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  1. At least you will probably have two good skippers. If only BF would do a Northlink Magnus Lounge type thing, eating a freshly cooked entrecôte with pommes dauphinoise and a bottle (not currently available) of Chateau Noaillac would not be too unpleasant.
  2. I maintain my distance, ask politely, and discreetly for a new strawberry tart, and wait patiently alone...
  3. Exactly. Follow St Malo centre. Assorted roundabouts, big, double and mini, then filter off right, under the dual carriageway and in last the hippodrome.
  4. As Ed says. Airports and airlines require surgical masks, but everywhere we go we find our washable ones accepted. Where is he going?
  5. Coming from Rennes on the D137, the only option is the exit east towards Cancale. Straight on over the bridge is closed. Your best route is to follow the port signs which always took you that way, going off right, under the dual carriageway and in to St Malo centre past the hippodrome. You can come out of St Malo over the bridge in question at the moment, but not into St Malo. Traffic below the bridge, east / west is single lane. Coming from Dinan you could take the D766 / D266 on the west side of the Rance from the N176 round the west side of Pleurtuit to the D168 across the barrage and thence into St Malo by taking the first slip road on the St Malo side.
  6. Day of landing is D0 according to UK gov website.
  7. Because there was no same day transit through CDG on the way back, we were picked up about 20:45 by a friend and driven to her home in Ermont for the night. Cannot express what a relief it was to collapse there with a couple of bottles of wine and the smells of dinner ... Friday morning at CDG at 09:37 for a 12:15 flight. We probably had about 20 mins slack with all the cock ups ... We love BF.
  8. We had to fly to Edinburgh this week for my younger brother's funeral in Fife. Rennes - Paris CDG, 4 hours wait the Paris CDG - Edinburgh arriving 16:10. Hire car, drive to Premier Inn in Glenrothes for 3 nights. Booked the tests, £68 each, to be delivered to the hotel. Called hotel and they were used to this. Monday being Day 0, we did the tests Wednesday lunchtime and dropped them in priority post box about 14:30. Results by email at 22:12 on Thursday and by text message the following morning. No choice of provider with NHS Scotland. The testing went FAR better than the flights .... At times it was as if Air France had only been set up the day before. Some lovely but clueless people, a chain of mistakes, an electric scooter that they failed to get from the door of the plane to the hold in Paris, and the bitchiest chief stewardess I have ever come across. Oh, and although they put the scooter on a later flight, their idea of prioritising getting a disabled person's "legs" to them quickly beggars belief, and they broke several parts of a well travelled scooter.
  9. Booking a disabled cabin if not disabled is the same as parking in a disabled space ....
  10. We used to be surprised when we couldn't get a cabin on Bretagne in September back when we still lived in Blighty but spent summers in le Minihic. Needed to bring our boat back. We know the best bits of floor... On restaurants, I have said a few times that I think the Northlink Magnus Lounge concept would be great on Armorique. Les Abers and Le Flora are not perfect, but we never eat self service on those ships. Unwind and relax.
  11. My stereo does run at 12,000 volts, and has lovely warm colours in the valves. Needs a few minutes to warm up, like a nuclear power station... Keiber totem regulated. KTR. Audio signal only goes through the valves, no transistors or other silicon stuff.
  12. Risking a minor topic deviation ... a friend of mine near Lille has about 1.5 million Euros worth of old "lampes". Valves or tubes as they are better known, including a stock that were used in the Home Chain radars in 1940, helping win the battle of Britain. Even then technology moved fast, and higher performance valves arrived making these redundant. Valve stereo and microphone buffs scour the planet for original NOS (new old stock) valves. I helped him with translation of literature and arranging reviews from UK music press back when he briefly manufactured and marketed pre-amps and power amps. I have one of his systems which is worth an Emperor's ransom. Probably banned from use ...?
  13. Looks like the C.1.2 variant has the scientists very worried. Furthest and fastest mutated yet. Found mainly in South Africa, but also Cornwall where it seems a massive 50,000+ concert didn't help. Would not be surprised to see travel restrictions being imposed as this variant probably most likely to dodge current vaccines.
  14. Ginger biscuits are excellent too.
  15. I was being deliberately obtuse, whilst gently insisting that eating and drinking help to avoid sea sickness.
  16. Sainsbury's at Marsh Mills is easiest access and in my personal view better than Morrisons for what you want. Personally I love sitting down on board, in a pleasant restaurant and being served good food and wine by professionals. Best way to cope with bad weather rather than sitting feeling miserable and expecting to puke ...
  17. I loved the people, the food, the countryside... so many things. Huge business challenge, but that was rewarding too. Bizarrely our dealer was Mitsubishi Corporation, us a relatively small yacht builder. Culture gulf not gap! But the real workers in boatyards were great fun.
  18. Had a Mac breakfast in Kamakura.... After 7 Shinto shrines and 12 Buddhist temples. Very early start before typical Japanese working day. My fault for complaining that I only saw offices, boat show , restaurants, taxis, trains ...
  19. Here is the link to the French government page laying out how to obtain a Passe Sanitaire if your country doesn't issue QR codes, like Scotland. Vaccination certificate -Foreigner tourists in France: how to access the sanitary pass? | service-public.fr
  20. My bank balance is about to go red... Dead turbo on our port engine. Ordered new one. Ouch! Did dismantle and get replaceable parts, but too far gone.
  21. Most pharmacies are doing antigen tests, results in 15 minutes. Heavily booked last week but no problems now. Look at the santé.fr site we have talked about several times, choose département, antigen test, and you will have list of pharmacies.
  22. Hi. Just got MUCH easier post 15 aout. Super U pharmacie now same day against a week last Thursday.
  23. You can download the French Tousanticovid app and scan British vaccination QR codes into it. I thought under 17s unvaccinated were OK into France? Need to check.
  24. If I had had time, I would have set up Tous Anti Covid for him, but he was off to la Roche Bernard to clean his boat which he hasn't seen since June 2020.
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