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  1. Thanks for the report and super photos Brigitte, it's a while since we were last there so nice to see it again. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Colin
  2. I think he was something of a disappointment.Worthy rhetoric but insufficient substance, Talking the talk is OK but you need to act as well and he as too indecisive.. An opportunity lost in many respects.
  3. Quite an adventure for her. The Saints have proved good value over the years.
  4. They were indeed brave - but they also didn't have much choice! But that does not detract from the debt we owe them.
  5. Your Grandfather should have gone back. Many Germans fell in love with Greece and rightly so. As it happens we are off to western Crete on Saturday for a week. The apartments we are staying at are particularly popular with Germans who are welcome. On a previous visit we met a German couple who had settled in the area and run a small tourist business. They were very nice people and clearly loved the island as we do. Not very far from where we are staying is the German Military Cemetery where many of the parachutists that invaded Crete are buried. There is an Allied military cemetery at Souda Bay not all that far away too. What a waste of such young lives.
  6. The news channels gear their output to public consumption and naturally in the circumstances focus on D Day itself. Those of us with a more in depth knowledge of the history can place it into context with the subsequent battle of Normandy and breakout to the Rhine. I don't think you can reasonably expect any more interest from the bulk of today's population, most of whom have only the vaguest grasp of even recent history. Personally I have visited most of the sites associated with the D Day landings and the subsequent fighting inland and also the various military cemeteries which marked the progress of the invading forces. I have also visited many of the WW1 Western Front sites. Verdun strikes a chill into your heart even now. Interesting to hear of your German maternal Grandfather's experiences. Not all Germans were bad obviously and all credit to him. But over the years when visitintg differerent areas all over the Continent one thing that has made a deep impression on my Wife and myself is the sheer number of memorials to executions and atrocities by Nazi forces during the WW2 period. You see them everywhere. I do not associate these in any way with most of today's German citizens who have been brought up under very different conditions and who I have always found to be extremely pleasant people and I sympathise with the burden thay have to carry relating to the actions of many of their forebears for whom they are not in any way responsible. I really don't think that the port of registry of Boudicca is in any way significant. It is just a paperwork and taxation issue in the same way that today's 'Cunarders' are registered in Bernuda. Very few ships of significant size are registered in the UK these days. Shipowners have always been unsentimental when it comes to such things.
  7. Not sure what would be open from 22:00 though and wandering around Tallin after dark late at night seems a bit pointless.
  8. Yes, it certainly makes sense to book the hotel with BF, usually makes a big difference compared with doing your own thing.
  9. Yes, day trips can be a bit of a rush although St Malo does lend itself to a 24hr excursion with options along the coast in both directions or inland plus a meal in the Intra Muros I've not priced up any short breaks this year but we did one down to the Loire Valley last year to view some of the Chateaux which was good value. I think you have to look at it on the basis that day trips are exceptionally cheap although cabins each way can jack up the costs and that a fairer comparison should be made with the cost of a short break in the UK. Decent B&Bs or 3 star hotels over here can be surprisingly expensive unless you settle for a Travelodge or chain hotel out of town whereas many French B&B hotels in Brittany and Normandy can be very pleasant places to stay in attractive locations and with local cusine as opposed to steak and chips at the nearby Brewer's Fayre! In the end it's whether the overal package cost seems reasonable for the enjoyment you get. There are some nice hotels in Bayeux or along the coast which make great bases for exploring the landing beaches and local area. Look at mid week travel options too, we have found Monday to Thursday can often be cheaper.
  10. If you are interested in nit picking then Bretagne appears to be the place to do it looking at the other topic...
  11. Carried in their bedrolls you mean?
  12. I have noticed a lot of cheap one way flights out of the UK with the low costs carriers but it can be a different matter altogether if you want to come home again!
  13. I only have it for breakfast... We buy filled baguettes for lunch.
  14. I just buy it and eat it, no problem.....
  15. So the engine 'problem' was a fire then.
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