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  1. Much of the detail of procedures for many sectors were not made available till late December. Many non UK national vets in the food chain have left the country. The new customs online systems are not ready. Other than that it is a walk in the park?
  2. Apparently the figures show that the extra hours of curfew have been effective compared to the shorter hours.
  3. It's OK, the UK boats that catch herring mainly land it in Norway or Denmark as Brits don't like it.
  4. colin


    You are part of the enlightened minority.
  5. colin


    A few British people living over here frequent that section, along with some curious French, but it appeals mostly to summer tourists from north of the ditch.
  6. colin


    Susan Boyle is responsible for what UK food our Super U stocks .... Well, she is a dead ringer for her! Nice woman but not very imaginative. The French can be tempted by lots of UK products and not just baked beans, Coleman's mustard and wine gums ...
  7. That's not nice .... he says diplomatically.
  8. I am not going to get into arguing about Scottish independence with Jonno. He has his sources of information. They are not the only ones, and most have agendas. Yes the nationalists have agendas too, but this hitting the issue in the face with a wet fish will merely accelerate the scission. I am not the only one who has dug pretty deep on the subject I am sure, but this is not the place for this issue. You may now find that Spain can find some good reasons for supporting Scottish membership. Please don't be so dismissive.
  9. Except ..... several EU countries have also agreed a temporary dispensation for use on sugar beet, which it seems has been taking a beating recently. I hate the France and EU bashing that we are seeing creeping back in here, but always try to see both sides.
  10. Every French government minister or spokesperson I have heard, has said quite clearly that a full lockdown is not currently on the table, but, if things continue to get worse, they are not ruling anything out. I think that is the straightest way of putting it? Not sure what is confusing about the message.
  11. Why did HM Gov not clearly lay out these consequences? Easier to blame EU bureaucracy ....
  12. Interesting to see the 2 ends of current E-Flexer use, more passenger accommodation against lane metres. BF - DFDS, with Stena in between.
  13. Is that number still current? Or have we seen, temporarily at least, a big reduction of cross Irish Sea traffic?
  14. Yes, Southampton is great. Flybe reduced then dropped the route to Rennes sadly.
  15. Exactly why we like Southend airport. Walk from plane to train in no time. Just have to hope that someone replaces what Flybe were offering.
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