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  1. The news from La Residence du Hall is good, my partner has fully recovered and I’m at around 90%. Been working from home but have gradually increased my hours in work and today I managed a full day. i think the key to winning this battle is out and out rest, I didn’t do anything for over a week and slept more than I thought possible. Also lost 1 1/2 stone in two weeks, not a diet I’d recommend though.
  2. Thanks for asking @jonno No change I’m afraid, felt a little better yesterday but a little worse today. Trying to rest as much as possible. Think the missus is on the mend though, she’s now claiming I just have man flu and I’m milking it. 😂
  3. Three out of four in the house have had it and it would be useful to get tested but until the capacity is there i suppose the tests must go to NHS staff.
  4. Yep, had symptoms since last Monday. It’s very difficult to describe as non of the symptoms are very pronounced but it’s safe to say I feel like @@@@@. The other thing that’s strange about this illness is on 3 separate days I’ve thought I’ve been getting better only to feel worse the day after. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any end to it.
  5. Not expressing a view but I’d imagine the policy is to maintain the continuity of Government, as in the Cold War. Ministers and officials hurried off to Turnstile. Doctors & nurses man the hospitals to treat burns and radiation sickness.
  6. And there’s the nub of the problem, BF don’t have deep pockets unlike Stena. Unfortunately this is costing BF a lot of goodwill.
  7. Sincerely hope your wrong Paully, and I know the current situation changes everything but would they have invested in Condor if they were so vulnerable.
  8. Maybe, but if I was chartering a ship I’d have termination clauses included for a change of circumstances.
  9. I know Brittany Ferries will be hoping this will be over soon, as we all do, but I find it slightly strange for them to be paying charter fees for Etretat just to tie her up. It’s a shame Galicia won’t be here early so they could give Etretat, or Kerry, back to Stena.
  10. Which is why HM Governments timed escalation of measures might be correct. The behavioural science aspect is possible more important than is being credited.
  11. Yes it is, should also credit @photogareth, link below. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=468777&page=414
  12. Stena Edda in Birkenhead. And POW in Liverpool.
  13. I get 7000 berths by having a service every day, which is possible with each E Flexer completing a return trip in three days, albeit without a trip to France. The question i'd pose is, if BF run 6 or 7 services per week with the E Flexers plus another two from Pont Aven wouldn't this be too much capacity for the Spanish market.
  14. Jonno, not sure i explained myself very well earlier let me see if I can do a better job tonight. I agree that there will be a reduction in berths, if I take your figure of 2274 for Pont Aven and based on each ship doing two return trips a week to Spain plus a third from Cap Finistere gives a weekly total of 7930. If the E Flexers sail daily to Spain, and I think they will, that will provide 7000 berths per week, so a reduction of 930 per week. But my view is BF probably only sell out Pont Aven for 8 sailings a year in the summer holiday so the reduction I've described above won't matter for 48 weeks per year. And for 5 sailings every week there will be an increase in berths. Plus with a daily sailing BF can spread demand over several sailings therefor reducing crew costs, the crew/passenger ratio will come down. The large crew on Pont Aven can't be efficient when she's half full, although this argument holds as true if she moves to St. Malo year round. The lane meters on Pont Aven may be 3500, but that includes the mezzanine which isn't usable for freight, so the freight lane meters will increase when all three E Flexers are in service. Galicia will have 3100m, the same as Stena Estrid, the upper car garage isn't included in the total. The reduction for Salamanca & Santona to 2500m is due I believe to the LNG fueling system. All the above leads me to think that if BF can't fund Bretagne 2, Cork - Roscoff will be sacrificed once the E Flexers are in service. On the basis that this route is more expendable than Portsmouth - St. Malo. Plus revenue to Spain will be up, mainly through increased freight, revenue to St. Malo will be up thanks to Pont Aven's larger capacity, Bretagne sells out very quickly over summer. And there'll be no need for shore staff in Cork for one sailing per week. Of course BF may surprise us and run 3 sailings a week ex Cork using Bretagne or Cap Finistere.
  15. Jonno, I was taking into account the number of sailings by each ship Pont Aven x 2 Cap Finistere x 3 Etretat x 2 Fakta states Pont Aven has 2012 berths, which added to Cap & Etretat gives a weekly total of 7406. I would also contest your figure for lane meters on Pont Aven, 3500m is more than Galicia will have yet has only one vehicle deck.
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