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  1. There were more people on the climate march in Paris than Gilet Jaunes protests all over France. The "casseurs" in Paris can be found in every country, many to be seen in UK right now....
  2. colin

    Mercure Roscoff

    Staggering the number, and size of cruise ships calling at Lerwick these days....
  3. colin

    Mercure Roscoff

    In St Malo, cruise passengers come ashore at the "old" terminal, the Gare Maritime de la Bourse, which used to be used for the non vehicle ferries to the CI and is used by the Compagnie Corsaire for its tourist boats. There are plans to upgrade the building and facilities to better match expectations of cruise passengers. Out of interest, the excellent Extra Muros restaurant at the west end of the building, has just changed hands and name, now L'Amiral. No reports yet. In general, it would be very rare for there to be major difficulties shuttling passengers ashore from what is a pretty protected anchorage. In strong Northerlies, the adjust lines to "crab" the ship a little, providing a sheltered leeward side.
  4. colin

    Mercure Roscoff

    At St Malo a few smaller cruise ships go into the Bassin Vauban, but most are on the mooring buoys of Dinard with their boats running in to the Gare Maritime de la Bourse. During the Route du Rhum build up, one was in and landed passengers at Dinard. (It was the maiden voyage and owned by François Pinault, whose house overlooks....). The mooring buoys occasionally accommodate 2 cruise ships at the same time! No cruise ships use the ferry berths.
  5. Yes, Andy though pilot and tug may have been part of the delay, plus, if they were confident about the wind veering...
  6. He also notes that the wind has now gone from SW to NW which is better protection at Millbay.
  7. My son is on board and thinks the port of Plymouth was closed for a period?
  8. Ouest France says the replacement will be longer with more cabins, though, much as I adore m daily rag, their journalistic inaccuracies are legend.... Also say 2018 was a good year financially with best ever loadings on Roscoff-Cork, passenger numbers up overall, but freight down. This whole Chantiers de l'Atlantique story may have more to do with their PR machine than with BF. No way was this a sudden, final decision to say not possible. No doubt they have been in regular contact, so BF will have long been aware it was extremely unlikely that the ship could be built there.
  9. Indeed, just received our applications back. In the event of a no deal Brexit, the French government will take steps to allow UK licences held by French residents to remain valid "for a period". Thanks guys. Will every EU country do the same? If not, we will be holding you responsible for your inefficiency!
  10. I hear that the paint job on Bretagne is a bad bodge, with only some white areas painted, contrasting with stained areas....
  11. There have been articles in Le Marin and Mer et Maritime saying that the Chantiers de l'Atlantique have sadly confirmed to BF that they cannot fit the construction of the new Bretagne into their schedule, even with subcontracting huge proportions of the job. The articles are subscriber access only, but seem to go on to give more info on the project and the desired delivery date. Anyone got access?
  12. As a slight aside, word on the street here says that the department in Nantes dealing with issuing French licences to replace UK ones, is sending applications back to people as they cannot cope.... Some suggestion that French Government will announce a period of grace or such like.
  13. I confess that I was not a big fan of that quail/seafood combination. Beef has always been good, though I struggle with quantity these days. Some excellent lamb dishes. Duck has been so, so. In the end, each to his/her own of course. Strawberry tart and choc puddings ….
  14. Had a decent lunch in Le Flora last Monday. The quail suited me fine with my lingering dysphagia and appetite issues. Prefer taste to quantity! Armorique was clean and smart on the way back Thursday night.
  15. Took St Clare to the island, and St Faith back last week. The former quite shiny but vibrates like anything. The latter a bit tired …. Being the first time I used the route, coming back the next morning to the mainland, I had planned to disembark rom the Pont Aven +/- 18:50, and leave my car in the car park opposite the Wightlink car ferry terminal. Found the car park OK, and parked next to a ticket machine. Managed to turn it on, in the dark, and enter my Reg number, but it would only take coins, of which I had none. The other machine was the same. Headed for the terminal where a charming young lady smiled, pulled out her IPad 9or similar) and sorted it (not even charging me....). She laughed and said she wold have to make me pay for the ferry. All the personnel I came across were exemplary.
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