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  1. Probably a good time for some guarantee work to be carried out onboard.
  2. Instead heading up river to Southampton, wahoo!
  3. I guess it was just to make sure the MAIB don't have time to sit down, feet up, and open a packet of donuts.
  4. Probably because they haven't been updated of the arrival by Red Funnel/Williams.
  5. You're getting mixed up with the VTS areas. http://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/admin/content/files/PDF_Downloads/vts limits.pdf Harbour areas: http://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/admin/content/files/PDF_Downloads/SHA Limits.pdf Above shows the areas where who has jurisdiction. Southampton merely run the VTS for the QHM area under an agreement, one of the reasons being that the majority of the traffic is Southampton bound. Any sort of legal issues/prosecutions out in that area and you'll be dealing with QHM not Southampton.
  6. Whilst the OOW tries their best not to be caught picking their nose or scratching their arse at the wrong time.... In one company it was scary to think how we used to shuffle people round a certain area of the bridge, practically inviting them to lean and brush against all manner of switches that would happily play merry hell with doors and ventilation onboard if one were to be knocked accidentally.
  7. Edit to add - just realised the Sola came from the oil terminal - rendering half my point..pointless..doh!
  8. Agree, 90/180 degree random turns, frequently changing speed, and a nightmare to get hold of on the radio, even when you do there's sometimes a long wait while the message gets passed down the line to the person actually driving the thing. Only to throw my tuppence in, looking at that radar replay there's quite a few things that interest me. Warship of course seems to have no idea what's going on. Poor tanker is boxed in unless they can crank round to starboard a bit more, bleating Rule 13 to those overtaking vessels hoping they're paying attention and also have space to get out the way a bit with that other southbound target. As it appears they were all passing pretty close too, that second overtaking vessel had to do a round turn anyway when the Sola hit the tanker as they nearly got taken out too in the whole thing. I don't know the area, depth of water, etc, etc, disclaimer etc, but from the radar replay, it looks rather narrow and the Sola looks to have taken a very close course to that western headland before the whole fun and games kicked off. Incidentally, in that translated page, I didn't half enjoy this little snippet:
  9. One can only imagine the surveyor during her annual survey..... (In best Italian accent) "So Captain..where eez ziss Neeeedles Park zis talks about?"
  10. newda898


    Had -5 this morning going to work, tomorrow will indeed be interesting when the snow arrives trying to keep as much as possible moving. Ice accretion was becoming a dangerous worry and problem on pilot launches and frozen pilot ladders this evening.
  11. So, being taken out of service, it goes messy with accusations and lawsuits. Strap in..we may be waiting for some time. https://planetradio.co.uk/wave-105/local/news/beleagured-floating-bridge-taken-service/
  12. Wasn't the announcement I was expecting when they said a new vessel, maybe next time. Good that it's being built local again.
  13. Well we survived the first day. Let's see what tomorrow brings with 4 of 5 scheduled to leave at 1630 rather than the more spaced out it was today.
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