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  1. Agreed. I will follow up by email. My "hit" is 0.15€ per km over my contract, plus approx 18€ fuel, so 43€ ish.
  2. Eat, drink, sleep.... But, computer says no. Weather caused so no compensation or allowance for change of destination. Seems if sailing cancelled and you need to travel to an alternative, it might be covered, or Madame is prettier than me?
  3. Thanks Chris. I have some time to burn, so BF desk and Ship & Castle?
  4. Pont Aven vacated the berth and stooged waiting till Thursday evening to load and sail, turning round in St Malo for 10:30 departure, arrived Pompey 18:15, and left again at 20:15. All strike related. My return tonight has been diverted to Cherbourg due to weather (come back Joseph Hardouin...). The "cut off" is generally any north in the wind and gusts over 40 knots. PA is longer and a tad harder to berth at St Malo, but I think there is every chance the wind will be OK in the morning. Understand though that risks cannot be taken, and having turned round about 50m from the quay in st Malo and retreated to Cherbourg, I know these decisions are not easy.
  5. Sadly need to get my Super U hire van back fast.... 250kms extra to pay too!
  6. My return to St Malo now going to Cherbourg. Oh joy....
  7. colin

    Medevac on Pont Aven

    Yes, we actually stayed at about 90 degrees to a wind of 35 knots. Slowed down to 10 knots as the helico left, about 4 miles off St Cats.
  8. colin

    Medevac on Pont Aven

    10 miles south of St Cats on our delayed St Malo to Pompey. 1620 local time, helico from UK arrived, turned head to (lots of wind), but still doing 20 knots. Just turned full darkness.
  9. I think they look great and will be even better on board.
  10. No doubt some of the most radical strikers will not be in any hurry to return to work after 24 hours, so we shall see what transpires. I think the port action should stick to what has been announced. Unions are meeting in a couple of weeks time to decide on the next round.
  11. The chap at BF towers was slightly nonplussed when I called about a sailing not announced as cancelled, asking if this meant the schedule would add a morning northbound sailing on Friday.... Recovered quickly and professionally, and at least I ge a few quid back for not needing a cabin.
  12. Yes, sorry, haste and anger....? Because St Malo port will be affected b industrial action on Thursday 5th, the overnight sailing from Pompey on Wednesday, due to arrive +/- 08:15 Thursday, has been cancelled. It is effectively delayed 24 hours, now arriving Friday morning, turning round like in summer, and departing 10:30 arriving 18:30, so that she can resume the schedule with Friday night down, day in port and Saturday night up. Hope this all works.... My 2 days of furniture moving with a hired Super U van now need to be done in one day. Assuming of course the industrial action does not end on Thursday.... I am booked back Sunday night. We shall see.
  13. And Portsmouth to St Malo overnight 4-5th replaced with morning sailing on the 5th. Screws me!!!! Booked on the Thursday night northbound. Need to be in UK Friday morning.
  14. And Portsmouth to St Malo overnight 4-5th replaced with morning sailing on the 5th. Screws me!!!!
  15. There are often pretty cheap flights from Glasgow or Edinburgh to Jersey. Quick adventure via Condor to St Malo or Manche Isles Express to Granville....
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