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  1. I think it has one permanent tank then 4 that’s driven on board
  2. I was hoping to do the shell for this during the summer but being grounded by the government I’ve got something to do. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/58665/index.htm But at least I got the chassis finished before.
  3. Will it delete the pictures on the device?
  4. Can anyone advise me on what Samsung cloud is?
  5. According to marine traffic it’s now showing in anchorage under the Stena nova name
  6. The garage I work at is now closed until further notice. the owner wanted us closed to protect his staff, customers and suppliers but the m.d wanted us open so we stayed open today to get rid of what cars we had parts waiting to be fitted or waiting door parts to be delivered.
  7. How America is seeing how it’s going on here in the uk. my home town and employers are on it🙄
  8. It was working fine last night and earlier today. it wasn’t updated as much over the last year
  9. Where are we going to get our ferry information from now?
  10. The late delivery penalty clauses in the contract must be severe. brittany ferris might get the honfleur for pennies/euros!
  11. The Coronavirus is causing trouble in the world of motorsport now, not only has the Chinese Grand Prix be postponed the Australian Grand Prix is in the verge of being cancelled, the INDYCAR opening round in st Petersburg looks like it’s going to be off, the 1000 mile of Sebring is cancelled😬😡
  12. The honfleur is on her own at the moment. the leikut is on sea trials.
  13. Can anyone help me out? how can I transfer photos, web browser and emails from one Samsung tablet to another? give me a iPad or iPhone I’m happy as I’ve been using them for years!!!😀
  14. It says on jersey evening post that condor rapide is due to be replaced next year.
  15. https://www.niferry.co.uk/what-next-for-fsg/
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