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    Pride of Kent, Heavy contact in Calais.

    The change to a cheaper type of fuel to save money appears to have been a significant factor. The ship is back on Marine Gas Oil at the moment.
  2. There is a beguiling functional symmetry about it but yotties won't know if it is coming or going...☺️
  3. Thanks for the above Tony. Re the prop, size isn't everything! Thrust is dependent on a combination of diameter, pitch and rotational speed, each of which can be varied against the others so a relatively small high pitch prop turning quite fast would appear to be what we have here. It is a combination also fitted to many harbour tugs. The Kort nozzle improves efficiency and creates a waterjet effect which will improve directional control. All in all it looks like a pretty good engineering solution to me. As the photos show, there is not much space between the underside of the hull and the vehicle deck and the UP thruster has a low profile motor mounted on top, see illustration: https://www.rolls-royce.com/products-and-services/marine/product-finder/propulsors/azimuthing-thrusters/us-type-azimuthing-thruster.aspx#/
  4. Yes I did wonder about that. It could indeed just be a skeg. I wonder if the props have full 360 degree rotation horizontally. If the motor is in the pod then they would perhaps not take up so much under deck headroom as a Voith but give similar steering characteristics. Probably cheaper too.
  5. There's one at each end and they are azimuthing Korts by the look of it so can drive the ship sideways. I suspect they will be locked centrally when on passage with the rudders used for steering. Has anyone got any technical data?
  6. cvabishop

    New BF Website

    The old site worked tolerably well and could perhaps have been improved around the edges. The replacement appears to be bug ridden and less user friendly, particularly to those investigating holiday options. It has all probably cost a great deal of money for little if any gain from the customer perspective.
  7. cvabishop

    Brittany Ferries BETA site - Closed

    The big advantage to doing everything through BF in the past, provided they have what you want, is that the overall package can be a lot cheaper than separate bookings. Some years back when there was a bigger choice of hotels outside Brittany/Normandy we had a huge bargain with a hotel with a seaview room overlooking the bay at Villefranche plus reduced price en route stops. Different cruise ships on view every day too! Waiters in the local eateries were snooty though...
  8. cvabishop

    Sponsored Ferries

    No BF Ferries give a cruise ship experience - nowhere close! They are ferries of varying standards according to age, design, and personal preference.Fine for an overnight trip which is what they were designed for, nothing more, nothing less and nothing wrong with that. No need to agonize over waiter restaurants as the truth is that if they are not available or you don't favour them then you can still eat better at either end of the route. Ferries = getting from A to B en route to a further destination. Cruise ships are a destination in themselves. There is just no comparison. It's like comparing apples with pears.
  9. cvabishop

    Government charter

    And he actually makes the point that seems to have escaped the politicians and the meeja that it isn't more ferries that are needed but more port capacity!
  10. Like in ye olden days....?
  11. But you are then up against all the previously rehearsed objections to Cherbourg, mainly the need to drive all the way down the peninsula before you hit the main road network.
  12. cvabishop

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Oh God! There goes any hope of improvement in cleaning standards then!
  13. cvabishop

    BF Refits 2018-19

    But the emissions do... Not a good advert for the scrubbers although I assume it is just on start up?
  14. cvabishop

    New Look Revealed

    Well the funnel isn't anthing like as bad as the scaffolding disaster on Pont Aven.
  15. cvabishop

    The romantic fails of auto translate.

    Well, at least its pebbles. Sand can get everywhere...
  16. cvabishop

    New Look Revealed

    I dunno.... I reckon that will have an adverse effect on stability. You just can't be too careful.
  17. cvabishop

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    It'll turn up eventually as these things do. Don't hold your breath. The only thing that really matters is if you need to get to France there will be a ferry available when you want to travel. Doesn't really matter which one in the overall scheme of things. You are only on it for a few hours at most and your destination is the priority.
  18. cvabishop

    Government charter

    I don't know why the Government keep referring to the need for extra ferry capacity when it is actually aditional port capacity and marshalling space that may be needed. Just another example of incompetence I suppose.
  19. cvabishop

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    The opportunity to do a major midlife refit to Bretagne passed a long time ago. The investment couldn't be justified now really. It should have included a reduction in car capacity with one less lane on deck 5 to take account of increasing vehicle sizes and facilitate more rapid embarkation and disembarkation. The cabins should have been completely renovated and those on decks 1 & 2 taken out of use. Maybe also reduce overall passenger capacity and take some of those dreadful reclining seats out. Their day is long gone on a cruise ferry.Of course that might then have reduced her revenue earning capacity but that has now happened anyway with the ship laid up for part of the year.
  20. cvabishop

    General disquiet about a drop in standards.

    Been there, done that, didn't bother with the T shirt. I can predict your future Ed. You won't want a bigger cabin, you will want (desperately need) two cabins for the privacy, this starts off as two inside two berths to keep the costs down and when your knees go, a 4 berth for you and Cabin Lady whist the rest of the family remain in cabin economie. An unfortunate side effect of this is that when you and Mrs Cabin Boy emerge for breakfast, the cabin sprogs will either have slept through their alarm or one will be monopolising the facilities. They will finally appear as you are finishing your breakfast or the first vehicles are beginning to disembark. The final stage is when they refuse to come on holiday with you at all and you settle for a proper cruise instead. 😁
  21. cvabishop

    Bretagne - 30 Years

    To be honest, I think the Pont is a bit of a design dog's breakfast both inside and out. A ship designed by committee. Penlan, you might be happy with that but spare a thought for the 99% of passengers whom would fervently wish otherwise.
  22. cvabishop

    Bretagne - 30 Years

    Bretagne definitely looks a bit truncated, no two ways about it but external aesthetics disappeared from shipbuilding a long time ago. With Bretagne I think it is a case of 'familiarity breeds affection' and she does look impressive from certain angles as the photos show.
  23. Yes there is always a ludicrous attempt to justify reducing standards as improving service. The only reason we are flying BA is the fact that they still have the best takeoff and landing slots. We prefer daytime flights. Otherwise they are rubbish. I feel sorry for the crews and I understand morale is low. Unless you want to use a credit card to pay for an overpriced M&S sandwich you can go the whole flight with no interaction with the crew whatsoever. How are the mighty fallen!
  24. cvabishop

    Brittany Ferries BETA site - Closed

    Not working for me on Firefox. Search results all over the place, map inaccurate, Erdeven shown as Carnac and no sigh of Hotel Celtique anywhere under any option. The old site was far, far better not least because you could do a town search.
  25. cvabishop

    Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

    Not much display space though unless you plate in the car deck.