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  1. BF went to Santander from Plymouth P&O went to Bilbao from Portsmouth. There are customers for both. I think its as simple as that.
  2. Funnily enough I have just slung away a cutting from around thirty years ago which reported the then plan for PS Ryde. It didn't stand a chance then either. The costs of maritime preservation outstrip any other form of transport heritage and so much of it is beyond any group of volunteers. Read the latest Balmoral accounts which are the usual list of aspirations and a balance sheet to chill the blood. Another worrying statistic is this. The average age of the directors of PSPS is 64, Waverley Steam Navigation 64 and MV Balmoral Fund 62. In each case one director was considerably younger than all the others. Take that out and the average ages would have been considerably higher. This is not to be ageist, I am older myself - just to point out that no organisation can face the future with confidence if all the policy makers are likely to fall off the perch at around the same time!.
  3. Shuffling Antibiotics on to Pharmacies is a crazy idea. People would buy them for everything. I know otherwise intelligent people who will not be told that Antibiotics are no good if you have a cold or flu or indeed any virus except if there is some kind of secondary infection. The minute they feel a bit under the weather they are off down the surgery demanding them - and sadly they often seem to be given them. Probably to get rid of them. The overuse in agriculture in the Western world is one of the scandals of our time.
  4. I do like the menu but I never patronise places that think it's smart to omit the £ sign from prices. Daft I know but I just won't do it. Were they to replace the £ then I would go for Salmon Lamb Cheese For those around here an ex pupil of mine (not cookery!!!), who took it over last year, has just reopened 36 on the Quay after the hiatus. If you're in the area at least look at the menu case and give him a bit of hope....
  5. When I grew my hair long in 1970 I knew once and for all I was freed from the gents hairdressers and the incredible waiting while he droned on and on to his customers about how the rovers would do that weekend, or Swindon Town or boxing or wrestling on and on. While most of my contemporaries rejoined the short back and sides brigade I, along with nuff and spud and a few others from that generation, stuck with it. A quick trim round from Miss G now Mrs M has done since then.
  6. Bumbling and burbling does not equal either joined up thinking or reasoned policy. And there's nothing new going on in the schmutter game worldwide at present that shouldn't (and indeed couldn't) have been sorted out years ago.
  7. If that is the motivation he really doesn't understand the discretionary economy at all. Mind you most people who only talk about it don't either - he'll just understand it less. If you are in the discretionary cash based economy you know the one thing you must never give your punters is time (or cause) to think about what is often essentially learnt habitual behaviour. The spending has to be frictionless, regular and automatic and, if an impulse, served quickly before the moment passes. Once any of these are broken you are dead. This is why you move a market trader off their usual pitch over their dead body. Look in wonder at just how lightning quick on-course bookmakers work! (In this household the notion of having fish and chips over the past few weeks has frequently foundered on the fact that you have to order, pick a time, obey restrictions when collecting and maybe having to wait on the street in the rain - leave alone the sensitisation to price. If you think about the latter Costa was well named.) I sometimes wonder if those who, quite rightly of course, persuaded the majority of us to give up smoking suspected for one minute they were signing the death warrant for thousands of newsagents but the two purchases went together daily when I was a lad. We've all had three months to think. That, not the virus, is IMHO why there will be a new normal.
  8. Good luck - but I suspect finding someone to take this on will be impossible. No one at the moment is willingly going to attempt tussling with BF's website to amend their booking even if they were prepared to accept a complete stranger in the party. The advice has to be to freight the bike back and go via Eurostar.
  9. There are no value products from Nationwide any longer I think. Their deposit rates are derisory and over the years they have removed virtually every advantage from their cards. £156 for breakdown and travel insurance with additional health screening for pre-existing conditions? You're paying for that and they are getting commission too...
  10. Indeed but it's actually worse than that for the Leader of the Conservative Party and his pals. In many areas such employment is the only way that current higher education finance works at all for the average student. Without this employment they won't be back in September - they won't be able to. There's another 'bubble' for you...
  11. Sorry Colin forgot that one - that makes 31!
  12. I have missed a number of things over the past weeks but going out and being charged £20 for £1.50- £2 worth of ingredients and £20 for a bottle of house white wholesale price say £3 is not one of them. Back in Feb the last time we did such a thing I thought the prices had become shall we say ambitious but the new workshop equipment shows clearly what I have been saving. The government is petrified because casual dining is the only thing that has been keeping the high street alive. But it has in truth always had the characteristics of a bubble - the collapse of the Cafe Rouge outfit shows the fragility of the sector. And there is gross oversupply. Here in Emsworth there are, or were until one shut a year ago, 30 outlets where you can buy at least a take away coffee. It's madness.
  13. Hope there were no repeats!
  14. Here is a scrap from a paper of 1967 with some interesting prices.
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