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  1. Please don't cancel Monday night's Roscoff-Plymouth....
  2. Spent a night there some years back bringing a Swan 42 through from Delfzijl to Stavoren, before putting the rig up, out at Ijmuiden and cold February run to the Solent. Not enough depth in the Galamadanen marina, so moored just east of the bridge. Excellent dinner!
  3. If you read between the lines, the purpose of this project is to stir up attention to climate change, and never put forward as viable in any sense. Not sure who put the dam locations on a map?
  4. Rust getting out from the foredeck, layers of paint covering corrosion, washed through the scuppers from some significant quantities of salt water over the bow these last few days.
  5. There is without doubt a strong desire within BF, SICA etc to have a new emblematic ship. The Bretagne 2 designation allows it to potentially serve Spain as #1 did, or St Malo as she now does. The point is to have a stand-out figurehead for the company. How much is just heart rather than head.....? Time will indeed tell.
  6. As is so often the case, Bretagne could easily have docked in St Malo this morning. The wind has stayed S of W and is around 15 knots at her normal arrival time. On the other hand, the crossing would have been lively....
  7. I believe the nav or engine courses ended due to the usual bag of health and safety, security and insurance.
  8. Chris, I would be surprised if a marine insurance policy covered a mechanical breakdown. Usually only cover something caused by an external source. BF may have a wider mechanical breakdown cover, but that would most likely be extremely expensive.
  9. I note that DFDS cite Brexit uncertainty as a major factor in a 15% fall in profit.
  10. Over 70 knots forecast in the German Bight. I guess many North Sea crossings will be affected.
  11. From what I follow, the worst effects are further east than here, but Monday morning the wind may get N of W which challenges even the best at St Malo at the currently forecast 40-50 knots. Even the berthing in Cherbourg may be fun to watch. Tugs better not go on strike.
  12. Forgive me.... is that the Leeds castle that Dinard Airport proudly promoted on the Ryanair flights to ...... Leeds Bradford? I am sure you will enjoy, my elder son lives and works in Lewes these days.
  13. The retirement related strikes have had virtually no impact on our daily lives other than deciding to drive to friends in Paris rather than take a train. Even in "normal" conditions, I would probably have driven. Train between suburbs and gare du Nord ran normally, and my Thalys train to Dusseldorf also (recommend this, first class was only 5€ extra and includes food, drink, papers, better internet and only 3 seats across!).
  14. I agree with Paully about how BF, and indeed every travel company, need to adapt to a changing world. Not easy. Is it possible, do you think, that in our little BFE Forum world we may be more conscious of disruptions in France due to strikes etc? With some sound regular members over here responding promptly to questions from outre Manche, do we overdo awareness compared to the average UK holiday maker? Frankly I still think Brexit has a much bigger impact on BF passenger numbers. Complicated.... UK press trumpeting how horrid the EU is, often picking out Macron as one of the "worst". Uncertainty about documents, licences, green cards, health cover.... yes, we are better informed about these things here. Brexit has created a quite nasty attitude towards the EU and this has an inevitable consequence on BF numbers. I do not want to drift into pro or anti Brexit stuff, but one way or another, we need to see a much calmer, more honest and factual climate in across the ditch relations before we can expect BF numbers to grow. Or a 25% rise in the £ perhaps....
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