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  1. Currently sitting under this with a Ricard.
  2. If it means between the actual square, rectangular or round tables it makes no sense. We should see the details of the décret this weekend.
  3. Didn't pick up yet whether 1m social distancing rule still applies generally? Cinemas? Restos etc 1m between tables which I guess means between the people at adjacent tables?
  4. The expected topics include, as above, the 100 km limit and restaurants, cafés and bars. Whether the 100 km is replaced by a wider, but still limited restriction will be known later, we hope. What exactly is announced for the restos etc will please some and anger others no doubt.
  5. Just for additional info on French government position. Reciprocal quarantine will be applied to any country which puts such a policy in place for arrivals from France. Spain is currently in this situation from Monday 25th May.
  6. Please forgive me using the word, but it is a pity that political reasons are taking priority over sensible public health ones, and threatening a longer period of inactivity for BF and their ships. I suspect some back channels will open?
  7. She made it almost entirely from wool from Shetland breed sheep.
  8. A sheep my wife made earlier, doing a round Britain cruise with the most Malouin Russian couple on their charter yacht, last year. Thank heavens the money has been found to build a new research centre after the last one burnt down. A major resource for understanding nature, birds in particular. A smashing place to visit if you ever get the chance.
  9. The latest from the French government is that if indeed the UK apply quarantine to all arrivals from France, they are ready to apply a reciprocal measure.
  10. Auntie again. What about France exemption? Asked why there's no longer a quarantine exemption for people coming to the UK from France, Priti Patel says there are "limited" ones, details of which will be published later.
  11. Quoting Auntie : So what will be required of people going into self-isolation? People will be expected to travel by car, where possible, and not use public transport They should not leave their residence for 14 days They should not go to work, school or visit public areas They should not have friends or family to stay or visit, except to provide essential support They should not go out to shop where they can rely on others. They will be encouraged to download the NHS Covid-19 app at the border Sort of messes things for those hoping to escape, and thinking they can promise to behave when they come back. One thing PP is good at is threatening ...
  12. Well, she who must be obeyed has just said 14 day quarantine from 8th June. Exemptions for CI, IOM, Ireland, with fines for refusing to fill in the "contact" form and heavy fine for breaking quarantine. Fines in England only, other nations to decide on that aspect for themselves. Are BF really going to open much from 15th? One route taking passengers, acting as a trial perhaps?
  13. I think this will depend on reciprocity. Not much good if France and Spain are open, but everyone arriving in UK is subject to 14 days quarantine. I have an itch that says the reason they say they will review UK quarantine, is to coordinate with a potential 15th June date, yet to be agreed, with all 3 countries mentioned.
  14. Without reopening all the other aspects of the effectiveness of masks, I ask myself whether I would rather someone, physically close to me, perhaps even in a confined space who coughed or sneezed, was wearing a mask or not?
  15. My expert couturière (dress maker and all that stuff....) recommends 3 layers of silk between the inner and outer poly cotton, with a wire in the top to bend around the form of the bridge of your nose. Not for one second claiming any scientific knowledge on this, but she is pretty hot on everything textile, and has been investigating potential options.
  16. Yes, but trying to maintain the good habit of one supermarket shop per week.... would love that trolley load to be under 50€. A bottle of Ricard is +/- 20€!
  17. Our Super U disinfects trolleys, controls numbers in the store, has plexi at checkouts and masks, gloves and visors for staff, but does not sanitise card machines.
  18. I agree Nick. Two reasons for trying to reduce public clamour for masks. When the epidemic hit, France, UK and many other countries had drastically reduced, or never built up stocks, so every mask was needed at the front line, and history will judge all of this. The second reason, a little wrapped up in the first, is the need to make sure front line and potentially exposed people are equipped and protected. Even on this many countries have managed distribution badly, mainly through poor preparation and not heeding scientific reports carried out in their own countries.
  19. Whilst I agree that testing is vital, so is accurate recording. How can UK "do" over 170,000 tests in a day and yet only test just over 60,000 people? Trump of course trumpets test numbers as a measure of success whilst glossing over cases and deaths for entirely political reasons. It is that sort of selective use of numbers and the lack of genuine care, that worry me. Public opinions on masks are divided. Yes, they can encourage complacency, but they are also a statement of awareness. On the pure medical front I have not seen a reliable report saying wearing a mask harms you. When I witness the disrespect of distancing and other barrier actions, I wish more people wore masks. Not arguing with science or facts, but interpretation and application are an entire subsequent question. And the worst is selecting the facts to quote to support an opinion. Trump is a master.
  20. I think Ireland's 1974 decision should be applied nationwide, no, sod it, worldwide. Or am I being a little hasty?
  21. I think I will respond to Jonno's latest in the morning. 26 degrees, a couple of Ricard's and BBQ almost ready. But respond I will, because no one should impose their opinion here.
  22. It was a specific attack on people who have different views from him. People who, he says, prefer fiction to fact. Totally unacceptable post and apology required.
  23. I am not going to continue an argument with Jonno, or anyone else about how outstandingly well HM Gov has handled things, and how useless Italy was, France is etc. Sorry, but selecting facts to back up opinions runs against the grain with me. The UK transmission rate is higher because of more testing ....??? Not factual analysis. As for UK including all deaths, many experts show just how slow the UK was to include even care homes, and how those care homes have been inhumanly treated. HM Gov has played fast and loose with figures at their briefings, dropping international comparisons when they looked bad, including tests sent out by post to the figure previously based on tests carried out .... Not good. A little context from the Economist. Cut the politics, let us stick to truth. And, I entirely agree with your first two paragraphs.
  24. Thanks. My concern was, and is, that quoting one statistic can sometimes give an impression which a wider picture makes clearer? We are a long way from eradicating transmission of the virus in France, and will go on seeing new cases for many weeks, and probably months to come. More and more of these cases, at this stage in the epidemic seem to be asymptomatic, with the infected people completely unaware. The risk remains transmission to the more vulnerable in our communities. As for the number of people in hospital for Covid-19 in UK and France being a reason for UK reticence about French travellers. Sorry, I think with UK a little later on the curve, and with transmission and death rates still running at higher levels, only a politician would try to use that excuse ....
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