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  1. Correct. Sailed on Quiberon in October 2002 and she did use the original link span.
  2. BF ships, crew & enthusiasts Facebook page saying Galicia will be in service by end of September.
  3. That fender has E-Flexer stamped all over it. Honfleur wouldn’t extend that far comparing her to MSM in the image. Of course turning an E-Flexer is another story.
  4. If BF or whoever do run exclusively on diesel at least they can dismantle those hideous tanks at the stern and improve her looks.
  5. It should be possible, I function equally well on wine or beer.
  6. Fair point, I was thinking more of suitability for the route without any commercial considerations.
  7. One thing that I find staggering is the estimated completion time for Honfleur. She looks structurally and I’m guessing mechanically complete. Eleven months to fit out seems too long, no wonder BF have walked away.
  8. As the health of P&O has been of speculation treat this idea with much salt. If Honfleur could manage a full daily rotation she could replace PO York/Bruges on Hull-Zeebrugge.
  9. Possible due to some certain negotiations reaching a critical phase.
  10. There is increasing evidence that this could happen, one being that the disease peaked and was reducing before the lockdown. Although the evidence isn’t that compelling yet so caution still required. Lets get the number of infections right down and see what happens as we reduce the lockdown measures.
  11. Priti Patel, Good luck. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
  12. Isn’t the foot/cycle passenger omission simply business. The garage could be half empty anyway with a lower passenger certificate, they’ll not want to lose even more revenue by carrying passengers without cars. Of course it’s highly unlikely they’ll admit as much.
  13. A targeted approach must be the way to go, further lockdowns for areas of concern. Would be easier to police as well. Still leaves the headache of people travelling around, I’m not sure the country is will accept motorway roadblocks.
  14. It could be the case that if masks offer limited protection only, the Government feels their time and resources, which lets face must be stretched at the moment, is better spent on other measures. Contact tracing is certainly one area they need to get right.
  15. I found the article pretty balanced and it wasn’t hysterical. She was pointing out the dangers ahead but was by no means saying they were inevitable. The news is certainly looking better than a few days ago regarding the numbers becoming infected. I also believe the Government is right to resist the growing calls for a mass unlock and to take things slowly, unfortunately there are also signs that the population are starting move things along faster than the authorities want.
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