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  1. Me too - not a fan of Armorique (although the cabins are good).
  2. She was custom-built for the Plymouth-Santander route - replacing Quiberon as the BF flagship in 1989.
  3. Ah yes -the legendary "Lamb Gargantuan" - we still talk about it now!
  4. Bretagne is on the move!
  5. Th Pont is newer than MSM!
  6. The paint damage on Kerry's bow is awful. If it comes off that easily, she'll be back in her old livery in a couple of months
  7. A great review! Bretagne is still a fantastic ship, and Les Abers is the best restaurant in the fleet.
  8. Northern Portugal is still pretty cheap, and easily accessible from Santander.
  9. I did the same thing after arriving from Roscoff at 8.10pm on Monday - worked a treat!
  10. I have nothing but good memories of Quiberon - she was an excellent ship.
  11. Great to see Bretagne is going to get some much needed TLC - she's still a great ship.
  12. My first ever BF vessel too (hence the name!).
  13. This has been addressed before on this thread. The British Flag is a temporary measure as all Stena RoRo ships are registered in the UK. When Brittany Ferries take delivery, she will be registered in France.
  14. It was the flagship when he knew it as a boy.
  15. Does anyone know if BF ships currently have facilities to charge electric vehicles, or whether this facility will be available on the new builds? With plans to phase out production of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 (earlier in Scotland), this could become an attractive and popular option.
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