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  1. No, not yet. I believe they hope to have new terminal building for 2022 season. Digressing briefly, Ryanair have said no more Stansted to Dinard/Pleurtuit flights, so no commercial flights left, and most staff being made redundant.
  2. In theory the Region are undertaking a lot of work on St Malo ferry terminal, infrastructure etc. Some dredging has been done and more is planned. Should mean longer vessels are OK, even if sticking out a bit beyond the last dolphin.
  3. Agreed, but BF is BF, and its masters will decide what they want.
  4. Merely suggesting that desperation is not the order of the day, and that vessels will leave the fleet for logistical, ecological, financial or whatever reasons as they always have. There seems to be a current of concern about a number of vessels due to the current financial health of BF. I doubt that any forward plan envisages major route or tonnage reduction.
  5. This may help. In French of course. Brittany Ferries. La région Bretagne décide d’une nouvelle aide de 6 millions d’euros (ouest-france.fr) Effectively confirming ongoing financial aid from the Brittany region, totalling 40 million. Normandy is in for the same. Regional president suggests 200 million needed, and everyone working on providing it. France will not let BF fail. Of course, a new plan to return to profitability will likely have an impact on what vessels remain in the fleet, but no fire sale likely.
  6. A lot of UK catamaran and dinghy racers go to Carnac. Eurocat is a huge event and more recently UK dinghy classes have either individually, or a few together, organised events there. Great bit of sailing water. Great beach. Super club. Plenty of campsites and other accommodation close by. Sites with chalets even open early for big spring events. Then, la Trinité, home of Spi Ouest France, usually a 4 day Easter keelboat regatta with up to 400 boats. Fantastic organisation. They take the on the water stuff so seriously that there is a meagre social side compared to events like Cowes Week.
  7. New canals are in the news with Erdogan's Istanbul Canal project. He is slinging anyone who asks difficult questions about it in chokey ....
  8. One interesting development is that the ship owners have declared "General Average", which means that everyone with containers on board will contribute to insurance claims. A very old and traditional insurance practice. If you did not properly insure your cargo, you are in a toxic swamp financially....
  9. Spaceship on a stick like my kids said .... Lots of them all over France. Not sure if they were ahead in the space race or taken over by aliens though ...?
  10. Gareth will sign his life away for you I am sure.... I spent a night locked up in Cherbourg once ... Douanes. My wee brother also spent a night in the gendarmes's cells, but that was voluntarily, as he missed his ferry, spent the evening in too many bars, thought better of trying a hotel, so asked for a bed - and got that, breakfast, lunch and delivered to the next day's ferry.
  11. No matter how many times I have been in to St Malo from the sea, on boats from 7m to the Pont Aven, I am so grateful for friends on the bridge for allowing me to savour the approach to Cézembre, the channel, Dinard to starboard and St Malo to port, the Rance and home straight ahead.
  12. And, answering the original question, its a spaceship on a stick. That's what our kids said it was ....
  13. Whilst I know that Ed has a fixation about visiting the southernmost toilet in the UK (see photo), he really should shake off his shackles and visit the neighbouring, but French, and simply astonishing Chausey islands. On spring tides with 13m rise and fall, it is spectacular. The photo shows a wiggly arrow to where we anchor in a pool where we always have sufficient water. The Grande Ile is served by passenger boats from Granville, and has a hotel with restaurant and some gites, but the many other small islands and rocks are a paradise.
  14. BFE activity is obviously "autorisé"
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