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  1. We did that, using the tram from San Diego. The date was September 11th 2001.
  2. Wightlink are saying she will be out of service until the 23rd and St Faith will be substituting. For this coming weekend the Faith and St Clare will be running a 24hr service to ensure all who need to travel can do so (even at an unearthly hour...) That is the problem with putting most of your eggs in two baskets...
  3. My Mother was stationed there during the War. She was as WAAF.
  4. OK if they are unobtrusive replacements but round here we seem to have lots of prominent black panels overlaid on red roof tiles. Not a pretty look.
  5. Good idea to have industrial building roofs fitted with solar panels. Less good for domestic houses where the panels can really disfigure the appearance of the building.
  6. A ferry full of cars is supported by the water it floats in and just needs power to push it along. A plane full of cars needs sufficient power to lift them into the air before you even think about going anywhere. I cannot see the attractions of a foot passenger GEV as described. What possible advantage would it have over existing low cost airlines which offer a choice of departure and arrival destinations from your nearest regional airport which, for most people, will be nearer than taking public transport to and from the channel ports? Much faster overall journey time unless you happen
  7. BF competing with establised airlines by using seaplanes for foot passengers only? Somehow I don't think so!
  8. Surely the speed would be reduced by towing all those cars through the water? Not a practical option really as it just duplicates airline travel. The vast majority of BF customers want to take their cars loaded with home comforts and the kitchen sink etc. NEX might be a bit slower but you can still put your car on board. Where is the market for something like this? After all you can only board and disembark at a beach type location instead of a proper airport. All nonsense really as a commercial proposition.
  9. Came across this card when sorting through old stuff. Those were the days, go faster stripes as well!
  10. I have read many opinions on this and the general consensus seems to be that the assessments depend on where you are starting from. There seems to be no universal truth, only opinions dependent on your personal proclivities. At the moment, batteries are still inherently inefficient although improving. In time things might become more obvious but not just yet. I have just replaced my house gas boiler with yes, another gas boiler which is several orders of magnitude more efficient than the old one. Maybe I could have put in an electric installation but that would have cost me an absolute fo
  11. I still prefer to use fuel efficient petrols in the overall scheme of things. Battery manufacture is still an environmental no no.
  12. indeed, just like flu, but there appear to be a lot of different views on what an acceptable level of risk is which, among other things, depends on age, underlying health issues and enhanced ethnic and other medical vulnerability. As there is some degree of control over the level of risk via vaccinations then it can be managed to some extent - but at what level? How many thousand deaths per annum are 'acceptable' for example? How long is a piece of string?
  13. 26.3 where we live down south Jonno. South Surrey is a different animal from the London side of the North Downs. Our local postcode has been showing 3 actual cases or less for some weeks now.
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