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  1. I do wish I was a mathematician as it occurs to me that the amount of variables involved in the functioning of such an app are almost bound to doom it to failure. If you take into account the number of networks, times that by the number of known blank spots in those networks, add in the sheer number of phones of all ages and makes, then consider the number of versions of all the operating systems and overlay all the human behaviour differences then it seems to me that the probability of such software not working for any particular user would be quite high.
  2. 'You can't' is the answer to both those questions. You know that. Everybody does. It's just that many simply won't admit it. And that applies as much to The Leader of the Conservative Party and his pals as to any academic with a computer or all the amateur epidemiologists on this forum. For what it's worth I have been staggered at the incredibly high levels of compliance we have seen from the start but unfortunately Mr Johnson, like one or two of his doomed predecessors, talked about over by Christmas and fatigue is setting in. Especially amongst small businesses who have not taken a penny sin
  3. Myth has it that Grouse Shooting is the roots of calling train spotters Gricers. Apparently a very upper class group of shooters approached a group of spotters and asked what the hell they were doing on the land with those cameras. One of the spotters said: "Well what are you doing with those guns?" The reply in a very strangled plummy accent was "Oh we're gricing." Which got the reply "We're Gricing too."
  4. I think there is a very real difference between city centres and smaller places. Down here most pubs could shut at 10.00 pm without inconveniencing more than an incalculably small percentage of the already incalculably small percentage of the population that ever darken their doors anyway. Even on a Friday night. I think it's one of the biggest changes in habits I've seen in my adult life from the days when you could not get a drink some weekends for the crowds to it being the same as every other night. Maybe we should differentiate between what might be described as Bars and Hostelries?
  5. Mr Whitty has spoken and so, as night follows day, have the markets. Somebody needs to give these medical experts some lessons in realpolitik. The railways are broke (and all the twenty years successfully persuading folk to leave their cars at home has been poured down the drain), tourism as we know it is finished, live entertainment is moribund most of it finished for good, the hospitality sector will follow. These are big money generators. The only thing that has stopped s full scale run on the banks is the fact that house prices have remained at lunatic levels. Wait till the re-possessions
  6. Stop reading the papers and their online editions and treat all stats with extreme caution. As for precautions down here retail is OK in our experience it is the irresponsibility of the hospitality sector that has been mind-boggling and if they get shut down again they will only have themselves to blame. It is matched really only by the ineptitude of the government and local councils and acting when and where they should.
  7. BF do seem to be finding as many ways as possible to keep digging.
  8. When the BBC started paying for them.
  9. Personal contact allowed with my 90 year old father since February? 30 minutes in July. Visit planned for tomorrow just cancelled by the home. Yet if nothing else there are far too many exemptions to any policy announced (a list each time so predictable in the self-interest of politicians and public servants on fat salaries) for it to make any sense at all. Mrs M starts Jury Service at the end of the month. Exempt activity. A jury room - safe? Don't make me laugh. Sorry Colin it simply can't go on like this. Everybody knows this really deep down - except it seems The Leader of the
  10. It's inevitable, it will happen, it was always inevitable. Whether of course any of these data have any basis in reality at all is quite another matter - but a general upward trend was predictable as no background immunity has been allowed to build up. We are used to the Leader of the Conservative Party and his pals being completely unrealistic but some of the experts haven't been much better it seems to me.
  11. After the ferry being out of service again since July the council has now started legal action against the builders https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-54010784
  12. For those who are in the local area it is often available at Southbourne Farm Shop just east of Emsworth (NOT the one in Bournemouth) - ring first to check.
  13. I have a feeling that this latest move is the last throw of the dice for the 'government' (I use the term purely in it's technical sense) too. As usual the exceptions make the whole thing seem futile anyway. They know really - despite the rhetoric - that all these restrictions are completely unenforceable as stories like this show. When the Speaker starts to make significant noises about a lack of scrutiny of orders of this kind, made by The Leader of the Conservative Party and his pals off their own bat with no real debate, you know it won't be long before some large hamstrung business asks
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