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  1. colin

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    An Argentinian officer on board was viewing a boat I have for sale on the end of the outer pontoon of the marina. Hence why I have been there 6 times in the last couple of months....
  2. colin

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Same spot a few weeks ago, with an even bigger monstrosity....
  3. colin

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    NEX alongside the Cité de la Mer, with some monstrosity on the left.... The other one is for Kaines, her bay outbound.
  4. colin

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    I took a few pics in Cherbourg Friday. Ferry central. NEX alongside the Cité de la Mer, Barfleur, WB Yeats and Epsilon arriving/departing. Try to find time to post.
  5. I was in Granville yesterday evening after Cherbourg. Lovely day for Les Minquiers today. Sorry it's gone to sh1t. If you can wait, and plan ahead, we can organise an exclusive BFE members special to the southernmost crapper in the British isles, from St Malo. Share of cost +/- 50€.
  6. We regularly use Roscoff Plymouth. French side, never delayed more than 30 mins. UK side 90 mins to 2 hours each time. OK, slightly less off season, but still terrible whereas we waltz through at Roscoff. Experience not opinion.
  7. Daytime sailing, so unlikely to be busy. No school holidays or public holidays.
  8. Commandant Olivier Raimbeaux. Protégé of Joseph Hardouin....
  9. colin


    In St Malo go to Jean-Yves Bordier's shop on the Rue de l'Orme. Most famous for his own manufactured butters (Hotel George's V, Royal Yacht Squadron....), his selection of cheeses is wonderful. My tip is Brie de Melun, distinctly tastier than you more common Brie de Meaux.
  10. GCaptain reports on this with an operator I haven't heard of before. https://gcaptain.com/proposed-ferry-could-save-scottish-whiskey-exports-post-brexit/
  11. GCaptain reports on this with an operator I haven't heard of before.
  12. In Jersey with 20 Muscadets.... Plywood boxes with sails and crew who love to party. Had to tow one from the east side of the M'inquiètes when their rudder broke. Arrived 0245 in St Hélier and the festivities started. Hope we don't upset anyone else this evening....
  13. colin

    Hotel Kyriad

    It may relate to the access difficulties these last two and a half years? Time will tell.
  14. colin

    Hotel Kyriad

    They used to cook, sort of.... Now no pretence.
  15. In theory there will always be VAT due on an import from outside the EU, and an import duty depending on the trade deal between the third country and the EU. That rate varies by product too.
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