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  1. The chap was called Michael Rayner and the glassware was very fine indeed. It was certainly there in 1979 because we bought my in-laws a very nice red vase for their Ruby Wedding. I think the premises are now a Fish and Chip shop. The IoW glass produced now is not of the same quality.
  2. We thought about using it once but the fact that we had to drive to Brockenhurst first made it seem a bit pointless and it didn't really seem that cheap iirc. I think what really helped to see it off apart from the inconvenience of some of the termini and increasingly reliable cars that didn't use so much juice was BR's introduction of regular and faster, sometimes much faster, clock-face timetabled cross-country trains that didn't require you to negotiate Birmingham New Street in its grottiest days or Crewe.
  3. It is old old news - the actual incident, if recounted correctly, was in the 1980s according to the Mirror story.
  4. OK I'll admit I was only thinking of the West Coast
  5. I think it's subscription time really. The last independent newsagent where I knew I could get a copy has just closed and within a radius of 10 miles from where I am sitting I think only branches of WH Smug can be even suspected of carrying the more recherché titles in most fields.
  6. It's an interesting topic but, and this is a serious question, has any ferry route in the UK ever run in parallel with a road/rail route which is equally convenient to get to the same effective crossing starting point? (I don't accept Southampton in this.) In my minds eye I can't recall any 'dotted line' over the blue bits that would be the equivalent of one running down from L/pool through the Irish Sea and Bristol Channel and then round Lands End before heading for the continent - leave alone one beginning at Glasgow. I know that there were Bristol Channel steamers that worked the French Coast in the early to mid 1800s.
  7. It happened to I think eight or nine cars at StM on a 'last crossing before Christmas' some years ago and was reported on here. I don't think they were late - just last! With age my sense of chronology has deteriorated and I wouldn't like to guess how long ago - maybe eight or nine years but could be longer.
  8. Their accounts don't make pretty reading - but these things have always happened and I fear will continue to happen if a government in any shape or form is the customer.
  9. Using the Licensing Act 2003 and a bit of determination it is possible to manage this problem away. But there has to be determination and the will to do it. That too often is lacking. For a start it has to be seen as a problem...
  10. Could Colin have meant some people have too much Thyme on their hands but August is the silly Season?
  11. Did you read about the dwarf who rescued my dog Black Jack from the Aero drome - he was a real miniature hero and deserves the CDM. He lives in Polo perro where he likes to watch the trawlers going out; he's a real Fisherman's friend and always takes part in their Revels the little poppet.
  12. Niton Extended Outlook 08/08/19 On Friday evening low pressure over southern Ireland, 985, will move northeast to be centred near Forties, 989, by midday Saturday, then move into southern Norway while continuing to fill by midday Sunday. High pressure west of Fitzroy, 1028, will slowly move northeastwards to extend a ridge over Fitzroy during Monday. On Sunday, low pressure will develop north of Iceland and move southwest to be centred over Iceland, 1005, by midday Monday. Low pressure may develop near Tyne on Monday, moving southeast into Humber. Gales or near gales are expected in all areas at first, moving northeastwards, clearing Biscay and Fitzroy by midday Saturday and all other areas on Saturday night. These gales may be severe for a time in Lundy and Fastnet on Friday night, and in Thames, Dover and Wight on Saturday. Thereafter no hazardous winds are expected. Make of that what you will but it seems that the worst of the weather will move north as you are going south. These are not unusual low pressure conditions for mid August.
  13. And as it happens the old Co-Op Bakery was just north at Station Road Farlington. Don't look for the station - it went years ago but was built to serve a racecourse that was once there.
  14. The trains were built to a much narrower profile and felt quite different to sit in, they also had much stiffer suspension to damp sideways oscilation. They seldom escaped from the Hastings area but in the seventies did work the SO Brighton Exeter which at that time was the only passenger train to regularly traverse the Northern side of the Hilsea triangle.
  15. In the period before it was withdrawn the railway press was full of reports of cancellations and there was little if any will on the part of either BR or SNCF to replace the rolling stock to continue the operation. It is quite surprising to look back and note the amount of special boat train rolling stock the BR (SR) used to run all built specially - things like Class 419 Motor Luggage Vans and the fleet of electric locomotives - after the Kent Coast electrification scheme.
  16. Anyone can be affected given the right circumstances and not just at sea. The closest I have ever been was on a Metropoltan Line train sitting sideways on what must have been a very rough unit ready for shopping. . It was so unsettling I had to get off.
  17. Both things are what has put me off in the past, these sorts and their behaviours have already stopped me going racing and to one day cricket years ago. On safety I don't care what evacuation plans they have for these monster ships - they won't work in reality.
  18. That's cruising off the list then. Not that I'm too bothered.
  19. I admit I have only had a skim of this but it seems the main burden of complaints surrounds poor customer service interaction and lack of information when there is a problem with a vessel or a particular crossing. I have been a member of BFE, I am staggered to find, since 2004 and I have to say over that period BF have seldom, if ever, covered themselves with glory in communicating with their customers in those circumstances. I know it is difficult but they seem to get it wrong time after time.
  20. I can guess one thing. If it happens and there is any inconvenience at all to the general public no matter how minor whoever carried it out can kiss their political career goodbye. But given his past record in public office the new PM will have lost interest in the job by, at a guess, next Thursday afternoon.
  21. One more for Port Solent. Wetherspoons Fish and Chips and Large Pinot £8.99. But if a clear day why not spend half an hour at the large car park on Portsdown Hill https://goo.gl/maps/9EkYdN5koyytMj6U9 stunning views and Mick's Snacks! On a nice winter day a walk round Portchester Castle grounds is worthwhile even if the castle is not open. Plenty of parking.
  22. LInk to Press Release mentioned above
  23. I covered an anti-piracy conference a few years ago and got the impression that with so little music being sold retail now the rights agencies were going to look to maximise revenue everywhere they could.
  24. There used to be an excellent bakery in StMalo that did a complete loaf like this so you could easily break it into roll length pieces. It also did the best croute de the I have ever tasted. It was the Boulangerie Eric Frazier which went some years ago and is now I think the office of the Vedettes. Rue de Puits et Braies.
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