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  1. I think they look great and will be even better on board.
  2. No doubt some of the most radical strikers will not be in any hurry to return to work after 24 hours, so we shall see what transpires. I think the port action should stick to what has been announced. Unions are meeting in a couple of weeks time to decide on the next round.
  3. The chap at BF towers was slightly nonplussed when I called about a sailing not announced as cancelled, asking if this meant the schedule would add a morning northbound sailing on Friday.... Recovered quickly and professionally, and at least I ge a few quid back for not needing a cabin.
  4. Yes, sorry, haste and anger....? Because St Malo port will be affected b industrial action on Thursday 5th, the overnight sailing from Pompey on Wednesday, due to arrive +/- 08:15 Thursday, has been cancelled. It is effectively delayed 24 hours, now arriving Friday morning, turning round like in summer, and departing 10:30 arriving 18:30, so that she can resume the schedule with Friday night down, day in port and Saturday night up. Hope this all works.... My 2 days of furniture moving with a hired Super U van now need to be done in one day. Assuming of course the industrial action does not end on Thursday.... I am booked back Sunday night. We shall see.
  5. And Portsmouth to St Malo overnight 4-5th replaced with morning sailing on the 5th. Screws me!!!! Booked on the Thursday night northbound. Need to be in UK Friday morning.
  6. And Portsmouth to St Malo overnight 4-5th replaced with morning sailing on the 5th. Screws me!!!!
  7. There are often pretty cheap flights from Glasgow or Edinburgh to Jersey. Quick adventure via Condor to St Malo or Manche Isles Express to Granville....
  8. The protesters failed to block the Donges refinery near St Nazaire yesterday and the depot at Vern sur Seiche near Rennes was unblocked by 130 Gendarmes at 04:00 this morning. We anyway were able to get some fuel in Pleurtuit yesterday, and the situation should ease fairly quickly. No news yet about the Brest and Lorient blockages.
  9. Well, they do take 7 minutes to serve a glass of beer from the tap in that part of Germany. Perhaps all the workers are in a queue?
  10. For now...... the strike action is only scheduled for Thursday. Barring escalation, you should be OK, he says, crossing fingers and toes.
  11. Watching closely as I am booked on Pont Aven out of St Malo on Thursday evening. I will post here any word I have from my news sources.
  12. Not the Commandants usually. One of them will be in Gdansk most of the time. Some "hotel" staff will probably be on Pont Aven. Fair amount of winter rotation.
  13. To the best of my knowledge Hervé and Olivier are continuing as the regulars on Bretagne. Historically BF have tried to have an established pairing on the ship. Joseph Hardouin and Jacques Brichet were on her for many years.
  14. Most refineries in the west have been blocked for several days and stocks have disappeared in panic buying. Very little available around St Malo! This action is by building sector workers protesting against plans to cut reduced duty on diesel for their vehicles. Meeting with government today, so fingers crossed. Thursday sees almost complete shutdown on railways (from Wednesday evening), Air France ground staff on strike (impact unknown), many local and regional bus and metro services not running. Police action (not yet seen detail). All these actions are by the main unions against the rationalisation of state retirement schemes. Currently all sorts of workers like train drivers, have packages a lot better than the standard.
  15. Many have already started choosing Ireland over our shambles.....
  16. Damned with faint praise.... OK, let us agree not to agree.
  17. I would rather be the red wine guru, but of course we already have a Fine one of those ....
  18. I try to be polite? When I disagree, I do my best to do so without offence. Even in the presence of gurus.
  19. Sorry chaps. As fairly regular users of Commodore cabins on the 2 ships I mention, as she who must be obeyed is disabled and, whilst praising the disabled offering on Armorique is not so happy on Bretagne or Pont Aven. And of course, she likes to be a little spoilt.... On Bretagne the cabins are adequate, quite spacious, but dull and featureless. On Pont Aven they are light, airy and a cut above. Bear in mind that I am one of Bretagne's staunchest fans, and most constructive critics....
  20. No comparison between Commodore cabins on Bretagne and Pont Aven. Night and day!
  21. Yes. Actually, 1985 was much worse. We started in 45 knots on the nose and never saw less. 57 finished out of +/-300.
  22. It was a major factor in the deaths during the 79 Fastnet. The boats that people abandoned didn't sink. Step up, not down into a liferaft! We avoided that hard choice by losing the raft the first time we did a 360 degree roll....
  23. Well, .... yes. That is one of the big culture shocks for Brits moving here. The state is the people, for the people. OK, for the people to constantly complain about, but from your local Mairie upwards, there is much more acceptance and integration of the state in everyday lives and activities. Bearing in mind that we pay the most tax in Europe, you can perhaps understand why we expect the flip side. As for GRP construction... Best to forget those 3 letters as modern construction uses a range of materials and techniques - carbon, Kevlar, aramid honeycomb sandwich, infusion, autoclave ovens ..... Biger and bigger vessels are being built form these composite materials, and not just marine vessels of course. The proposed new wind powered freighter for Renault and St Pierre et Miquelon in to be built in composite. Gitana, Macif, Sodebo and Actual are over 120' trimarans, currently racing (and breaking) around the Atlantic, often averaging around 40 knots, foiling, for sustained periods. The options and flexibility opened up by composite construction are pretty amazing.
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