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  1. If Cotentin is going to have a significant rebuild it will be as though BF are in fact having a new build, which would make it 5 in 4 years. Have we ever had it so good?
  2. I believe she is too big, but surely we shouldn’t let facts ruin a great rumour. 🙂
  3. Obviously not aware of the Ryanair school of business where if you don't book seats you won't be sat with your partner, even though the seat next to you is empty. If they put you in with someone else you would probably pay for a full cabin on your next sailing.
  4. I like it. But it does look more like a concept than a working design.
  5. Might well be that P&O move the Darwins to the North Channel in order to better compete with Stena.
  6. Not sure Galicia will perfectly replicate Caps timetable, will she be able to complete 3 round trips per week?
  7. Security can be frustrating but if you sailed on time then I’d be happy that it was being taken seriously. One point I would add is that devices can be carried in many parts and by many people and then assembled on board.
  8. The article mentions double deck loading, could that indicate Stena are planning to use them in UK waters. I’m not aware of it being used extensively anywhere else, certainly not in the Med.
  9. The bow and forward superstructure has a real presence to it, it just a shame about those gas tanks at the stern.
  10. Could be the sea state, the Solent being sheltered.
  11. Has the increase in draft also increased running costs?
  12. Interesting stories Jonno & CB, always in awe of the sacrifice made during WW2. Scene in Portsmouth harbour yesterday evening. Picture posted on SSC, see link. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=468777&page=408
  13. One crumb of comfort for those with travel plans after June 15th is that i'm sure BF have allowed a large contingency for further complications with the repairs. I'm fairly certain they wouldn't have gone public with a return to service date if that date was on the tight side.
  14. Otto Ernst Lindemann also recognised the qualities of Brest you’ve described above. Alas he never found the out if they where true.
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