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  1. Another consideration is the fact that the logo was almost always displayed on promotional literature in the 'oval shape' (and, as Le Quiberon pointed out, with the 'The Holiday Fleet' slogan) before the year 2000 when they trialled the new slogan. IIRC in 2001/2002 they started using the oval shape again but with a blue line underneath rather than a slogan. They then adopted the italics logo late 2002.
  2. 'As relaxing as being there' was only used on the 2000 brochure and dropped by 2001 so I would guess late 1999 or early 2000.
  3. Plymouth - Roscoff tonight delayed until 1200 tomorrow and the 0830 Roscoff departure and 1500 Plymouth tomorrow cancelled. Weather must be getting worse. Sailing from St Malo today was very calm...
  4. I don't think it was due to light loading - there was no cabin availability on Barfleur from Cherbourg tomorrow. Great service and communication from BF. I was surprised they didn't suggest Caen or Le Havre and let me choose the route I wanted instead. Now going from St Malo and have been able to get a cabin which we couldn't in Barfleur. Was also given a sizeable chunk of compensation for the re route of ports. Thought they handled it brilliantly. However I'm confused as to why Normandie Express isn't cancelled tomorrow afternoon (is Saturday) and Barfleur is?? Also Armorique still sailing on the exposed western channel?
  5. Two additional Cork-Roscoff rotations showing up on the Freight timetables. Dep Cork: 2200 Friday and 0830 Sunday Dep Roscoff: 1800 Saturday 0030 early Monday morning Should help!
  6. I think the reason Armorique hasn't been moved to Cork this weekend (whilst she was the previous 3 weekends) is due to this weekend being a much busier time on Plymouth-Roscoff (Whitsun half-term starts).
  7. The Armorique was due to sail at 16.30 from Roscoff on Thursday and then spend the night at dock in Plymouth picking up the 08.00 Friday sailing. She is now doing an extra rotation from Roscoff at 08.30 Thursday returning from Plymouth at 15.00 and a Roscoff overnight at 23.00 ready for her Friday morning Plymouth departure. This suggests the Pont Aven will not be back for the 20.45 Thursday night Plymouth-Roscoff sailing. Interesting few months at Roscoff!
  8. Also Morrisons The Best Brittany Butter. Every chance it is the same product in different packaging!
  9. Although according to Brittany Ferries Freight timetables, only to Cherbourg and Le Havre. Seems the Roscoff (and St Malo) routes revert to the off season timetable for one week in mid May (Armorique 6 departures each way a week) then the 'shoulder' season timetable from late May (7 a week).
  10. Only because that's what people had been speculating and because the pricing structure hasn't appeared to change despite Normandie replacing Etretat. I never thought it would become economie although it did occur to me that they might have mothballed the restaurant, cinema, cafe and kiosque allowing them to reduce staff in a similar manner to Barfleur (which I know isn't economie but isn't far off facilities wise).
  11. I found this on the french website as a PDF brochure, showing Normandie will not be branded as economie.
  12. Barfleur did 4 sailings a day six days a week (one day with just 2) between 1992 and 2009... I see no reason why this couldn't happen again?
  13. Yes I think so too...the Quiberon and Duc used to do ten return sailings a week from Plymouth to Roscoff (compared to 7 now in low season) and the Val/Pont did two (rather than 1). I suspect the Pont could probably squeeze in three at high speed. Another option would be for Connemara to squeeze one rotation in between her Cork/Roscoff trip like the Duchesse Anne used to.
  14. quibby

    New Look Revealed

    I think they've actually moved the deck stripe from deck 6 to deck 7. They've also removed the blue paint underneath the lifeboats. Interested to see the blue on the funnel - matches the artist impressions of the Honfleur! Never knew the history of the very strange first BF logo - always wondered what it represented!
  15. Thanks hhvferry these are fascinating!
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