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  1. Well, I'm not staying up om Marine Traffic that late!
  2. The 'original' spire is actually quite recent I think - added during renovations in Victorian times.
  3. You'll see it often enough once it enters service, I should think they will work it quite hard.
  4. Very true, but I suppose you could say the same of HMS Victory...
  5. Dreadful scenes from Paris tonight. Much of the cathedral appears to have been destroyed. Tragic.
  6. Of course we are assuming that anyone is going to bother voting...
  7. Tidal stream would be against her given projected ETA. It can get a bit bumpy in the Needles Channel as I know from experience. One must assume that those responsible are professionals and know what they are doing.
  8. Yes, are those windows just below the bridge the waiter restaurant?
  9. Maybe a bit tricky to tow past the Needles, especially if tide not favourable.
  10. I don't think there is anything to suggest that a general election would produce a significantly different result from the existing situation so what would that achieve?
  11. Given the new hourly timetable, one wonders if Wightlink could make good use of a Red Kestrel lookalike. They could call it Albert of Wight perhaps.
  12. Bit of a squeeze to get a car through an electronic passport gate! They do rely on facial recognition so presumably non foot passengers would all need to get out of the car to be screened. That's going to hold things up a bit.
  13. Indeed, but they can't just magic up staff, especially when the hours may be unsociable so the greater likelihood is that hey will change their rosters around using existing staff so maybe where you might have had 3 or 4 staff available there may just be a couple on duty hich could result in local queues. Some clues here and I doubt if the situation has changed much. https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201719/cmselect/cmhaff/421/42105.htm
  14. So where are all these extra staff coming from?
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