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  1. We actually did sail last night after all. Passed Dungeness at 0900. Not too rough at present but advised to stay off open decks. May get to Rouen tonight possibly....
  2. Now not sailing until early Tuesday as traffic in the Seine is restricted by weather. Drinks were free at dinner tonight. No tours of Tilbury laid on tomorrow though...
  3. Still can't get the engines going apparently. Condensation in the controls. Ship will now return direct to UK assuming they can get her started.
  4. And it's got TWO waiter restaurants! 😁
  5. Currently on Magellan in Tilbury. Sailing delayed from 1500 to 0200 due to weather. Wednesday call at Zeebrugge cancelled but hopefully Rouen and Honfleur will still go ahead with different timings. C'est la Vie. Interesting classic ship though.
  6. Oh dear, we are booked on C&M Magellan tomorrow from Tilbury to Rouen, sailing at 3pm....😮
  7. Quite, if you book something you want a reasonable assurance that the arrangements will be honoured. Otherwise why bother?
  8. You have my sympathy. It is this continuing uncertainty about sailings whether from industrial action in France, mechanical problems with the ships or Brexit related distortions which have put us off our previous short breaks and holidays to France. Dover - Calais/Dunkerque or the Tunnel may be a more convoluted route but perhaps offers more reliablility in reaching your destination at the time you want to arrive. All this over the last year or so has shifted our holiday destinations away from France and towards Greece which, despite the uncomfortable airline conditions, are more likely to get you to where you want to be when you want to be. We go on holiday for a relaxing break, not to brave the obstructions imposed by French industrial relations etc. So Greece gets our Euros and not France. So be it.
  9. I agree, lack of continuity and commitment could well give rise to a lot of snagging issues.
  10. With such an extended completion period and the other problems you do have to wonder a bit about quality control.
  11. I don't think you can rely on photos really. A wideish angle lens can make rooms look a lot bigger than they really are as estate agents know well enough. If you can find it then floor area is a better comparison. That's what the cruise ship adverts use.
  12. Gareth, yes osmosis can be an issue. I had it treated on the 1984 Jaguar 25 I bought in 1994. but the end result was an almost new hull.
  13. The longevity of GRP yachts has long been a source of frustration to boat builders wantiing to sell new ones. The old ones seem to be near indestructible. Just look at the number of 1970s Westerly yachts in any marina, many looking as good as new.
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