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  1. Millsy

    Seaborne Freight contract

    On this Seaborne/Seabourne business I am surprised no on has mentioned the rumour about how Monte Lynch came to be picked for the England ODI squad in 1988. The story goes that someone at a selection meeting said to captain Mike Gatting 'Do you want Lynch?" Gatting a renowned trencherman thought they'd said 'Do want Lunch?' and immediately said yes. I think this story first appeared in Simon Hughes' A Lot of Hard Yakka but I can't be certain.
  2. Millsy

    The Decline of the Travel Experience

    Air travel has always been something to be avoided for me. As for rail where I live Southern perform rather better than the old Central Division and certainly far better than the appalling Network Southeast brand. Out of the immediate area by and large things are OK and compared to the days of BR certainly cleaner. Yes the industrial action was a pain - but the guards were doing so little work that sooner or later someone was going to get amongst things. When the pax can tell on sight who they will not see doing a ticket check, and we could, things have go to a pretty pass. As for ferries frankly we use them little these days since the fares are made up as they go along and the on-board accommodation charges are so preposterous. A pity but there is only so much money I am prepared to pay to go to France and Eurostar/SNCF give me rather better value.
  3. Millsy

    Government charter

    Governments will always leave themselves some scope to be able to issue such contracts despite what the rules might say. My own view, for what it is worth, is that BF have been very foolish indeed to have taken this offer of controversial work. Long term I could see it playing very badly with large sections of their traditional customer base.
  4. Millsy

    Government charter

    Please be careful about linking bits of disparate information. The plain fact is that whoever a particular Mark Bamford is or is not, and whoever he might or not be related to, he is not repeat not an officer of Seaborne Freight. Additionally just because firms share the same registered offices it does not mean that there is any other connection between them. Furthermore as hvferry has pointed out a minutes work proves they are not one and the same.
  5. Millsy

    French road blockades

    Kitty Muggeridge's well known quip about Frosty could well be applied to Macron - and a number of current political nonentities I could mention - he has 'risen without trace'. They simply aren't equipped by education (too often they do PPE or something similar aka 'Reading the Papers') or more particularly experience to cope with the responsibilities they so eagerly seem to want to embrace. He panicked - the one thing you simply must not do in politics.
  6. Millsy

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all.
  7. Millsy

    New Look Revealed

    I think that's a very perceptive comment.
  8. Millsy

    French road blockades

    Overtime hours not taxed? So basically spending more while constraining the tax base. Good luck to whoever comes next then...if anybody is stupid enough to want the job!
  9. Millsy

    French road blockades

    l'arbre d'argent magique francaise naturellement
  10. Millsy

    (Yet) Another Red funnel crash

    I think that pressure's always been there in transportation really from the days when the railways ran punctuality leagues and such like
  11. Millsy

    French road blockades

    If only they played cricket.... https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/g_m_trevelyan_389879
  12. Millsy

    Portsmouth Harbour - Barriers Installed

    Gateline staff, both Wightlink and railway, are quite used to reading all forms of ticketing from normal RSP ticket stock to smartphone screens. All that would be required is that landward side tickets issued from machines were on standard RSP stock and they'd be read by the barriers and as a matter of course by Wightlink staff who see them all the time anyway. It is not a problem - only the companies have made it one.
  13. Millsy

    Portsmouth Harbour - Barriers Installed

    I said the solution is easy and it is. If the two companies can't sort out ticket sales at the point of entry to the station between themselves - or even inform each other of planned access alterations - then that's their problem . The lack of ticket inspection linked with unrestricted access at PMH has been anomalous for years.
  14. Millsy

    French road blockades

    PAYE is of course designed to prevent the taxpayer making any arrangements to minimise their liability. It was introduced in the UK after the war to maximise tax revenues - no more. It has also been routinely misused by employers in financial difficulty who are now helped in their nefarious activities by the fact that HMRC are not a preferential creditor any more. It is a grossly unfair system, putting employees in a demonstrably worse situation than the self-employed, and any French people who loathe the idea have my sympathy.
  15. Millsy

    (Yet) Another Red funnel crash

    I don't think it's commercial pressure merely as you say the old 'my instruments must be wrong' syndrome well known for years in situations where disorientation occurs.