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  1. colin

    Northlink anyone used them?

    The Douglas Arms and the Lounge Bar are popular. Plenty to do and see. Excellent museum at Hays Dock. How long are you up for?
  2. colin

    Northlink anyone used them?

    Link to the thread with my report from early 2016. http://bfenthusiasts.com/bfe/topic/10746-bretagne-hrossey-hjaltland-bretagne-a-road-trip/?tab=comments#comment-160390
  3. colin

    Northlink anyone used them?

    Yes, I will look for the link to my report. Note that prices are expected to come down about 30% soon due to Scottish government policy. In the meantime, if you have friends or family in Shetland, you can get them to sign you up for a discount scheme. Do not be surprised by weather delays, cancellations, and even 8 hour early departures ....
  4. colin

    Environmentally friendly???

    So, what does that document tell us about what fuel she burns. My understanding is as Chris said above.
  5. colin

    Environmentally friendly???

    So .... if all ships are on diesel, why spend millions on scrubbers. Facts please!
  6. colin

    Pet Travel on the rise

    Our deaf, runt of the litter, wobbly but gutsy white cat Tequila commuted back and forth with my wife for over 2 years. Carry basket, bedding, and litter tray, left open in the back of the Espace. Usually found on dashboard or driver's seat amusing the crew!
  7. colin

    Pont Aven 9/3/18

    Apparently over 1,000 pax, better than 300 on her way up the night before. All of those folk must have been in Le Flora, full, and doing 2nd service for some tables.
  8. colin

    Pont Aven 9/3/18

    My wife (electric scooter) was on board, and in the restaurant. Slept well after a bottle of wine .... Had a few good chats with friends on the crew, updating on who will be on Bretagne through this year.
  9. Half a dozen times this winter, we, or friends, have boarded early at St Malo. +/- 18:45.
  10. colin

    French CRIT'Air Certificate

    Rennes will soon be using this system at times of high pollution. It will apply to the area inside the rocades (ring roads).
  11. colin

    P&O Considering Shetland - Scandinavia Route?

    Prices have come down quite a lot.
  12. colin

    Restaurant recommendations, Saint-Malo

    Lots of changes. Will try not to forget to write an update soon, perhaps at the end of the week when I am languishing in hospital after surgery on my back - spinal fusion from S1 to L3.
  13. Saturday market in Dinard is one of the best in the region. There is also Rocabey market in St Malo.
  14. colin

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Gallic would be French, of course, he says with a shrug, as distinct from Welsh or Gaelic....
  15. colin

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    The CGT is noisier than ever these days as they try to regain lost ground to the CFDT. The latter have, for 10 years or so, been more pragmatic. CGT answer is to be more dogmatic ....