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  1. Re: BF and STX to develop 'Eco-ferry' Ouch! That is ugly! I note that better sea keeping abilities compared to PA is down as necessary! So they must acknowledge that PA isn't great...
  2. Re: Down Memory Lane It was P&O's Superstar Express service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg in 1998
  3. Re: Brittany Ferries Prepaid Euro Card I've got a Post Office Platinum MasterCard and that is free to use worldwide!
  4. Re: BF and STX to develop 'Eco-ferry' Probably, I'm sure there's probably some deal where they get a deal by helping out with the study...
  5. Re: Moby Corse BF are taking her back and are sending Barfleur to Alang << runs for cover >>
  6. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Its getting closer every day!!
  7. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne Which ones? There have been a few!!!
  8. Re: Ridiculously named ships .. Which isn't a bad thing really
  9. Re: Ridiculously named ships .. How about Pride of Calais and Pride of Dover? There sure isn't much to be proud about where these two places are concerned! (I'm allowed to say that about the latter as I live there! )
  10. Re: Favourite Livery As most of you know, i am slightly biast!!
  11. Re: Favourite Livery Stena, end of discussion.
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