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  1. No same for school staff who use them. Both tonsils and up the nose!
  2. quibby

    2021 Timetables

    Whilst I agree BF will not operate her as a passenger vessel, to be fair to LHCity, Stena did just that.
  3. Yes but the Roscoff-Rosslare sailings were due to last until the end of October and now finish next week! Two months worth of departures cancelled
  4. quibby

    2021 Timetables

    I do wonder if the lack of Plymouth-Roscoff crossings in winter (5 months with no sailings at all is unprecedented in BF's history) is due to the Portsmouth - St Malo timetable not being finalised yet? They usually have winter sailings to Roscoff at least for the fortnight over Christmas and have, in recent years, tended to recommence sailings in early February rather than late March. As Pont Aven seems to be covering the Galicia all winter and Armorique is spending November and December on Portsmouth to Caen, I suspect Bretagne will stay on St Malo until Christmas and then Armorique
  5. The de luxe cabins definitely looked better than they did post-refit! The bar looks quite atmospheric as well. Love the chairs in the self service too. Seems like the 1990 refit improved some areas but also removed some of the charm. This twitter post from BF shows some pretty amazing walls in the information hall:
  6. Thank you! This is very interesting - 4 services to Roscoff on a Friday! In 1980 I know that Portsmouth to St Malo was served by Goelo and Prince of Brittany and Santander/Cork by Armorique. Did that leave Penn Ar Bed and Cournailles on the Roscoff route?
  7. Actually might have been more than one season...this is 1999:
  8. She did during one winter in the late 90s when the winter route was switched from Portsmouth to Poole. It wasn't repeated however!
  9. Fascinating! Did they also review Brittany Ferries at the time?
  10. It was more like half the Caen operation (Quiberon did three sailings a day so more than the Armorique does now but her capacity was smaller) and the Val De Loire/Bretagne helped to make Sundays 3 sailings in each direction. It was only in 1993 when the Duchesse Anne did an experiment of being the second Roscoff ship and even then it was only Wednesday to Friday. Caen always had many more sailings than Roscoff in the 1990s.
  11. Plymouth - Roscoff tonight delayed until 1200 tomorrow and the 0830 Roscoff departure and 1500 Plymouth tomorrow cancelled. Weather must be getting worse. Sailing from St Malo today was very calm...
  12. I don't think it was due to light loading - there was no cabin availability on Barfleur from Cherbourg tomorrow. Great service and communication from BF. I was surprised they didn't suggest Caen or Le Havre and let me choose the route I wanted instead. Now going from St Malo and have been able to get a cabin which we couldn't in Barfleur. Was also given a sizeable chunk of compensation for the re route of ports. Thought they handled it brilliantly. However I'm confused as to why Normandie Express isn't cancelled tomorrow afternoon (is Saturday) and Barfleur is?? Also Armorique still
  13. Two additional Cork-Roscoff rotations showing up on the Freight timetables. Dep Cork: 2200 Friday and 0830 Sunday Dep Roscoff: 1800 Saturday 0030 early Monday morning Should help!
  14. I think the reason Armorique hasn't been moved to Cork this weekend (whilst she was the previous 3 weekends) is due to this weekend being a much busier time on Plymouth-Roscoff (Whitsun half-term starts).
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