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  1. That's significantly less than I would normally bring back! Just coming to the end of last year's stock, and still hoping to get to France before the transition period ends.
  2. I really miss the Newcastle-Bergen route too. Sadly there is little prospect of it being resurrected at the moment, but I live in hope.
  3. The British Government's chaotic handling of Brexit and Covid has created a climate where future planning is almost impossible. Over four years after the EU Referendum, we still have no idea what the final deal (if there is any deal) will look like. BF are not alone - many UK exporters will face a similar struggle.
  4. They are still there, but haven't been updated yet. The format is somewhat confusing and you can only view one month at a time. Select a month (by clicking on it) to see sailings.
  5. We are missing our ferry trips this year, and my daughter is desperate for the green Pistachio and Cranberry layered gateau/cake that is generally served as one of many desserts on the buffet table in Le Flora and Les Abers (it may also be available on other ships!). Does anyone know where I can get this BF speciality - or a recipe for it? A little inside knowledge would make someone very happy!
  6. Sadly that is very likely to be the case. Rather than being hostile to immigrants, the government should be targeting the rogue landlords and employers who make millions from the illegal trafficking of some of the world's most vulnerable people.
  7. Wherever she's heading, Bretagne is in a hurry. 24.8 knots!
  8. Tregastel

    2021 Timetables

    Agreed. I think the prize for the longest serving ship on a UK-Spain service currently goes to Pride of Bilbao, which crossed the Bay twice a week from 1993 - 2010. She was 24 years old when P&O pulled out of Portsmouth.
  9. No daytrip offers either - i am hoping these will appear for autumn sailings once the summer peak is over.
  10. Tregastel

    2021 Timetables

    Cap Finistere is four years older than Pont Aven and there doesn't appear to be any imminent plan to retire her from sailngs to Spain. It is true that PA has served the route for far longer than any of her predecessors. but some of BF's former Santander ships (The original Armorique/ Quiberon/ Bretagne/ Val de Loire) have been assigned to new routes because of a need for increased capacity rather than necessarily being considered too old for Biscay crossings. Bretagne did quite a few sailings to Santander long after being replaced as the regular vessel for the route.
  11. Tregastel

    2021 Timetables

    Disappointing for Plymouth, but offset to some extent by the expected increase in seasonal sailings to Santander.
  12. Interesting that Honfleur is shown with the current fleet under the "Ships and Onboard" tab on the BF website, whereas the imminent Galicia doesn't get a mention!
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