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  1. Frankly I'll believe it when I see it. It may be they have chosen Bayonne as Google Maps shows an area of freight infrastructure that is going back to nature on the Quai de Lesseps. Ot also shows incidentally just how ageing SNCF's Overhead Electrification infrastructure is getting too. It could probably handle 100 lorries a day.
  2. In 1995 there was really nothing to choose between P&O to Le Havre and BF to Caen in my opinion having used both both ways in that year. Indeed I remember thinking that Pride of Le Havre had the edge over Normandie - a vessel I have never really liked. Portsmouth/Cherbourg was however quite another matter.
  3. In the days when I had big proof reading jobs to do I always booked a day-trip!
  4. The reply to a similar question at Oustreham that I'd come over to do some work on the boat without risk of interruption from the bl**dy phone and to buy some cheese and bread was accepted.
  5. Meanwhile on the Solent https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-49364998
  6. Thanks all - that's very comforting. Autopoint is a name that does ring a bell. Just found a Grandstand listing from Feb 1967 Commentator naturally Raymond Baxter Autopoint from Hampshire: The British Army Motoring Association v. The London Motor ClubMotorised point-to-point over rough country.(By permission of the Commandant, Army Mechanical Transport School, Col. J.W. Hilder)
  7. Would anybody around my age please confirm that many years ago, I'm talking about the sixties here, when weather meant the cancellation of sports events the BBC would fill the vacant hours on Grandstand with films of off-roading competitions between army lorries and things like mini mokes and hafflingers? I am sure I am not dreaming this - I think it was even given a special name.
  8. Quite a lot I should imagine. Leaving aside every other disincentive to visit France at the moment I think customers are getting increasingly fed up with being treated like idiots by marketing people.
  9. I suspect many will agree with you Colin. In my case however it was BF's acceptance of large sums of UK taxpayers money which means it will be some time before I give them any more of mine.
  10. After a general election where the two main protagonists are men who have never grown up?
  11. Yes 30% is the figure. I was taken very seriously ill only three weeks after arriving home from France this year with a condition that could well have presented itself while I was abroad. I suspect the 30% would have been substantial hence the travel insurance. I never ever suspected that anyone was relying only on the EHIC but clearly I was wrong. As for the other questions - who knows? I suspect strongly that now a framework is in place realpolitik will take over since the logistical implications of anything other would give even the average careerist nonentity on the green benches food for thought.
  12. Again not a ferry crossing but if you are anywhere near Martel in Haut-Quercy the preserved railway there give stunning views across the Dordogne river valley http://trainduhautquercy.info/en/steam-train-martel-le-truffadou/ Martel itself is well worth an hour or two.
  13. When a journo on a broadsheet business page a few years ago reveals in their coverage of the budget a complete ignorance about how self-employed NICs work, and another in a serious journal who still thought Uniform Business Rates were set and retained by local authorities, what chance of them understanding a company balance sheet. Assuming of course what they are reading is worth the paper it is written on which is a completely different matter.
  14. After reading this post, and remembering being on Bournemouth sea front that day and having to go indoors to light my pipe (I gave up smoking eight years later) such was the wind, I looked up the report on the race which makes very interesting reading even for a non sailor like me. It can be found here. As Colin points out the causes of death analysis gives a lot of food for thought. A colleague was dismasted on the same day not as far offshore.
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