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  1. For those, like me, who are linguistically challenged here... If you were thinking of using Youtube's autogenerated subtitles, their French to English version is simply magical! Great find @BZH29 ! 😀
  2. Slightly off the current htread of discussion (sorry), but page 30 of RoPax's online magazine (view for free, link below the front cover picture) has a data-sheet and internal plans for the Liberation - http://www.ropax.de/front_content.php The magazine splits articles between German and English, with a lot of this issue being about LNG (BF features on page 7)
  3. Express had a major refurb not that long ago, seems like a lot of money thrown at her then. Either the Stena Superfasts up there must have just eaten away at P&O's traffic, or has the traffic grown beyond a mid-sized fast-craft?
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