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  1. As usual Ms Ora is typical of the people who just say sorry. She's sorry she was caught, not because of hosting the party and can no doubt shrug off any fine. Far too many people think that the rules simply don't apply to them.
  2. Basically you need a system whereby the immigration official in whatever country you are visiting can immediately see whether you have been vaccinated and the expiry date. An official passport stamp would go some way to establishing this. It's no good if they have to go through some convoluted electronic procedure which might work for some developed countries but not others. And different vaccines might have differing periods of immunity. There will need to be an internationally accepted standard of proof of vaccination. Still a lot of work to do there I think. And bear in mind that
  3. A programmable identity could make life more interesting. Might confuse your wife though... There there is the matter of the appropriate slot...
  4. I don't think that is right actually, he is cetainly opinionated and, if you recall, previously torpedoed Johnson's bid for the Tory leadership on th basis that he wasn't up to the job. He is certainly not a yes man in any way at all. His problem is that he is actually quite clever but becomes fixated with issues such as when he was Education secretary and ended up antagonising the people he needed to carry with him so he had to be moved. He has a tendency to go OTT and is best used in a support role rather than being in charge.
  5. Yesterday Michael Gove published a 2000 word article in the Times. It was well written but he drew an apocalyptic picture of an imminent total collapse of the NHS if the latest restrictions are not followed, people with heart attacks being turned away from A&E at hospitals stuffed full of covid victims etc. It would not be possible to differentiate between areas within counties because infections simply spread from the nearest hotspots (although that is certainly not happening around here). It was strong stuff. Project Fear indeed! Overnight a complete change of tack by HMG, some Tier
  6. Unlikely I'm afraid. A few years back we crossed to America on Queen Mary 2 and even that huge ship moved around quite noticeably in the ocean swells. The best way to minimise movement is to try and be fairly low down just aft of midships. It's no accident that many cruise ships choose that for their main dining facility. Stabilisers can reduce rolling to a minimum but not piching where the ship is simply heaved up and down bodily by the sea.
  7. But that does depend on where your journey starts and ends in the UK as you point out. (and other personal circumstances). Moreover, these are just the published timetables. The Bay itself can dictate the actual crossing times on many occasions at any time of the year so you still need to be prepared for this. I do agree that there is a different attitude of mind between the outward and inward trips. In the past when visiting parts of France such as the Dordogne we have made time to stop off at places of interest on the outbound trip. But if you try to do that on the way back you don't re
  8. I think it's a new ball game now. Fast crossings are simply too expensive and environmentally undesirable. Fuel costs increase exponentially for those last few knots.
  9. Wherever you draw the line there will be anomalies but I do think more effort should have been made to consider classification down to district level. The data trail clearly exists as I have been following my borough council figures for a while now and we are significantly lower than the rest of the County. The current system simply seems to level up. The whole of Kent is in Tier 3 when the problem is in one corner. Much of the county is rural with low infection rates and was previously in Tier one. It still has those low infection rates. Even in London there is a wide disparity betw
  10. Well, the Spanish do seem to advertise 'full English breakfasts' in their cafes don't they?
  11. Joking aside, it's a pretty good presentation of the ship and its facilities I thought.
  12. Robert Jenrick of the chumocracy claims this morning that the reason for not breaking the areas down into smaller units is it is not possible to isolate smaller areas because people travel for work, education and shopping. “The virus doesn’t respect the boundaries of boroughs and districts,” Given that people have already been doing exactly this and that many areas are nevertheless seeing much lower infection rates that the cities just where is the logic? Truly we are blessed with a Government of towering intellectuals...
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