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  1. Pretty much what we did from the start. Supermarket bag with spray disinfectant (certified for this use), mask, J cloth, other bags if going to supermarket, pocket contents.... Wash stuff as necessary after use. Not so sexy but just become a habit.
  2. Scallops and black pudding Lamb Choc fondant
  3. As I have said before, when someone pushes past you in a shop, and coughs or sneezes, would you rather they were wearing a mask? WHO latest suggests easier airborne transmission than previously thought. You may have seen the pic doing the social media rounds of your breath vapour on a very cold day... Add the prevalence of asymptomatic cases and surely most of us can manage a mask. Find the type that you are most comfortable with.
  4. Or keep talking to BF, but French side in Roscoff. Poor French student in difficulty asks or help from French ferry company. On urgent or compassionate grounds they have quietly helped quite a few people. Just don't tell anyone, specially us!
  5. Meeting today of all the interested parties, state, region, town, port, Chamber of Commerce, port users, unions .....
  6. France loves histrionics! If the temperature does not rise, no-one feels satisfied. I suspect a solution is already close....
  7. Much catcher headline than raising care workers pay.... Call me cynical.
  8. I have tried to explain before, but Paully with his shock at the guys wanting their jobs back indicates I failed. French law stipulates that "horizontal" dock movements of cargo are handled by licenced dockers. Crane operators etc are different. The law has been updated several times. In St Malo a private company, SMM, owned by BF, Condor, Roulier and other port users employed 34 dockers. BF use them for unaccompanied trailers, so a couple of dockers for a few hours each day. Condor similar, mainly for their freight boats. Everything else is loaded and unloaded "vertically" by port employees . The dockers shift timber and other freight around on land. Business changes in a port and the shareholders of SMM have changing requirements for dockers' hours. Too many employees? Fast and loose management? Things were shaky hence administration last year and Covid was the end. But dockers are needed. Not normally port employees as not using port owned equipment or machinery. Hence private companies. There are jobs to save and all the interested parties need to pull their fingers out, fast.
  9. I could post a picture of the "instrument" my urologist used for the transurethral resection of my prostate.... No, that would make even me go weak at the knees. Stick to topic, stick to topic (he repeats to himself).
  10. The only political decisions come from Westminster. The devolved administrations avoid criticism, but choose more clarity for their populations.
  11. French engineering carried out with French style. Even had the choice of Sellotape or staples...
  12. Here you go Neil, its a breeze.
  13. My wife makes mine as "loud" as possible...
  14. No Ricard till I get the morphine down.... Just frustrating. Currently day patient at Clinique Emeraude in St Malo repeating myself, going round in circles till I eventually see my urologist who will have everything sorted in 10 minutes. Spent a week trying the get the nice guy in St Grégoire to call him I see leading kit above should have read peeing kit
  15. They do not seem to know if he is staying or going???
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