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  1. Sorry Jonno my post was badly worded. I presumed the 26 HGV’s was after space had been allocated to private cars.
  2. Is the demand artificially constrained by Bretagne’s size though.
  3. Several posts have referred to Cap Finistere being converted to run on LPG. Although I pop in daily I don’t remember ever seeing that, when was it announced?
  4. I agree and it looks like this is Stena's way of getting some Western Channel action without the bother of investing in vessels, ports & sailors etc. And if the Spanish routes continue to expand I could even envisage a joint venture between the two companies in the future.
  5. If I remember correctly Vickers sold Rolls Royce motors to Volkswagen. Rolls Royce (aero engines) then made a deal with BMW for use of the name/logo etc.That meant Volkswagen couldn't use the Rolls Royce name. Volkswagen now manufacture Bentleys at the old Rolls Royce site in Crewe, BMW now manufacture Rolls Royce at a newish site in Goodwood.
  6. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year to all posters and lurkers on here. An exciting year ahead for BF with the first ship out of three new builds entering service.
  7. nick hall

    New Look Revealed

    Coutances & Purbeck? Although they were inherited from Truckline.
  8. Sure I once read that Cote d'Azur or Champs Elysees operated Dover - Calais for several days without a bow visor attached after a collision. Never seen any pictures of this.
  9. Don't mention Barfleur, I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.😀 With apologies to John cleese and Connie Booth.
  10. After several minute counting bridge windows I think the bridge is on Barfleur. Which means Pool - Cherbourg or Dover - Calais.
  11. Slightly stumped, I thought the bridge shot could be Val de Loire.
  12. Might need help here Simon, are the they current or past members of the fleet?
  13. Ha ha easy, or is it my powers of observation and investigation are of a superior nature. 😏
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