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  1. In that case I'd still be driving the Peugeot 309 we had when the Bretagne and Normandie were built. Great car at the time but would seem pretty cramped and limited by today's standards., just as BF cabins are really only suited to an overnight crossing and even then are really small and outdated in the older vessels. And the hotels is Spain are proably a heck of a lot better than they were 30 years ago too, people expect higher standards now.
  2. I can't really understand why the average joe would want to patronise a ferry mini cruise when there is is an over abundance of 'proper' cruises available which offer far more for the same sort of money.
  3. As Warnemunde is sometimes advertised for Berlin and even further away. Warnemunde and nearby Rostock are worth visiting in their own right.
  4. Arw we sure these are 'balsa wood' models? This sort of quality would normally use close grained woods such as lime/box, obechi or pear etc. Balsa waould never hold a decent edge.
  5. NHS is not encouraging either going by the experience of two family members with long term conditions. Individual staff can be good but not always, while the admin side in coordinating treatment is a long drawn out shambles.
  6. So who in their right mind would risk booking a holiday in France at the moment? Certainly not me!
  7. Yes, 3D printers have come on in leaps and bounds recently...🙂
  8. You know, if they blocked selective slots they could probably play a tune on the funnel with the wind in the right direction. 🎹
  9. That 'funnel' still really hurts....
  10. QE is not due to deploy operationally until early 2021 unless Dominic Cummings has her scrapped first...😟 The RN/RAF are gradually building up a stock of F35 jets but they are a bit expensive(!) so we can't afford many. The ships may deploy with helicopters to make up the balance initially but with a defence review imminent it is difficult to say what will happen.
  11. Obviously size does matter sometimes...
  12. Oysters? Edible snot...😬
  13. I think liferafts have to be serviced at least every 12 months, they are usually stamped with expiry dates. I don't know if BF have them serviced and put back or whether there is some sort of system whereby the existing rafts are swapped for ones in date.
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