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  1. I "think" that the experience gained in contact tracing and isolating local outbreaks is helping to slow the rise in case numbers of the Delta variant, along with there having been less movement of people from the counties which were affected earliest.
  2. St Malo is normally heaving just after the school summer holidays with an older clientele. Perhaps the return of Bretagne is pitched for them?
  3. From comments above, my earlier confidence that Bretagne will be in service look dodgy. Of course, we have no idea, and BF little, as to how things may pan out over the weeks to come.
  4. Very similar here. Lots of seasonal staff deciding that there are better ways to earn a crust. Add issues like the cost of accommodation in Dinard, for example, where property owners can make far more on tourist rentals than longer ones to hospitality staff, and there is a bit of a crisis.
  5. I think Bretagne will be sailing. Snowball's chance in hell of BF being sold to any company like Stena or DFDS. You do know how stubborn Bretons are, especially farmers ....
  6. Flew from Fort Liquordale to Bimini for lunch once. Skipper of maxi racing yacht had his own plane .... He was corporate executive vice president of the owner's business as well. Nice lunch.
  7. My preferred form of air transport between Miami or Fort Liquordale and Nassau back in the days when I raced over there each winter. Chalks International Airlines. "Once airborne, we will be serving complimentary drinks, weather permitting" .... Clearly not if it was raining.
  8. We have touched on this subject in various threads. J-M Roué has given an interview saying that 2021 will be worse than 2020 for BF. 173,000 bookings for July and August 2021 against 242,000 at the same time last year and 750,000 in 2019. 2 ships will remain laid up this year. Winter will be very tough and BF will need financial help and flexibility from banks. Asking that the French government treat cross channel operators like ski resorts where effectively all losses are being covered by the state. Government have been looking at all this for 10 months, but no sign of action, so appeal
  9. I think that anyone who in a calm fashion reviews any figures I have given will find balance. I am not so stupid as to not check a range of sources, official and those analysing the official figures. Sad that insults still come my way. I don't reciprocate and won't start any time soon .... What is it with this need to try to make me look stupid? Which figures that I have given are incorrect? Enough. I will withdraw from this thread now. Enjoy yourselves. Stay safe and keep smiling.
  10. I really dislike getting into battles around figures and statistics because one can often find some to back one's opinion. Here is the Ouest France link VIDÉO. Covid-19 : la France repasse derrière le Royaume-Uni sur les contaminations (ouest-france.fr) France now 43 départements green. 13,090 Covid cases in hospital of whom 2,245 in ICU. 4475 daily cases, making running weekly total 5127. UK official numbers 7540 daily for 5984 weekly. I have no axe to grind, not trumpeting anyone's successes or failures. It was inevitable that things would, and will level out between UK and France
  11. I would if Ouest France wasn't down .... They quote the 7 day average new cases where UK numbers now exceed France. The rate per 100,000 was just over 60 for France and just under 60 for UK. Today nearly 150 in NW England. But, hey, that is probably nonsense too.
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