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  1. I have come into possession of some 1902 Model Engineer mags which contain details and drawings of contemporary paddle steamers. If these would interest anybody pm me and I'll post the list. I'm quite willing to scan same for anybody interested.
  2. No - we will be. You couldn't make it up really
  3. That's it then. It's taken a long time but at last BF has turned into an identikit corporate. Money wasted on inessentials while the day to day, like say cleaning can go hang. They might like to note that I have just booked to go from StP International to Cahors in May for £75 each way, £300 for the two of us. For the same dates BF want £10 more than that just to take us and the car to Caen - with an extra £55 for a cabin each way. Christophe Mathieu n'est pas Alexis Gourvennec
  4. Mount Charlotte not long forgotten here - we honeymooned in one of their hotels. I think they owned the Queens Hotel Southsea at one time.
  5. It doesn't matter a bit what if anything they were planning to do. The case rested on the fact that the tendering process was not carried out correctly. In the report the crucial paragraph is "However, had it gone to court, Eurotunnel was going to argue that the DfT had ample time for a full, public tender process, and could have foreseen all B****t eventualities from at least the date on which Article 50 was triggered in 2017." t seems that the government - if one can dignify it with such a name - must have decided on that argument that if they'd gone to court they'd have lost. To win this case Eurotunnel would not have to prove they would have tendered merely that were prevented form having the chance. I note Mrs May says she has full confidence in her minister - could that be because he is one of the few that hasn't threatened to resign?
  6. Yes but I have to look at them old boy!
  7. It was a good few years ago now but Vickers bought Cosworth Engineering and sold it at about the same time 1999?? as they ditched RR Cars to I think Ford. I heard from someone who should know that when the Cosworth engineers were asked to go along to the RR works at Crewe they were staggered at how antediluvian it all was. What is left of Vickers is now owned by Rolls -Royce PLC! The choice of the Goodwood site, I was told, had much to do with the high level of boat finishing skills in the area. One only wishes the cars had at least a little element of style.
  8. I am reminded of the time a very experienced UK fund manager told me anyone who invested on the basis of a balance sheet and/or annual report was shall we say a tad misguided!
  9. Competition is always a good thing and I would like to see another serious operator out of Portsmouth. But I fear that a few weeks of good money in the summer will not outweigh the long winter months of one man and a dog leisure traffic and freight at whatever rates you can get in the minds of anybody who might consider working here.
  10. Friends who now live in France continually comment on the fact that in restaurants in general nothing is served on a hot plate in France at all. I don't think it's just a BF thing.
  11. As the late Billy Cotton used to say 'when Mr & Mrs Smith from Wigan come to see my band show they expect a band show and not a hard luck story'. If BF have to pay more to get the job done properly and/or an outsourcer simply can't do the job the action they have to take is quite clear. If the contractor can get away with poor service and still get paid - then that's what they'll do. Sadly once BF got a monopoly this kind of thing was probably inevitable. But I don't think the old firm would have spent oodles on a pointless rebrand if the nitty gritty wasn't right!
  12. I suspect it's just their turn to win it! New Covent Garden has just won the award for best wholesale market. Now there's nothing wrong with the Garden but as the customers of all wholesale markets invariably use the same one every day the judgement must be made by people who are not customers using criteria that no one knows. The plain fact is that comments about declining standards on board BF ships are too common these days and instance things which are quite unacceptable - especially given the preposterous prices charged for overnight cabins.
  13. So something else that M. Macron does not understand. I am reminded of an old colleague of mine in the retail trade press, John Coates. Forget about ladies of the night being the oldest profession he used to say. Wholesaling is the oldest profession! I suspect the original producer will see something in the region of at a guess and being admittedly conservative in this estimate shall we say a sum not unadjacent to nothing extra after this. Indeed in some cases they will be expected to take a cut to protect the margins up the supply chain. Fact is they have to take what they can get - no one else buys from them!
  14. In the last Siem annual report, financial year ending 2018, FSG is described thus: Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH KG had revenues of €224 million, EBITDA of €650,000, and a net loss of €7.6 million. FSG delivered one well-intervention vessel and four ro-ro carriers during the year and contracted for four additional vessels during the year. The backlog is €696 million which will keep the yard occupied until 2020-2021. FSG employs 700 people. The Company has provided substantial financial and operational assistance to the yard with the intent to enable to the yard function as a standalone operation based on backlog, shipyard financing and profitability in the future. The strong Euro and fierce competition within the world shipbuilding industry requires FSG to deliver exceptional efficiency and quality to survive.
  15. Yes it does look like another example of that modern business principle 'we take the profit, you take the loss' but looking at Siem Industries latest report it seems that FSG has been in trouble for years and only came into Siem's hands for Euro1.00 in 2014 after the bought it off a private equity compnay to get some of their own orders finished. After that they listed it in their annual accounts as an asset for sale but the most recent report reveals that they have now incorporated it into the group as a search for a buyer or partner had been fruitless.
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