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  1. I wanted a cardboard cut out Normandie. I remember going on her when she was in her first couple of years on the family holiday. The distance from the horses forward around the lounges felt a long way compared to anything I had been on before. Then the central staircase with the photo booth and boutique up to the cafe which felt huge. I was given a Brittany Ferries cardboard ship model the but it was of Bretagne and I was disappointed! It is a shame they no longer have these or don't put them online to print yourself!
  2. Breakfast out and onboard is very much a treat! I have really enjoyed having a sit down buffet on Bretagne on the way into ST Malo despite having to hold on to you coffee cup at times! This year I am only returning on the day crossing when I return. Does anyone know if a buffet breakfast is offered after boarding? or is 10:30 really to late!
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