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  1. I totally agree, it's why I don't like the Armorique as much as PA, Bretagne or either of the Caen vessels. I hope they don't go full open-plan in her, as it's what I don't like at all about the Armorique.
  2. The only thing I've noticed that I'm not so keen about is the lack of 'vessel' information when booking. The old website (non mobile version) would always display the vessel you were travelling on which was a nice touch and for those with less knowledge of the routes, or for the routes operating a 2-ship service or indeed during winter refits, it was always nice to see what vessel you were travelling on. I'm surprised this hasn't been raised or did I miss something? Other than that, I like the website. It seems to work well on both my android phone and windows based lap
  3. I sailed to Dieppe and back last month and didn't notice any migrants. Sadly in Ouistreham I do now, every time I sail from that port.
  4. I disagree re:carpets. One of the things I really like about the BF fleet is how cosy the cabins feel with their carpets. The Transmanche vessels are carpetless in the cabins and it feels like an Ibis Budget. I can't stand laminate flooring personally. I feel it gives a cheapness and has a cold feeling about it. Appreciate it makes things easier at refit and also to clean, but it is something I'm not really rejoicing although overall, I'm really excited but the design of Honfleur.
  5. Some prior reading. I can't recall now, it was a while. I would love to be proven wrong and to see her retain the brand she's currently sailing under.
  6. I agree, I love the vessels. They have an air of quality about them and they're pretty stylish. Some of the vessels have started to show their age a bit, but they're due for pastures new. Normandie and her orange carpets is one that sticks into my mind. Still a lovely well cared for ship, but could use a spruce-up, keen to see what will change when she starts on the Ecomonmie brand and route. BF vessels always feel younger than their age suggests. I've been sailing with BF since Reine Matilde's days and even then I do remember a marked difference in 'feel' between that and the Sea
  7. Thanks chaps! Excuse the spelling I'm the title, autocorrect uncorrected the vessel's name!
  8. Aaah! Not being fluent in 'BF Timetable' I didn't realise. Thanks.
  9. Just set sail and we are 20 minutes out and I'm now seeing the inbound Normandie from MSM, anyone know why she's inbound so early? Repositioning? There's no one on deck.
  10. They won't be missed by me. Each to their own, but, as like amusement arcades at British seaside resorts, they're woefully tacky.
  11. Amazing how many people don't know how to lock their cars without setting their alarms - having said that, each car manufacturer has a different way usually. My Mercedes, which is a 2014 car has another key that slots into the fob and has a small release. Just a case of locking the driver side lock with that, hey presto, car locked, alarm not set - that easy. My other car, a 1991 300zx Twin Turbo is even easier - it doesn't have an alarm!
  12. Let's just hope that the replacement won't be so utterly characterless as the Armorique is. Mont St Michel still has the old BF flair; other than the accomodation decks on Armorique (which are very nice), the rest of her is like a Dover-Calais vessel - a service station at sea!
  13. SimonP

    AIS apps

    That's about 50p more than a McDonald's breakfast.....
  14. I was caught up in this. Mine was the first return sailing back to the UK that was cancelled. Right bummer and made me realise just how lovely BF ships, staff, décor and food are as I had to travel back via Calais. Blurgh! I was notified via text on the 11th around 2000hrs. Sad to hear about the crew which I knew about the very next day and BF were quick to respond to me once I was back in the UK, so, other than having to endure the Spirit of France, all was in hand.
  15. SimonP


    Write to their customer services department. I was caught up in the Normandie's issues last week and my sailing was the first to be cancelled (Tuesday AM). I HAD to get back to the UK before the PM for a family gathering and was notified via text around 8pm on the Monday night, so BF customer services were not there to assist, and wouldn't have been open until after (my now cancelled crossed) would have departed, I ended up having to book up a single Calais-Dover with P&O which I hated. Spirit of France is a miserable stale feeling 'Motorway services' ship with torn seats, d
  16. Re: Who are you?... (Introduce yourself) Name: Simon Occupation: Sales and marketing manager for a company that manufactures components for the electrics industry. I work from home, but I can be found in all parts of the UK and western Europe for work. Lives: Portishead, pretty much on the marina here In my spare time: I enjoy international travel, cooking, motorsport, fitness. Countries visited (in no particular order): USA (extensively), Mexico, South Africa, Qatar, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany,
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