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  1. nick hall

    New Look Revealed

    Coutances & Purbeck? Although they were inherited from Truckline.
  2. nick hall

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Sure I once read that Cote d'Azur or Champs Elysees operated Dover - Calais for several days without a bow visor attached after a collision. Never seen any pictures of this.
  3. Not too sure but i'll go for Cap Finistere at Roscoff.
  4. Don't mention Barfleur, I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.😀 With apologies to John cleese and Connie Booth.
  5. After several minute counting bridge windows I think the bridge is on Barfleur. Which means Pool - Cherbourg or Dover - Calais.
  6. Slightly stumped, I thought the bridge shot could be Val de Loire.
  7. Might need help here Simon, are the they current or past members of the fleet?
  8. Ha ha easy, or is it my powers of observation and investigation are of a superior nature. 😏
  9. Took a guess on Santander because I believe it's the only port she has ever used her forward doors.
  10. Cap Finistere, Santander?
  11. The vessel is Cotentin and I claim my £5.
  12. http://www.boeing.co.uk/boeing-in-the-uk/boeing-sheffield.page Although not strictly related we have discussed at length trade and manufacturing after Brexit. See link. This news is from 2017 but I've only just been made aware, have Boeing done this because of a possible free trade deal with the US after Brexit? Just a thought, it could be trade of due to the MOD spending billions on Apache, Chinook, Poseidon and Wedgetail.
  13. Jim we have an imposter, please deal with him in the harshest way you mods have available.
  14. First club I've joined that doesn't have a bar. We're now, hopefully getting to the business end of Brexit, so there should be plenty to discuss in the next 6 months.