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  1. Oh the cigarette tariff is certainly true. Been over ten years since I went through but there was a list kept onboard of the number of cartons of cigarettes required for each official or service. 2 for the pilot, one for each tug, two for the agent...etc etc. The crew that board were there as a mooring gang, useful in this situation when the rest of the convoy had to tie up. Plus an "electrician" whose sole purpose was to check you'd installed the required Suez searchlight light on the bow.
  2. Probably a good time for some guarantee work to be carried out onboard.
  3. I guess it was just to make sure the MAIB don't have time to sit down, feet up, and open a packet of donuts.
  4. Probably because they haven't been updated of the arrival by Red Funnel/Williams.
  5. Whilst the OOW tries their best not to be caught picking their nose or scratching their arse at the wrong time.... In one company it was scary to think how we used to shuffle people round a certain area of the bridge, practically inviting them to lean and brush against all manner of switches that would happily play merry hell with doors and ventilation onboard if one were to be knocked accidentally.
  6. One can only imagine the surveyor during her annual survey..... (In best Italian accent) "So Captain..where eez ziss Neeeedles Park zis talks about?"
  7. So, being taken out of service, it goes messy with accusations and lawsuits. Strap in..we may be waiting for some time. https://planetradio.co.uk/wave-105/local/news/beleagured-floating-bridge-taken-service/
  8. Wasn't the announcement I was expecting when they said a new vessel, maybe next time. Good that it's being built local again.
  9. The bridge crew certainly come from other vessels, towards the start of one summer (last year or the one before) I've had them call up as the "Mont St Michel" or "Normandie" before quickly correcting themselves hoping nobody noticed.
  10. newda898


    Hello, this one's mine (and the others named "Portsmouth0xx")
  11. newda898


    Hello, this one's mine (and the others named "Portsmouth0xx")
  12. newda898


    Hello, this one's mine (and the others named "Portsmouth0xx")
  13. newda898


    Hello, this one's mine (and the others named "Portsmouth0xx")
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