notion that it is dealing with an easily repairable fault or some kind of 'omnibus service' where another one will be along in at the most three days.
  7. This is excellent info. But even without the railcard just to give an example by booking in February for travel in May a return Intercites from Paris Austerlitz to Cahors - a delightful journey by the way - was £66 for two. You cannot book too far in advance but the calendar will tell you on the site and IIRC you can sign up for an email alert telling you when the booking period opens. By opening an account you get all sorts of travel offers too. Luggage in advance is a great facility but for those who are worried about bags French railways are built on a more generous loading gauge and the greater headroom means you can get many cases on the racks and there are other stowage spaces too. BTW are there any French/Paris members who can tell me why SNCF have made such a mess of the Austerlitz refurb? The new concrete structure over the platforms was leaking like a sieve when we were last there- as was part of the concourse roof.
  8. A full statement of the minimum rights is here
  9. Some members may not know but you can book any train journey in the UK via any of the TOCs some of whom give nectar points etc. and collect them from any self service ticket machine. Avoid the trainline.com there are other more useful tools and sites out there which will not charge a booking fee. Book through Southern and you can get a full refund if you decide not to travel on the main types of ticket provided you have not collected them from the self service machine https://www.southernrailway.com/tickets/buy-tickets/money-back-guarantee
  10. SNCF now have a new booking site Oui SNCF https://en.oui.sncf/en/ . Bookings are quoted in GBP but will be billed in Euros so there will be a foreign transaction fee depending on what card you use. While you cannot download full timetables for most routes you can find the service for any day in the next few months between two points using this tool https://www.sncf.com/en/booking-itinerary/itinerary Book a couple of months in advance and you will be astonished at some of the deals. NB SNCF do not in general operate clock face timetables and some routes do not offer any kind of walk up fare without a reservation.
  11. Don't forget you can calculate the rate you'll get daily on the Visa website https://www.visa.co.uk/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html
  12. We were sold similar at the market in St Servan a few years ago with the promise that if we kept it in the brown paper bag supplied it would keep well for five days. It did. The typical baguette size these days resulted I was told from a 1920s law that prohibited bakers from working between 10 pm and 4 am meaning they had to produce something that could be cooked ready for the very earliest customers of the day. I don't know if this law is still in place
  13. A 'smart container' has left the Port of Rotterdam on the first leg of a global data-collecting mission to provide insight into the challenges faced during transit. Over the course of two years ‘Container 42’, which houses various sensors and communications equipment, will be measuring changes in parameters like vibration, slope, position, sound, local air pollution, humidity and temperature. Fitted with solar panels, the unit can also be used to determine how much power a container can generate during a given journey by ship, train or truck. The container will be making its first stop in early June, in Munich, where it will be presented to the public at the Transport Logistic 2019 trade event. Rotterdam has the ambition to be the world’s ‘smartest’ port, and the Container 42 mission will contribute to the development of a so-called ‘digital twin’ for the port: a digital representation of the physical port area. The port also uses its cloud-based Internet of Things platform to collect and process data collected by sensors installed throughout the port area. This provides users with real-time information about local infrastructure, water and air quality, among other things, allowing the port of Rotterdam to improve its services. The port added that the digitalisation of its services will contribute to safer, swifter and more reliable forwarding of cargo, as well as eventually enabling Rotterdam to accommodate autonomous shipping.
  14. Balmoral is no longer part of Waverley Excursions or the PSPS. In her current state I can't imagine who might be a buyer. As for there being deep pockets for Waverley I am not so sure. Anyway the PSPS has unrestricted funds of over 328,000 GBP. Maybe time to spend some of it?
  15. Take any project with a boiler and you have a money pit. Unfortunately. But maybe a season off won't be a bad thing. As well as the fund-raising it might give them time to reassess their business plan and their never changing itinerary which sadly has become a bit of a bore.
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