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  1. veryoldbear

    Portugal route?

    Won't they want to run down and do a berthing trial before going "live"?
  2. veryoldbear

    Portugal route?

    Ah yes, the second one does look a bit like a hinged / floating one, like the one at Cherbourg.
  3. veryoldbear

    Portugal route?

    Google Earth doesn't seem to show any linkspans either in Porto or the commercial port to the North or am I missing something?
  4. The other problem is thaat if you do not have a cabin to park your belongings you have to cart all the bags and coats etc every time you leave your seat to go to the shop or restaurant otherwise you may have to find a new place to lurk when you come back. If you leave your coats and bag to reserve your perch you may be accused of terrorism.
  5. We like the morning sailing from Portsmouth - Caen as we can then get some shopping done and usually arrive at the French hovel in daylight. We live near Didcot so it's a quick blast down the A34 / M3 to get to Portsmouth, but it does mean an early rise, so we do prefer a day cabin to have a nap ... in these COVID times it is probably going to be worth having a day cabin anyway. We don't do overnights unless absolutely necessary.
  6. I think the main question is were they round or triangular? This is of great importance to the serious BFE person.
  7. We have a June Portsmouth / Caen booked and we are going to hang in until the last minute, being incurable optimists. It worked for us last August ...
  8. And the estimated consumption grrrrr.
  9. We have a maison secondaire in Manche which we haven't seen since last August (I just hope we remembered to turn the power off). Lord knows what condition it will be in when we finally manage to get back ..........
  10. Equasis is showing Connemara as French flag.
  11. I would suspect that there will little in the way of refitting done this season, and work will be limited to that required for the renewal of Class, Safety and State Certification, and essential maintenance. New carpets will not be on the agenda.
  12. Nope, they need shore power, because in dry dock there is no water to run the engine cooling systems.
  13. Now this looks interesting .... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8840117/Coronavirus-UK-Seven-day-quarantine-travel-quarantine-plan-unveiled.html
  14. It is the extra time required to put little coloured stickers on the cars.
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