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  1. cvabishop

    Grumps corner

    Cars being crammed together to the extent that it is difficult to get out without denting the bodywork. My Wife is on notice to bale out as we approach our parking slot to give me a chance of getting out of the vehicle as well. Wightlink usually manage to stagger adjacent rows to allow doors to be opened but BF have still to catch on.
  2. cvabishop

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Some years ago one of her officers told me that the design was based on an existing hull which Wightlink took over and adapted. One of the changes was to raise the bridge by one deck which he said was responsible for the vibration which afflicts the vessel. Who knows where the truth lies?
  3. cvabishop

    Future Ship Powering Options

    Or all those retired nuclear submarines still sitting in a remote dock at Devonport!
  4. cvabishop

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Obviously it depends on where you are coming from. We live near Guildford and Portsmouth is a lot quicker to reach than Southampton so the Fishbourne route is a no brainer. (Lymington is out of the picture altogether). I quite agree that the loss of the half hourly savings represents a deterioration in customer service (We are in fact booked on the 10:30 from Gunwharf tomorrow.) but it isn't about customers, its about money. Bigger ships can carry more with only a marginal increase in crew numbers per vessel. They are proportionately more economical plus less sailings are needed so big savings there too. From an accountant's view, what's not to like? I doubt if traffic will suffer unduly because holidaymakers can readily accommodate hourly sailings if they only visit occasionally and book well in advance. The commuters and business passengers probably have no real alternative option in most cases so will simply have to put up with what they are given. I imagine any traffic downturn costs in this sector will be covered by the savings. From the customer viewpoint I always felt that the four Saints worked very well, offering a frequent service on ships designed for the route and offering service operational flexibility plus resilience if one of the vessels was out of service. St Clare is literally a 'white elephant' and doesn't fit the route requirements so well. If one of the two 'biggies' breaks down then there will inevitably be severe problems.
  5. cvabishop

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Yes, that was impressive, I think they said 160 bolts on each blade.
  6. cvabishop

    Future Ship Powering Options

    Sorry about the topic title spelling typo!
  7. My attention has been drawn to this document which some of you may find interesting given previous discussions on fuelling BF ships. https://www.raeng.org.uk/publications/reports/future-ship-powering-options
  8. cvabishop

    Corsica Ferries Advert

    Yes, you need a banana boat for something like that...
  9. cvabishop

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    But surely the replacement of Normandie's bow thruster is a matter of critical national significance....
  10. cvabishop

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    No padlock but if I click on the information icon it does say the site is insecure and that Firefox is blocking tracking attempts.
  11. cvabishop

    Forum Flagging up as not secure

    I use Firefox and the site is not flagged unsafe...
  12. cvabishop

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Remember that when the blades are in the water they only weigh half what they do on land. Not sure what metal they are made of though. If you Google 'replacing ship bow thruster blades' you will see that it is a common practice while the ship is afloat, either underwater or by trimming the vessel to bring the tunnel above water.
  13. cvabishop

    The Lengths Of The Linkspans In Portsmouth

    Why would that matter? Presumably they are all built to bridge whatever gap is necessary?
  14. cvabishop

    Environmentally friendly???

    Quite right, it references the compression ingition engine first designed by Rudolf Diesel. The term is now used interchangeably between the type of engine and it's fuel although when people say 'diesel' it is really short for diesel fuel.
  15. cvabishop

    Environmentally friendly???

    Mont St Michel was just as bad last time I was on her!