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  1. Do you get many decapitated jet skiers Ed?
  2. Time to set up a draw for 6 people to watch her come in then? 😀
  3. Main shipping channel buoys are big heavy solid things, easily capable of holing a ship.
  4. If I go abroad I really, really, want to get off at the other end to enjoy the local ambience. Being stuck on a ferry just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid. PA is quite a nice ship but I wouldn't consider her as a short break destination in her own right. You could stay in a Premier Inn in a nice UK destination with four times the accommodation area, all TV channels, decent bathroom,no bunk bed ladders and the room doesn't go up and down when the wind blows. What I would most like is our old routine of overnight Portsmouth to St Malo on a 24 hour excursion then a day spent stocking u
  5. Just perspective really. Obviously it shows that the death rate across the population is tiny but maybe the death rate across the proportion of over 70s might look a bit different. We are not locking ourselves away, we went shopping in the local town (Horsham) today and felt reasonably safe, especially as the infection rate here is around 10/100,000 compared with Bolton at 239/100,000. A bit of a difference! However we would still avoid non socially distanced gatherings indoors or outdoors. It is rather clear from the reports in today's media that a significant proportion of th
  6. Interesting diagram from Public Health England which puts things into perspective a bit.
  7. That looks interesting Gareth. I wonder if it will come up with anything really new.
  8. Or perhaps more accurately, an omission.
  9. There are always some bugs. You'd think they might have anticipated this one. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54307526
  10. Agree re surgical masks and I have just taken delivery of another 50. However I visited my specialist eye hospital this morning for an injection to try and save one of my eyes and expected to be given a surgical mask at the door as on previous occasions. It didn't happen but I was promptly helped into a PPE full length apron instead and taken off for the usual tests where the technician asked me if I had a mask. I produced one from my pocket but she said 'perhaps I'll give you one of ours' which she did. Whilst being led around the place I noticed that other patients seemed to be wearing whate
  11. There was a suggestion that the way to resume safe travel is to develop and use rapid tests which could be administered to travellers before they fly/embark with results back within an hour. You could then be reasonably sure that your aircraft/ship would be Covid free. Obviously it would be needed in both directions of travel. However I gather that the technology isn't yet there for reliable tests and there could be other issues. Has anyone any further information on this?
  12. Santa is a Super Spreader - all that foreign travel (sorry 😏)
  13. Very true if there is nothing you can practicallyy do about it but if it is possible to mitigate the situation and you don't then it can be costly. The problem we have now is balancing the mitigation between health and the economy and there is no general consensus as to where that lies.
  14. Well, the reason that the whole world is suffering from this pandemic which has spread to every continent and almost every country can be summed up in two words - foreign travel. The current upsurge of infections in Europe correlates with the easing of restrictions which, among other things, enabled hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of holiday makers to criss cross Europe over the last couple of months or so. The increase in Greece in particular is centered on the holiday hotspots to which foreign tourists flock (the Greeks vacation elsewhere). I quite agree that foreign t
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