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  1. https://www.saint-malo-tourisme.com/agenda/tout-l-agenda?listpage=1 Run through the pages and you will see all the local Christmas markets too. The main St Malo one runs last weekend of Nov/Dec, the following weekend, then from 13th through to 4th Jan.
  2. I haven't seen dates in our local press yet but will check and revert.
  3. Not for long if the SNP get their way.....
  4. Edeis run several airports and used to run the marina in Rouen, but Sodeports now have that concession and I don't know why Edeis lost it.
  5. Someone did not check paint compatibility.
  6. The platform at St Malo was indeed doing deeper samples of where dredging is planned to deepen and widen the usable area on the north side of the berth and in the approach. The region are funding the work, though there is still uncertainty about timing and several aspects including the future of the piscine du Naye. The port concession has been lost by the CCI and a new private operator Edeis will take over at the end of next month, so coordination between them, the region and the town is a live subject.
  7. colin

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Not quite sure what you are referring to? The props will suffer the type of corrosion you mention due to their alloy composition. There is some red showing, but probably remaining red antifoul paint? The rudders would not be fabricated from the same alloys. Mild steel I guess, and visible corrosion would be different? Something that size out of stainless would be unusual and very expensive.
  8. Oops. That McDo is on the N13 after the turn off towards St Lo, so a bit of a detour.
  9. Another, and quite different alternative.... Restaurant previously called la Passerelle (and still showing under this name on Trip Advisor), but now called l'Aer, in the airport terminal at Rennes / St Jacques de la Lande airport. Just a short hitch off and back to your route, with you already clear of Rennes traffic. OK, you will pay to park (not expensive), but literally just across the road, and the restaurant is on the upper floor looking out over the runway. Really well priced, quick, friendly and great food. Very relaxed. If you have time to spare, the back roads across the étangs d'Apigné are very picturesque.
  10. With 11:30 arrival you will be lucky to make it very far for lunch. The Auberge de Normandie in Carentan would be an easy early stop, then you have a clear run ahead. There are lots of places to eat that I would not recommend around Rennes.... But there are some decent choices on the western perimeter.
  11. The "one" disadvantage of using the Bretagne is that most cars are loaded on deck 5, and on a busy summer crossing, you will wait +/- 45 minutes to drive off. Sneakily, this does mean a more relaxed breakfast, so long as you have vacated your cabin.
  12. Hence as often the French turning it into a verb as in "scotché" to mean stuck in a wider sense like a sailing yacht in no wind. "On était scotché dans une molle et dépassé par toute la flotte". My favourite is Duct tape / Duck tape, which is greytape in French, so to repair something quickly and temporarily on a racing yacht "il faut le greytaper".
  13. When I tell you that this is from the Facebook group Stories n Photos o Maritime Shetland, the sharpest amongst you will immediately identify this ex BF ship in the Red Sea.
  14. The current owner/investor has a chequered history to say the least.... Time will tell.
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