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  1. Bretagne has also moved
  2. This keyring fob looks like it could double as a supermarket trolley token. I won't be bidding though, as I still have a collection of the plastic ones supplied by BF.
  3. Tregastel


    The first BF ferry I sailed on with my future wife in 1987 (Plymouth-Roscoff) - hence my user name. She obviously made a good impression because we've been regular customers ever since! Amazing that she's still working at 50 years old.
  4. Not looking good for my Plymouth - Santander booking on 12th May then!
  5. The waiter service restaurants are what set BF apart. I go out of my way to avoid sailing on the Armorique because it lacks this facility. If we can't have a quality, relaxing meal on board, I'll travel through the tunnel and save money.
  6. Tregastel

    2021 Timetables

    Not Economie - Truckline!
  7. I guess it depends where you live. I've already booked crossings on Pont Aven from Plymouth for next year, and I'm delighted she'll be doing two return trips from the South West every week again. For several years I have been forced to travel via Portsmouth because of the limited service from Plymouth. The Galicia looks like a pleasant ship, but the extra driving time, coupled with several more hours at sea isn't particularly attractive.
  8. I assume Contentin will soon be appearing on the BFE Fleet Finder page?
  9. That's significantly less than I would normally bring back! Just coming to the end of last year's stock, and still hoping to get to France before the transition period ends.
  10. I really miss the Newcastle-Bergen route too. Sadly there is little prospect of it being resurrected at the moment, but I live in hope.
  11. The British Government's chaotic handling of Brexit and Covid has created a climate where future planning is almost impossible. Over four years after the EU Referendum, we still have no idea what the final deal (if there is any deal) will look like. BF are not alone - many UK exporters will face a similar struggle.
  12. They are still there, but haven't been updated yet. The format is somewhat confusing and you can only view one month at a time. Select a month (by clicking on it) to see sailings.
  13. We are missing our ferry trips this year, and my daughter is desperate for the green Pistachio and Cranberry layered gateau/cake that is generally served as one of many desserts on the buffet table in Le Flora and Les Abers (it may also be available on other ships!). Does anyone know where I can get this BF speciality - or a recipe for it? A little inside knowledge would make someone very happy!
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