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  1. That makes sense. My parents came back from France yesterday and were scheduled to travel on Armorique in the afternoon but were told 3 weeks ago that they would be moved to the morning crossing on the Pont. Apparently that was due to a lack of passengers and basically the crossing not being financially viable with around 20 paying customers onboard (not sure if that's a direct quote but you get the idea). It makes sense to reduce crossings if the demand just isn't there.
  2. Certainly, try BF Ireland: https://www.brittany-ferries.ie/ships/economie/kerry pdf link for the ship guide is in the usual place on the right.
  3. Spotted the following on Shippax after taking a look at the eflexer link from another thread: STQ acquires the 1970 build Apollo for CAD2.1m. I'm not a member of Shippax so can only see the picture and 1st sentence but unless I'm mistaken, that's the ex-Benodet/Corbierre. If it's the same boat I'm staggered that it's still going nearly 50 years on despite launching prior to the Penn-ar-Bed and Quiberon (with both of the latter having been scrapped). (mods, thought it appropriate to post in the BF discussion board as it's an ex-BF boat. Feel free to move if necessary).
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