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    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Big police presence when I tried to get there. The Gilets Jaunes have been pushed away, along the quayside of the Bassin Bouvet, and the barricades etc are being removed. Protesting is tolerated, but after a certain point, the law which forbids blocking a public highway is imposed. I imagine both sides will keep on alert for a while …. From this afternoon, access should be clear.
  2. colin

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Bretagne duly arrived in St Malo this morning. Not sure what is happening, as the Gilets Jaunes insist they are continuing the blockade. I will be at the Sablons in an hour, so will drive round and see what the current situation is.
  3. colin

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    The Gilets Jaunes in St Malo say "we have the port, and we will keep it. That will hit their wallets." Outsiders have come in and hardened attitudes. The port is totally closed to commercial and pleasure traffic, with only the local fishing fleet being allowed access. Up till the port blockade, things were fairly civilised here, but that has all changed, and they are promising tougher actions to come. Confrontation is of course what the extremists seek, so how long they can keep any public support remains to be seen.
  4. I know we like a translation, but here is a summary of the Ouest France article linked below. "Went on the Irish Ferries service from Cherbourg, when all the other ferries seemed to be taking shelter east of the Cotentin. They were right and Irish Ferries wrong. Hell of a trip, though we would die. Anchored off Bideford. Chaos. Fear. No communication on board. At arrival, we refused to disembark until we saw our vehicles. IF tried to whisk us ashore. Angry. Standoff. http://www.ouest-france.fr/meteo/tempete/tempete-nuit-de-chaos-sur-le-ferry-cherbourgeois-4028202
  5. colin

    New Look Revealed

    Anything that masks the plug ugliness of Pont Aven's post scrubber funnel is good!!!
  6. I quote below some information from Dém'Marches Bretagne (detail later) about the procedure for applying for French residency, Carte de Séjour. Applying for a residency card AFTER BREXIT (= after March 29th, 2019) means you can't leave France during the process (4 to 6 months) ; if you do, your application is cancelled. My advice is that you apply before end of October to be able to obtain an interview at Préfecture before Brexit. In explanation. Nelly Ferriault is a brilliant adviser on all things administrative in France, is bilingual, used to work for the Préfecture, knows the people, the systems and the pitfalls inside out. She specialises, amongst other things, in helping Brits with car registration, tax and benefit forms, applications for residency or nationality, disputes with neighbours …. She is an absolute star, bubbly, charming, but serious, experienced and fearless in addressing issues. Her contact details are below. She lives NE of Rennes and covers Ille et Vilaine and a little beyond. The process of applying for residency is typically bureaucratic. Mounds of photocopies of 5 years of bills and bank statements to prove you have been here, and have the means to pay your way. Plus originals and copies and notarised translations of birth and marriage certificates etc. The point she is now making is that, if you want to apply, and your application is accepted pending confirmation, you may only travel within the EU until you receive that confirmation 4 to 6 months later. Unless a specific arrangement forms part of Brexit, the UK will be outside the EU, and any applicant leaving France whilst waiting, will see their application automatically cancelled. Nelly Ferriault Dém'Marches Bretagne demarches35@outlook.com +33 (0)6 22 13 08 01
  7. colin

    Bretagne mini-cruise 16/11/18

    If you do the mini cruise with the restaurant lunch, avoid the Jacques Cartier ….
  8. colin

    Tanker - warship collision

    Frigate has now sunk ….
  9. colin

    Tanker - warship collision

    https://medium.com/@cargun/radar-images-audio-log-of-knm-helge-ingstad-frigate-sola-ts-oil-tanker-collision-a71e3f516b54 Well worth a read!
  10. colin

    Tanker - warship collision

    Tanker repeatedly called the warship and VTS warning of collision risk. Warship made one excuse then failed to avoid collision. Warship turned AIS on after collision. Tanker reported collision saying they though it was a warship.
  11. colin

    Tanker - warship collision

    I have read reports suggesting the warship was at fault. Repeatedly contacted by the tanker asking for clarification of intentions, told all under control.
  12. colin

    Tanker - warship collision

    Waiting to hear who hit who? Prompt decision to drive her ashore almost certainly saved many lives. Saw a documentary about a ship that capsized up there in 4 minutes....
  13. colin

    Route du Rhum Live!

