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  1. Basically it is an indulgence if you don't mind paying for it but not of much practical use on the average Biscay crossing as Nodwad says.
  2. We have had a number of Gite holidays in Carnac and the nearby area. The first ones before they fenced off the megaliths. It is an ideal destination using the overnight Portsmouth - St Malo route. Sometimes we would return from St Malo on teh morning crossing after an overnight stop to visit the Intra Muros but latterly we used to get the afternoon crossing from Caen which enabled us to get home to Surrey before 10pm the same day. Mixing and matching the two routes can be very useful sometimes.
  3. Yes indeed. Quiberon is a great place to visit being stuck out into the Atlantic. A big contrast between the gentle bay side to the East and the Cote Sauvage to the west which takes the full force of the ocean, it is a spectacular coastal drive. Best not to visit in high season though when the road up the spine of the peninsula becomes a solid traffic jam!
  4. OK, what about this one - a bit furthet south.
  5. Yes it is a water tower at Pleurtuit west of Dinard which was converted into a restaurant. It appears not to have been successful but we always regretted not visiting when it was open as the view must have been amazing.
  6. Yes, originally but a bit more than that now Ed. Clue: not far from St Malo No, not a lighthouse Gareth.
  7. Thanks Gareth. Anybody been up there?
  8. That's some experience I envy you.
  9. I thought Three Bridges is in Crawley, Sussex England..,,😁
  10. Sorry mods. mispelt Brittany in the title - please amend. Only one eye wotking at the moment!
  11. In an effort to encourage my rehabititation and provide an opportunity to share the places we all love in Brittany and Normandy with some inspiring images I thought it might be worthwhile to share the places we miss and can't wait to revisit. So I thought we might post images for members to identify. To avoid tripping over each other please give each image a specific reference. e.g. cvbabishop 01 etc. This one is cvab01
  12. Sorry Gareth, overlooked that I'm afraid. Good thread though with lovely pics. Here is another.
  13. Nobody has mentioned St Malo yet. Our first arrival, early on a sunny Summer morning with the rocks exposed was magic. What an introduction to France. People in the UK keep talking about how much they want to visit Cornwall etc. etc. but the coastline west of St Malo is world class all the way to Le Val Andre and beyond. That is Cap Frehel lighthouse in the distance.
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