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  1. Two big ferries are much cheaper to run than four smaller ones. Good for the company but not for customer service. That's what Wightlink have done on the Fishbourne route. Capacity remains the same but sailings are less frequent.
  2. The tunnel section is only half as long as the Channel tunnel though.
  3. I doubt if the ventilation system would be up to coping with any sort of drive through. The whole thing would need to be redesigned. It works OK when there are normal traffic levels, as do the ferries.
  4. Driving over 20 miles through a tunnel would not be an altogether pleasant experience as anyone who has driven through long tunnels might attest. It can be quite claustrophobic really and possibly a bit disorientating. You develop a sort of tunnel vision which is not good for driving.
  5. Quite possibly, especially as the various EU countries are now getting out of sync. In a few months we might be seeing a largely vaccinated Germany next to a minimally vaccinated France etc.
  6. That's a shame. We did Rouen and Honfleur on her in Dec 2019 (our last holiday 😭). She was in beautiful condition inside and out, lots of character and a famous pedigree with Carnival. When (if) all this is over we'll only be left with the floating barge resorts differentiated just by their interior bling.
  7. I don't think it's a crack. It appears to be an impact hole by some accounts.
  8. I have friends in Leicester area (Loughborough) who confirm what you say.
  9. Now they are after your sandwiches... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55622331
  10. I was being a bit ironic there Ian but I do have several friends in the London area who are suddenly seeing friends and acquaintances going down with it unexpectedly and they are finding that scary. My late friend's wife tells me that two neighbours had it last week and one died within a few days. Now that is a bit scary.
  11. Reports tonight on the BBC that more younger people with Covid are appearing in ICUs. But is that maybe because us oldies are all scared to death and effectively self isolating?
  12. Just the same with Trump and masks. Cut off nose to spite face thinking.
  13. Just heard of another death of a neighbour of my late Wife's friend. Nobody should doubt the seriousness of this. I have never in my life known of so many people dying in such a short period.
  14. Statistics, as always can be misleading when applied to individual cases. (but we all knew that, didn't we?) Whether or not London infection rates are 1 in 30 or 1 in 50 disguises the fact that for some individuals the actual rate can be considerably more. Most of my friends and acquaintances are retired and in a similar age group as me. Without exception they are all at least semi isolating with maybe just a food shop once a week when the supermarket is quiet being their only physical interaction with the rest of the human race.( many have food delivered). Unless we are extremely unluck
  15. In most cases it shouldn't be actually necessary to drive somewhere for a walk - there are streets just outside your front door! In our case the preferred walk is round a large field ten minute's walk away which gives us a bit under three miles in just over an hour or so. However with the recent constant rain it is too muddy so we simply walk around the neighbourhood where it is possible to do a mile and a half or so or even more if we wish. OK, not so pleasant as the field but it is on paved surfaces and with temperatures around zero, 40 minutes or so is enough. A lot of other local peop
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