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  1. jamie

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    If that’s the case, what’s being assembled at the moment?
  2. The first part of the superstructure has arrived. wonder where it’s been built.
  3. The super structure is being built at another yard. it must be quiet well fitted out for the boat to be delivered in may.
  4. Westpac express is currently in the Irish Sea heading for Belfast
  5. jamie

    Ferry Strip Down (TV Prog)

    That’s an old program. its very interesting though.
  6. jamie

    Any computer experts?

    Just been advised by a IT Bloke from work to do a factory restart to sort out the split hard drive.
  7. Can anyone help with this? is there anyway I can get iTunes to default to d:drive instead of c:drive? as I've been arguing with the laptop all day in trying to clone my old iPad Air to put everything on to my iPad Pro.
  8. http://m.bucksfreepress.co.uk/news/14763375.UPDATE___Embarrassed__lorry_company_sorry_over_damage_to_iconic_bridge/ Now this will cause trouble!😜
  9. When it was shut a few years ago didn't they use the pleasure boats to just take foot passengers over from the quay?
  10. A lot of the old bridges that go over water need major engineering works as and moisture can get on the joins and it will rust from the inside out. I live and work in Marlow and there was such a panic as the bridge that connects bisham to Marlow was closed so they could check the chains , anchor points and the structure underneath and it caused a 2 mile detour.
  11. jamie

    Windows 7

    Got to do some work at home for who I work for...... I need a old DVD of microcat for ford that I have sat on my desk and the security dongle but ford don't recognise Windows 64 bit. The later version is online that ford register their parts advisors to use but it isn't user friendly.
  12. jamie

    Windows 7

    How easy is it to change Windows 7 64 bit to Windows 32 bit?
  13. jamie

    BRETAGNE: Refit 2016

    Cherbourg only has dry docks for the French navy. Back in 1988 or 1989 one of the sealinks was emergency dry docked there.