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  1. Looks like she's under her own power at least - all be it doing 8 knots, perhaps on one engine only?
  2. The Faroese have been generally been great with Covid-19 testing. I believe something like 175% of their population have been tested
  3. Thanks for all the wonderful stories and pictures. And some incredible videos of her now hhvferry - looking quite battered, but perhaps she was always a bit like that and nostalgia is getting the better of me. But amazing to think she's still running nearly 50 years on. I know she in the grand scheme of things wasn't particularly exciting - but every ship enthusiast has that one ship, probably the one that made them a ship enthusiast, and for me it's this one (all be it when she was St Clair!) From what I've been able to gather, when P&O took her over, they installed new pa
  4. Thanks for this Chris. Have you ever considered reconnecting with your ex wife?! (if only to find those photos!!) 😂
  5. Hello I wonder if anyone has memories or photos of Tregastel? I knew her very well as the St Clair when she worked on the Shetland route for 10 years after leaving BF/Truckline, but would love to have seen more from her before her life with P&O. Dave
  6. For all intents she is exactly the same vessel as the 7 year old Oasis of The Seas. It's a very clever move by Royal Caribbean - they make each one of them marginally longer (I'm talking a couple of feet tops) then as a result they can bring out the whole 'we've built the largest cruise ship in the world' media hype every time they make a new one. They did the same with Allure a couple of years after Oasis, and they are doing the same with Harmony now. They will no doubt do the same with Oasis 4 which is currently under construction. Oasis is 1,186.5 ft long Harmony is 1,188.1 ft.
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