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  1. Whlist sitting and weeping in the Armorique self service....?
  2. I have two types of glaucoma eyedrops. Neither need to be refrigerated and are quite OK at normal room temperature for the month they are used for.
  3. I can well understand that. Electronic devices aren't always the best solution. Not yet anyway.
  4. Whoever then - but still culpable. This is just basic programming competence. People are not doing the jobs they are paid for. Bad programming and bad oversight by management.
  5. As I said earlier, probably just sloppy programming but it still causes a lot of grief. Bad BF quality control?
  6. It's just sloppy programming. The input should not be evaluated until you leave the box.
  7. Were the different emails on the same provider? I had a problem once when emails wouldn't go through on BTMail but no problem with my AOL address. For some reason the recipient would not accept BTInternet addresses. If so might be worth setting up a GMail address.
  8. I have indeed and had an offer to take up my complaint but I have declined on the basis that in my case it is an inconvenience as I can keep driving in the UK pending a decision on my licence but there are literally thousands of people, who are waiting for their licence to be restored after recovery from a medical condition and have lost their livelihoods in the meantime due to being unable to drive. They should take priority. The DVLA situation is a national disgrace. The Union have deliberately targeted the medical section as a means of bringing pressure against the management who appear to have been making no effort whatsoever to resolve the situation. The Chief Exec of the DVLA is apparently in the office one day a month. There has been a parliamentary committee investigation which has not seemed to have had any impact. However there has also been a parliamentary petition criticising the DVLA which has prompted a Government response. Another parliamentary committee of MPs has judged the Government response to be inadequate and not addressing the problem so HMG now have to revise their response. In the meantime we wait. It appears that it could be well into the New Year before the issues are resolved. Unbelievable really. HMG just doesn't seem to be bothered.
  9. Well, at least you can still get over to France. The DVLA have been delaying the renewal of my driving licence since February as their medical section has been on continual strike since April and no idea of when I might get it back. Be grateful for small mercies and enjoy your jaunt. After all, the ferry crossing only takes up a few hours of it.
  10. What did you have in mind to alleviate the problem given that the outside deck is a public space? From the descriptions it would appear that the cabins are designed simply to give direct access to that public space. Obviously you don't want other people intruding into your cabin but a 'No Public Access' notice on the door would discourage that. I imagine the designers simply thought that giving these cabins direct access to the public decks would be a nice feature but people seem to think that this confers some sort of territorial rights! It's just direct access to the open decks, nothing more, nothing less so why the complaints?
  11. Well, I hope there aren't too many screws loose or missing in the engines where no one can see.....
  12. BBC are saying today that the Traffic Light system should be updated by 1st October. Red category is expected to remain. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58491245
  13. Yes, that highlights one of several weaknesses in the PA design, not enough comfortable lounge seating for those who don't want to be part of the disco ambience of the bar area. Bretagne still has the port side seating forward of the bar for a quietish area but they did ruin it when they did away with the original design to expand the cafe seating area. I suppose they thought it was a good idea at the time...
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