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  1. Don’t know what is happening with the next 2 builds of the stena eflexers; galicia has had sea trials and the stena embla has not long left port for hers😀
  2. Stena bought sealink in 1989 or 1990. they withdrew from the Channel Islands in about 1986
  3. She’s reappeared on marine traffic. sea trials must be very soon.
  4. My parents should have had 2 french holidays this year, normandie in may and that was cancelled early because the site wasn’t open when it started getting bad and the Brittany trip was cancelled during may as the owner of the site in Benoet refused to open his business up this year.
  5. Just got in from another day at the madhouse ( aka marlow ford) to a letter from the nhs and the department of health to invite me on the testing process. its a throat and nasal swab test. has anyone had that same letter or had to do the test?
  6. Do we know the actual date for the Galicia’s sea trials?
  7. Isn’t the Galicia going to start sea trials this week?
  8. The Stena Estrid is now on it’s way back to Holyhead after it’s engine repair.
  9. Not bad for a few hours work. its not the most advanced car in my collection
  10. That’s what body is going on it. i will have the 1990 and 1991 Mclaren honda’s
  11. It’s time to get this one sorted 😀 got to do it during the evenings or weekends now I’ve been let back into society 😜
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