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  1. Dr: Have you tried Mrs Cravatt? Hancock: Yes it was a waste of time. Dr; No she didn't do me much good either. A classic episode. Try The Two Murderers or a bit more recherche Pete Barbuti in the fourth trumpet
  2. Trouble is BF as a business, like so many, simply does not make enough money to have any resilience at all. Refunds on any scale at all would I fear see them gone in just a few days unless they were bailed out. Vouchers are probably a better solution for individuals just than taking your chances as a creditor in thousands of others in a CVA or administration. Morally though it seems to me simple - if they break the contract they should pay.
  3. You expect proper advice from those clowns? Might be a long wait...
  4. Last crossings Lymington Yarmouth canx today. No reason given on status page.
  5. The railway has bent over backwards to accommodate physically disabled pax. Here six figures was spent on a ramp you can probably see from space, the whole station is step free. It is festooned with notices telling folk how to arrange free assisted service. Even before this and only one side was ramped physically disabled folk were allowed to double back miles free to ensure access. Yes there is still non compliant rolling stock in use but it gets less each year and soon will be gone altogether. Whether however any cost benefit analysis as been done and investigating if there could have been a much cheaper and more effective solution - say giving all wheelchair users free access to properly equipped taxis - is another matter entirely. After all a wheelchair user arriving at say Cheltenham or Arundel isn't exactly in the centre of things are they? Especially as if they want to travel on a Sunday and often a Saturday too the railway in many an area will be either partially or completely blocked for them with no accessible alternative available.
  6. Found it https://www.theoldie.co.uk/blog/the-powerless-feelings-of-electric-cars
  7. The News - isn't that the paper they used to produce from that now broken windowed boarded up slum at Hilsea? What is it now 12,000 a day printed once? I say what prestige its awards must have! 😀😀 I'd rate highly commended in the Victoria Sponge class at the Church Fete rather higher....
  8. The same way they got paid for the Garden Bridge!
  9. You're right, with this system. I suppose I just wonder why BF would want to get involved in what is really a fringe activity but the points you raise about competition are well made.
  10. So they are using the Lohr piggyback system. Interesting. https://www.railwaygazette.com/nc/news/single-view/view/modalohr-piggyback-wagons-approved-for-channel-tunnel.html Candidly I can never see what this really gains anybody as the load still has to be handled at both ends - usually by crane - and you still have to carry the dead weight of the trailer, say an average of 6 tons. Plus you have a fleet of trailers effectively costing money rather than earning it. Apparently the freight industry has enough trouble managing empty ISO boxes - why they'd add managing empty artic trailers, say at £25k each to buy, to that I simply can't imagine. It might make more sense for block trains of integrated loads like tankers I suppose. But hey I'm not BF so what do I know?
  11. I think you have a point - maybe I should have finished my post by saying these types of clients if they want them at all.
  12. Surely this is the nub. Nobody gets rich building niche one-offs to a price. You can never work off the inevitable over-spends on further production. At best BF are a customer you might see every ten years always wanting something different - you need oodles of working capital to service these types of clients.
  13. I was intrigued by Alan Judd's recent Oldie tale of woe (1/10/2019 well worth looking out for, I'll try and find some way of posting it.) of trying to keep a car charged on the M6. Fact is nobody seems to have thought this through at all. On one site about electric vehicles I found this rather over-sanguine statement Most electric car drivers don't worry about how long it takes to charge because they top up charge throughout the day. Rather than letting their battery run empty, they top it up whenever their car is sitting idle, at places like their supermarket, gym or workplace. The bone-headedness of all this is only matched by the over-dense cranium of the PM. I can think of a workplace near here with over 100 staff parking spaces where the load of all those topping up during the day - even if the infrastructure was available - would be 0.7 MW per hour maximum if they were all topping up at the same time. Seemingly they are convinced that somehow this infrastructure will appear by magic. Truth is if they had started earlier enough they could have fitted all roads with nets above them and we could all have a nice pole at the back of the car with a wiper at the top and a chrome numberplate on the side. Then you could pay the old boy in a trilby in the roadside paybox a few pence every so often - or at least his staff member who rides on the bumper - and go on you way. Trying to dodgem of course!
  14. Well yes there is - but it is council talk which usually ends up simply wasting taxpayers money on consultants after which nothing happens.
  15. I think that's right. The economics don't work if there is too much handling. It is interesting that when BR set up freightliner in the sixties the notion was of transport from terminal to terminal inland the fact that the main part of the business developed as dockside to inland terminal was unexpected. But if you think about it with hindsight inevitable. If you put a box on a lorry to get it to the despatching terminal in a good number of cases it would be more sensible to take it all the way by lorry. In the end most of the major urban terminals planned for freightliner were never opened or later closed. What Beeching was after - and this was the mindset of the time - was a way of closing all the tiny good depots and concentrating the traffics he did want into a small number of large terminals. It ended up as dockside to terminal. Until BF start carrying ISO boxes as deck cargo in trainload quantities I don't see them being a player really. Now if they'd persisted with the road railer....
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