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  1. There is a video on Brittany ferries France YouTube video section there is a video of the work going on with the honfleur
  2. The Stena Edda is currently being filled with fuel.
  3. jamie

    Windows 10

    I don’t want to spend too much money as I tend to use my iPad these days. jim your Mondingo as we call them in the ford dealer network , what went wrong with it? As that year range was nearly impossible to kill👌😳
  4. jamie

    Windows 10

    If I turn my pc on with the new ssd in and my copy of windows in the USB port will it automatically change the bios settings? i rebuilt my old desktop many moons ago and I can’t remember what to do.
  5. jamie

    Windows 10

    Been looking at the spec of my laptop. if I replace the ram cards that is recommended on crucial and put a ssd in will I not need to replace the processor?
  6. Can anyone please help. is there any way to see if my pc will run windows 10 as I have not got a clue on what I’m looking for.
  7. The stems Estrid is on her way. next stop Singapore
  8. Marine traffic is showing that the Stena Estrid is due into Singapore on the 29th
  9. The ej200 is powering the new landspeed record car before the rocket arrives and installed. bloodhound hit 600 mph earlier 😀
  10. Do they actually want to hand these passenger boats over to their customers? you would think the penalty clauses in the contracts would make the yard work harder to make the penalty’s smaller. the honfleur should have been in service in June/July, should be on trials this month, now expected in service during the summer. this is the boat that bankrupted the ship yard!!! It will be a year late!
  11. The latest fsg build is now having its name painted on. launch not too far away
  12. According to marine traffic the stena estrid is in sea trials
  13. https://www.niferry.co.uk/siem-sells-minority-stake-in-fsg-as-yard-delivers-leevsten-to-them/
  14. I’ve asked Brittany ferries for a update on the honfleur. They still claim they are still on track for delivery in December
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