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  1. Next step would be sleeping on deck.
  2. I may be wrong but I think there was an assumption that two ships could pass in the Lymington river but that proved to be impractical.
  3. While it may be nice to have a fleet of one off's for variety it doesn't really make much commercial sense when it comes to maintenance and coverage for ships off station for refits/repairs etc. Many cruise ships these days come in classes with the basics the same but different interior decoratiions and external paint jobs. Cheaper to build and to operate.
  4. She was originally lengthened so, with a bit of reverse engineering....
  5. Looks a bit bleak and the speed of the ship means that you will be looking at headwinds averaging 20 knots in most conditions. Not exactly a sun trap either.
  6. Isle of Wight has always been a favourite destination with me. Lovely scenery and lots of attractions. You could do a lot worse.
  7. Indeed they do, but the drinks package is still expensive and once people have bought it many feel they need to get their money's worth by drinking more than is good for them or their fellow passengers which is where the root of the problem lies.
  8. Believe me the drink isn't free! It's normally pretty expensive.
  9. Cruise ships often have morgue facilities...
  10. Ships rarely have facilities for any more than first response treatment onboard and that includes even large cruise ships. The priority is always to get the casualty ashore as soon as possible.
  11. Probably associated with 'evacuation'.....
  12. Thanks Gareth, found it. It is about a mile to the centre of town which ties in with mentions online. There is no mention of a shuttle bus by C&M but taxis are available if it is raining.
  13. Mrs B and I have booked a 4 day cruise out of Tilbury on C&M's Magellan in early December. Ports of call are Rouen, Honfleur and Zeebrugge (for Bruges). PA & Magellan are of similar tonnage but Magellan is longer. Can anyone who has done the BF Xmas/New Year cruises up the Seine tell me where we might dock and how easy it is to reach the town centre from the ship please? There is an excursion offered with a walking tour but we don't want to do that. Colin
  14. I take eyedrops to control glaucoma. A side effect is that it makes your eyelashes grow excessively so they need to be trimmed as a curtain eventually descends upon your eyes. OK, it's nice having the Bambi effect to flutter your lashes but I sort of wonder what would happen if yoy rubbed the stuff into your scalp. Fortunately I still have my hair so have not been tempted to experiment....
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