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  1. "A refusal or a failure to understand" I feel applies less to BF than to some of us. Which of us has the Covid crystal ball? Blooming sure BF want services running on the very first possible day, but Covid and the decisions by several governments (good, bad or indifferent) make life a complete horror show for the people trying to decide on dates, schedules, crews, logistics .... We all hope, and by that I include BF, us travellers, governments, wine warehouses and all the rest, that clarity can come. But which of us can say, OK, on this date, this service will be able to operate viably? W
  2. Doesn't sound like talks went well ... I know a number of people involved from St Malo and Granville. Ed, is this the guys you had lined up for your Minquiers trip? (1) Les Bateaux De Saint-Malo ⚓️ : Voilà un petit visuel de la situation autour de St Helier | Facebook
  3. Goodwill has now departed as promised. Meeting has taken place. 2 big grey boats from each country discreetly present.
  4. Cobelfret are adding a 4th RoRo vessel to their Rotterdam to Dublin service.
  5. I gather that an agreement may have been reached for the Goodwill to depart. Talks on board the Normandy Trader between a Jersey minister and French fishing leaders is proposed this morning. The official line from the fishing organisations is that the boats will not impose a blockade, merely make abundantly clear their unhappiness, but it is more than possible that individual boats may get gung ho. I could explain the nitty gritty detail of exactly what has happened regarding licences, but would probably be accused of taking sides, so just go do some research if you are interested.
  6. Report from the Guardian : But not everyone in the local fishing sector agrees. The island’s leading oyster and mussel fisherman, Chris Le Masurier, is scathing and says the problem is not Brexit but the local government’s “incompetent bunch of idiots”. “I am so drained after this weekend because every French fisherman I know phoned me to complain,” he said. “I have been dealing with France for 30 years and I’ve learned there is a way to deal with our closest neighbour,” he told the local online news outlet Bailiwick Express. “It seems that the new licences were sent out Friday and t
  7. Exactly, the only clientele to consider are, as I said above, those going to, or coming from Germany, Holland, Belgium ... Not saying that makes the idea viable, but there may be some takers?
  8. We are talking about a port much further east. Fundamentally I agree with Jonno above, but wilder ideas take root here ....
  9. I guess there could be some tourist and even business car or foot passenger traffic in both directions? From Germany, Holland, Belgium to Ireland and the reverse. As we all know, a smart ferry with good food is THE way to travel.
  10. For want of a better place to post this, I have seen an announcement of a Grimaldi RoRo service between Antwerp and Cork.
  11. We use farine gâteau as one would use self raising flour.
  12. Make of this what you will .... Armorique arrived in St Malo at lunchtime today and, unless I went temporarily blind, unloaded zero trucks, trailers or anything else. Does this simply mean that the Ireland-St Malo service is a failure, but that the Poole and back service is viable? Sadly due to timings, I can't tell what loadings are for that.
  13. And unless UK government, regions, chambers of commerce and farmers become shareholders, I guess BF will still use French crew except when sounding out new routes and opportunities. The current circumstances reinforce the company's French raison d'être.
  14. Condor employ a mix of CI and France based seagoing crew.
  15. I will probably be hard at work on my varnish over the next several days, so I will try and keep a look out and ferret any gossip.
  16. Only 7 trucks came off Armorique in St Malo today ... Some photos from the cockpit of our boat, currently ashore at the Sablons where I am stripping and redoing varnish.
  17. 7 trucks came off Armorique in St Malo today. Without the region's subsidy, they would stop.
  18. More likely to be Arabic or something similar from a north African call centre .... But, in reality the delocalisation that the UK has seen is much less prevalent here. Does not mean you can understand a word of what they are saying though ....
  19. Lots of churches are close to boulangeries ... And, whilst very little is open in France on Sundays, one simply cannot live without fresh croissants, bread, pastries and cakes, can one ....?
  20. No, not yet. I believe they hope to have new terminal building for 2022 season. Digressing briefly, Ryanair have said no more Stansted to Dinard/Pleurtuit flights, so no commercial flights left, and most staff being made redundant.
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