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  1. Mrs B and I have individual annual travel insurance polices from LV=. It wasn't exactly much use in 2020 as we never went anywhere and cancelled our two booked holidays which was classed as 'disinclination to travel'. OK, fair enough, we cut our losses and took the hit. Others have been much worse off financially. The policies are now coming up for renewal and LV= have indicated that they will amend the policy so that it does not cover losses resulting from Government restrictions, airline cancellations or tour operator cancellations. They will still cover cancellation claims if you are
  2. Why people don't follow the rules: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-55668923
  3. Yes, it all gets stripped out and sold as appropriate. Nothing new about it (literally!). There are many examples of recycling. Panelling and other fittings from the Titanic's sister ship Olympic ended up in the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick for example where the dining room uses the interior panelling and decoration from the ship's first class lounge. You can see some of it here: http://atlanticliners.com/white_star_home/olympic_home/
  4. The Boris Briefing tonight had a distinctly gloomy tone despite the cavalry vaccines. I wouldn't bank much on passenger travel to France before the Summer at best really. And that assumes that France will be safe to visit anyway given the low vaccine takeup and delayed programmes.
  5. Yes, but the more affluent have access to a cocktail of effective treatments as per Donald Trump etc. The poor have to take their chances with a ventilator if one is available. Anyway, Malthus was wrong. There is almost limitless space for the human race provided they exterminate the rest of land based life. And they are well on target with that. 💀
  6. Fair argument Ed but over here it doesn't seem to have been established that these are a priority risk group although it may well be true. We just don't seem to know for sure. Maybe it was me visiting the supermarket this morning (although there were hardly any customers). The truth is that we just don't know, which is quite worrying really. In the meantime don't book a foreign holiday 💀
  7. Um! That sounds a bit drastic really, almost Trumpist.... Never thought I'd see that on a Britanny Ferries Forum
  8. Yes, if the present rate of vaccinations can be maintained overall then the oldies can be regarded as done and dusted before too long (subject to a second jab) and this should relieve pressure on the NHS and maybe free up flexibility for the next groups where potential mortality rates are not so high. The key to all this is, as they say, getting jabs in people's arms and pushing on. Viking Voyager, I appreciate you hold sincere views but I would venture to disagree with some of them (in the nicest possible way). The reality is that you can argue all this whichever way you like but in the
  9. The Cunard cruise ships seem to be clustering in Weymouth Bay now. Still others in Torbay.
  10. Our local centre has the capacity to administer more vaccinations than they are getting so in that sense there are logistics issues either in the distribution or the total doses available. I accept this is inevitable but branching off into all sorts of different categories would simply slow the whole process up really. We would just end up with proportions of the sub groups being vaccinated and if you jump down to the 55-65s at the same time as you are doing key workers then a number of people will fall into two categories. At that point you will have a gap where the 70-75s have not been vacci
  11. Yes, your medical record held by your GP will show your age. It won't show your occupation so if you start extending vaccinations to whatever groups of workers are considered to be 'key' (and that's a minefield in itself) then you need to start setting up parallel logistics trains and figure out some means of getting the right number of doses to each one. Suddenly a huge existing logistics structure which is already only barely holding up becomes a total nightmare!
  12. Perhaps it is fitted with parking sensors?
  13. The cruise ships appear to be sheltering in the lee of Torbay. Some inshore, others further out.
  14. Yes, but it is the oldies who are mainly clogging up the ICU beds and putting the pressure on the NHS and the vaccination policy is intended to address this, not to stop people who are less likely so suffer badly from getting it. Clear those out of the way with the vaccine and it frees up resources for non covid treatments. Most younger sufferers don't need hospital treatment. There is a logic to that approach even if it is not the only one. Anyway, despite regional diffrences there is good progress being made overall. I have had positive reports from people I know in various areas a
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