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  1. Will be interesting to try the new boats as the newest I've been on is Armorique, and her club plus are excellent, different world from the club on Bretagne really. At least the cabin toilets have always worked on Bretagne (and I have sailed on her many times), unlike my trip on Armorique last week. It is beginning to look as though all the ships (Galicia excluded) need a good spruce-up and some some decent maintenance.
  2. I seem recall someone on the forum recently saying their cabin was changed due to flooding ? Was that aboard Armorique ? It seems to have serious plumbing issues. Just returned form Saint Malo on Armorique. The toilet flush was extremely temperamental (it would eventually work, but sometimes required as many as twenty presses before the vacuum came to life). The main light in the cabin was also flashing on and off like a belisha beacon. The issues have been reported, but it sounds like the ship has some plumbing problems. Bring back Bretagne!
  3. The "stars" are not exclusive to the EU - it is also the flag of the Council of Europe - an organisation to which the UK still belongs.
  4. You have my sympathy. My licence is due for renewal on medical grounds in early June, so we've booked a trip to Spain in May as I expect a lengthy delay. The situation at DVLA is wholly unacceptable. I hope you get some good news soon.
  5. Understood, but I have no desire to cover up the European flag!
  6. I am certainly aware of it, but haven't found any yet (we''ll be in France when the rules change). I would be surprised if anyone gets too excited about it.
  7. Good value I'd say. The relaxed ambience and (generally) excellent service in Le Flora (or Les Abers) is the perfect way to start a holiday, and I and many others are happy to pay for it. I don't want to be queuing up for my food and sitting at a wipe-clean table.
  8. As Salamanca now appears in 2022 timetables (Portsmouth-Bilbao), the BF website includes a 3D virtual tour of the ship. Obviously, the layout is identical to Galicia but the decor looks the same too. Have they used the same set of pictures? Can anyone spot any differences (colour schemes, artworks etc) which may help to give each vessel a bit of individuality?
  9. Surely going via Saltash takes you across the Tamar Bridge (A38)?
  10. I have finally been advised that my October crossing from Saint Malo will be on The Armorique and not Bretagne. The message confirms that the newer ship will cover the route until 31st October. Not a surprise, but it is now official - presumably Bretagne will not carry any passengers until next year.
  11. The "Sailing Updates" page has finally been updated!
  12. Correct - just received mine from LV and it's valid for 180 days.
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