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  1. Equasis is showing Connemara as French flag.
  2. I would suspect that there will little in the way of refitting done this season, and work will be limited to that required for the renewal of Class, Safety and State Certification, and essential maintenance. New carpets will not be on the agenda.
  3. Nope, they need shore power, because in dry dock there is no water to run the engine cooling systems.
  4. Now this looks interesting .... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8840117/Coronavirus-UK-Seven-day-quarantine-travel-quarantine-plan-unveiled.html
  5. It is the extra time required to put little coloured stickers on the cars.
  6. Students not going home for Christmas would of course have exactly the opposite effect to that intended. With term having ended and nothing to occupy them they would just party like hell ...
  7. Twitter has been the only effective way to get through to BF to manage bookings for some months, and I would not be surprised if they are trying to stop being used as a general forum. Don't forget the BF staff have to wade through all the tweats to filter out the ones that actually need an action, and those that are just gripes and complaints.
  8. My primary reason for travelling by BF is that it minimises my driving time and distance at both ends. If they had to temporarily close the poshnosh restuarants, the shops, the bar, and did away with the "entertainment" I would still find it a more congenial mode of transport than slogging round the M25, sitting in a subterranean tin can for half an hour and then slogging for five hours down the motorway. It is however slightly perverse that doing it that way takes pretty much the same time as going by BF ...
  9. Another wodge of money for BF .... https://www.lamanchelibre.fr/actualite-907032-economie-jean-castex-annonce-une-aide-de-15-millions-d-euros-pour-brittany-ferries
  10. I suspect that BF are now really struggling to make any coherent plans for this coming winter. The only things that are really fixed will be the drydocking periods for the various vessels as these are usually booked well in advance. BF are now trying to second-guess the random edicts coming from the French and UK Governments and trying to minimise the immense losses over the next six(?) months. It is a total mess, but I don't think we can really expect any firm plans at the moment
  11. We normally use the loo on a "one-in-one-out" basis anyway.
  12. AFAIK the work over on the East side is for an operations base for wind farm work (maintenance not construction) https://www.transportjournal.com/en/home/news/artikeldetail/expansion-work-starts-at-caen-ouistreham-port.html
  13. And here comes the cavalry .. French Government, big loan ... https://www.lamanchelibre.fr/actualite-903751-economie-le-gouvernement-vient-en-aide-a-la-brittany-ferries
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