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  1. DFDS have announced a 6 weekly Rosslare-Dunkirk freight service. It will take 24 hours and 3 vessels apparently chartered for the service, Kerry???? Possible upgraded to a passenger service at a later date. Sorry can’t link to the press release yet. Edit. Steve at niferry.co.uk has some info. http://niferry.co.uk
  2. nick hall

    2021 Timetables

    How about this Portsmouth - Le Havre Barfleur Poole - Cherbourg Cotentin, freight only Normandie Express Portsmouth-Cherbourg-Poole-Cherbourg-Portsmouth This keeps all routes open to passengers.
  3. nick hall

    2021 Timetables

    The following quote from the linked article, Brits will be considered third country nationals and will be subject to composting. Excellent, and from Jan my E111 won't get me free treatment for composting, I'll also be checking the small print on my travel insurance.
  4. I think her early arrival has certainly boosted your photography credentials. Great pics, all the more because of that sky colour.
  5. Stena Baltica is on the move, no indication where.
  6. Sorry Colin, I’ve probably missed something, but the currency has always been different, and I wasn’t aware you could enter the UK without a passport. Happy to be corrected.
  7. I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere but I can't believe there were no Brittany Ferries crew on board when she performed the various berth trials.
  8. Love how the Legoland link span designers were working to a different scale to the Legoland ferry designers. Try boarding as foot passenger.
  9. Ferry Across the Mersey. Too easy this Jim, although don’t ask me for any more.
  10. I can, from experience, agree about Quiberon. To try and disprove my rhetorical question I’ve googled Reine Mathilde in Ouistreham, alas no joy. On a different note wouldn’t it be great if BF named their next ferry for a Bretagne route Quiberon.
  11. Controversial, did Reine Mathilde ever use the present berth?
  12. Thanks @jonno, do you know what the timescale for this work is?
  13. Her track on Marine Traffic looks like she did 2 & 4, although it isn’t the clearest. She has just left for Plymouth. I’m interested to know how she’ll operate as there’s no double deck loading in Spain. Possible stern on in Spain and bow on in Portsmouth but loading on both levels. Or stern only like Cap Finistere. I guess we’ll know in December.
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