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    Hotel Kyriad

    Funny that, whenever we return from sampling the culinary delights of different countries I'm always looking forward to a M&S readymeal...
  2. Are we getting mixed up with car registrations? I thought if you kept your vehicle in the EU for over 6 month it has to be re registered.
  3. Isle of Wight Glass is still going. They have a showroom and workshop at Arreton Barns Craft Centre. They aren't involved with the coloured sands though and their work is both beautiful and eyewateringly expensive!
  4. It used to be encouraged at Alum Bay in the Isle of Wight but no longer the case although you can still fill supplied souvenir containers with sand collected from cliff falls. When I was a child no IoW holiday was complete without bringing back an Alum Bay pencil with glass 🙄 top filled with multi coloured sand.
  5. Gareth is quite right re the navigation lights. In most ships they are actually quite dim compared with other illumination so it is vital that they can be distinguished from ahead as this indicates the course of the approaching vessel. (and whether it might hit you!)
  6. It is a standard requirement for all ships. Light escaping from forward facing windows can set up reflections or illuminate the bow which can affect the night vision of the watchkeepers.
  7. Surely a smallish newbuild or decent used vessel (if one can be found) must be far cheaper than major harbour infrastructure development?
  8. Don't most visitors and commuters fly to and from the Channel Islands?
  9. The C&M food is generally rated is pretty good so I don't accept that it is necessarily better than aboard PA. PA has very limited public spaces in comparison, just one main bar which doubles as a lounge and which we have previously found to be not the best place to be when celebrations are taking place. Plus of course, you have to purchase all your main meals on PA which really pushes the overall cost up considerably, extremely so if you favour the waiter restaurant. Essentially PA is a ferry with all that that entails. Agreed, Magellan is a 3 star ship but for four nights and three ports I do think it trumps the PA offering, especially if you can't run to the BF Commodore cabin. Also, bear in mind that Magellan in a previous life was considered to be a state of the art design for Carnival and that does interest me. PA is an OK ship but flawed in many respects compared with Bretagne. But that is just our opinion. On top of that, the itinerary is more attractive. Each to his own of course.
  10. That's very interesting. We have just booked with Cruise & Maritime on Magellan for 8th December on a Festive 4 night cruise. Itinerary is Tilbury, River Seine & Rouen (half day), Honfleur (full day) and Zeebrugge, for Bruges, full day then back to Tilbury. There are Christmas markets in Rouen and Bruges (the latter is good, have visited previously by car). To compare accommodation with BF you need to look at the Commodore Cabin rate at £540pp but that only includes continental breakfast. Cruise and Maritime cost for two is £914 which includes a good midships outside cabin with tea & coffee facilities plus all meals plus proper cruise ship amenities and entertainments. I rather think that is better value!
  11. Link doesn't work. There also seems to be some confusion as to whether the bill was sent to the RNLI or to the Coastguard SAR. However, as they say, these people walk among us and they vote...
  12. The normal berthing practice in the UK for all types of vessels is to tie up alongside. In the Med it is end on as you can get more boats in for a given length of quayside. The ship/boat is held in position by backing in while laying an anchor from the bow (often a surprising distance out). When the stern reaches the quayside a couple of lines are put ashore and adjusted so that passerelle (boarding ladder) or ramp in the case of a ferry can be dropped on the quayside. The anchor line is then hauled in so that the vessel is held in position by the three lines. When leaving, the stern lines are cast off and the vessel moves forward, reeling in the anchor line until it is vertical then pulls it up. Of course ferries in a hurry just reverse onto the quay and hold themselves there on engine power while the chaotic free for all unloading/loading process takes place. Somehow it seems to work. Quite apart from the cultural aspect, it wouldn't work in Hull basin as there would be the bow anchor line extending well put in front of the ship not far below the surface ready to snag any other passing vessel!
  13. The old castle at St Guildo is often overlooked. Worth a look if you are passing. https://www.travelfranceonline.com/le-guildo-fortress-saint-cast-brittany/
  14. Sables d'or les Pins is a nice spot although probably a bit quiet in October but it is in the middle of a fantastic scenic coast in both directions and it doesn't take long to get to St Malo, Dinan or Dinard as well.
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