    Major ire from locals and spectators in general! All private leisure boats yachts motor boats RIBs etc were penned in a zone to the south of the race corridor with the paying spectators to the north. All those boats on the north side were paying the organisers a "tax" per head! The start line is so long with the various classes in sections from the Ultimes in the north, to the Class 40s and Rhum monos to the south. The view for spectators was hopeless. The private boats miles away from the Ultimes. From the Pointe du Grouin the "exciting boats" were dots on the horizon. At Cap Fréhel things were no better. Even the live TV coverage was very poor. The heart of the event is at serious risk if this type of policy continues. Everyone accepts the necessity of security measures and safety at sea, but this was a nonsense, keeping the non paying public too far away to be involved, and creaming it from the paying passengers. There are much better ways to organise this, with a shorter start line a race "corridor" that can be modified to suit the conditions, classes starting 15 or 20 minutes after each other, better planned and defined spectator zones …. We shall see?
  14. colin

    Route du Rhum Live!

    Even the NEX didn't try to keep up with the Ultime trimarans. The leaders are south of Ushant after about 5 hours!!!! We were out there and got as close as we could. Perfect weather, great day, then French scrum back through the Rance barrage lock.
  15. colin

    MV Bretagne cabins

    The cabins are fine, but a long way down, specially if you might want to "come and go" a bit between your cabin and the public areas which are mainly Decks 7 and 8. No windows as suggested above because of being so low down. In general they noise is no more than on upper decks, and less rattling vibration.
  16. colin

    Bretagne 20/10/18

    Long lazy lunch in les Abers then. Perfect day.
  17. colin

    Two Condors in Poole

    You've got the Rapide, so I guess that's why we've had the Clipper?
  18. colin

    BF Refits 2018-19

    I believe that like last time Bretagne boards her guests at Roscoff and hightails it to St Malo, arriving just in time for the start then follows the fleet as far as Roscoff to disembark and return to service. Bearing in mind that if the wind is 10 knots or more, from approx 330 degrees round to 210 degrees the "Ultime" trimarans could be averaging between 30 and 35 knots, and even the IMOCA 60s and Multi 50s could be averaging over 20 knots, the old lady may be well off the front of the fleet!
  19. colin

    Long term secure parking.

    Happy to help. Is it the Kyriad at La Richardais? The road works on the dual carriageway above the barrage on our side are ongoing and a pain in the ass as the turn off to La Richardais etc right by the hotel is closed. They "hope" to gain time on the schedule with currently 5 months advance and with luck the junction should re-open sometime in June 219. watch this space ....
  20. colin

    Long term secure parking.

    You can always leave the car at our house in le Minihic sur Rance. Quiet, safe (I often don't lock mine ...), and, if needed, can run you somewhere or pick you up.
  21. colin

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    She may be down our way for the Route du Rhum start on 4th November.
  22. I think we are a long, long way from considering reducing the use of these ports due to climate change!
  23. There are many "gisements" of scallops around the French coast. Some are entirely natural, whilst some are restocked regularly with young shellfish. Most areas are covered by dates of open and closed season for French boats. Hence, you will still find scallops at Super U, but not coming from that area. The unwritten agreement covering that area was that the French were OK about British vessels, of similar size to their own, fishing when they wanted, but that the larger vessels would stay away. Just look at the size of the Peterhead boat!
  24. The French have an agreed date to start fishing in this zone, and, a good week before, a bunch of British boats turn up, as indeed, the have been doing for several years. All the French ask in this case is that everyone waits till the same date.
  25. colin

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    Bretagne will be taking company and other VIPs from Roscoff to watch the start off the Pointe du Grouin, then following the fleet (well, the slower ones at least ….) back to Roscoff where she will unload her happy campers. Last time she only just arrived in time for the start!