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  1. From where I'm sat the dominant strain throughout the world seems to be utter terror, not of the disease but of making the wrong decision.
  2. NHS app has the vaccination info now. Of course how do you prove it’s your phone.
  3. Salamanca twice weekly to Bilbao. Cap Finistere and Le Havre both missing, at the moment.
  4. Top side will do me, don’t fancy the bottom. 😂
  5. Always assuming she fits in St Malo. 🤔
  6. Sorry for veering further off topic. What to do with a fully paid for, redundant Superfast. Easy, fit cabins to the upper vehicle deck, deck 6 I think, and there’s your Bretagne replacement.
  7. Does Google think voluntary redundancy is a wet layoff?
  8. I'm now somewhat resigned to staying in the UK this summer, Yorkshire Dales is close by and stunning in summer. But one country I am keeping an eye on is the USA. Their cases are falling, although still higher than here, and their vaccination program is going well. Much of the country has had lockdown restrictions lifted, California which had a huge amount of cases has now allowed restaurants and bars to open.
  9. Fair to say the French electorate got one of their desires.
  10. Going back to being optimistic, I was driving through Rawtenstall yesterday where workmen were constructing a large wooden shelter over a pub car park to enable outside drinking/dining, with around 12 tables arranged under the shelter. Can’t wait to go out again and this sight along with the warmer weather and brighter evenings cheered me up no end.
  11. You do have to be very careful though, although not a direct comparison Copurnicus was thought a nutter for a long time. Remember the science is never settled.
  12. What, it isn’t flat? 🤔
  13. If they are making alterations to the fuel system or superstructure it suggests a buyer has been found.
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