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  1. 15 mins to go from Bretagne deck 5, ashore, through formalities..... Allow 90 mins at very least.
  2. Chocolate mousse at L'Escale on the Sablons marina in St. Malo. No contest.
  3. Whilst I am an unashamed Les Abers fan.... and I think it would be a great idea to separate part of the eating area to offer proper table service … the quality of food onboard Armorique is pretty good. Excellent entrecotes and some tasty dishes of the day. Raspberry tart for pud, Chateau Noaillac. Breakfast on the other hand is a disgrace with frazzled fried eggs, dried out bacon....
  4. Bretagne departed St Malo today in 35-40 knots SW, but not much wave height on this side.
  5. Sometimes I wonder why several posters feel the need to repeat things.....
  6. I understand that BF have submitted an offer, which presumably means they found suitable partners. However they state that they are not the only bidder.
  7. Thank heavens we live in an era of huge advances in medicine. Wishing you the best. Look after your morale!
  8. My Ricard at 6pm tastes better with chilled Vitel....
  9. My wife goes back and forth regularly with her's. Charging no problem. Not up to speed with hire possibilities here in France. Will try to investigate.
  10. It wasn't raining on our side of the Rance, the "Rive Gauche".... Met the misty drizzle as I got across the barrage.
  11. We asked in Rennes why we were all getting five years? Because.....
  12. colin

    Hotel Kyriad

    All 4 lanes and all slip roads are now open, but the underpass not yet useable. (Due to open in about a week....).
  13. Just had a laugh. Asked Joseph Hardouin if he received a call begging him to step in and oversea Honfleur's construction. His two were delivered on time....
  14. Armorique is great for wheelchairs or even electric scooters. Best disabled cabins. Madame solos happily on her, but also on Pont Aven and Bretagne. She does have an icebreaker attitude and approach.... Hot up the Rance today Neil. Retreated to our boat on her mooring this afternoon.
  15. Brexit bonus..... Don't make me laugh!
  16. Chausey during big tides (+/-13m) is unbelievable. We avoid the scrum of the Sound, and poke in to a deep pool just SW of the Îles Aneret. At high water we see straight across to Grande Île, whilst at low water it is like being on the moon. We spend two or three nights there half a dozen times a year.
  17. Enjoy the southernmost toilet in the UK.
  18. And we don't get nice friendly letters …. just a text message! You clearly are highly regarded....
  19. In our area they are only issuing 5 year cards at present, citing Brexit uncertainty.
  20. It is not unusual to replace engines via a cut out in the hull side once in dry dock. Depending on the design o the vessel, this can be far quicker than removing vertically through several decks. Perhaps on a ferry design, the vertical solution is practical up to the level of the lowest vehicle deck?
  21. If you park at the seaward end o the Sablons marina car park, you can follow the steps and path up to the Cité d'Alet. Great spot or these photos. You can artistically get some greenery in shot at the right times of year..... The path goes all the way round past the Marégraphe (tide gauge) and the various bunkers, bringing you out on the Solidor side just above the excellent restaurant La Corderie.
  22. FastStone image viewer is free and fairly simple. You reduce size on the tools menu, convert selected files. Try a % and experiment a bit.
  23. She doesn't bite! But the handshake is fierce.
  24. Many thousands of us followed him on social media. Great story, interesting and funny.
  25. Like Ed we do not really get bothered on a daily basis, and the French just love to protest. If it is not the train drivers on strike some group will always find fault with the country with about the highest taxation. The flip side, the highest social funding budget, eventually gets noticed again. Whatever, it will not stop some group, small or large, complaining, demonstrating, destroying speed cameras, herding sheep through town centres, dumping potatoes on roundabouts or manure on tax office steps.... French democracy and debate in action.
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