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  1. It is not the usual route, but is used quite often. No idea why.
  2. The suggestions seem to be that she touched bottom, very close to where her 2013 accident happened. No reasons yet forthcoming for her using this route, nor what caused her to stray from safe water.
  3. Super U have some Wyke Farms mature and Grand Frais have a decent selection.
  4. I am willing to do what I can to avoid spreading the virus. Some small personal sacrifices for the wider good. I hope I am not in a small minority. Beyond this, it is complicated and the answers are at best partial and provisional. Stay safe everyone.
  5. Still no serious word of quarantine being imposed on UK arrivals. If there is a massive rise in infections in UK it may happen, but otherwise I think the French government are trying to work in approximate harmony with other countries, most of whom are in very similar scenarios.
  6. More a kids playground song. Woolly vests and tattie soup figure ...
  7. I'll send what you want in exchange for Stornoway black pudding and butcher's scratchings....
  8. I recommend the Sunday Post. Legendary.
  9. House parties of 300 people, big gatherings of 18-35 year olds, just like here in Brittany! Oh and contempt for masks shown by so many.
  10. Bruno le Maire, economy minister, has confirmed help for BF once a diagnosis of the situation has been carried out, and a viable long term plan agreed.
  11. Closed means not operating. Does not mean route is abandoned. When things improve "most" routes will see a service.
  12. Did you see his naked dance outside his igloo?
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