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  1. Her name has changed to the yard number and newbuild. so trials must be any day now.
  2. Irish ferry enthusiasts are reporting that the Calais seaways has been sold to Irish ferries https://www.irish-ferries-enthusiasts.com/2021/09/10/calais-seaways-to-join-irish-ferries/
  3. By my maths (which isn’t brilliant 😜) if the cap was built in 2000 and we are in 2021 that makes her 21.
  4. The Salamanca is now showing as destination sea on marine traffic. maybe sea trials are not too far away
  5. Shippax are reporting that the cote d Opal has been delivered 6 weeks ahead of schedule
  6. Sea trials are due on Sunday evening (Uk) timeish 😜
  7. Looks like sea trials are almost with us
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14322077/huge-fire-breaks-out-on-cruise-ship/
  9. It’s been dumped in the Philippines since last summer. it’s going to need one hell of work if it’s been in cold lay up
  10. According to shipax the stena nova has been sold.
  11. It’s seems to have ton quiet on what’s happening to the stena nova. has anyone read or heard anything?
  12. What is this Calais port 2015?
  13. The cote d opale is now showing on marine traffic.
  14. The documentary about the Estonia disaster is now on the streaming channel discovery+. it leaves more questions now
  15. Looks like the Stena embla is being fuelled ready for the long journey to Europe.
  16. Looks like the Stena embla might be handed over soon. It’s showing on marine traffic under its name rather than yard number.
  17. Trago mills in Falmouth will be the best bet. it’s the only place I know that sells so much rubbish that your bags get searched when you enter to make sure you are not brining anything they deem worth steeling!😳🙄😂😆
  18. Now the Stena embla is almost ready for delivery, I’m looking at news on the dfds eflexer. can’t find any updates.
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