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  1. colin

    Applying for French residency

    I understand that to be correct. Some EU countries will only allow dual nationality to other EU citizens, but France does not restrict this specifically. If it is not France, check.
  2. Quite a lot of talk in the EU of either saying no to an extension or not long enough to reach the date of EU Parliamentary elections. Fairly obvious in some ways?
  3. colin

    Preparing for no deal!

    I think the licence problem is a legal one? At present, our UK licences are accepted across the 28 under EU law. IF the UK becomes a "third country" status, then each EU member state will have to decide what to do. Some will, of course, just look the other way. Some will enact national law to accept UK licences, specially if the UK reciprocates. Legally, I fear that there could be unfortunate consequences if national law has not been enacted?
  4. For anyone else interested in France. You need forms CERFA 14879'01 and 14948'01. On both ou tick the relevant box for exchange of permis. On 14879'01, the box on the left midway down is where ou put dates of issue and expiry of each element of your licence from the rear of our British licence. The forms are editable pdf format with a couple of odd bits where you may have trouble getting text to fit (We left out the space in RoyaumeUni and used small letters to fit at one point) and the type of road is from a selectable list rather than ou typing in like for the rest ….
  5. In theory, tourists may need an International Driving Permit, which most countries can provide. In UK, from early Feb, they are ramping up availability via Post Offices. No-one still knows what will actually happen once we see which scenario unfolds. Each EU country could offer "equivalence", at least for some period, but this is uncertain. With "No Deal", the UK becomes a "Third Country" the same as USA, Argentina or Syria ... We have done the applications here and would have made some mistakes with the forms without help, so be careful. List all the licence types from the rear of your licence. Apparently the delays are very long here hence using registered mail to get confirmation of delivery.
  6. From someone dealing with all this stuff. Good morning British people, As long as you're European Citizens, and if there's a deal providing the current withdrawal document that's been negociated, you can drive with your UK licence in France after March 29th. Still, if you reside in France continuously, you'll have to exchange it to a French one before the end of the Transition period (if applied) ending normally dec 2020. The application is not too difficult, but it takes time (possibly between 6 and 12 months). There are 2 forms to fill and you've got to attach : - identity paper (copy of passport) - copy of current driving licence - proove of residency (like utility bill dated less than 3 months) - 3 photos - an envelopp 'lettre suivie' ... not too hard ... ... ... BUT : after the transition period or IN CASE OF NO DEAL : it's then a quite difficult application - French ministry of Interior worked it out in November : These are the things that will be required on top of what i described above : - 4 photos instead of 3 - proof of your legal right to stay in France (like temporary residency card, permanent residency card, multi-annual card, etc) - to proove you were well residing in the UK when you were granted your licence - to provide a certificate dated less than 3 months from the UK government showing your driving rights ; that you're licence is well valid (not under a suspension etc ...) ; with an official translation (sworn translator) - to provide an official translation of your UK driving licence a real hassle, nearly impossible for some British people ... If you're a tourist, you can drive for the duration of your stay with your UK licence ... providing a translation OR you'll have to show an International licence If you settle in France after March the 29th, your UK licence will be recognised only 1 year, period during which you'll have to apply for the exchange For your information, I charge 50€ at the moment for this application ; i'll have to increase these fees when it comes to the much more complicated one (either from March the 30th in case of no deal, or in 2021 after the transition period). In case of no deal : - before March the 29th : the application is the one described above for which i charge 50€ to do it all for you (all copies + specific envelopp + sending app registered included) - after March the 29th : the application is the more complicated one - I don't know yet how much i'll charge as there are 2 translations required + the certificates from the UK government My advise of course is that you absolutely avoid having to do with the complicated application ... some of you would not even be able to provide all the paperwork that's required. Politicians said they'd make it easy for Brits to settle their rights in France but i can see that the bureaucracy is acting in the opposite way ... shame ... 😞
  7. colin

    French road blockades

    Just to lighten the mood and for all fans of Edith Piaf and/or Coluche this is great ...
  8. colin

    Long term secure parking.

    All you have to do is bring me some Stornoway Black Pudding ….
  9. colin

    Government charter

  10. colin

    New Look Revealed

    Bretagne's proportions are quite different from any other ship in the fleet, and there is no doubt that this paint job makes her look much worse. No-one did mock ups or artists impressions obviously. Imagine the outcry there would have been if Val de Loire had seen this treatment ….
  11. colin

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Big police presence when I tried to get there. The Gilets Jaunes have been pushed away, along the quayside of the Bassin Bouvet, and the barricades etc are being removed. Protesting is tolerated, but after a certain point, the law which forbids blocking a public highway is imposed. I imagine both sides will keep on alert for a while …. From this afternoon, access should be clear.
  12. colin

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Bretagne duly arrived in St Malo this morning. Not sure what is happening, as the Gilets Jaunes insist they are continuing the blockade. I will be at the Sablons in an hour, so will drive round and see what the current situation is.
  13. colin

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    The Gilets Jaunes in St Malo say "we have the port, and we will keep it. That will hit their wallets." Outsiders have come in and hardened attitudes. The port is totally closed to commercial and pleasure traffic, with only the local fishing fleet being allowed access. Up till the port blockade, things were fairly civilised here, but that has all changed, and they are promising tougher actions to come. Confrontation is of course what the extremists seek, so how long they can keep any public support remains to be seen.
  14. colin

    New Look Revealed

    Anything that masks the plug ugliness of Pont Aven's post scrubber funnel is good!!!
  15. colin

    Bretagne mini-cruise 16/11/18

    If you do the mini cruise with the restaurant lunch, avoid the Jacques Cartier ….