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  1. I think one problem nay be that a lot of people are quite proud of the fact that they never watch the news or read papers so reality hasn't really sunk in yet. People on social media often confine thmeselves to theur favourite site and contacts which reflect their own mindsets.
  2. Well, there IS a nice fish & chip shop in Littlehampton....
  3. Although only just over 70, we too are profoundly grateful that since taking early returement we decideded to 'do it while we could' and have lots of great memories and photos as a result.
  4. Rather heart warming communal clapping on our estate just now in appreciation of the work of our carers. We probably all know of someone on the fronltline. And any of us could need them.
  5. What an incredibly stupid statement! How would they stop spectators en route and will the peloton be practising 2m separation between riders?
  6. I think you should send them a letter by recorded delivery confirming you wish to cancel and confirming your contact form email instructions not to take the outstanding balance. Emails can be conveniently lost.
  7. Might be optimistic if things have't improved by then.
  8. We'd better all go out and buy Schweppes Bitter Lemon then. That has quinine in it.
  9. Possibly more relevant to holiday bookings as opposed to ferry crossings. I suppose that, taking a rather brutal view, if you don’t get a refund you can afford it as you have only lost a period of recreation that you had already budgeted for so it won't impact on your day to day finances. Indeed, you might actually be better off as you won't need to fork out for supplemental spending while away. This ABTA statement is of interest. https://www.abta.com/news/abta-statement-following-updated-package-travel-directive-ptd-guidance
  10. Medical Glamping on the car decks?
  11. Rather tends to back up what I said earlier.
  12. Our first holiday is due to start 30th May. Self catering apartment with Sunvil in Greece where all restaurants and archaeological sites are currently shut indefinitely (our main reasons for going). Balance of cost is due 5th April so unless it is cancelled a few days before that there is no way I'm going to pay that I'm afraid as I can't be sure ATOL will cover it. I don't blame Sunvil as they are doing their best but they have bills to pay of course and I'd hate to see them go out of business. Ideally I'd like to roll over to next year but that might not be possible. Flights were originally with Thomas Cook charter but were transferred to Easyjet scheduled but I doubt if the outbound flight will go ahead to a provincial Greek airport given thet Easyjet are talking of grounding their fleet alhtough the booking engine is still open for the outbound and return dates although the seat selection indicates that the planes are only around 25% full! Jet2 and TUI don't cut it for us holidaywise I'm afraid.
  13. Rules may be rules but rules can change if circumstances dictate it. Hopefully the existing systems will hold up, if necessary with Government backing but it is already very evident that companies and organisations are busting a gut to hang onto money they have already got and not give refunds if at all possible. They need the cash! I have a couple of package holidays booked this year and it is evident that, between them, the operator, airline, travel insurers and Government are, by means of manipulating announcements, timings and terms and conditions ensuring that although it is clear that our first holiday will not go ahead there will be little if any opportunity to reclaim our deposit. There are some very clever minds at work to reduce the opportunities for the customer to reclaim monies already paid out.
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