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  1. When a journo on a broadsheet business page a few years ago reveals in their coverage of the budget a complete ignorance about how self-employed NICs work, and another in a serious journal who still thought Uniform Business Rates were set and retained by local authorities, what chance of them understanding a company balance sheet. Assuming of course what they are reading is worth the paper it is written on which is a completely different matter.
  2. After reading this post, and remembering being on Bournemouth sea front that day and having to go indoors to light my pipe (I gave up smoking eight years later) such was the wind, I looked up the report on the race which makes very interesting reading even for a non sailor like me. It can be found here. As Colin points out the causes of death analysis gives a lot of food for thought. A colleague was dismasted on the same day not as far offshore.
  3. Millsy

    BF survey

    I remember being handed a paper survey on Bretagne some years ago which ran to I think 80 questions with up to ten variables in each response bank. It went straight into the bin. It doesn't matter how many times you tell everyone from students upwards that a questionnaire is almost always the worst choice, then delete the word almost, they still cling lovingly to them. There is only one way to analyse and improve customer service reliably if you can tolerate the ethical dilemmas the method involves - and by the looks of some of the many comments on various review sites it's about time BF implemented it. If they haven't already.
  4. Could I just add a recommendation for Chromebook? When my Windows 7 netbook died last year I decided to give it a try and am a complete convert. It is compatible with all the Microsoft programmes I use. Also when the netbook gave up I salvaged the HDD and with a £5.75 caddy ended up with a nice external drive as well.
  5. Just as a matter of interest Penguin are releasing all new translations of the Simenon Maigret novels including the 1932 Le port des brumes (The MIsty Harbour) which is set in Ouistreham and makes entertaining reading for those like me who love the area.
  6. Every design mistake that could be made was made in this terrible building.
  7. A highly recommended way to use a BFE offer! Cherbourg is well worth a mooch around on a nice day.
  8. I suppose the simple answer is that it could but it doesn't! Whatever time you chose is going to be better for some than others. You could equally well ask why BF keep an expensive bit of plant for so few hours use a year. Only BF will know!
  9. Well it's easy money isn't it? I won't forget this in my future dealings - if any - with BF.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50150070 Lorry apparently travelled from Bulgaria and entered UK at Holyhead.
  11. I went on to the site the other day just to see how it was and as the first screen loaded up came a box saying we would welcome your feedback - before I'd a chance to do anything. Incredibly stupid, incredibly annoying, incredibly counter-productive. BF seem to be rapidly losing the plot on every side.
  12. I've probably mentioned this before but I am reminded of a saying of the late Billy Cotton - "When Mrs Jones of Wigan comes along to my band show she expects a band show and not a hard-luck story." BF has sadly joined that pantheon of companies who think nothing of making the customer wait...and wait.....and wait....and wait.. and think an apology is enough.
  13. Now that is something that really shouldn't happen if things are set up properly.
  14. Any pax heading for Portsmouth between these dates from Southern stations note that the line between Chichester/Barnham and Havant will be closed. Buses will run from both ends with an express service as well as stoppers. Make sure you pick the right one! Weekday journey times are about twenty minutes longer overall as far as I can tell so far, weekends may be different. Ticket acceptance is NOT, repeat NOT, in place on the SWR Portsmouth Direct routes, except for lengthy seasons. More information here
  15. That reminds me of the time I boarded an HST at Reading (1st stop) to go down to Plymouth. The lady opposite had clearly laid out what was obviously an expensive cashmere sweater on the seat next to her for the purpose of deterring others. When she got off at Taunton or Exeter St D, I can't recall which, she was so reluctant to show what she had done she had to leave the thing there!
  16. And learn absolutely nothing a value only of price.
  17. If BF can't get jobs done properly by contractors - and posts on here for months now seem to show they can't - then the solution is obvious.
  18. I know it's a typo but I love the idea of a ticket bending machine but I 'd like a ticket lending machine more 😊
  19. The Steam Railway issued a statement a couple of weeks ago confirming that the St John's Road scheme was dead. In my view they would have been misguided to have even thought it was worthwhile. As for the rest of it I do wonder if some thought will be given to demolishing the remains of the old tramway pier before it collapses. It is well over time for the Esplanade 'interchange' to get a facelift it really is getting to look very drab. Most of all though there needs to be some determination to actually collect the fares due. The last times I've travelled no attempt has been made to either check tickets or make sales. Yet it is impossible to buy through day return tickets from many mainland stations to Island Line destinations.
  20. As one who has spent most of his adult life with seemingly one group after another threatening to blow me up or hijack me - bomb scare evacuations became sooooooo tedious in the seventies - if I was offered the choice (which I never have been) I'd prefer to do without all the security, the lot, and take my chance. Any other approach and, sorry, they - whoever it is - have won!
  21. There is all the difference in the world between doing a job properly and the cheap and cheerful antics we have now. I said they don't make me feel any more secure and they darned well don't. I am not talking about border controls I am talking about 'security'.
  22. You might feel more secure with these precautions - I don't. Sadly minimally trained personnel in some cases, not Portsmouth, who have little English 'going through the motions' dies not make me feel any more secure at all. If you want to see how we got where we are google 'new public management' - yes it's 'Tina' who's got us to a point where the public service is a laughing stock. It behaves in the way it thinks private business does without of course understanding business at all. Current travel security is a farce designed to comfort the gullible and infuriate the innocent.
  23. If approaching Portsmouth from the East there is one in Emsworth A259, South Street Car Park. It is cleverly designed to look like a petrol pump which must say something about someone's mind-set! The hour or so can be well spent here especially if you need to eat before an evening departure - the choice is wide.
  24. Yes but I seem to recall that even when folk were complaining about lack of capacity over all alternative modes BF reported that at no time did they not have space on any route. It was almost as if they didn't exist for some who were paying vast amounts to various opportunists.
  25. Interestingly, but coincidental, in June the City of London announced plans to consolidate all its wholesale markets (New Spits, Billingsgate & Smithfield) on a new site just up the road at Dagenham Dock. This too was chosen on access grounds amongst other considerations.
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