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  1. I've made a point of trying to photograph Ryde over the years when visitintg the Island and it has all been a bit depressing. On a more positive note I have also been taking photos of HMS Monitor M33 since she arrived at Portsmouth Dockyard in the shadow of HMS Victory and she gets better every year. It's great to see a preservation success and the ship is very much worth a visit. The aftermost 6 inch gun was carried by the battleship HMS Canada at the battle of Jutland which is quite something! M33 has quite a bit of history too.
  2. It's a while since I last travelled on her for sure!
  3. This is a photo I took in 2004. I thought the remains had been demolished by now. Obviously not.
  4. Also, if you are on other medication a pharmacist will not be keen to give you anything which might react with it, they would refer you to your GP.
  5. Still quite a small cruise ship by current standards though.
  6. It is the RCL trademark Viking Crown Lounge. Just like Carnival have their winged funnels but you can't sit in them!
  7. That's gross tonnage (volume measurement), displacement tonnage will be a lot less and certainly less than the new RN carriers. Probably the biggest cruise ship though.
  8. Yes, Emsworth has always been a bit 'twee' and rather expensive. However we did like the little cafe place down near the Sailing Club for a snack, Flintstones I think.
  9. Quite agree Gareth, things are just too uncertain just at the moment. Holidays are to be enjoyed not a source of constant ( and potentially expensive) worry lurking in the background. There are safer alternatives in the meantime..
  10. We are in a state of maximum confuision travel wise. Although Stanley Johnson seems to have airily circumvented all restrictions to get to his holiday home in Greece just like Dominic Cummings. Truly one rule for them and another for the rest of us law abiding citizens. It's all rather dispiriting and the world seems to regard the UK as a laughing stock with regard to Covid-19 policy and I'm inclined to agree with them. At the moment I think the only sensible policy is the Brer Rabbit option-' lie low and say nuffin' in the hope that some sort of travel stability will emerge at some point. Only today two big Spanish regions have reinstated lockdowns due to an upsurge in infections. Who will be next? It seems that even if you do manage to cast off from UK shores your reception could be very uncertain and the consequences potentially expensive.
  11. You seem to have answered your own question. Things remain confused and could easily be affected by local lockdowns or variations.
  12. I think it is to some extent 'toe in the water' stuff. People are waiting to see reports from early travellers before committing themselves. If they think it looks OK then passenger number will probably take off quickly as there is obviously a pent up demand.
  13. We have stayed there a few times. An unusual location and decent food plus you can wander around within the fenced off area. Many of the rooms have harbour views.I also wrote an article for Model Boats magazine some years ago and did the training pool and simulator tour. On my visit they did the storm simulation in the training pool which was pretty dramatic and entailed a RIB lifeboat being overturned following which the crew had to escape from underneath and right the boat. Impressive!
  14. I think the comments about medical services in Greece are probably correct, they were very much run down during the finacial crisis over the last few years and were not 1st world quality to start with. We have a week booked for September (made booking last year) but will be cancelling and almost certainly losing our deposit but better safe than sorry at our age. Maybe things will be better next year but I wouldn't put it more than 50/50 unless there is a vaccine and improved treatments available. Perhaps we should book a break in sunny Bournemouth...
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